Additionally replace the chest or pants with a synced UCOB syncs to item level 345, and synced gear must be item level 470 or syncing down, these sets are currently unmodified patch 6.1 savage sets; they Since the job pulls a lot of hate just normally, hitting for less damage with lower strength might actually be a good thing since you can build-up your TP at the side and then finish the monster off with a powerful weapon skill, and then magic burst for even further damage. Shout group ambuscade/dyna/whatever since sakpatas came out. Both the 2.45 and 2.50 sets are recommended and have near-identical replaced with Determination and one Critical Hit meld replaced with Direct Hit Scythes and Great Swords two arent the only weapons Dark Knight can do well with. It's hard to overstate just how important this merit is, and it should always be your first capped job merit. Minimum IL options enabled. 605. This set is recommended along with the 2.50 set and has the best Your first step to get your Raven Scythe is to go to Bastoks Metalworks and talk to Raibaht in Cids lab. Just remember that HP% down from this ability is bad for you if you are using Souleater. It's important to keep in mind the people you're playing with. ok so i'm not SU3 yet so most of that i cant use but going by that set it looks like WSD and STR augs are what i'm looking for now. aight cool, least i didnt waste my gil then lol. Enmity from gear caps at +100 but you don't really have to worry about that, it's impossible for Dark Knight in era. An Elvaans high vitality means more survivability, and high HP means higher damaging Souleater. Take the item to Mighty Fist and then talk to Raibaht. I wouldn't count on switching this weapon out anytime soon. This is popular to use with Drain II ensuring you get a unresisted HP boost before you go out to Souleater something. hey all in this vid this guy has almost 8k HP any idea what gears he's using to get that? The only "problem" with Samurai sub is that with Hasso or Seigan up you cast 100% slower, but it's easy enough to cancel them before you start a cast. Unrestricted Party and Minimum IL options enabled. DRK Noob - Weapon Grade: B- If you are not at full HP this simply works as a normal drain spell, so make sure to be capped off on HP in order to gain the bonus max HP. A- skill is very solid and allows a fair bit of substitution of accuracy gear for Haste and Attack equipment. They give a fancy Weapon Bash damage boost +10, as well as a nice +3 dexterity for landing hits. An average mixture of strength and dexterity also allow you to hit often and for a fair amount each time. These are shown on the weapon and rings, That's the inevitable direction that comment turns it, though. Absorb-STR (Or any stat) (31-43): These are very situational spells that allow you to steal a mob's stats and apply them to yourself. Dark Knight is very forgiving when it comes to any races low stats because of the Absorb line of spells. The only downside is their low vitality. desired GCD speed is perfectly adequate. This can be used either as an on-demand accuracy boost against mobs with higher evasion (Like a Thief mob in Dynamis) or you can swap out accuracy gear for more offensive options when its up (Like Toreadors Ring into Blitz Ring) either way is good. The guide is basically my attempt to make the information easier to digest and locate with convenience and also serves as a self-reflection of what I've learned in the past 1-2months. This is the recommended set for DSR and aligns nicely with each phase. With fast swinging weapons, many buffs, and against specific mobs, a Dark Knight can achieve unimaginable burst damage with this ability combination in what is commonly called a "zerg". the only piece with IX materia in it. Another prominent piece of equipment is the Haubergeon body piece. Plus, it allows you to possibly counter. With weaponskills this will trigger on every hit of a WS, so if you use a 6 hit WS you will drain 60% of your entire HP pool, so be careful. Again, youre given an small HP boost so you are better off focusing on accuracy or str, but it's 'ok' to use it if you are very very poor. FINAL FANTASY is a . re-allocating stats on the relic to switch between them. and 120-second cooldowns and should minimize rotational drift. JavaScript is disabled. Having some trouble with my Entropy set atm. When played correctly you should take almost no damage when subbing Ninja as you can rotate between Utsusemi: Ni and Utsusemi: Ichi for nearly fulltime coverage. to spawn a notorious monster. It looks really awesome and is probably the most worthwhile piece of AF you can get. Last Resort (15) 5:00 Recast - Increases your attack by 15% and lowers your defense by 15%. Because much higher ilvl gear is required to cap out both substats on 6.3). This scythe is just super easy, super good, and not beatable by current Eden scythes not named Apocalypse. but if you really want to just flex this is the go to. This guide is written by A Pile of Cats, a Dark Knight enthusiast Following the path west, head to H-7. Dark Knights have a small MP pool, so your use of spells is quite strategic. All FFXI content and images 2002-2023 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Anything that raises your HP can be very useful for Soul Eater. It has enormous single hit damage and specializes in low level Black Magic instead of White Magic. A great alternative for any Dark Knights support jobs. Head to Giddeus. Notable Weaponskills: Guillotine (DRK Exclusive, level 60), Spiral Hell (DRK level 68). Well, some may argue that if you have spent your gil making a Caladbolg 99 instead of Ragnarok 99 chances are that you aren't intelligent enough to compete with a Borealis/OAT GS DRK. Endark is a great boost to your accuracy and attack, so get some fast cast to start the spell, as much dark magic skill as you can find, and get in the habit of doing this spell. Souleater and Last Resort are great abilities to spike your hate at the start of a fight, after a hate reset, or when you need to rip the mob off someone - just remember to cancel them. In the current meta game, where BLM and SMN are kings of DD for most events, PLD still has a place in almost all content endgame. Hidden Bonus: Increases physical accuracy too. Ragnarok suffers from not having a good WS, which is why in later versions of FFXI where it was given a good WS, this relic became the best. Drain (10): Dark magic spell that drains HP from the enemy, this is actually a pretty strong nuke and you will use this a lot. gloves with a synced CRIT+DET piece as well is a negligible DPS loss. A guide to endgame PLD - Nasomi Community FFXI Server performance. Plus, if you party with a Paladin, theres almost no way he or she is going to lose hate to you, so you can just go absolutely nuts. A single piece of gear can often make up for a race's negligible lack in a stat. In theory this puts out good white damage, but white damage alone doesn't make up for the huge lack of WS damage you will have with this weapon. Currently Maintained DPS Spreadsheets: Asura.Chiaia: 2: . Enmity in era caps at 10,000 CE and 10,000 VE. Lot to digest here, but I appreciate that level of detail very much. Healers will hate you if you abuse this too much, so please pay attention to their MP and use Souleater when it makes sense to use. With Seigan, Third Eyes recast is halved, and has a chance to anticipate an attack without being used up. (Don't) Fear the Reaper: A Dark Knight Guide: Quetzacoatl: 6120: 982748: 3 weeks 4 days. multiple early tier clears and top parses under his belt. Allot no more than 127 points into each substat for Anyone have some sets they could post for me? At lv.30, Warrior or Dragoon become the better choice. It's also very useful as a support job for Red Mage in end-game scenarios with Stun. These sets are specifically for The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate), abbreviated CE stands for Cumulative Enmity, this is enmity that doesn't degrade over time and you can only lose by taking damage, hate resetting moves, losing shadows, or being enfeebled. i've been playing sam but havent been enjoying it as much as i used to. Sniper Ring, Woodsman Ring, Life Belt, Swift Belt, Peacock Charm/Amulet and Haubergeon are some of the few very good equipments that you will be keeping all the way to lv75 become available. This is shown on the weapon, but it can be done on any other slot High DMG whilst still retaining a fairly low delay. Classic FFXI community is a FANDOM Games Community. But was curious does the aeonic stack up well to the other scythes? I personally work around the idea of having: Haste spell (15%) + Victory March (+11%) meaning you need 24% Haste (FC/2 = 1% haste for recast purposes) to cap your recast. Plus, high dexterity and agility mean you can hit more and dodge more if the need arises. From here, you must travel all the way to Windurst Waters and talk to Cochal-Monchal at F-8. Where Dragoon shines is Wyvern Earring, which is a +5% haste earring that can only be active when subbing Drg. The last- and second-to-last steps of the Bozjan re-allocating stats on the relic to switch between them. On the side of good news, though, these levels are when you get some of your most awesome spells and weapon skills. The How-To Guides are user created guides editable by anyone. The later has the are more powerful and has the highest delay in all weapons at around 528. Intelligence and MP play a good role in being able to enfeeble monsters and drain their stats or whatever you need to do. However, it does give you a ton of survivability with Utsusemi. There is some talk about it, but nice to spread the word to players coming back and whatnot. I wish I had this guide when I first started. Spinning Slash is very consistent and highly-damaging, although a miss can mean a loss in DoT. Summary - The Gear Here is the best defense-wise for your level, the Courage and Balance rings are interchangeable and moreso since DEX+1 = ACC+1 since a previous update. He will then send you to a Galka named Mighty Fist in the Darksteel Forge. slot won't overcap on Skill Speed as a result, indicated by red text in the On the flip side if you cast this willy nilly you are likely to get very bad returns. This page and some of the guides contained are a work in progress. due to potency and system changes, so simply using synced CRIT+DET gear with This also means that compared to my previous guides, Warrior and Samurai, there is much less black and white to Dark Knight's play style. The last- and second-to-last steps of IX are replaced with Determination. 2 WSs ~1500 TP each would not kill the lamia, but 2 Judgments ~1750TP will. Red Curry - One of the very few attack+150 foods. The "Attack Bonus" trait, its naturally high strength, and some of the most ruthless abilities ever make it well worth your while to level. Of course, if things look grim, nothing is stopping you from pulling out a one-handed Axe before using the ability, although that really depends on your skill with it. Weapon Grade: B- If x-hit was your focus for armadaberk for TP body, what about embrava set? This weaponskill is significantly weaker than Guillotine in damage output, but will provide an aftermath effect which will grant you 10% equipment haste until it wears off. The Ultimate skillchains make this the best scythe in the game. Allot no more than 136 points into each substat for optimum It is not the main recommended set as a result, In general, Dark Knights can use any type of blade weapons with a few exceptions. Some general tips I would recomend for every DD job not just Drk is to always get your affordable major accuracy pieces as soon as they are available, that's Sniper's Ringx2 at 40, Life Belt at 48, and Haubergeon at 59. If youre a Great Sword junkie like me, this is a really notable case of why you should have both of your weapon skills capped. If you do not have a Bozjan resistance relic weapon, simply use any weapon Expect a lot of foes to fall at your hands when that occurs. Leather Belt+1. Nice job on the guide! Flamma Ring is a good choice instead of Rajas as well. Once you find a target, I wouldnt expect anything less than a swift victory. I can almost guarantee this is when youll want to start moving into this weapon proficiency more often than not. I mean, a Dark Knight using a puny little club. Dont rely on it to save your hide until Lv.30 comes around. This post introduced me to your YouTube channel! This playstyle has almost entirely vanished on Eden, as with proper gearing and buffing, even on the hardest mobs you will likely have buffs and be able to just sub Sam or Nin to melee the mob down, which results in far more damage than the spike of SAWS. un-augmented version with one Critical Hit and one Skill Speed meld. Macro the Dexterity rings for melee then swap for Strength during a weaponskill. DRK_2022_Guide_V2 (1).docx. Good guide. C skill means that you will not be able to sacrifice Accuracy gear, producing far less DoT in the long run. Judgment is superior to Black Halo, so yeah. As mentioned in the Blood Weapon paragraph, this can be combined with that ability for some crazy shit. But as a Dark Knight, taking 1 or 2 less damage should be the least of your worries. Some Dark Knights favour Scythe, some favour Great Sword; each has their own advantages and disadvantages and both are very capable. Zeni NMs or ZNMs add a ton of items like the Aurum Cuirass set, a new great sword in Nagelring, and a ton of small upgrades that would take too long to list. Other then that you are actually hurting yourself because you only have 1 useful spell that becomes obsolete if you end up getting silenced anyway. Where this weapon really shines though is the relic weaponskill, Catastrophe. Dark Knight excels in two types of weapons: Great Swords and Scythes. ill have it 99 tonight then its browsing through crap ton of gear i have to see what i can use on it lol. That said if you find yourself unable to use souleater on cooldown because of MP constraints, maybe it's not the right merit for you. Trying to be #1 on the parse becomes a pissing contest most of the time that people will even sacrifice the whole group to just benefit themselves and their ego. Dark Knight | Classic FFXI community | Fandom Berserk will lower your defense by 25%, but increase your attack power by 25% as well. Also, if you or anyone else dont know yet, you can easily make gravitation, lvl1 skillchain, to MB Drain3 with, using weapon bash with af gloves then entropy. The 2.40 prog set doesn't lose as much compared to the slower sets as the Secondly, you deal 100 damage. If you choose Hume to be your Dark Knights race, you will greatly enjoy decent accuracy, attack, and magical damage. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. If you don't have a party, it's a good idea to start making and saving money to buy these items. You do not have the skill ranks that Warrior does to make this viable. Guides are written by players, based upon their experiences, successes and mistakes, and are meant to aid other players. Also I'd recommend everyone use a parser program like Scoreboard, Kparse, Parse, or Deeps to keep track of their accuracy and a general idea of how you are doing damage wise compared to others. As a Tarutaru Dark Knight, you enjoy a wicked MP pool and intelligence in which to use it. Hit X materia plus one Direct Hit IX with Skill Speed. Drain scales well and can be used as a strong magic nuke option at 75 even, allowing Drk to play a hybrid backline style not entirely dependent on physical damage. user . The DPS requirement for the encounter is This is the #1 utility ability that Drk has access to, you can stun giant -aga spells, pecking flurries, lock a mob down so it doesn't Mijin Gakure or Astral Flow, or just stun to let someone get shadows up. Plus 100 more through Souleater. I would recommend you stop shooting your Crossbow at this point and focus on swinging with your Scythe and dropping massive weaponskills. Since your attacks are so slow, and your accuracy is so low, its kind of a pain to solo. Bad news first, this is where a lot of jobs get seen as obsolete, and is also where a ton of other damage-dealers get stuck. This set follows the general stat priority except for one Direct Hit X and optimum efficiency. For example, you hit a monster for 100 points of damage with Blood Weapon active. This set replaces five Direct Hit X materia with Skill Speed in order to Me, Id be Absorb-DEX all the way, but Im just an accuracy nut. Unfortunately, youd be better off with the Scorpion Harness at that level, and at Lv.59, you'll be wearing the Haubergeon body piece. Im kidding, of course. Is an extremely useful and underrated support job. melding menu. These substitutions are shown on the weapon and earring, respectively, but can You must log in or register to reply here. Knight or other tank jobs, while 2.50 requires slightly less effort to keep Another possibility would be getting a one-handed Sword or Axe for these levels. Arcane Circle Recast/Weapon Bash Recast - Worthless. It provides increased acc as a job ability along with a evasion bonus. Check the later pages for the guides in the ffxiah forums. Next is your body piece. Yes, Flamma +2 boots will come out ahead. The former can be done in Now I think its actually somewhat decent. Anything said here is seriously exaggerated. the Bozjan resistance relic offer customizable substats and can be significant Was pondering what to make next down the road. FFXIclopedia is a FANDOM Games Community. However, you make up for it by having a decent amount of agility, and the highest vitality in the game, making you by far the most survivable of all Dark Knights. Notes: Scythe is an incredibly high-damage weapon with an incredibly potent weaponskill, Guillotine. Just check the set I posted a while back. Having above 1 in every elemental resist opens up the ability for you to 1/8th and 1/16th resist spells which I think is worth doing but some people don't. As an Elvaan Dark Knight, you will be one of the deadliest of them all. Your guide ties things up beautifully. Still havent been beaten on a parse with it equipped. Torcleaver is a one-hit attack, with a 60% VIT modifier that can actually be geared for, and deals a fair chunk of damage to boot. For those who just need to deal more damage, this is the perfect support job for you. Samurai not only gives you extra TP per hit, but a number of job abilities thatll just make you cry out in happiness. Tredecim Scythe - This scythe is bad..currently. Plates are selling for 70-80k on my server and in incredible frequency, dross empyreans are actually extremely cheap right now here. the exact pieces used are just examples; any gear above the optimal sync As a 13+ year career DRK .. this is what I think of all REMAs. This is good sometimes, and literally useless sometimes, and deciding between this and Last Resort Recast is a challenge all Dark Knight's face. The main issue is Last Resort effect vs Last Resort recast and there is validity to both of those options. You can only get this quest once you are Lv.30 or higher. While they have a respectable rating in Elemental Magic, the bulk of their magic usage comes from casting Dark Magic spells.