In your response, Please address the degree to which the following statements apply to this work. Authors are not required or expected to submit a response. These reviews . Conference-length versions of papers that are already under review at a journal, but which have not yet been published in that journal: In such cases, authors must select the non-archival option for the FAccT submission. context but not reduce a submission's chance of acceptance. Conference-length (8-10 pages) versions of papers that are It is okay to be unavailable for part of the review process (e.g., on vacation for a few days), but if you will be unavailable for more than that -- especially during important windows (e.g., discussion, decision-making) -- you must let the Track Chairs know. FAccT papers naturally differ in style and focus from the work featured at other venues. beneficence (maximizing the benefits to an individual or to society General Data Protection Regulation. You will be asked to provide a Overall Score between 1 and 7 for each submission. We will expand on this below. Paper authors who travel to Seoul will present in an in-person proceedings session in the Seoul program. 9. At least one author of each accepted paper is required to Contact the Program Co-chairs: It builds on the success of the 2020 conference held in Barelona, and is the first conference under the new name! Upon acceptance, the titles, authorship, and abstracts of Anomaly detection aims to find instances that are considered unusual and is a fundamental problem of data science. To this end, gender/LGBTQ studies, postcolonial studies, indigenous studies, racial Submissions that do not comply with this policy will be rejected without review. Authors must omit their names and affiliations This process will enable the Program After the submission is made, the Track Chair will send the paper to three peer reviewers. This algorithm uses both your topic preference as well as the order of your preferences to determine assignments. If you have a conflict of interest with a submission that is assigned to you, please contact the Track Chair immediately so that the paper can be reassigned. building, analysis, and practical impact alongside psychological, ACM FAccT 2022 offers authors the choice of archival and non-archival paper submissions: In previous years, most authors used the archival option. In Proceed- on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, FAccT ings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evalua- '21, page 610-623, New York, NY, USA. After the peer review and cross-disciplinary review phase, the Track Chair for each submission will initiate a discussion via HotCRP to encourage the reviewers to come to a consensus. Many parts of this guide have been inspired by or outright lifted from the excellent NIPS Reviewer, AC & SAC Guidelines. Text should be dark, with lots of space around the letters, and in a legible and suitably large font. insufficiently addressed issues in computing such as: How do algorithmic In-person proceedings sessions will take place between 1100 and 1800 KST. Submitted papers must be 8-10 Disentangling Inuence: Using disentangled representations to audit model predic- perspectives on fairness? The ACM Production System (or TAPS) allows ACM authors to deliver the LaTeX or Word source of their articles and generate high-quality PDF and HTML5 output, as well as XML, for storage and distribution through the ACM Digital Library. workshop papers: ACM FAccT welcomes submission of work that has This flagship conference is generally considered the most prestigious in the field of HCI and attracts thousands of international attendees annually. For fields that typically publish in journals, submissions should be of the quality that would warrant a journal submission, though may be shorter due to different page constraints. The in-person conference will take place in the COEX exhibition centre in Seoul, South Korea on June 21-24 2022 Korea Standard Time (KST). relevant journal's submission policies. Reviewers should never try to identify authors, but in certain cases a reviewer may be able to unintentionally yet correctly deduce the authors identities despite the authors best efforts at anonymity. option for the FAccT submission. You may computing in particular. Note: ACM FAT* 2020 will allow authors to study the peer reviews/cross-disciplinary reviews of their paper and submit a short rebuttal within a one week period. Each paper will be allocated to *one* proceedings session during the conference, either as part of the in-person program in Seoul. scholarship. You will be asked to provide a Confidence Score between 1 and 5 for each submission, which concerns the level of confidence you have in your own expertise regarding the topic of the submission. That said, if you think the other reviewers are not correct, you are not required to change your mind. This typically corresponds to about 7,500 words for the main content. FAT* '19: Proceedings of the Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, FAT* '19: Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, Chicago , For general conference information, see Final submissions will be due on January 21, 2022. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. paper to ACM FAccT. When consequential decisions are informed by algorithmic input, individuals may feel compelled to alter their behavior in order to gain a system's approval. DO NOT talk to other reviewers or Track Chairs about your own submissions (i.e., submissions you are an author on) or submissions with which you have a conflict. systems develop in relation to racism and anti-blackness? [1] All IL , In this setting the decision-maker's fairness policy governs the number of With rapid progress in artificial intelligence (AI), popularity of generative art has grown substantially. welcome scholarship in dialogue with fairness, accountability, and For example, if College A has 100,000 applicants and accepts 5,000 students, their acceptance rate is 5%. Authors are encouraged to reflect on these guidelines in shaping study design, analysis, and dissemination. How should the Note that submitting These works may be submitted as-is or in an extended form. The author responses are intended to allow the authors to concisely identify perceived mistakes of fact or reasoning in the reviews that foundationally affect the assessment about their work. A variety of programs are available to embed captions into your videos. Recently, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have been severely criticized by policy makers, and media watchdog groups for allowing fake news stories to spread unchecked on their platforms. If so, one cross-disciplinary reviewer will be asked to review in a 14 working day time-frame as set out above. ACM FAccT is an interdisciplinary conference publishing research in algorithmic fairness, accountability, and transparency. Copyright 2023 ACM, Inc. FAccT '21: Proceedings of the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, FAccT '21: 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, Chicago , formal proceedings. On submission, authors may be It builds on the success of the 2020 conference held in Barelona, and is the first conference under the new name! Please describe and consider the strengths of the submission. Recently, deep anomaly detection methods were shown to achieve superior results particularly in complex data such as images. transparency in computational systems, including critical approaches However, in this work, we show that removing spurious features Training and evaluation of fair classifiers is a challenging problem. submission area(s) by Sept 30. If authors have failed to anonymize their submission please inform the program co-chairs by emailing In this case, the authors should not cite the report, so as to preserve anonymity. FAccT22 is the first FAccT to run with both online and in-person components. ACM FAT* is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed conference that seeks to publish and present the best work examining the fairness, accountability, and transparency of algorithmic systems. May 3, 2021: I received Northeastern's 2021 Outstanding Graduate Student Award! If you need to cite existing work to justify one of your comments, please be as precise as possible and give a complete citation. users, choose format=sigconf with a two-column format. proceedings, if they are accepted. Take your job seriously and be fair. We deadlines are at 11:59 PM Anywhere On Earth on the given date. All The Area Chairs and Program Chairs will interpret these scores via the following scale: Note : If you feel that your confidence rating is likely to be a 1 at the end of a review due to your lack of expertise in the given subject area, you should notify the Area Chair as early as possible in the process. personal and professional concern, but also a perennial focus of FAccT Area chairs will be listed on the FAccT website prior to the paper submission deadline. June 12-15, 2023 in Chicago, USA. prepare the eventual rebuttal and revise their work for final presentation. ACM FAccT FAccT 2021 Early Bird Registration, call for ACM FAccT Doctoral Consortium (DC). reconsider their reviews and scores in light of rebuttals before final You should rename your videos as YOUR_PAPERID-SHORT.mp4 and YOUR_PAPERID-LONG.mp4, for example 1234-SHORT.mp4 and 1234-LONG.mp4. These workflow and formatting changes will improve In this paper, we investigate such online A/B/n Increasingly, programming tasks involve automating and deploying sensitive decision-making processes that may have adverse impacts on individuals or groups of people. In industrial computer vision, discretionary decisions surrounding the production of image training data remain widely undocumented. Further information on the expected format and that (1) describe experiments with users and/or deployed systems (e.g., These include: compliance with applicable laws, respect for privacy, secure storage of sensitive data, voluntary and informed consent when appropriate, avoiding deceptive practices when not essential, beneficence (maximizing the benefits to an individual or to society while minimizing harm to the individual), risk mitigation, and post-hoc disclosure of audits. This will allow us to find an alternate reviewer who will be better able to assess the submission. Opportunities such as higher education can promote intergenerational mobility, leading individuals to achieve levels of socioeconomic status above that of their parents. As is usual at CS conferences, the assignment of reviewers takes place by way of a bidding procedure. These tests are often run on their websites without explicit consent from users. Algorithmic systems are being adopted in a growing number of contexts, fueled by big data. Area Chairs should return their meta-reviews by April 5 11:59 pm AoE. It is useful for the Track Chairs and Program Chairs if you include a list of arguments for and against acceptance. versions that are currently under review at another conference, have However, an important part of bringing these opportunities to fruition is ensuring that upcoming AI technology works well for people with a wide range Environmental data science is uniquely placed to respond to essentially complex and fantastically worthy challenges related to arresting planetary destruction. This is a more robust approach which will work better with our planned back-end workflow. FAccT welcomes submissions that touch on any of the topics of choice of archival and non-archival paper submissions: The non-archival option is offered to #FAccT2023 reviewers with the appropriate expertise. ACM FAccT is committed to ensuring that no body is unable to present their work at the in-person conference due to resource constraints, and as such there is a substantial travel scholarship fund available to support in-person attendance. study and development of computing as a field of knowledge and The work is a novel combination of well-known research. Bedrock concepts in computer science---such China's Social Credit System (SCS, or shehui xinyong tixi) is expected to become the first digitally-implemented nationwide scoring system with the purpose to rate the behavior of citizens, companies, and other entities. There is one key exception. Reviewers will use HotCRP to set conflicts, areas of interest and sub-disciplines, bid for papers, submit your reviews, and participate in discussion. If you accidentally find out the identities of the authors, please do not divulge the identities to anyone, but do tell your Track Chair that this has happened and make a note of this in the Confidential Comments to Track Chairs and PC Chairs text field. Learning resource allocation policies from observational data with an application to homeless services delivery. May 8-13, 2021 Yokohama, Japan May 8-13, 2021 Online Virtual Conference . Important Dates. If this happens, please do not divulge the identities to anyone, but do tell the Track Chair that this has happened and make a note of this in the Confidential Comments to Program Chairs text field when you submit your review. The ACM Digital Library is published by the Association for Computing Machinery. . Providing thorough peer reviews/cross-reviews for the authors to. (Acceptance rate: 16%) 11. The cross-disciplinary reviewer will join in the discussion as set out below but will not vote on acceptance or rejection of the paper. Strong work makes a contribution that his important to the FAccT academic field. Always be constructive and help the authors understand your viewpoint, without being dismissive. SIGN IN Get Alerts for this Conference Save to Binder Export Citation Next Conference FAccT '23 Sponsor: questions. And stay tuned for updates by following @facctconference on Twitter or joining the FACCT-ANNOUNCE listserv. will take place in the context of a worldwide reckoning with racism and Authors are also responsible for ensuring that submitting to FAccT would not be in violation of the relevant journal's submission policies. and justice in systems, policy, and pedagogy. There is one key exception. Although these systems may bring myriad benefits, they also contain inherent risks, such as codifying and entrenching biases; reducing accountability, and hindering due process; they also increase the information asymmetry between individuals whose data feed into these systems and big players capable of inferring potentially relevant information. This section can be used to provide additional While it allows sellers to increase their profits, it also raises several concerns in terms of fairness. Abstract submission: 30 January 2023 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth. Welcome to the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT 2021) submissions site. ACM FAccT maintains confidentiality of submitted material. ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT). The discussion phase is especially important for borderline submissions and submissions where the reviewers assessments differ; most submissions fall into one or other of these categories, so please take this phase seriously. Thus, we seek an area and discipline-specific quality assessment for each submission. The work appropriately represents the scholarship across cultural boundaries. learnings from this optional experiment to guide FAccT conference work What kinds of marginalization are relevant to Your overall assessment should reflect on whether you believe the paper merits acceptance except for minor revisions. In a very limited number of cases where an otherwise excellent paper requires a significant but actionable revision, Program Chairs can select such submissions for shepherding. He. judged by the same quality standards, regardless of whether the authors We trace how the notion of fairness has been defined within the A key goal of the fair-ML community is to develop machine-learning based systems that, once introduced into a social context, can achieve social and legal outcomes such as fairness, justice, and due process. accepted. Instead, please use a neutral formulation such as "Please have your submission proof-read for English style and grammar issues.". Author rebuttals: (Please note, this is a different process than that of Options and templates are available for both Word and LaTeX users. When discussing a submission, try to remember that different people have different backgrounds and different points of view. present their work at the FAccT 2021 conference, regardless of whether A computer science conference with a cross-disciplinary focus that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. from a wide variety of disciplines, including computer science, to ensure that authors receive high quality feedback on their submissions. Association tion, pages 208-213, Barcelona (online). accepted. This also provides transparency and guidance to authors interested in improving their work for the ACM FAT* audience. faced in their work. This means that you provide your preferences (a.o. Authors will upload videos to their preferred cloud drive service and share publicly accessible links for each video with the conference organizers. The online conferenceincluding both live-streamed elements of the in-person conference, and online-only contentwill also begin on June 21, with content and discussion available for two weeks from that date, and a library of content available subsequently. You should explain these values in the "Detailed Comments " text field. ACM ethics guidelines. The PC will take a broad view of what constitutes the same reviewing rubric as all papers. This year we have a dedicated LAW track and a dedicated SSH (social sciences & humanities) track, next to the CS (computer science) track (plus two more tracks, dedicated to cross-disciplinary education, and to practice and experience). Coordinating with other reviewers and track chairs by, completing peer reviews/cross-reviews in a timely manner, and. Authors are required to pre-register their papers through the submission We unlock the potential of millions of people worldwide. ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT) A computer science conference with a cross-disciplinary focus that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems. FAccT papers naturally differ in style and focus from the work featured at other venues. : Impacts of Differentially Private Synthetic Data on Downstream Classification Fairness, Documenting Computer Vision Datasets: An Invitation to Reflexive Data Practices, Leveraging Administrative Data for Bias Audits: Assessing Disparate Coverage with Mobility Data for COVID-19 Policy, Better Together? The Overall Score for each submission should reflect your assessment of the submissions contributions. Stability against changes in data distribution is an important mandate for responsible deployment of models. Automated systems for detecting harmful social media content are afflicted by a variety of biases, some of which originate in their training datasets. For LaTeX With great power comes great responsibility! The submission is clearly written and well organized. USA, Front matter (Title, Copyright, Welcome from the General Chairs, Welcome from the Program Chairs, Contents), FAccT '23: 2022 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, Black Feminist Musings on Algorithmic Oppression, Price Discrimination with Fairness Constraints, Fairness Violations and Mitigation under Covariate Shift, Reasons, Values, Stakeholders: A Philosophical Framework for Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Allocating Opportunities in a Dynamic Model of Intergenerational Mobility, Corporate Social Responsibility via Multi-Armed Bandits, Biases in Generative Art: A Causal Look from the Lens of Art History, Designing an Online Infrastructure for Collecting AI Data From People With Disabilities, Fifty Shades of Grey: In Praise of a Nuanced Approach Towards Trustworthy Design, Representativeness in Statistics, Politics, and Machine Learning, The Distributive Effects of Risk Prediction in Environmental Compliance: Algorithmic Design, Environmental Justice, and Public Policy, Computer Science Communities: Who is Speaking, and Who is Listening to the Women? The fourth annual ACM FAccT conference will take place online March 3-10, 2021. Online proceedings sessions will take place between 2100 and 0200 KST (TBC). If you believe a paper requires significant revision, or that you would need to review the outcome of the revision in order to vote to accept the paper, you should generally vote to reject. We formally show that through our conceptual mapping, many existing Data too sensitive to be "open" for analysis and re-purposing typically remains "closed" as proprietary information. Other support for diversity, equity and inclusion at FAcct 2022 will be announced. You should NOT assume that you were assigned a representative sample of submissions, nor should you adjust your scores to match the overall conference acceptance rates. The use of counterfactuals for considerations of algorithmic fairness and explainability is gaining prominence within the machine learning community and industry. Your assessment should be based on the quality of the contribution, not its style. It is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants. Consider a cost-sharing game with players of different costs: an example might be an insurance company calculating premiums for a population of mixed-risk individuals. The Overall Score for each submission should reflect your assessment of the submissions contributions. deleted. And stay tuned for updates by following @facctconference. Evaluation criteria will be the usual scholarly criteria of the chosen area(s) of the paper, including: Area chairs will oversee the reviewing process for papers within their area. consider dimensions beyond individual decisions, including equity proceedings, if they are accepted. ACM fairness, accountability and transparency (broadly construed). Such submissions violate our dual submission policy and will be removed from submission. above areas when they register their submissions. Reviewer consensus is valuable, but it is not mandatory. New York, NY, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (ACM FAccT), to be held virtually from March 3-10, brings together. Those who do not pre-register The claims/arguments are explored in sufficient depth. Your comments should include the following sections: Please comment on and take into account the strengths of the submission. ACM - for attending CODS-COMAD 2022 Conference registration scholarships ICLR 2021, ICML 2021, NAACL 2021, ICWSM 2021, CVPR 2021, WiNLP EMNLP 2022 Languages English Native or bilingual. This process will enable the Program Chairs to better anticipate the submission load and to make necessary adjustments to the program committee. Recent research has successfully employed social media data to predict mental health states of individuals, A single algorithm drives an important health care decision for over 70 million people in the US. The research program of ACM FAccT solicits academic work from a wide variety of disciplines, including computer . diverse as those represented among FAccT authors past and present. Videos will also be archived on the FAccT YouTube channel after the conference. For instance, citations to the authors' own prior work should be made in the third-person. Write thoughtful and constructive reviews. Online presentations may be either live or pre-recorded. Q&A will be live in both cases. It is clear how this work differs from previous contributions. The research community is young but growing fast. Please make your review as detailed and informative as possible; short, superficial reviews that venture uninformed opinions or guesses are worse than no review since they may result in the rejection of a high-quality submission. Contrastive Learning with Complex Heterogeneity. It will help authors by providing both clarity about the reasons for our decision and useful feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of their scholarship, which they can use to strengthen their work. avoid precluding the future submission of these papers to been previously published, or have been accepted for publication. The scores generated by We mathematically compare four competing definitions of group-level nondiscrimination: demographic parity, equalized odds, predictive parity, and calibration. The Area Chairs and Program Chairs will interpret Overall Scores via the following scale: The focus here is whether the papers level of quality allows it to make a significant contribution to key conversations in FAccT related fields. ACM FAccT is an interdisciplinary conference dedicated to bringing together a diverse community of scholars from computer science, law, social sciences, and humanities to investigate and tackle issues in this emerging area. submission. Papers that are neither in ACM format nor follow the simplified conference, ACM FAccT requires a broad as well as deep set of expertise This paper proposes new search algorithms for counterfactual explanations based upon mixed integer programming. We develop a dynamic model for allocating such opportunities in a society that We propose a multi-armed bandit setting where each arm corresponds to a subpopulation, and pulling an arm is equivalent to granting an opportunity to this subpopulation. 2nd FATREC Workshop: Responsible Recommendation. the concerns of ACM FAccT? Please describe and consider the strengths of the submission. Related papers: Procedural Justice Framework for AI, Dynamic Resource Allocation for Community Service, Fair Smart Community Service My past projects investigated human-robot interaction. form. Acceptance rates for the major top-tier AI-related conferences Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Machine Learning and Learning Theory Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Information Retrieval Speech and Signal Processing Note:
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