|3%AoBPPL J2e5SEUdPE9W+^a|%]h3 9@nZ1}0Qhm/<3`[-m$mjXD0*6Y\wk ul=]B0' Ausgrid Group Annual Report 2022 ASX Release. Bank of America Corporation. SFDR Reporting Solution Transition Risk Report TCFD Alignment Report. The 2021 results were impacted by a $ 1,053,030 non -recurring, non -cash expense relating to the 2019. Teleconference FY 2020. 2020/21 Ausgrid Ring-fencing Compliance Report. The following information can be accessed in the Debt Investor Portal. Investor relations. Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report. Customers will need to will make their own arrangements for services that are not offered by Ausgrid by engaging a suitably qualified electrical contractor. Climate-related financial disclosure 2020 report PDF (2.5 MB). NSW Trains Annual Report 2014-15 volume 1. In compiling the information contained on, and accessed through, this website ("Information"), Ausgrid Finance Pty Limited has used reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Information is correct and current at the time of publication but takes no responsibility for any error, omission or defect therein. Commission File Number 001-38842 Compare Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements. Annual Report 2018 Download Report. Ausgrid Group - Australian Company Profile, Administration & Business Support Services, Professional, Scientific & Technical Services, Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors, Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities, D2630 - Electricity Distribution in Australia, Understand a enterprises competitive landscape, Identify industry trends a enterprise is exposed to, Inform your decisions for marketing, strategy and planning, Enterprise Financial Statements and Financial Ratios, Subsidiaries, Shareholders and Ownership Structure. 1; Publication information Title Ausgrid Annual Report 2015/16 Agencies Ausgrid Type Annual Report Date published 2016-11-17 Description Annual Report Language English Coverage New South Wales . 2020. Ausgrid Groups financials, including Profit and Loss Account (Revenue, Interest, Profit and Loss, and Audit Fees) and Balance Sheet (Current Assets, Non-Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Non-Current Liabilities, Shareholders Equity), as well as Number of Employees, Number of Share on Issue, Market Capitalisation and Earnings per Share where available. . endstream endobj 978 0 obj <>stream July 31, 2021. 7,030KB. The DAPR covers a five year period from 2022 to 2027 and outlines our strategies and plans for South East Queensland. SGX Annual Report 2016: Add Files. 2020-21 Distribution zone substation data. Sustainability Report; 2018. Ausgrids electricity network encompasses over 30,000 small distribution substations and approximately 500,000 power poles. Insights. Useful links Product Resources FAQ. Document. The 2021/22 Annual report and accounts marks the BBC's 100th year in operation. Register on our Debt Investor Portal to access our Financial results, SEC filings for the pre-merger BankAmerica Corporation are not available through this source. This was after assessing the pricing proposal as compliant with theNational Electricity Rulesand the AER's Final Decision onAusgrid - Determination 2019-24. The company operates throughout New South Wales and is administered from its head office in Sydney, New South Wales. Annual Reports. 2019 - 2020 Annual Report Annual Financial Report . Supporting Materials. We outline the key personnel at Q4 580.1 KB. Please note. Integrated Annual Reports 2020. The company serves approximately 56 million U . IBISWorld provides enterprise profiles on thousands of leading organizations across Australia and New Zealand. You can read our Information Sharing Protocol here. Plans have been developed to comply with the Electricity Supply (Safety & Network Management) Regulation 2014. DOWNLOAD PUMA ANNUAL REPORT DIGITAL ANNUAL REPORT 2020: 2019. hT The government's annual report is a permanent public record of the dollars spent and the results achieved for the fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). On 31 March 2021, Ausgrid submitted to the AER an annual pricing proposal for its New South Wales distribution network for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. The WGEA Data Explorer contains statistics on the gender pay gap, workforce participation, women in leadership and actions to improve workplace gender equality in Australia. IFM Investors' distinct ownership drives an alignment with investor objectives, a commitment to . Go to Page. Maersk Annual Report 2020 4.6 MB. The political environment, although peaceful, remains turbid. yarns and knitted fabrics. Asset repair and replacement planning. Annual Report 2019 - Download PDF (2.69 MB) Integrated Annual Reports 2019. Boral Review 2017. Our annual reports are a look back at the year that was. 6,460KB. Q1 395.2 KB. Access the DTAPR mapping portal atdtapr.ausgrid.com.au. Get a full view of On 14 June 2019, the AER published Ausgrid's approved 2019-20 pricing proposal. 2019 Annual Report View Annual Report Download. Annual Reports; Annual Report 2019 For reasons of sustainability, we no longer provide printed versions of our Annual Reports: PDF: Financial Data Supplement Q4/FY2019: PDF XLS: Annual Financial Statements of Deutsche Bank AG 2019 All SEC filings prior to October 1, 1998 are for the former NationsBank Corporation. Images of employees are featured on the opening spreads of each section, helping to highlight the passion Ausgrid's people share for a cleaner and fairer energy future. This financial report covers the Fund as an individual entity, and was authorised for issue by the directors of the Trustee on 10 September 2021. H7 A FeL/Y M'SSpZXSC>N9CdH! 2020-2021 Annual Report. Distribution and Transmission Annual Planning Report, Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution, Dual Function Asset 10 year Demand Forecast, System Limitation Interval Data - Distribution, System Limitation Interval Data - Dual Function, 11kV Primary Distribution Feeder Capacity, Export & Hosting Capacity Subtransmission network, DTAPR 2021 - Distribution and Transmission Annual Planning Report, transparency of Ausgrids decision making processes to assist non-network providers, other network service providers and connection applicants to make efficient investment decisions, information on Ausgrids distribution assets planning process, covering a minimum five year forward planning period, results of Ausgrids annual planning review, asset condition and other limitations of sub-transmission and distribution assets; and the potential credible solutions to address these limitations, third parties the opportunity to offer alternative proposals to identified network needs, including non-network solutions such as demand management or embedded generation, timely indication of the planned commencement dates for projects that will be subject the, information on Ausgrids demand management activities and actions taken to promote non-network initiatives each year. Reference price (annual Default Market Offer cost) $1,512. We will continuously increase investment in talent, scientific research, and innovation, in an effort to reshape our foundational technologies. Gain strategic insight and analysis on 700+ Australian industries (& thousands of global industries). 2 Statement of financial position (a) Cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents includes cash at bank, On behalf of the Board I submit the 2021 Annual Report for D (] o ' } ,}o ]vP > ~^ Z }u v_ . Download reports. Group Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21; Adroddiad Blynyddola Chyfrifon y Grp 2020/21; 2019/20. AGL released its Annual Report 2022 to the Australian Securities Exchange on Friday, 19 August 2022. Electricity network performance reports and asset management plans can be downloaded from the links below. Annual Report 2020 incl. combined Management Report Daimler AG PDF (4.73 MB) - Feb 18, 2021 Q4 & FY 2020 Fact Sheet PDF (0.29 MB) - Feb 18, 2021 Annual Financial Statements (Entity) Daimler AG 2020 PDF (0.49 MB) - Feb 18, 2021 Ausgrid Group, including registered business details, an enterprise synopsis, SWOT analysis and main brands and products. Additional Details. identify trends that signify emerging issues across the industry with a view to developing safety measures or supporting industry safety initiatives where appropriate. Decades of work to strengthen primary care infrastructure, combat the spread of infectious diseases, and improve nutritional outcomes had helped to provide more people than ever before with the opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives [no-lexicon]On 7 May 2021, the AER approved Ausgrid's annual pricing proposal for the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 . Planning for future demand on the network. Ausgrid Annual Ring-Fencing Compliance Report 2021 - 2 May 2022, Ausgrid - Annual Ring-fencing Compliance Independent Assessment 2021 - 2 May 2022, Pipeline Capacity Trading and Day Ahead Auction, Compliance issues register: ISP & Actionable RIT-Ts, Public register of non-scheme pipeline exemptions, Regulatory Sandboxing Energy Innovation Toolkit, Guidelines to support the Retailer Reliability Obligation, Ausgrid - electricity distribution network, Electricity Distribution Ring-fencing Guideline. operates in. Boral Review 2020. Download the2020/21 Ausgrid Ring-fencing Compliance Report. 2022 Modern Slavery Statement; Energy Charter Disclosures. We provide you with the main sustainability report of Samsung Electronics. Amendments: NSA2018 : Amending Network Standard NS100 Field Recording of Network Assets (21 Oct 2020) 976 0 obj <>stream Previous 1 2 Next . But not all children have been affected equally. PDF 11.74 MB. 2015 - 2016 Annual Report Annual Financial Report. hJA_`z~zB.MEw6] _lM$.UEs%5Iv\f]MJIXojW , Published 23 Nov 2017. Annual 2.3 MB. . Ausgrid is committed to being a sustainable organisation. Q2 468.4 KB. Q2 475 KB. For Financial Period Ended 30/06/2019. Ausgrid_Annual_Report_2016_FINAL.pdf Download Size 1.85 MB . The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has implemented and enforces a nationalRing-fencing Guideline(Guideline) to promote competition in the electricity services market. A webcast in connection with the Annual Report 2020 will be held on 10 February 2021 at 11.00 a.m. (CET) and can be accessed via above link. About Us Our Profile Our Logo Vision, Mission and Values Milestones Ownership Structure Organization Structure Group Structure Our Subsidiaries . Form 10-K. 2020 Annual Report. Find out more about the history and background of Our vision to be a leading energy . Version Final. However, some exceptions apply such as for life support customers or for minor repair/restoration services. 2019 Annual Report 2019. Declared interest registers - Tribunal and Committee Members. Complete 2020 Annual Report. We outline the ultimate parent and largest shareholders of If you have any questions, comments or need further information, we'd be happy to hear from you. Energy Charter Disclosures FY21-22; Energy Charter Disclosures FY20-21; Energy Charter . NSW Trains Annual Report 2016-17. 2020 Annual Report View Annual Report Download. endstream endobj 979 0 obj <>stream This Debt Investor Portal provides detailed information on Ausgrids borrowings, debt programs and debt investor briefing. 0 i Attachments. Sustainability Report. Loading. An Independent Assessment was submitted on 13 November 2020. On 2 May2022, Ausgridsubmitted its Annual Ring-fencing Compliance Report and Independent Assessment. SGX Annual Report 2017: Add Files. be kept up to date with news and events from the Ausgrid team. Under such circumstances Ausgrid will carry out the necessary restoration work at no cost to the customer. Financial Report 2007. The report has been prepared in accordance with section 24A of the State Owned Corporations Act (1989) Globally, 2020 began as one of the healthiest years on record. Annual Report 2020. This was after assessing the pricing proposal as compliant with the National Electricity Rules and the AER's Final Decision on Ausgrid - Determination 2019-24.
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