He certainly wasnt wrong. Ball Pythons LOVE THEM. It was disturbing to see the alarming rate that the tumors grew, she had just reached approximately 8-9 months of age when these tumors/warts developed. Sometimes these animals have white jaws and necks, but the white on the jaw does not connect to the white on the head spot except by the tip of the nose. the price and quality is amazing. This animal is the work of very selective breeding. The dominant Pied gene has been worked for generations to create an animal lacking almost all colored areas, except for the ears and a few random spots on the back. Price varies depending on size. We speculated that the stress of being removed from his breeding group was overwhelming for him, and he had to release the stress some way. I am always curious about the genetics with rats, and I bred my original male to two of his daughters. Referringto size, ASF are between mice and rats,they area very lean, high protein, high calorie, low fat food source, making them the superior rodent feeder. Read more. The eyes are a rich pink color. Brought frozen food for my snakes and the quality is great. Ours have been bred for temperament and we find that with regular interactions they will allow us to pet them and not try to bite. Rats and ASF rats - general for sale - by owner. These are available in the US from some breeders. ASF/natal rats have twice the protein and nutritional value of any feeder rodent. 12220 Southeastern Ave, Building #3, Indianapolis, Indiana 46259. Our rodents are grown under stringent conditions and regularly tested for quality, to be sure they are in optimal health. Check your local store for availability. Head Spot (White spotting, heterozygous form). Will decrease with age. , Some say I am hyper sensitive to the odor. http://asfrats.info (no longer available), Russell Tofts Article on ASFs (A good read, although may be outdated.) Gestation: 21-23 days Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. thank you very much. This reinforces that biting behavior, because it teaches them that they can bite and are left alone. Then my babies all their hair falls out and they grow a new coat after that. Search results for "african soft furred rats" for sale in Washington Browse for sale listings in Washington "The Evergreen State" - State Capital Olympia . The best way I can describe the problem is that the rats extend their legs at the hip joint, splayed straight out sideways instead of underneath them to walk. I found problems to originate in the original father through line breeding. http://www.sapphiretigress.com/Softfurs.htm (no longer available), If you are looking for ASF breeders in your state, follow this link. The litter consisted of the lighter Cinnamons and Rubys (difficult to tell apart when very young), a couple of Ambers, and one Agouti. The Mice stayed frozen no moisture on them. They were so interesting and a lot of fun to watch. (I have linked to many articles at the bottom of this entry), These are all just my own experiences with my ASF rats, and like I say all around the forums. This is most common in southern and western states of the US. I was very skeptical about ordering online,but I took a chance because my local supplier was getting sketchy. http://inas-dragons-lair.de/images/stories/vzm/VZM-Neue.Gruppe.jpg Scientific Name: Praomys (Mastomys) Natalensis, (Mastomys Natalensis may be an outdated term) Thats why I was glad to find South Florida Rodents. asf rats for sale - $5 (Axtell) Asf rodents for sale any size. I no longer needed them to produce and put him into an empty spare maternity tub. Is that normal? The puppies are Purchasing, Merchandising and Procurement, Lake Nacimiento Pets and Animals for sale. And sometimes, not at all. He had chewed up all of his food into little crumbles, and didnt eat any of it. Sexual Maturity: 54-63 days Gestation: 21-23 days First Litter: Approx 3.5 months of age. When we checked on him the next day to move him in with the other males, we had noticed that most of this food was gone. The tumors can be seen in the vaginal region as a clustered mass, along the tail as bumps, on the back and hind quarters as warty black growths, or on the face of the animal. The best way I can describe them is the Pink Eyed Dilute on an agouti striped hair. same size as a small rat. Referencethis chart to help you select the proper sized feeder. I have a Big snake that eats Big Rats. All my snakes say so! Tigger - Small - Baby - Female - Dog Both ear types, all coat types. Joking aside, weve put a lot of work into each piece, and want to remind everyone that if you like what we do here, please make a link back to this page, rather than infringing on copyrights. Belly remains the lighter color and may have white spots or striping. While there is debate that ASFs are the cure-all for non-feeding ball pythons (out of my 40+ snakes, very few will regularly take ASFs at every meal), they are a really good size for a ball python and other animals that need whole prey animals. Breeder colonies can be arranged just give me a shout. Brindle, spotted, solid, short- & long-haired. This was my first time ordering from South Florida Rodents. I find that the hets have white ears and are cinnamon. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1266439, HERMANN MIULLER, AYD LUTZ GISSMANN When you first start working with them, you may notice they hold completely still and close their eyes. These are type A mini Rat Terriers. Since they are still commonly referred to as Mastomys Natalensis, be sure to use both search terms when trying to find information about these animals. I have gone through quite a few wheels for these buggers, and the only ones we have available in local pet shops are the powder coated (painted) metal wire wheels. http://www.biomedexperts.com/Abstracnship_of_a_rod, Rudolph R, Mller H I fed them off every week to my snakes, and out of 40 something snakes, only one girl shows any sort of preference and will ONLY takes ASFs. From then on I let them do their own thing and understood that my little family of ASFs were growing up and didnt care much for me trying to hold them. And product is exactly what I am looking for. Reptile Technology- EZ-Snap White Terrariums. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2366624/, Metal Monkey Exotics. My starter rats are het for ruby eye and are pandas. I have become quiet skilled in avoiding those teeth and have only been bitten 3 times, and they have never drawn blood. I raise the african rats and sell them as pets, I have had no problems with them being nasty or aggresive or nervous. Ive had one female that, Tan C H; Tachezy R; Van Ranst M; Chan S Y; Bernard H U; Burk R D, The Mastomys natalensis papillomavirus: nucleotide sequence, genome organization, and phylogenetic relationship of a rodent papillomavirus involved in tumorigenesis of cutaneous epithelia, http://www.biomedexperts.com/Abstracnship_of_a_rod, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1266439, http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/reprint/41/2/315, K.Wayss, E.Amtmann, G.Frstenberger, G.Sauer and M.Volm, http://resources.metapress.com/pdf-p2&size=largest, http://www.springerlink.com/content/lg3430177178j132/, http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/j84058/abstract, http://pt.wkhealth.com/pt/re/bjdr/abstract.00002300-2, http://pt.wkhealth.com/pt/re/bjdr/ab195628!8091!-1, http://www.springerlink.com/content/pw8826314054212w/, http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/reprint/88/10/2670, Iris Helfrich, Min Chen, Rainer Schmidt, Gerhard Frstenberger, Annette Kopp-Schneider, David Trick, Hermann-Josef Grne, Harald zur Hausen, and Frank Rsl, Robert K. Jackson (have to scroll down to Mastomys), http://dels.nas.edu/ilar_n/ilarjourn1Unusual.shtm, KlausWayss, DenisReyes-Mayes and ManfredVolm, http://www.springerlink.com/content/w5222w4581321370/, Anton J. Bilchika, Ola Nilssona, Irvin M. Modlin, Karl A. Zuckera and Thomas E. Adrian, http://www.sciencedirect.com/sciencef533d0be858763, http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/art?artid=2042366, http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/jTRY=1&SRETRY=0, Black Pastel Orange Dream Spider Yellowbelly, http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jean.wright93/mm/mm.htm, http://www.freewebs.com/abcexotics/multimammatemice.htm, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2366624/, http://inas-dragons-lair.de/images/stories/vzm/VZM-Neue.Gruppe.jpg, http://inas-dragons-lair.de/images/stories/vzm/VZM-Rubyeyed.jpg, http://inas-dragons-lair.de/images/stories/vzm/VZM_Weisse.jpg. That was about a pint of food in the rack for him. ASF are also great for getting breeders up to weight for the breeding season or helping them recover from breeding. Homed in minimum of same sex pairs. She hides under her box or in a tube and ambushes me when I feed them and if she cant get her teeth into my fingers she just takes it out on the bowl instead. We also carry a wide array of feeders for reptiles as well as the supplies you need for your reptile, amphibian or aquatic pet. if anyone needs excellent live worms, this is the place! ASF are also great for getting breeders up to weight for the breeding season or helping them recover from breeding. Products, schedules, discounts, and rates may vary and are subject to change. The first time I got bit it didnt draw any blood, but it did hurt like hell and was a little rough for such a small sized animal. They thrive in polygamous colonies, most often consisting of one male and three to five females. Pets and Animals Spokane 40 $ View pictures . Insurance plans are marketed and offered by PetCoach, LLC. Maryville, TN. They love coming out of the cage for one-on-one play time. Good Co. and good service make for happy boas. Will decrease with age. Bi Weekly: Almonte, Arnprior, Renfrew, SATURDAY DELIVERIES: (12pm-6pm) Sale price $4.99. Yes, I would say that the one in question is more than likely a Ruby eyed. I just removed a male from his breeding group. Best of all the prices are fantastic. Was a little out of my way but the drive is worth it and I will do it again and again. They are a serious pest in most of sub-sahara Africa and it is economically the most detrimental rodent pest to crops and farming. 1976 Mar;23(2):143-50. Price: $5.00. Ill continue to use South Florida Rodent in the future! Then they get hair and are very pale compared to the normals. Sincerely, Darlene Trieste (Belly dancer with snakes), All orders Ive recieved from Jack at SFR have been excellent quality and of the size stated to be as isnt the case with others Ive purchased from. Good, healthy feeders for your reptiles. See pricing and listing details of San Jose real estate for sale. I just got some outside blood to keep them from inbreeding too much. Keep the sessions short and positive, and slowly work up to longer sessions. They may also be referred to as Gremlin, though its a very uncommon name. Click here for all terms and conditions. Website. No abstract available. The order came just fine! Website Development by Crummy Media Solutions. The offspring would all have the head spot, because each would be heterozygous for white spotting because pied is homozygous. Per Page 12 Sort Default Pinky Rats (25 Per Bag) (2) $39.75 /Bag In Stock! Ive had one female that within days developed fast growing tumors all over her body, under the skin and on the skin surface. Large 50g+ $4.00 ea. We wouldnt steal your works, please dont take ours. A pure bred Rat Terrier, she has been raised on Rat terriers super cute & ready for new home. I got my second order from Jack and his company. Also like the Domestic Norway Rat, the Ambers are a bright orange-yellow color. Zentralbl Veterinarmed B. If you would like to pickup please text us at 727-207-6753. http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/reprint/41/2/315, K.Wayss, E.Amtmann, G.Frstenberger, G.Sauer and M.Volm Rats mice and asf's of all sizes Will do frozen orders apon request located in the mission valley area, I have African soft furs Mice and rats available for your reptile needs thanks, Feeder & breeder mice for sale! $2.50 for males, $5 for females, quantity discounts, frozen available upon request. Overall A++. These Rats are a pound each, or very close. . Awesome packing system. If youve heard about these animals, you would probably have been told a few key things about them. Delivery is available to the following places. The worms were exactly as they were described. Their first litter from both females was 16 and 15 each, both born within a day of each other. While I used to see these claims around the reptile forums, they are not odorless. (Link to small listing of US breeders). Yard Sale . Bi Weekly: Carleton Place, Perth, Smith Falls, Kingston. Please note that the product information displayed is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and other third parties and is not independently verified by Petco.Full disclaimer here. Filter. We have an extensive selection of indoor gardening supplies. I believe they would have been good for another day or two in that box. If you dont want to provide wheels to your rats, then I highly recommend you never introduce them. het and normal. * Indicates required field Email * Once these animals are found and bred, we could get a lot more colors like the Norway Rat has. They BITE!!! We look forward to providing you with quality feeder animals at affordable prices. Breeder colonies can be arranged just give me a shout. Delivery is always on time as promised and arrives well packed for the shipping time. When I achieve that I am going to introduce ambers. They're bred and kept in humane living conditions. ASF are also great for getting breeders up to weight for the breeding season or helping them recover from breeding. When we had two baby owls turned over to us, we needed food for them urgently. Read more Live Pinky African Soft Fur Rat . 15. I am trying to get my colonies to where I only have ruby eyed. 12220 Southeastern Ave, Building #3, Indianapolis, Indiana 46259, 12220 Southeastern Ave, Bldg #3, Indianapolis, IN 46259, Your browser has JavaScript disabled! They dont smell as bad as Mice or Domestic Rats. I used to give my rats untreated wood blocks. Adult Weight: Males: 100- 130g; Females: 90-115g 117 Rat Breeders Near You with Rats for Sale (2023) Last Updated: January 15, 2023 by Zach David Rats are very popular pets, and it's clear why that is! I bred specifically a Cinnamon Pied female to a Ruby Eyed Self male (pictured above). Undercoats are blue on the wild type agouti color, Amber on the cinnamon creates a richer yellow color lacking the blue undercoat (Argente in Europe). The confusion with the names, as far as I can see, is outline from this article Because of controversies many years ago, Mastomys was never phylogenetically classified as a genus, but remains a subgenus, designated Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis. found here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6197364. I completely understand her reaction because at the end of the day she was caring for 30 plus babies which I one day come along and take away from her. The diversity of gastric carcinoma If you take their wheels away, initially they are highly stressed and destructive. Quality baby rats ready in 4 weeks Basingstoke, Hampshire Doe ( female) rat kittens available.seal point siamese with black eyes. ASF Pinks 1-3 Gram - $1.50 Fuzzy 4-6 Gram - $1.75 Hoppers 7-12 Grams - $2.00 Small 13-18 Grams - $2.25 Medium 19-29 Grams $2.75 Large 30-59 Grams $3.75 Jumbo 60+ Grams $5.00 Rats Pinks 5-9 Grams. The product always comes correct and FAST! This means that many breeders have given them very reptilian names to describe the colors and patterns. They will not get over 15 pounds. http://jvi.asm.org/cgi/reprint/78/9/4797, Robert K. Jackson (have to scroll down to Mastomys) We are customers for life. It is lacking any white spotting on the body. My point is, to me, they honestly smell just terrible. The packaging of the product is also excellent and makes for easy storage and long freezer life of the product. They will develop warty tumors, patchy hairloss, and osteoarthritis as they age past approx 9 months, although it can be younger, or delayed as much as 14 months. You have friendly, helpful service and my rats arrive when you say they will arrive. The rats you call pieds I know as panda phase. (using young puppy Just one little girl left, sis sold! Animal model: carcinoids and adenocarcinoma of the glandular stomach of Praomys (Mastomys) natalensis. CLOSED NOW. Only one little woman left. http://mouse-agility.com/asfrats.htm. Our rodents are grown under stringent conditionsand regularly tested for quality, to be sure they are inoptimal health. They are the primary natural prey for pythons in the amazon, but reptiles of numerous species love them. They are both males and have very sweet and gentle natures. Jurassic Reptiles. Join our mailing list and get 10%OFF your first purchase! Price is amazing. I can always tell the difference in the litters as to what is albino [Amber?] Sexual Maturity: 54-63 days This animal shows a head spot, it can be short or long and almost like a blaze on a horse. Hi, I have 2 Pure Bred Rat Terrier puppies that are looking for new homes. . BREEDING QUALITY FEEDERS SINCE 2005 - ONE STOP FOR ALL YOUR FEEDING NEEDS! I did interact with them daily to keep them used to me, but I didnt bother to hold them like a pet rat anymore. We also produce and distribute all sizes of frozen feeder rats from pinky rats to extra-large adult rats. Steve Call today. The hets are cinnamon with white ears in my case. I discovered a disease in my colony. The Petco name is used for the brand name. Thanks again for your reliable service and support! My ruby eyed pandas start out different then when they grow up are just like the rest except they have red eyes. Brindle, spotted, solid, short- & long-haired. When you want to start the handling, keep the sessions short and positive. Whether thats chewing shavings, shelling seeds, gnawing whatever they can get their teeth on, these little guys have motor mouths that need to be busy almost all the time! *Providing your email address means you agree to Petco's Terms of Use and have read our Financial Incentive Terms and Privacy Policy. So far, it would seem that the tumors develop after 9 -12months of age, although not all will get this condition. Average Lifespan: 2-3 years in captivity . California. Reptile Deli Inc. has been producing some of the industry's bestfeeder rodents for 14 years. Referring to size, ASF are between mice and rats, they are a very lean, high protein, high calorie, low fat food source, making them the superior rodent feeder. Their small adult size compared to the Norway rat makes them ideal to keep, because they are often the perfect feeding size for months and will not outgrow the feeding limits for most carnivores like a Norway rat will. Thanks Jack.. Fingers Crossed Lol. African soft furred rats available Alfreton, Derbyshire 5 days ago 10 For Sale Baby Mice Multimmamates ASF Mouse (African Soft Furred) Yapton, West Sussex 6 days ago 16 OVNO For Sale African soft fur rats (multi, multimammate) price is for 2 Sleaford, Lincolnshire 78 days ago 10 For Sale African soft furred rats for sale 4 each Spalding, Lincs You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.This cute little litter is not We have three beautiful puppies for sale the dad is a pure bred papered yorkshire terrier and mom is a pure bred papered mini schnauzer. This strict process is to ensurewe are providingyou and your pet's the best feeder prey source. They are widely used in the scientific community to study diseases that are also common to man, like degenerative joint disease, renal disease and carcinoid tumors of the stomach. Add to Cart Fuzzy Rats 771 likes. They have a blueish tint that is starkly apparent when young, and will get a bit darker and browner as they age. Frozen Mice, Frozen Rats & Frozen Chicks. This is a reply I received from one of the German owners. ASF Rat (30-50g) | Wholesale Frozen African Soft Furred Rats come in packs of 10 and are raised by veterinarians at regulated facilities using feed with high nutritional value. When picked up, they would try to jump straight off my hand without even batting an eye. Feeder Rats | Feeder Mic | Feeder Dubias and more! I had the opportunity to buy a group of these amazing little rats back in the end of March 08. I charge $15 for each baby I sell and they sell at that price. I find that the hets have white ears and are cinnamon. , For more reading on keeping ASFs as pets, please visit the following link. There are 2 males and one lady. It actually seems that most of my snakes prefer regular rats. (Example: Prevue Hamster Wheels 7 are made of Nickel and will not rust), Nervous System/ Muscle weakness (possibly hereditary). http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/j84058/abstract Also have other rats and rat pups. Rats are intelligent, extremely social and enjoy human interaction. My males tend to act just like females. I find that their odor is not so much a strong and permeating odor where the entire room will smell, but rather a very concentrated odor. Thanks Jack! Sold in stores only.Selection varies by store. Item Image Info Price Add to Cart; Pinky Rats (25/Pack) 3-5 grams 25 per package $1.25/feeder $ 31.25 $ 20.00 Pinky Rats (25/Pack) quantity When I started working with these ASF rats, I actually found their odor quite nauseating and overpowering. More information available at checkout. I would have to do some more breeding to see if that works out in my colonies, because at the moment, I believe I have an all Agouti group that had both the light colored cinnamon/rubys (so hard to tell apart when young), and Ambers. http://vir.sgmjournals.org/cgi/reprint/88/10/2670, Iris Helfrich, Min Chen, Rainer Schmidt, Gerhard Frstenberger, Annette Kopp-Schneider, David Trick, Hermann-Josef Grne, Harald zur Hausen, and Frank Rsl They certainly have an odor. The white spotting gene has variable strength. Meaning the pattern in the hets and ruby is more concentrated in the mid section and the normal pandas will have some spotting in the rear end. I called with questions and then made an order, and then called and added to my order. Note: African soft furs cannot reproduce with a rat or mouse. 2 females 1male. Rat Terrier - ! The rats chewed off the paint on a few of them, and in those tubs the wire of the wheel rusted pretty easily and one of them developed sores on the bottom of his paws. African Soft Fur Rat Frozen Various Sizes $0.85 Shipping calculated at checkout. The detailed information on the website saves a lot of time & answers many questions. The rubys will still be pale but at this point get darker and darker until you can not tell the difference except fot the red eyes. First Litter: Approx 3.5 months of age. Your order can be picked up at the following locations and times. Praomys Natalensis, Praomys (Mastomys) Natalensis, Mastomys Natalensis, Natal Rats, African Soft Furred rat, African Soft-Furred Rat, Multimammate Mice, ASFs, ASF rats. Tigger - Small - Baby - Female - Dog. ? Vote for BP.Net for the 2013 Forum of the Year! Sorry they're a little greasy in the picture, I gave them some high-protein dog food as a supplement earlier in the day. American Rodent Supply, LLC. I handle all my adult every day and they are sweet gentle wonderful little guys, I just love them. in Salinas, Ill certainly be a return customer and I will be telling all my friends!, Brinda Moody, Brinda Moody Multiple colors. Increased Incidence of Squamous Cell Carcinomas in Mastomys natalensis Papillomavirus E6 Transgenic Mice during Two-Stage Skin Carcinogenesis check out the. Multiple colors. I do want to clear up a prolific myth: African soft furred rats are not odorless. He said they had competitive pricing, a good product, and best of all, fast free shipping for Florida residents. I, of course, immediately named them, Gabbagoo, Cherry and Ginger. Free Local Classifieds . Praomys Natalensis African Soft Furred Rats are quickly becoming a favorite as feeders for small to medium sized snakes, birds of prey, and carnivorous lizards and amphibians. WEDNESDAY DELIVERIES (5pm-9pm): - With proper socialization, rats are one of the most social and trainable companion animals. They are both males and have very sweet and gentle natures. Pictured below are the animals from two different breeders in Germany. in My location . Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. ASF rats are used mainly as feeders for reptiles. Christmas Pure Bred Rat Terrier Puppies! The very badly affected ones use their front legs to drag themselves around, or will actually roll sideways where they want to go. Florida. The products are in excellent quality & package, you can see that they are raised well. Rats And ASF Rats For Pets Breeders And Feeders Some people call Ambers Albinos, and some people call the white spotted Pieds. Please turn JavaScript on and Refresh your browser to proceed. Its quite unlike domestic rats. Great service, great product. My snakes absolutely LOVED the chicks., Stavros Kanakis, Hi Jack, I have ordered rats from 3 other companies before you. I have purchased live rats & frozen in the past, never had i had such great service as i have had with South Florida Rodents. Most users ever online was 6,337, 01-24-2020 at, African soft fur rats for sale. Enroll at petco.com/petco-insurance. Views: 74. Read more. Menopause: Approx 12-15 mo. Sale price $2.49. We also have an extensive selection of freshwater fish, inverts and plants as well as a whole room full of houseplants, terrarium plants and rarities like carnivorous plants. they do not smell bad almost at all.. compare then to a rat or a mouse.. these are so much cleaner.. Weaned 5-20g $2.00 ea. Eyes are black, ears are pigmented dark. Sold out Quick view. ASF Rats also known as the African Rat or Multimammate Mouse are an excellent frozen feeder supplement for picky eaters that refuse to eat standard frozen mice or rats. So they do not have to be fancy or pet quality.Asf's medium to largeFor feeders an breedersMice largeFor pet, feeders, breeders.Yes I have snakes an yes I feed live not f/t.Please email me with what you have an what your prices are.ThanksWanting to pick up in 2 weeks maybe sooner..I am located in mims 32754Would li, ASF - African Soft Fur Rats - $5 image 1 of 3 (google map), Rats, mice and ASFs for rehoming - $2 (Burgaw), feeders Rats,mice,asf's (victoria), Mice -- Feeders (Rats & ASF) - $3 (Fort Plain), Live Mice /rats ASF - $4 (West Jefferson), Asf African soft fur rats colonies - $50 (Russellville), Looking for rats mice asf's - $123,456 (Mims). Easily reached by public transit with ample plaza parking. It is possible with constant interaction to get individual rats used to human handling and even playing with you, but this takes almost daily handling and working with the individual animal. I am the project manager of a wildlife rescue program. She is one of my new breeding groups, the other breeding group will be Platinums with dark and with light colored ears. It is different than the Ruby Eyed gene, but can be incredibly hard to tell the difference from a Ruby eyed unless eyes are very bright red. These pure bred Rat Terriers have Price Reduced! Cayman Islands. The blocks are long 22s cut into 4 lengths. They referenced it as turning their food to dust. It was a strange idea to me, but I have seen it with my own eyes now, and I know exactly why my animal had done it. http://books.google.com/books?id=DEqsnum=9#PPA4,M1, Tan C H; Tachezy R; Van Ranst M; Chan S Y; Bernard H U; Burk R D Each colony will be a 1.3 colony. I ordered for the first time with South Florida Rodents recently and I loved it! Pet Stores Humane Societies. My name is Mike and I breed African Soft Furred Rats in Poughkeepsie, NY to feed my pet snakes. Grooming seems to be so much fun for soft furs. ASF also make a great addition to any whole prey diet for cats or dogs! Litter Size: 3-17; average is 9-12 per litter. I rely on South Florida Rodents for mice for raptors we have in care. Thats a wonderful theory! I was able to order nearly 3 months of food for less than what I would have paid elsewhere for several weeks of food. They are so much cleaner than Rodent Pros, and your price is very competitive. 3 months old, 1st shots, incredibly smart and intelligent! My rats often are pregnant before the others are weened. They're energetic, incredibly smart, and form very close bonds with their owners. The heads usually have a characteristic Eye brows pattern, and some symmetrical spots or stripes on the cheeks or side of the face. They have had hides, easy to reach water and food. Thanks much! Rats, mice and ASFs need rehoming. Chicks (25/pack) African Soft-fur Rats Medium (20/Pack) I continued to handle them about once a day. The panda pattern in the hets and ruby eyes seems to be cleaner than nons. Since we got one agouti, they are not the same gene. Asf rodents for sale any size. Add to cart Quick . African Soft Fur Rats First and foremost, it is extremely EASY to get overrun by an ASF colony! At our last skunk show, Roy recommended purchasing super worms for our skunks from South Florida Rodents. Call today. We also have a selection of collectible fossils and oddities, 2023 Tails and Scales Powered by Shopify. - The naked tails of rats can be used to regulate their body temperature. ASFs love wheels. Common Name: African Soft Furs, Natal Rats, Multimammate Rat, (Mice is an outdated term) Frozen ASF (AfricanSoft Fur) rats might be the solution to gettingthat picky ball python eating again. She ist molting right now, and her eyes seem to turn redisch.
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