In simpler times, there was nothing better than pouring through your collection of Disney VHS tapes to choose one to watch for the night. Looking for a list of Disney VHS tapes? Click on the link to book a consultation with one of their technicians. Disney VHS tapes are valuable because they are no longer made and not many are out there in circulation. Without touching the tape, use a microfibre lint-free cloth to clean the outside of your VHS and the inside of your tape case. The story is of a boy named Johnny who is visiting his grandmothers farm. They had a unique Walt Disney Classics logo with the black diamond-shaped logo located on the spine of the tape case. Manage Settings 15. Heres how to find each one: Print Date/Time - The date/time that this specific tape was manufactured. He goes on to meet a young doe Faline. Disney Masterpiece Collection Mary Poppins VHS Band - Julie Andrews neu VERSIEGELT | Movies & TV, VHS Tapes | eBay! The collection consists of a total of 20 movies, these movies bear the label as part of the Walt Disney classic series until it was canceled in March 1994 with the Fox and the Hound. The next most valuable collection is the Masterpiece Collection, released from 1994 to 1999. disney masterpiece collection vhs for sale | eBay Uploaded by These tapes may not be as valued as the Disney Black Diamond edition. But, one of these that Disney caught was the noticeably phallic shape of the castle on The Little Mermaid's VHS case cover. Cinderella is a girl who is forced to cook and clean all day in her own home. 1985 - Pinocchio, the 2nd home video released under The Classics line, became one of the best-selling home videos of the year. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Approved | 83 min | Animation, Adventure, Family 7.6 Rate 96 Metascore Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection for sale | eBay If you discover that one of your tapes has that black diamond logo, again, dont be too quick to get excited! Of those 7,300 transactions, about 25 of them sold for over $500.00. Oliver & Company Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS 7897, Released Channel your inner child and indulge yourself in some Disney fun! In fact, if you click on this queued-up eBay search showing the sold Disney Black Diamond VHS tapes, you would see that another brand new copy of Beauty and the Beast just sold for $18.99. And keep in mind that, even if it has never been opened, it still could sell for less than you would like. These compilation videos traveled from one hit song to the next, showing you a snippet of the scene from the movie and teaching you all about pace and lyrics using a bouncing ball across subtitles. The logo also shines twice on this variant. Kids who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s would relate to this, they had arguably the best childhood screen time with awesome shows and series. The Black Diamond Classics, Masterpiece Collection, Gold Classic Collection, Cartoon Classics, Platinum Editions, Select Special/Anniversary Editions and More. Whilst there are some rarities (check them out further down this page), most Disney VHS tapes, which were mass produced in the millions, are worth less than $10. Disney VHS tapes are nowhere near as valuable as a lot of eBay listings or blog posts would have you believe. Disney Masterpiece Collection Dumbo VHS Tape - The Flying Elephant New The film was only released on VHS internationally, making it a more valuable find. But given the fact that they are still sought after by people who will love to acquire them, provides them with the value of some sort. Collecting nearly 27 films, the series ended with Oliver and Company after a year and 5 months. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Pinocchio Deluxe Video Collection Of those 7,300 transactions, 250 of them sold for over. Soon, she is rescued by seven dwarfs who form a friendship with her. As for the VHS players, in todays tech times it is getting more and more difficult to find such outmoded devices. Some early copies have the August 1994 print date and the 1986 Sorcerer Mickey Walt Disney Home Video Logo on it. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Special Previews Bumpers There should be a logo in the shape of a black diamond that signals it is part of the company, as demonstrated in the image below. Then, after a short period, these titles would be placed in the vault to be re-released later with a new case and bonus features. Pinocchio 60th Anniversary Edition VHS 18679 3.) Beauty and the Beast 7. Pinocchios price was slashed to $29.95 with buyers being made aware that no more copies would be sold after January 1986. You can view movies and shows in one place and filter by streaming provider, genre, release year, runtime, and rating (Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb, and/or Metacritic). You also wouldnt have to pay for shipping, like you would for eBay or Amazon. How Much Are VHS Disney Movies Worth - Assessing VHS Value Back cover of the 1995 promotional print ad (VHS) booklet with the logo. In a good condition, the black diamond Edition of the Little Mermaid has a value of $1,000. (if you still have a VHS . Want to keep track of your own Disney Home Video collection? Rip Off Pricing For The Masterpiece Snow White VHS, ACtual Sold Prices For The Masterpiece Snow White VHS. A massive phenomenon unlike any animated film before it, this flagship film launched the Disney animated movie into the stratosphere. The board eventually conceded but with stipulations. Disney's Mary Poppins Masterpiece Collection VHS | eBay It is the sequel to the 1977 film, The Rescuers which was based on the novels written by Margery Sharp. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. Obviously, eBay is a great choice for selling odds and ends. When an event is thrown, the stepmother and her stepsisters leave Cinderella behind to finish the chores and forbid her from attending the event. Pass on your well-loved tapes to kids with a passion for the past, or if you've got the limited edition Masterpiece copy, list at an auction and you, too, might find a buyer who's willing to pay $700 for it. Model Behavior - Sold for $29.99. Walt Disney VHS NEU & OVP Masterpiece. These are the rarest and most valuable Disney VHS tapes. 1999 - Robin Hood, having been the first film of the Classics line, becomes the last film (re)released in the Masterpiece Collection. How do you spot a Disney Cartoon Classic VHS? In the 1940s, Disney had begun exploring full-length live-action films, with the introduction of the hybrid live-action-animated films like The Reluctant Dragon which premiered in 1941, and Song of the South in 1946. 17 months and approximately 27 films later, the series ended with Oliver and Company. Sell on Amazon 33 Walt Disney's Masterpiece Collection Vhs cartoon (Actor), multiple (Director) Format: VHS Tape 86 ratings VHS Tape from $62.87 Additional VHS Tape, VHS options Edition Discs Price New from Used from VHS Tape, VHS $62.87 Customers also search Page 1 of 1 vhs cartoons vhs tapes movies 80s cinderella vhs Editorial Reviews Disney movies in the Black Diamond Collection were released. And Walt Disney Signature Collection? Thank you for your time. Learn how your comment data is processed. We have the ambitious goal of providing you with the most honest, fair and comprehensive travel guides and reviews on the internet. Lets take a look at some of these rare Disney VHS tapes and the value worth attached to them: About: Disney Aladdin, Black diamond VHS, Black Diamond collection. $6.99 + $3.65 shipping. This is because they are requested more but very few copies are available causing their value to soar. Similar to the Walt Disney Classics line that preceded it, it consisted mainly of Disney Animated Features, along with a few live-action/animated hybrid films. Free shipping for many products! Go through your tape collections to see just how many of the most valuable VHS tapes you have in your possession. Its a story of snow-white. Mulan (1999 Masterpiece Collection VHS) (Version #2): Brian Cummings: "After the movie play exciting games and go on new adventures with Mulan at, part of the Go Network." The Faculty: "After the feature, be sure to catch the hot new music video, 'Another Brick in the Wall - Part 2' performed by Class of 99." The Ultimate Collectors Guide To Disney VHS Tapes Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It sounds strange, but the clothing store actually sells a good variety of cute, vintage VHS tapes. Cinderella Walt Disney's Masterpiece Cassette Vhs 1995 If you are having any of the tapes among the black diamond edition, chances are that your Disney VHS tapes have more value than the regular vintage VHS tapes. It is often referred to by fans as the "Black Diamond" collection . Page flaps from the 1995 promotional print ad (VHS) booklet with. Disney made millions of of black label editions. Also be sure to keep in mind that VHS tapes can be entirely wiped by a magnetic field. They sell for $20 to $40 if they are in good condition, the state in which they are in could value them. If your fond memories of Disney cant seem to reach that far back in time, then let us explain it to youthe Disney Vault is the metaphorical place in which home video cassette releases were hidden from the public eye after only being available to purchase for a limited time. Do you think these are still worth $ and if so, how much if used, aged from bookshelf but barely faded and tapes in great shape? The next factor to consider when selling your Disney VHS collection is their quality. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection - VHS Trailer It Came from the VCR 1.45K subscribers Subscribe Share Save 4.7K views 1 year ago Walt Disney Home Video presents the Walt Disney Masterpiece. However, whether or not you kept them safe and sound somewhere in your home or simply forgot about them, we have good news for youthose old tapes are worth money. Many Disney animated features made their home video debuts through this series. Most of the Masterpiece VHS case spines have the phrase Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection written on a purple background under a silver holographic Sleeping Beauty Castle logo. Home; VHS Tapes; Walt Disney VHS NEU & OVP Masterpiece; Item Details. Click to enlarge. Inspired by Anitas spotted fur coat, Cruella decides that she wants to create the garments out of actual Dalmatian puppies. VHS Tape. Walt Disney Masterpiece Fantasia VHS 1132. VHS Copyright Year - The year this VHS was released but not necessarily manufactured. This is one of those stories that we practically grew up with. But there comes the twist, Tod is a fox and Copper is a bloodhound who will eventually grow up to understand as nature would have it, that hounds hunt foxes. The black diamond edition refers to the diamond-shaped (the classic) logo on the super spine of each Disney VHS clamshell. Some tapes in this VHS series did not have the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo ident. These are generally all VHS tapes that came out of the stables of Walt Disney Studios. master collection, disney, vhs Publisher Buena Vista, The Walt Disney Company Language English This is the partial collection of the Walt Disney Master Collection. In a good condition, The Black Diamond edition of Fantasia has a value of up to $100. In actuality, 13 classics were released between 2001 and 2009. The untouchables were never to be released on home video, with theatrical re-releases only. If you're hoping to make a little extra money on the side, some collections of vintage Disney VHS tapes are being valued for $15,000 on eBay, with others listed for $2,000. Going on online stores such as eBay and Amazon, one may be tempted to think, and sometimes believe a collection of vintage Disney VHS tape could sell above a thousand dollars, but sorry to break it to you, thats not true. Just owning this old VHS is enough to earn you some cash. are these worth anything? And while you probably aren't moved that much by the dated dialogue and vocals, some have a unique attachment to the film. The Fox and the Hound 8. Walt Disney Classics | Disney Wiki | Fandom Another tape that attracts more value because of its rarity is The 101 Dalmatian, the oldest copy that could still be found (still in good condition) sells for a whopping $149 on Etsy and around $1000 on eBay. Should you come across one of the VHS tapes, its pretty advisable to verify if its still playable with your vh playing machine or meet VHS tape specialists. The rest of the movies can be found here: The old Disney VHS tape of the song of the south has a value of up to $100. You don't have to prick your finger on the spinning wheel to pay for this vintage VHS using a blood contract. And Walt Disney Platinum Edition? in: Second Generation Walt Disney Home Videos, Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection, VHS, and 5 more Pinocchio (1999-2000 VHS/DVD) View source Pinocchio (1999 VHS/DVD) Release date October 26, 1999 Stock Number 18665 (DVD) 18679 (VHS) List price VHS: $26.99 (1999-2000) $22.99 (2000-2002) DVD: $39.99 (1999-2000) $29.99 (2000-2002) Aspect ratio 15 most valuable Disney VHS tapes 1. Almost everyone knows the story of Simba, the son of Mufasa, The lion cub, Simba is the apparent heir to Mufasas position as the King of the jungle. Lot of 5 Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS children's Movies Mixed Most of these Disney VHS tapes are worth $25 based on the average bid carried out on eBay, Amazon, and other online stores or auction websites, this is according to research. The collection begins with Robin Hood and ends with The Fox and The Hound. Light, heat and moisture can all degrade VHS tapes and affect the image and colour quality. This series began with the release of Toy Story and ended with Oliver and Company only 17 months later. Hi there, were Andrew and Damon, Disney aficionados, Hilton Diamond members and founders of Our Departure Board. Walt Disney Masterpiece collection Movie VHS Tapes Lot of 16 vintage Pay Attention To Seller Feedback and Reputation - Dont buy from someone with poor feedback. . Where to Sell Disney VHS Tapes for the Most Profit Although it does have the special Disney brand of racist background characters that movies from this period always had, laughing with friends over the "Elephants on Parade" scene while utterly sloshed makes it worth having an early VHS tape of it. To spot if your Disney VHS movies are part of the Disney Gold Classic Collection, check the upper spine of the cassette case and the front cover of the clamshell case. The first series in 1984 was followed by a second in 1985. Even then, take eBay Sold prices with a pinch of salt. The animated movie, Beauty and the Beast illustrates the motto of beautiful on the inside. If youre lucky, your Disney VHS may be valued closer to the $100 mark. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 9. Bedknobs and Broomsticks - October 28, 1994. 10 Most Expensive Disney VHS Ever Sold On eBay | TheRichest With how globalized this website has become, you can be sure that VHS collectors everywhere will see your merchandise. Walt Disney Classics (also known as The Classics from Walt Disney Home Video) is a discontinued video line launched by Walt Disney Telecommunications and Non-Theatrical Company to release Disney animated features on home video. It will be a smaller upload since the difference between the Master and Gold collection are about 5 movies and I don't want to rerecord the same movies. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection by xeniafranklin | created - 02 Oct 2020 | updated - 02 Oct 2020 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Sort by: View: 31 titles 1. In The Rescuers Down Under, Bernard and Bianca travel to the Australian Outback to save a boy named Cody from a villainous poacher in pursuit of an endangered bird of prey. Another option is to sell your VHS tapes locally. Disney Masterpiece VHS Complete with Bonus Rarities | eBay Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS Tapes With High Values The Masterpiece Collection was really similar to the Black Diamond series and included a plethora of Disney's greatest hits from the 1930s-1990s. Although the vh tape players have become somewhat out of date and difficult to come by, you could always get one in any of the online stores or auction websites. The ultimate guide to Disney VHS Tapes. We suggest ditching the media outlets and buying yourself an old VHS player, snuggling up with your own prince charming, and revisiting those memories with your favorite tape. With light and dark fairies, kings and queens, dashing princes, and a dragon, what more could you ask for? How do you spot a Disney Masterpiece VHS? In their best condition, these Disney tapes can fetch $50-$150 - a nice chunk of change to add to your rainy day fund. Of note, the series featured the first home video releases of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Aristocats, Oliver & Company, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Melody Time, The Black Cauldron, and Mulan. These come in the very colorfully illustrated soft plastic Disney cases and are in excellent condition. That's a huge amount for a VHS that doesn't include a single feature-length film in it. 18. Has this article reignited your passion for cassette tapes? Although there are no more newly manufactured VCRs, you can still purchase older ones on websites such as Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Dumbo is an undeniably underrated Disney movie if only for the way Dumbo never speaks a word and yet makes you cry your eyes out. For the complete Master collection you need to go to the Black Diamond Collection. Although the Disney Vault was certainly popular in its prime, VHS tapes containing its logo no longer exist. Opens in a new window or tab. This line was the first to release Snow White video tapes! Case damage can significantly impact value, whether the VHS is used or sealed. Based on the market by inside magic, old Disney VHS tapes are generally valued as worth less than $2. Lot of 17 Walt Disney Black Diamond (11!) Milton Bradley Board Games: History Throughout the Years, Among the large catalog of Milton Bradley board games are beloved favorites like Twister and The Game of Life. I have all the black diamond collection and all masterpiece collection from my childhood and my brothers. . Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection VHS Tape Lot - Lion King, Cinderella 10 Total. Walt Disney VHS NEU & OVP Masterpiece. The Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection (also known as the Walt Disney Collection in Australia) began in 2000 to release films, such as ones that never made it to the Masterpiece Collection like Make Mine Music, Saludos Amigos, The Rescuers Down Under, Toy Story and A Bug's Life. Though largely defunct in our streaming age, since practically every Disney film is at your fingertips when you open up Disney+, some people long for the physical touchstones of their childhood, and that includes the often un-rewound VHS tapes of their favorite Disney films.
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