You do not have to earn CE from a provider approved by the ABN in order for the CE to be eligible for the reinstatement application. You must meet all of the requirements for licensure in Alabama in order to be issued an Alabama nursinglicense. You may renew up to three months before your license expires (for example, you can renew as early as April 1 if your license expires on June 30). {label: "Who are approved providers of CE? ", slug: "will-i-have-to-retake-the-nclex-before-reinstating-my-license-back-to-the-active-status", permalink: ""}, ", slug: "what-names-am-i-expected-to-provide-on-my-application", permalink: ""}, The Board accepts transcripts through eScrip-Safe, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, and Credential Solutions. 95 jQuery('#sf-search-64033ef71a2c2').smartAutoComplete({ ", slug: "what-documentation-will-i-have-to-submit-if-i-have-to-answer-yes-to-a-regulatory-question", permalink: ""}, ", slug: "what-types-of-questions-are-in-the-education-section-of-the-application", permalink: ""}, ", slug: "where-do-i-get-the-application-to-reactivate-my-retired-license-to-an-active-status", permalink: ""}, Non-citizens with other documents are required to submit proof at time of original licensure and at eachrenewal. No. For example, if a license lapses or is disciplined, the employer receives notification via PUSH technology when this occurs. First, you must have an active RN license in order to reinstate AP approval. } Board rules require the sharing of information between healthcare providers and Board staff. {label: "Do I have to submit this even though I was originally licensed a very long time ago and am reinstating my license? Only an original verification received directly from your original Board of Nursing is accepted. Programs in the UShave the NCLEX Program Codes readily available for you to choose from in the application. Repealed and New Rule: May 29, 2001; effective July 3, 2001. Alabama nurses can renew their license online by visiting the Alabama Board of Nursing online portal ( using their license number and last four digits of their social security number, and CE Record. {label: "May I fax my CE certificates?, '_self'); Test your system to determine readiness to view online courses. A Verification includes all pertinent licensure information at the time that the Verification is issued. Need to reinstate a lapsed Alabama nursing license? ", slug: "may-i-apply-for-lpn-licensure-by-examination-in-alabama-based-on-the-partial-completion-of-an-rn-program", permalink: ""}, The applicant who receives a temporary permit is required to: Provide every employer the temporary permit for visual inspection. a new application and fee must be submitted. Permalink Understanding Your 2023 New Jersey Nursing License Renewal, Understanding Your Virginia Nursing License Renewal 2022, Nurse Continuing Education: Be Prepared in Case of an Audit. 2021 Lapsed APRN License Report. Alabama law requires verification of citizenship or legal presence in the US. typeAhead: true, Does this count? You must have a valid Social Security Number. Therefore, it depends on when the reinstatement application is submitted. The inactive status maintains the license as current for the renewal period. ", slug: "what-do-i-need-to-do-to-activate-a-license-that-lapsed-while-i-was-deployed", permalink: ""}, Proof of community work, education, and/or self-improvement efforts. The Board accepts the complete education report from the following organizations: Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), Educational Records Evaluation Service, Inc. (ERES), Josef Silny & Associates, Inc, International Education Consultants. You must show a pattern of recovery, and ability to document such, in order to demonstrate that you are able to comply with any monitoring stipulations imposed if the license is reinstated. Receipt of notice is presumed within five calendar days of mailing.. ]; ", slug: "when-can-i-re-test-if-i-failed-nclex", permalink: ""}, You must submit a Credential Evaluation Service (CES) complete education report. It is possible to come off of retired status in the future, but that is not the intent of this status. by Bethany Lawrence | Feb 20, 2023 | Licensing, Licensing Info, Nursing CEUs. Each state has a nursing board, so contact the board in your state to find out how to reactivate your expired nursing license. ", slug: "what-are-regulatory-questions", permalink: ""}, Connecticut Registered Nurse Programs . {label: "Must I still submit CE if the state from where I am endorsing does not require it? {label: "What can a nursing graduate do in a facility/agency with a temporary permit? If nursing courses and textbooks was not taught in English, provide the proof of passing English Proficiency Exam. P.O. {label: "What about a temporary permit? You must be a citizen or legal US resident. However, in order to do so accurately, students must abide by the following examination requirements: Submit a completed application; Pay all required fees: Application fee $100. }).sort(function(a, b){ return b.value - a.value }); Also, if you earn additional CE from an ABNP after you submit your reinstatement application, please notify the ABN in order to have the newly earned CE reviewed as part of your application. var faqs = [ You must submit documentation of having earned twenty-four (24) contact hours of CE within the past twenty-four (24) months. A lapse in licensure means you are no longer legally allowed to work in the state of Alabama as a nurse. Renewing an expired license is possible in most states, but it may mean taking continuing education courses and the NCLEX exam again. However, if you live near the office, it would be best to have the renewal there. Registered Nurses renew in even years and Licensed Practical Nurses renew in odd years. {label: "Must I submit copies of my CE certificates? Step 1: Contact Your State Board of Nursing Of course, this will vary from state-to-state, but oftentimes, you will just need to provide the following to validate your identity and expired nursing license: Your license number Last four digits of your social security number Date of birth ", slug: "may-i-apply-for-an-lpn-license-in-alabama-based-on-lpn-licensure-in-another-state-that-allowed-me-to-take-nclex-pn-because-i-partially-completed-an-rn-program", permalink: ""}, Programs in the US have the NCLEX Program Codes readily available for you to choose from in the application. Alabama law requires graduation from a program accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. ", slug: "what-is-the-3-50-charge-on-my-credit-card-when-i-pay-for-my-license", permalink: ""}, ", slug: "how-do-i-obtain-a-transcript-if-my-nursing-program-has-closed", permalink: ""}, {label: "How long is a Temporary Permit active? The CES Education Report includes a detailed analysis of credentials earned at multiple levels of nursing education received outside of the U.S. according to a specific states requirements. Contact the Board of Nursing in the state where your school was located and inquire who was appointed receivership of the schools records. Submit a complaint against an Alabama licensed nurse here. A first-time applicant for licensure in Alabama, including a nursing graduate, may request a non-renewable temporary permit to practice nursing. License by Endorsement of Out-of-State License . {label: "How do I know if I am supposed to request a verification of my original licensure from NURSYS? break; There is no timetable for issuing licenses. ", slug: "must-i-submit-copies-of-my-ce-certificates", permalink: ""}, ", slug: "what-specific-information-am-i-expected-to-provide-in-the-license-type-section-of-the-application", permalink: ""}, Non-citizenswith other documents must submit documentation at each renewal. Do not call your Board of Nursing, NCLEX candidate services, the Pearson ProfessionalCenters, or NCSBN for examination results. {label: "Why do I have to prove my citizenship when I was born in the US? weekly (if required), nursing employment for a minimum period of time, random drug screening (if required), and prescription verification. ", slug: "do-i-have-to-know-my-schools-program-code-to-apply", permalink: ""}, Yes. This may include limitations on future authorizations for Advanced Practice Nursing. This is not allowed. {label: "What specific information am I expected to provide in the License Type section of the application? 16 Nurses are NOT legally authorized to work in Alabama with a lapsed nursing license. Your application and fees will remain active for one year. How To Reinstate Lapsed Alabama Nursing License. } .on('itemSelect', function(evt, item) { Mailing address: Customer Service. Licensure by Examination:, Licensure by Endorsement:, Reinstatement (except revoked):, Revoked Reinstatement: Abby Migliore, MSN, RN, Alabama Board of Nursing {label: "Must I complete a Comprehensive Evaluation if I completed treatment at a Board-recognized treatment provider? (A) Licenses shall be renewed as required by section 4723.24 of the Revised Code. {label: "What is the Affirm, Pay, & Submit section of the application? See next question for the two steps. {label: "What information do I list about previous licensure? 25 {label: "What documentation will I have to submit if I have to answer Yes to a Regulatory Question? The CES Professional Report is not the same as the CGFNS Certification Program, which is typically completed prior to receiving the first U.S. state nursing license. The North Carolina Board of Nursing must verify that you have met all the conditions for renewal before your license is renewed. Exam applicants are eligible to re-test after 45 days. ", slug: "when-do-i-re-apply-if-i-failed-nclex", permalink: ""}, Yes. An individual under the age of 18 may be employed as a nurse aide in a nursing home or health care facility provided employment is compliant with the Youth Employment Standards Act, 1978 Public Act 90. . For more information, please see the Endorsement to Licensure: General FAQs. If the expiration date listed shows 2022, "it means either you have not started to renew; you have not completed the renewal process; or you have not placed your license on inactive status." 8. Alternatively, you may check with NURSYS at and follow their instructions for requesting verification. Note: We encourage you to reference the specific license renewal requirements for every state which you are licensed to practice. You must provide your Social Security Number. College courses are accepted toward the CE requirement if they were completed after obtaining initial licensure as a nurse. A nurse with a retired license status may return to active nursing practice upon re-issuance of an active license. What should I do if my RN license lapses? Licenses are set to expire during a chaotic, 2022 fall season for Alabama nurses, and a lapse in licensure not only means a big headache dealing with the Alabama Board of Nursing, but also the inability to continue working. The regulatory questions askabout your past history in the following areas: Criminal History, Substance Use, Physical or Mental Health,Discipline or Investigations of Other Licenses or Professions, and Military Discharge. jQuery(this).trigger('lostFocus'); You should submit this form at least two weeks prior to your scheduled Evaluation. Territory, or Canada may apply as an 8-Year Renewal. The license period is for two years based upon the renewal cycle of the license. ", slug: "how-do-i-request-special-accommodations", permalink: ""}, You must also submit additional supporting documentation. Most nurses must meet Alabamas Continuing Education Competency requirements in order to renew their license. if(faq.label == item.innerHTML) { If you held an active Alabama nursing license and were actively deployed while the United States military was engaged in active military operations against any foreign power, your license may be reinstated or renewed without penalty or payment of the reinstatement or late fee. return { 'name': item.label, 'value': score } Please be sure to keep your address up to date with the Board office. 77. jQuery(document).ready(function() { {label: "How do I obtain a transcript if my nursing program has closed? {label: "What are Regulatory Questions? Although you may call the Board, there are many factors that only you, the potential applicant know, so the Board will be unable to assist you regarding those issues. Below is the fee schedule as of January 1, 2014. {label: "May I get a refund? } {label: "Is a copy of my license adequate for verification? Your state of residence is whatever is on your drivers license. You must submit a Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) complete education report. 111 ", slug: "if-i-am-being-deployed-during-my-renewal-year-what-do-i-need-to-do-to-keep-my-license-from-lapsing", permalink: ""},