If there was people in need, in the Bobbies we helped those people.. if someone didnt have nice clothes we were theyre Secret Santa at Christmas time If someone wasnt as smart, (we didnt knock them down), we helped them Kirsten did to,(so did Bernadette) In fact, Bernadette wanted to help the poor. , Your email address will not be published. No, there is good and bad in every person, just the people are guilty for not seeing the reasons that cause that kind of things. When this plan is upended, it fuels her jealousy and results in murder. How? I just think Bernadette had underlying issues and pressure on her to get to the top, but that was no right for murder. Doesnt make her a killer, thats being a teenager but dont make it sound like she just said shut up thats unrealistic. Those girls wouldnt allow you in their groups in classes, they would exclude you as an earlier article stood. No one is killed without a reason. She deserves it. We didnt want to associate with them, cause we didnt want to get in trouble We got good grades and did what we were suppose to, our way of (having fun) and Choices were different than theirs. They hung out together, Bernadette couldnt face up Kirsten was more Popular than she was, and better at everything. Its so competitive.. Kirsten didnt really Bully Bernadette, some of the other girls there did Bully her a little. Now that you know, have fun looking around! No such articles exist about anything you have described. There were a lot of girls at Miramonte they didnt like or fit in, they ran them all out, not just Nancy, she wasnt alone, neither was Joanna, but they act like they were the only victims there. Dylan and Eriks parents were loaded. The calls have come from all over, Lt. James Robinson said. I had to deal with people like Kirsten in high school. Her drive for perfection makes her seek out the friendship of Kelly Locke, a rich and pretty girl. Nancy I would of never considered Murder, that is just plain Sick. I saw an interview with one of her classmates who described her as mean. But we didnt care because our parents raised us not to be needy of anyones friend ship. She didnt bully Bernadette either. Yes its ok to talk, but run it into the ground, it gets old after awhile. Bernadette may not of paid her dues in the Justice system, shes paid for it online with her haters harassing her and outing her constantly, and her hometown community hated her and still does. You are a sick minded individual to perpetuate that lie about Kirsten, but I suppose its easier for you and your ilk to criticize a dead teenager because she its not like she can defend herself, is it? The crime happened way back in June 1984, in the town of Orinda, California. I would love to hear Bernadette being interviewed now about that tragic night in suburban Oakland. Those movies arent for real! Heres how to party like its 1969, See some slimming and sexy 1960s stretch pants, Print Color Fun: Free coloring pages & more fun for kids, Quotes Quotes Quotes: 1000s of clever & inspiring quotations, FindersFree.com: Find answers to lifes little questions. They still do Bernadette and always will, so she has to look over her head every second. I also believe Nancy and Joanna were nice girls that had thier moments also. But I will feel honored at the same timebut I still would have been weirded out. For one, some of Heather Cranes former classmates have started speaking to Heather again. Kirstens friends who said she was nice, well they were all in some (Clique) and stuck together and helped one another out. Everyone wants to be the best. I was in 8 the grade with Kirstens brother Peter and Bernadette had babysat me years prior and was very sweet. It focuses on an American town, which is rocked by a violent crime. Teens are teens. Get yourself checked out! Bernadette Protti is believed to have changed her name, gotten married (causing her last name to change again), and became a nurse and medical journal author in suburban Dallas (Grapevine TX). According to the letter, she was able to live with it but couldn't ignore it. To much detailed stuff if you ask me. Im betting youre some white chick who wouldnt know. Was Kirsten a smart aleck , dont know but tell me a teen girl who isnt! She had taken Kirsten out in her car, where the latter felt that Bernadette had gone weird. Jealousy is an ugly thingmuch like bernadette. The things that got me mad was it hurt and I couldnt change like looks or money or popularity or things," Protti added later on. They were more aquainted than you think. Rene was a lovely girl too who suffered not having opened the door for Kirsten because she was young and scared and didnt know what was going on, or who was at the door. The movie, like most movies, is no an accurate account. Lifetime manages to dramatically portray yet another vicious crime, so the viewers are left amazed at the depths of human depravity and the darkness of human minds, even if it is a 15-year-old girl. We were never the same after that, Miramonte was never the same after that. Several on the site say Kirsten was Sweet Cute and Funny. Like Missy Availa saying she was roughish and wild and Loose, didnt give Karen Severson and Laura Doyle any right to murder her either. Bernadette tried her best to forge a friendship under false pretenses and you Justify her actions, you must either be Bernadette or her sister, or a close friend or Relative. How is sweet referred to Murder? No reason for Murder cause someone is what you arent, or ever will be. My god you women are something else. I agree with Karen, you cant prove Kirsten bullied Bernadette. Well youre bullying Kirsten( as Karen said) a dead girl who cant defend herself, that you know nothing about That movie was one sided. I think NOT! Since then, Bernadette Protti has seemingly vanished without a trace. Still no one deserves to die. I hear she isnt a nurse any longer and just stays home mostly. We are all different. She also took enough courses through a local community college to graduate with an associate in arts degree. You know who you are to. 2018 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yes. Teenagers killed each other for being bullied or cause they are lesbian? She fit it fine and was considered to be popular in her own way. The movie starred Tori Spelling and Kellie Martin and was released in 1994. Thats so hot, the girl says, and heads home. However, we should leave our readers with the thought that if Bernadette had committed the crime today, she would not have gotten off as easily as she did back in 1985. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit. ~ Mahatma Gandhi. I wouldnt doubt it cause thats how much she is hated in Orinda. In the beginning, the investigators had suspected Nancy Kane, a girl that happened to be bullied by Kirsten a lot. Kirsten would of long outgrown that before now, if she had of lived. Some are quick, rich, own the finest and the most expensive of anything. . The girl that stole her life from her shouldve never been released from prison. A teenage girl sought in the stabbing murder of an Orinda cheerleader lured her victim from home under the guise of driving her to a phony initiation ceremony for a socially-exclusive volunteer group, Contra Costa Sheriffs deputies said yesterday. She had a Childhood friend who was Popular, wonder she didnt go after her, and kill her, like Karen Severson. Being disgusted with the the murderers nonchalant behaviour after her brutal crime? All Rights Reserved. They were mutually aquatinted. Your eyes are deceiving you. She didnt have enemies,(that were known), just a fallout with Nancy. Good luck dear. Maybe she did something to make it bad. Kellie Martin played the role masterfully! AKA Berns BFF named used in movie. How is that possible. Of course its done and over with, and people arent forgiving and never let you forget anything you did, she made a enormous mistake, that cant change, but she does regret it and as for her and the Costas family making Peace, cant even tell you how much truth is in that, but Im sure she reached out and owned her part, but nothing she can do to change what the outcome cost them. And for the love of Pete, its would HAVE, should HAVE, and could HAVE. I hope it was justice, though I fear it may have been nothing more than entertainment. Most of the Bobbies were Snooty. Maybe she did say some things that you didnt like, but for real! Your lack of self awareness is both amusing and perplexing. As for Nancy Kane she was the best in that group cause she was real, and they couldnt deal with that. You need to educate yourself before speaking on things you have no clue about. All other photos are from the Miramonte High School yearbook, 1985. First published on November 19, 2018 / 6:32 PM. Her fellow students said she was a huge part of the school and will be sorely missed. Thats a different situation, no one liked those other kids as well. Bernadette May of been misunderstood to, I thought she was Snooty to. Besides if Kirsten was going to out her, she would of told Alex Arnold all about it on the drive home. Its about time on other sites told all about Kirsten and how much fun loving she was. Those girls had a clique. One person said Missy was mean and a bully and she bullied them bad well that person and you are the same, Justifying Murder cause someone was mean, or Stuck up. However, she finally went home and wrote a confession letter to her mother. The motive: she feared that the murdered girl would tell other schoolmates she was weird. Kirsten was one to always have fun, Was Orinda elite, yes, but they had a lot of wonderful people there to, and they helped one another. Im sure you were a big Smart Aleck. One girl said stupid stuff that embarrassed you, and cussed all the time, and other girls who smoked or cussed, she didnt associate with them, she didnt want around them. Also there Was another girl who went out with the football team and accused them all of raping her, not the entire team, but several players and I hear she was ran out as well and dogged by the Students. Eventually, she ended up confessing to killing Kirsten, saying that she put her down, and made her feel bad, exacerbating Bernadettes inferiority complex. Even so, I said before, and Ill say it again, still no excuse to murder. Lifetime released a remake, also titled Death of a Cheerleader, on Feb. 2, 2019. Kirsten ran from Bernadettes car and wanted to be left alone, yet Bernadette stalked Kirsten to her house. I know some fragile ppl, and theyd kill themselves before someone else. She mostly liked everybody. You wrote in another comment , Kristen had it well deserved. Kirstens house was Smaller than Bernadettes, how was Kirsten all around was she friendly? I heard from an article from her friends mom, Kirsten wasnt exclusive and liked everyone. Check out these sexist stewardess job requirements of the 50s & 60s, The original Rice Krispies treats recipe from 1940 & its delicious history, 100 vintage 1960s supermarkets & old-fashioned grocery stores, Vintage Fostoria glass: 100+ old patterns, colors & styles of the classic American glassware, Why the old Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York was the very definition of extravagance, See some huge classic 50s station wagons, with fins & rear-facing back seats, Remember these? But as she drove, she became frightened about how Kirsten might describe the evening to the other girls at school. Kelly is part of a popular school clique and seems to have everything Bridget desires. Bernadette said Kirsten wanted to smoke pot first, a claim that drew cries of disbelief from Kirstens parents and friends. They told about the girls ran out of School. Bernadette, the youngest of six children, grew up in a hard-working family, but she was not happy and content with how things were. She doesnt even want any former BFFs knowing her location anymore. Bernadette joined the Bobbies, a volunteer group created to organize fundraisers and other charitable events. is it really about wealth, splendour etc? Bernadette really should have left her alone. Lol the people saying bernadette was better looking and Kristen had it coming, oh boyhoping your not the ugly neighbor living on my block and lurking in my bushes. Kirsten was Cute and funny from my Standpoint. I knew nothing about this story until I saw it on lifetime and I actually felt really sorry for Kelly Martin who portrayed Bernadette protti. As I said, Kirsten was Conceited, and Stuck up, but not no Bully. Everyone loved my friends because they were funny and not rich. Bernadette had devised an ingenious plan to win over Kirsten. Im sure Kirsten had her moments, no right to be Savagely Murdered. Required fields are marked *. You said your Sister was a friend of both girls? She was so cute and funny, and loved to be around friends have so much fun. There is no way Bernadette is better than Kirsten. Bernadette made a horrible decision by ending a girls life, if she left her alone, B wouldnt be in the mess she got herself in, she kept pushing for her friendship. Its always so sad when a murder happens to anyone especially a young girl who has her whole life ahead of her. Kirsten in no way deserved to die. A few left our school, one who went out with a lot of football players getting wasted, she was demonized badly also. My kid knows better than to bully others. Bernadette later wrote a letter to her parents confessing to the murder. Kirsten was just like any other girl who had to go to that snobby school. the fact is bullying had nothing to do with it she was a sick and twisted individual and still is! This poor girl never got to grow up and experience life all because some horrible, disturbed girl murdered her. No more Bernadette has a point. No, it is about love, people. Instead of walking home, she accepted her friends' offer to drive her home. Where are you getting she had no friends and was bullied. I didnt hate either one, maybe they were Misunderstood, as for being Stuckup. If she was mad, she should of just beat the crap out of Kirsten, not kill her. No justification for Murder. Like I said, Kirsten was so much fun. She never had words with Kirsten, just said Kirsten hardly talked to her, maybe once or twice in her entire life. I couldnt tell you if she was a snob or not. I dont care how old your comment is, I just have to reply to that bullst. She should have been happy With the circle of friends and family she had. And, they realized, the problem didnt lie only with Bernadette. Looking at the pictures, it is shocking to see that Kirsten Costas is the face of an innocent little girl. How many teen girls dont get Smart Aleck, its a normal part of a teens life. Over, if Kirsten bullied B why didnt B use it to Strenghten her Case. She comes back to see her mom her dad passed. Kirsten was exotic, and beautiful. She killed a girl. She claimed she followed in the Pinto only to make sure Kirsten got home safely. I never seen her bully. She fit in and was as popular as Kirstens 2 close friends (Diane and Stacy), Bernadette wanted more. Kirsten was SelfAbsorbed not mean and bullish. You took the words right out of my mouth! The only apparent witness to the killing told reporters that he and his wife were playing pinochle in their home with neighbors in nearby Moraga when Kirsten, looking frightened, came to their door and asked to use the phone to call her parents. Others are not so lucky. Read the posts from August 2019. Shes pretty much out of the picture, her YouTube gets messages from (Kirsten from Heaven) thats sick whoevers doing that. She dont go hardly anywhere anymore. Is it difficult to understand why a person might not respect the opinion of someone else who supports a murderer? This is when the case went to the FBI. / CBS San Francisco. The whole movie seems based on stuff Bernadette said and from her point of view which is a bit unfair. The profesors are going home and the parents are at work all day and dont have a time for kids, so what do you expect from society like that. No right to murder. Also McDonald I heard of her on these sites. Bernadette was a Snob also, she only wanted to hang with the incrowd, if you were nothing she didnt talk to you anymore than she had to. She talked to most people. Im sure at Reunions they are. So whoever wrote Miramonte was a bad school and everyone cut everyone down, maybe it was you cause you werent socially accepted, and probably didnt make the best choices, or embarrassed yourself wanting the attention and. Oh Im sure they so love having thier names and business displayed for the World to see. To bad she did cause Im sure she would of grown out of her ways and be a positive influence in someones life today even. i feel sorry.for any poor sap who has to live in her neighborhood because like the investigator wisehart said she has a hidden trigger that anyone can pull just by not giving her what she thinks she.should get in a relationship. To a degree Bernadette struggled harder than most of her friends, she wasnt as Popular as they were and was a little of an Outcast, but Tolerated. However, things got weird when Kirsten realized that Bernadette's invitation was of a second-hand nature, and she wouldn't want to go to a party where she wasn't invited first-hand. Bernadette is still a Pathetic Loser, and always will be. The father was so ignorant and submerged in his cars he didnt even notice his daughters pain and problems. You would have to contact her friends personally for any information on who gets together or doesnt, I personally dont know, and even if I did I wouldnt tell it on here and name them off, that is invading Privacy. Im irritated. this is one reason that I really have a hard time with lifetime movies. So Mats read the Definition Sweet, it doesnt line up,with Murder. People make their own reputation and choices in life whether they are bad or good. Can you give examples of Kirsten degrading others and thinking she is better than everyone? So this murderer just gets off free after 8 years and gets to live her life because (somebody picked on her)????? Material on this site is provided for purposes of education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. still no right to murder anyone. The priests were rapist. Public File for KBCW-TV / KBCW 44 Cable 12. I think Bernadette went about it in the wrong way. We are no longer in the 80 s and never will be again. She just acted Odd a lot. She doesnt leave her house hardly at all anymore. Tuko.co.ke featured an interesting article about the English actor and model that gained popularity in NBCs short-lived drama, Emerald City. Senseless. One got drunk at a Party you told about on here, and the others who were not Noticed and the 2 blamed. So if she didnt like you, probably you did something to irritate her and she let you know it. Abe that was your downfall. Trouble for or Stealing maybe we could look past that. for what i read the cheerleader was mean to bernadette protti,the cheerleader always thought she was prettier than bernadette and didnt want to be her friend.kirsten the cheerleader always hurt her feelings.have you seen the movie with tori spelling?death of the cheerleader. Lets make it a great Memorial for Kirsten. How tragic she was murdered over basically nothing. I dont care what anyone says to another person, it does not give you the right to kill them. Anyone who defends her is just as Sick and Twisted as she is. When the time was up, Elaine Protti read her daughters confession. I was a 1985 highschool graduate.i had skipped a grade so my classmates were more mature physically and socially. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I honestly thought Bernadette wouldve looked worse. One version is that she was so good and bullied and another that she is a monster prepare to kill just like that? I must further observe that we have a kind of "Alice in Wonderland" situation here. Find out more here. You obviously are very contradicting since from gathering what the Hollywood movie has told you if Kirsten was truly a witch, then, Bernadette was a bigger idiot since she wanted to befriend such a person to begin with. 86ers you want to forgive thats up to you, it would be nice if something could be worked out and you all could go back to the wya things were and not are. Can you give examples of Kirsten bullying Bernadette? She considered her parents too old and also felt that they were not listening to her. Karen, everyone reading your comments sees you as the odious one. The school is planning a memorial that will likely be held Sunday night on the Miramonte campus. Teen girls are all like Kirsten was described, dont see how she was worse than any other teen girl around. Karen I believe on that fateful night In The car Bernadette was pushing a friendship was was adamant and persistent about it. I am merely reading the comments after viewing the movie and indeed if the movie mischaracterized Bernadette then her parents should sue them. She had friends to, some were Bernadettes, and they dont care to hear from or about Bernadette anymore. Those boys were wealthy and were far from bullied. If Bernadette hadnt of lied under false pretense she wouldnt of been so mad at her. I just believe Bernadette pushed to hard on Kirsten and it weirded out. If Stacy Lockwood's funeral was Catholic, it would be unlikely the priest would wear a green stole and the casket covered in purple. Ashley English, Women's World Cup of Rugby Team Captain, 2008. Bernadette isnt coming anyway, she is not well anymore. The original movie featured stars like Kellie Martin and Tori Spelling. I have always treated others the way I want to be treated. Also Bernadette wasnt bullied or singled out, thats BS. Whats wrong with you? She and D were always cracking jokes and having fun. If they want it known they will come forth themselves and tell it or contact you. Police and friends are still perplexed about a brutal killing that so far has no suspect or motive only a pretty and popular 15-year-old victim. Even if Kirsten was stuck up and a Bully! She was just as mean and snooty as the rest and stuck up to. I mean she stabbed another girl to death because she was afraid to get made fun of at school or be outed or whatever. The goth was actually into New Wave music and was not goth people at the school just thought she was weird for dying her hair New Wave because it was such a conservative school. Kirsten wasnt a bully. I dont care if she was only 15, murder is murder and she should have been locked away for far longer. Even Bernadette was to I bet. After killing Kirsten, Bernadette said she returned home, hid the knife and took a walk with her mother and the family dog. "I was afraid she was going to tell people I was weird," Protti told the police on another occasion. Pre-meditation seems sensible between the clothes and the knife. This Virus is killing all the World over, esp. Not youre so called Sweet friend Bernie. Orinda folks and former Students who knew Kirsten are not into Morbid fascinations. She couldnt give any more examples because there was no more examples which is why there is still no clear reason why she killed Kirsten. The script for the movie was written by Randall Sullivan who wrote the one-sided scathingly critical Death of a Cheerleader article for Rolling Stone, which the movie was based on. She once told Kirsten to shut up in biology and thats why everyone thought shed done it. The film is based on Randall Sullivans Rolling Stone article of the same name. I know a gal who knew someone who knew Kirsten. Sorry about that. Missy was Described as a Bully and Very Mean also. As you have likely seen from Bernadette Protti's documentary, Kirsten Costas was murdered with a butcher knife out of jealousy by Bernadette Protti. She was mean and Stuck up also. Protti set up a trap to lure Costas into spending more time with her. LP was a lot like Kirsten. Dont matter if those 2 were mean and Bullies, no right to murder them, that went to far. Kirsten understandably didnt appreciate the fact that she was lured out of her house under false pretences, so she left Bernadettes car. Kirsten was so adorable. Well she had her Spirits and was funny ( if not funnier) like that. She didnt bully, but she told people how she felt. Art and Berit were Wonderful people. Other outsiders felt like they were excluded from her group to. Now the new version of the movie was making Bernadette innocent, when Kirsten was innocent herself. I hardly knew this girl. Growing up there for me was different, I got along with people, and didnt try so hard being popular. Bern was more well off than a lot of people in the Neighborhood she grew up in. If it hadnt have been for Bernadettes confession, this case probably would remain unsolved. Im sorry but not sorry to be petty but Bernadette has a huge fg nose and hamster cheeks topped with a double chin. Another lesson is parents should not have kids too late in life. She cared about people and if she thought she hurt someones feelings she would try and talk to them, we all make mistakes. I hear Bernadette was Snooty also as Snooty as Kirsten. I hear she disguised herself when she comes to Orinda wears shades over her eyes, and lives behind a long lane (mom does). This girl lives in San Francisco and knows a person who knows someone who knew Kirsten. Secondly, if you actually did your research on the true case, and not some Hollywood movie who portrayed supposedly Kirsten, who was of Greek American heritage a blond, and Bernadette, who was the real blond, a brunette. Seeing this, Alex offered to drive Kirsten home. Whoever remotely tries to justify that must not have children. But unfortunately for her all she was taught was whats the best material Possessions, popularity and the look at me attitude. The Principal though highly of her. Bernadette deserved the same sentence as would any get it doesnt matter even if she was a juvenile at the time she.should have been trialed as an adult. Notably, it was Bernadettes own confession that sealed the case against her. She as I said, didnt want to be bothered with stupid acting people. So please stop drudging up the past and move on with your lives please. Every School has kids people dont like! That dont Justify Murder. The real death of a cheerleader story (1985), PS: If you liked this article, please share it! I mean, we dont have a lot of money and we cant afford a lot of nice ski stuff and I just had this really crummy pair of skis and some boots, but, you know, I was having fun anyway. Notable Alumni. She was convicted in 1985. The girl who said Missy Availa was the meanest girl she ever knew and was her Worst Bulky, youre no better, let the dead rest. Yes we all feel that way, but nothing can be done about it, decision has already been made. Whoever DD is of Kirsten and them didnt like her, its cause she probably acted (Weird) around them. Kirsten really wasnt big enough to be a Bully and she was more into Social things and School Spirit than bullying others. I personally beleive Kirsten could be a smart aleck to those she didnt like, but remember most teenage girls are. She looked like a nice person that had a good life ahead of her. There is no justification for murder, and I am not siding with the criminals, but you can push someone so far. Even her childhood BFF cant forgive her for such a Horrible Act, if it was drugs or Alcohol she was I. Click here to read more of the story, which later became the (fictionalized) subject of not just one but two TV movies A Friend to Die For and Death of a Cheerleader.. Bernadette committed the crime at the age of 15. Were you bullied and had to defend yourself and going by that with Bernadette? Bernadette was a sweet girl, thats why it was so hard to beleive she was the killer. One of the most popular girls attending the Miramonte High School in Orinda, Calif., Costas was envied for her beautiful looks and privileged background. Society in the richest places raise their children to be obnoxious and unbearable little freaks who will at some point push a normal person to the brink,so whatever happens is something they are a part of as well as the person they have pushed. Death of a Cheerleader follows the story of two girls in Hollybrook High, in the fictional town of Colina, California. I attended school in New York City and there are nothing but cliques. I hope shes not sick esp. Same for guys as well, but girls are a lot worse. In real life, Bernadette Protti almost got away with murdering Kirsten Costas, but ultimately ended up confessing to the crime. Youve got to be kidding right?! Meanwhile, deputies continued to hunt for a chunky, stringy-haired teenage girl suspected in the slaying of 15-year-old Kirsten Costas, a well-liked cheerleader and swim team member at Miramonte High School in Orinda. They had to leave school. Theres way to much in Life than to be spending it chasing someone around over 30 years ago the justice system failed, its just pointless. Kirsten doesnt look much better than she. That Bullying was a Copout. She was Bubbly and Gregarious, loved to have a great time. Kirsten Ill admit she wasnt in favor with stupid acting people and had zero tolerance for them, (as did I). Kristen had it well deserved in response to someone else, which suggests that you think her cruel murder was justified.
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