0 = Oscar Robertson to Jerry West (1960)1 = Elvin Hayes to Wes Unseld (1968)2 = James Worthy to Terry Cummings (1982)3 = Bob Lanier to Rudy Tomjanovich (1970)4 = Allen Iverson to Marcus Camby (1996)5 = Dwight Howard to Emeka Okafor (2004)6 = Shaquille ONeal to Alonzo Mourning (1992)7 = Kyrie Irving to Derrick Williams (2011)7.5 = Bill Walton to Marvin Barnes (1974)8 = David Robinson to Armen Gilliam (1987)8.5 Patrick Ewing to Wayman Tisdale (1985)9 = Tim Duncan to Keith Van Horn (1997)10 = Lew Alcindor to Neal Walk (1969). Only Festus Ezeli measured better in the latter category, and even that was just barely at . Davis must get back to playing how he was before he got hurt earlier this season for Los Angeles to have any shot of contention for the remainder of the season. Davis nears Maravich's NCAA record, Detroit Mercy advances The trade deadline is now officially behind us. ), His ceiling has been raised to Top 25 All Time. (Whether he gets there well see. Pelcains vs Clippers April 9, 2018 !!!!! Anthony Wilson Expand search. In any given five-play stretch, he could conceivably post up Dirk-style from 16 feet, easily back someone down from the low block, swish a 25-foot 3, execute a deadly high screen with Jrue Holiday and grab an impossible rebound in traffic for a second-chance dunk. Baron Davis. And this is why hes not only able to average nearly 24 points and 10 rebounds per game during his career, hes also averaging 2.3 blocks per game. 'Greek Freak' Giannis Antetokounmpo Shows Off 12'2" Max Vertical Reach This is your first overall pick right here. Even crazier, Sam Presti had already shown New Orleans the right model! Therefore, youll see him set up very much like Dominique Wilkins where hell plant the feel and explode all the way up like a rocket ship. He could also have a longer neck so the shoulder to shoulder height difference might not be as high as the actual height difference. But weve got some anyway. Then, he would be 'taller' than Miles Plumlee who measured 6'11.75", but only had a 8'8.5" standing reach. He's Duncan without Robinson and . Terrence Ross' wingspan is really short considering his prototypical height. Noel, 611 and 28 years old, played a very limited role for Detroit this season as the Pistons focused on their young rotation of bigs made up of Isaiah Stewart, Jalen Duren, Marvin Bagley, and now James Wiseman. Quincy Miller. I dont relish comparing anyone to him. Lillard joins Donovan Mitchell as the second player this season to reach 70 in a game. That is a little above average for a center, just have to say, I have a hard time believing Andre does not have more of a standing reach than that. Jimmy wants to know the truth about Anthony's height so he ta. Anthony Wilson on LinkedIn: Reposting for a friend. Does any of my But they were young once and Tim had four years of college.. Thats saying alot! therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. Another big guy that is likewise athletic and has a similar vertical jump is Dwight Howard. Bouyea had been playing for the Miami Heats G League affiliate in Sioux Falls. Despite his youth, he is unquestionably thin and the issue remains just how much weight he can add, and how that added weight will affect his speed and agility His shoulders suggest he can build on his frame, and hes noticeably chiseled his arms, however a thin waist likely means he won;t be able to bulk up substantially Must work on his core and lower body- easily gets pinned and backed down in the paint Unable to establish and maintain position inside, often finding himself bumped off balance Rarely used in isolation post-ups during his freshman campaign, particularly given his size advantage on many nights and solid footwork Offensive canvas is raw, with obvious enormous room for improvement Doesnt yet have a feel for his jump shot, often rushing the attempt and shooting a flat shot There are times where he displays extreme comfort handling the ball, but face-up/dribble-drive maneuvers are few and far between While hes a tremendous secondary and tertiary leaper, he too often leaves his feet on pump fakes Its hard to fault him for being shot block happy, but the lack of discipline is not to his benefit His athleticism and length wont cover up all shortcomings against super competition Projecting Davis going forward, theres not much to dislike Physical maturity is the only visible hurdle standing in his path to beast mode. but Gentry believes a number close to 40 is now within reach. I cheated with Duncans numberhe finished with three in 2003 because his unforgettable Game 6 against New Jersey (212010 with 98 blocks) fetched only a 25.9 game score, which I took as a personal affront. . Born on October 20, 1999, in Gainesville, Florida, Darius Days is the youngest of three children to Greg Days Sr and Tracy Watson Days. Davis had guard skills, an enormous wingspan and standing reach, and extreme mobility, although he was very thin. Meanwhile, Charlotte is heading for another rebuild, even if its not as bleak as the heinous 2012 team that won seven games and closed the season with a 23-game losing streak. But the optics make this look like an awful lack of support from Davis. New York led 71-56 at the half, after another first two quarters of Miami being unable to get stops. I'd ignore body fat (that can always be fixed with conditioning). 10.25. Monty Williams the head coach of the New Orleans Hornets!!! Which is why this is such a hard-luck story. By most standards, Anthony Davis's 2020-21 season was perfectly fine, if not occasionally impressive. He has big-time game disrupting capabilities at any level. Celtics fans spent the weekend flooding the Trade Machine with Davis mega-deals. So scouts should be paying more attention to their reach on not their height. AD probably has wider shoulders. For more information, please read our Legal Disclaimer. if the main perception of size on the court changes from height to standing reach like the main poster suggests, no one would be faking their standing reach since it would be the same as decreasing your own height. 2022 Sports Phenoms, Inc., All Rights Reserved | RUNS the court While not necessarily a power finisher, his explosiveness of the deck is effortless Capable of mid-air body adjustments on errant passes Displays the body control to hang and alter release to finish through a bump His jump shot form is aesthetically pleasing (71% FT), and its effectiveness certainly can be cultivated with work and experience Shows glimpses of pick and pop aptitude Bullet outlet passes are a major strength Can handle the ball in space with occasional facilitation of the offense, and does not appear limited to straight line drives Commits under a turnover per game as a freshman big, highlighting his guard skills Still only 18 years of age, Davis grew 7 inches (63-610) between his HS junior and senior seasons Dynamic versatility at both ends of the floor makes for boundless potential . Isaac played in the bubble in 2020 after missing much of that pandemic-ravaged season due to a knee injury. Andre measured at 69.75 without shoes with a 76.25 wingspan. What Are the Wingspan and Vertical of NBA Star Giannis - Sportscasting NBA Pre-Draft Camp Athleticism Tests. A big man who can pass, move, dribble, defend the perimeter finish down low, finish on the break, block shots, make steals, take you outside or inside, hustles on the offensive boards. He leads Division I with 159 3s this season, four from breaking Stephen Curry . Mohamed Bamba has the second longest wingspan officially measured in the NBA after Tacko Fall. Butler scored 33 points and Herro scored 29 for Miami, which got 18 from Bam Adebayo and 14 from Caleb Martin. Yahoo DFS Hockey: Saturday Plays and Strategy Davis was 14 of 27 from the field with eight rebounds . NBA Draft: Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid are really tall. Anthony Davis started to say that he and LeBron James blend together as a basketball duo with the made-for-each-other properties of peanut butter and jelly. @mikevthedon you make a whole lot of sense. Now, am I sure that Miles Plumlee has a 89.5 wingspan? Davis also made six 3-pointers to move . Yes, Anthony Davis is way effing longer than Miles Plumlee, we know that by his wingspan being much longer. And, so do many young basketball players in college and even early in their NBA careers, just check out Michael Jordan. I get it. Its LeBron, Duncan and Davis, in that order. . The wingspan/height dichotomy isn't quite as vast as with, I don't think Bradley Beal's numbers help him or hurt him. http://www.rebelmouse.com, I recently found many useful information in your website especially this blog page. James saw the two-time Super Bowl winner standing courtside, and couldn't help compare their experiences. Wide shoulders make is so you can reach less high That's before the draft, I'm pretty sure ADs standing reach should be like 9'4 at this moment. However, theyre explosive and can go up much higher than those who are muscular. Davis replaced Boogie at center, a spot that the Brow resisted for years, to the frustration of nearly everyone who (rightfully) wondered why THE quintessential small-ball pace-and-space 5 didnt want to play there. Lakers big man Anthony Davis injured his left groin at the tail end of the first half during Game 4 of the Lakers' playoff series against the Suns, coming down awkwardly after a missed shot . (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images). Now add Nerlens Noel to the mix, they will sign the free agent who was waived by Detroit last month to a 10-day contract, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. It was very bizarre to watch, courtesy of Anthony Irwin: Had this DM'ed to me. The lead changed hands three more times, the last off Randles winner. Awesome and interesting article. Will Pelicans eventually follow Anthony Davis out of New Orleans? Yes, the game is played with shoes, just not always the shoes some of these guys wear at the combine. Timeline puts Murdaugh at crime scene, prosecutor says in trial closing Hes the worst-case scenario for Duncans career if Duncan had landed on, say, the 1997 Denver Nuggets. Anthony Davis is setting the record straight after some questioned his reaction to LeBron James breaking the NBA's all-time points mark. Then look at their legs.
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