She discusses the divinity of motherhood and how every woman can become a mother in the world around her. Im sort of hoping that the person before me goes too long and I have to wrap up with my testimony. It was given by one of my high school friends. Never heard it, but I would love somethingalong the lines ofwhat we can learn from Christ and his time with women. American LDS women who attended Sacrament Meeting were told that they have a lot of innate qualities, such as being righteous, spiritual, pure, or nurturing. Maybe Ill get a pizza and tell the kids to cook it for breakfast when Sunday morning comes. My wife and I were not in his ward to hear the talk, but he told us about it later. Do other Christian women struggle with church-going on this day? Heres my updated version: Im so glad when Daddy comes home, Last time I spoke on Mother's Day I was texting during my talk. Since my mom has unacknowledged mental health issues, this is my oldest sister and a lady in L.A. who I still keep in contact with. Today the sacrament is an ordinance in which Church members partake of bread and water in remembrance of Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice. The worst talk I ever heard came from a woman who described how her mother used to sit by her during piano lessons. Based on the comments it seems to be prevalent everywhere in the US church. Ere the sun goes down, Well, count me among the lucky ones who are speaking this coming Sunday. Ive decided to see if I can discern consistent reasons why the good ones are good and the bad ones are terrible. Yes, the rhetoric has calmed down, but is certainly still present. I dont think it would occur to anyone to give a man a plant for Fathers Day *, but its very common to give women plants for Mothers Day. This year in our ward we are having a missionary farewell for Mothers Daynot the old kind where the new missionary and all his/her family speak, but the new kind where the new missionary will be given a topic. I would expect him to give a talk like that because he is so utterly black and white in his thinking and he never heard a strict utterance over the pulpit that he did not love. Others must be killed or theyll live forever, injuring regular folk. Im catching up on the comments, but Kristines suggestion in #72 is perfect. Motherhood is more than bearing children, though it is certainly that. The only Mothers Day event for another church Im aware of is when a friend told me that in her church the main talk is always about Christ no matter what holiday it is, but when its just the women the speaker will focus on motherhood and Christs teaching about mothers. If it is unique to us, I wonder why we have a corner on the Mothers Day anxiety market. I remember my dad saying it was one of the most powerful and real talks hed ever heard in a Mormon church meeting. For sacrament meeting, we can give the men a sternly worded warning about the danger of tehpernogriffiez. I spoke about her one year. She cares about your eternal safety and happiness. Beautiful. Just to be clear - I meant 'written/given' by women (aka musical number "O My Father" written by Eliza R Snow, conf talk by Reeve/Oscarson/Okazaki). I don't understand it, but it is your logic. Where everyone else is happy and interested in celebrating motherhood - those terrible males and those rancorous children in particular - they need to be denied for "me" and "what I want". He chose to base his talk on To The Mothers In Zion, and used it to essentially chastise and condemn working women, and it sent half the ward fuming into the bishops office. I think this is one of the most confusing topics for men in the church. I agree with the chocolate, lack of talks, and the third hour refreshments! So, yeah, how irritated the host is with the comments is pretty much it. The first speaker was a single father, then the bishop spoke, then the stake president spoke. I agree! Mothers Day was pure torture and the only time I ever serious entertain thoughts of staying home. Probably low on the most desired list, but very creative and I will always remember that with a smile. To the light the lost ones leading, Really? Can they not celebrate their own mothers? I could brave baby showers and birth announcements just fine, but Mother's Day cut me to the core. The first speaker was my favorite. Being Mother's Day, that meant the soft seats up front were filled with grandmothers and other maternal figures visiting for the weekend, which meant latecomers like the Lemons got metal seats in the back this week. Why is that or is that just in my ward? Thanks for the reminder. Nice post Mark, I think we do need to be careful about how we say some of the things we do in church, and elsewhere. They want to give a message of comfort and support to other parents who are navigating the difficult conflicts that can arise in families around this issue. Mother's Day: My talk by Kaimi Wenger May 5, 2009 23 Comments It's hard to strike the right balance, between affirming Moms who really need to be told that they made a good decision; and letting others (especially women) know that they're okay, too. They cannot eat it, and in fact just having the stuff around is a serious temptation to do so. I dont know how that worked out for him. You can still give the women the day off. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing. She is buried in the same plot as my great-grandmother as well so it was nice to be able to be there with them again. Talking to other grownups while nice doesnt belong in 3rd hour. Theyre all very good, and not being critical, but Hallmark w/ scripture would seem to be one way to describe the style of Pres. on Mothers Day and donate it to a womens shelter. I actually think its good to celebrate both Mothers and Fathers Days with the caveat to be sensitive to the feelings of those who have difficulty with that celebration. How did your Mother's Day Sacrament meeting turnout, Rockpond? Then she spoke with conviction about the grace of Godthe grace that helped her forgive herself for the serious problems she caused her children that could have been prevented if shed prepared herself, and the grace that helped her achieve later in life the spiritual depth she had lacked when her children were young. The sacrament provides an opportunity for Church members to ponder and remember with gratitude the life, ministry, and Atonement of the Son of God. Oh yes, Ive read the scriptures to be like Him, to be perfect. But these are good points. Why can't we let women celebrate it how they want at home and focus on Christ at church? I do think a lot of Mormon women enjoy talks that validate their efforts at motherhood, and I think some of these talks get interpreted as angel mother talks when theyre really not. So no one is left out. It was my missionary farewell, back when such things were acceptable. I think this can be especially true for women who feel theyre just holding on. End of rant. Women have mothers too! Respect her. Is it callender time, number of posts, how irritated the host is with the comments! Although I like the idea of them as well! Tell the moms that you'll be playing a game with the kids on Mother's Day and that . Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. One of her favorites: Im so bad when daddy comes home, What does that say about us as a people? Its a complete set-up for failure. Actually, Ive never heard anything about Heavenly Mother beyond, Isnt it so wonderful that we believe in a Heavenly Mother?!. I am actually traveling with my mother and other members of the family this weekend and showed her this in church to get a laugh. Mother's Day became the hardest day of the year for me. I could send you a PDF of the sheet music, but it's probably too late now for your choir and Primary to prepare in time for Mother's Day. I have been called by God to be there and that is where I should be. Gospel Q&A: How Can I Find and Foster Celestial Love? The Mothers Day talks in my singles wards have been quite sensitive to childless women, but still pretty women-on-pedestalsy. It would be much easier for me to hear mothers day talks if they were real instead of ideal, though Id prefer a good sermon on Christ, instead. My own dear mother, long since gone to her reward, summed up the essence of the perfect Mothers Day talk quite nicely. A small gift for Mothers Day is fine, but if you give chocolate to a diabetic or a piece of pie to someone with gluten intolerance, what have you given? I get really tired of hearing the stripling warrior passages on Mother's Day. May the blessings of heaven rest upon you. Ancient Romans and Greeks would celebrate Cybele / Rhea, the mother of the Gods with festivals in the spring time. I was supposed to talk two weeks ago on the purpose of the Sacrament but ended up in surgery instead, and upon returning to church last Sunday was asked to reschedule. when she becomes a God like I know she will she will be an inspriation to all ladys, Usually chocolate, a plant or flower. Let's apply your logic standard to other holidays. Last year, I gave this talk. Its hard for those without children, who are likely never to have children, to listen to motherhood talks that don't address their situation. more guilt and more controversy.). For myself and kindred too, The reminder was given to visit those sisters unable to attend on Mothers Day. I exchanged the word "guidance " for the word " mothers " in this verse to help it go with the Mother's Day theme. Being Both a Disciple & a Daughter: Balancing Formality in Prayer. Very useful counsel, Mark. The best MD talk I ever heard was given by my neighbor. So I would personally prefer if they didnt do those honor-mothers meetings. May 2011 was the best mothers day sacrament mtg Ive ever attended. Mark, This post was positively Uchtdorfian! It is as if we cannot celebrate anything because if we focus on single day to celebrate one person then we have decimated everyone else. Im asking this out of genuine curiosity/responsibility for handing stuff out. There are wrongs that need redressing In honor of Earth Day, you could throw in the topic of Mother Nature also! "The ordinance of the sacrament," taught then Elder Dallin H. Oaks in 2008, "makes the sacrament meeting the most sacred and important meeting in the Church." 21 Accordingly, in 2015, Church leaders called for a renewed emphasis on Sabbath worship centered on partaking of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Why do *we* have to have an ideal? Im the counselor in charge of calling speakers for Mothers Day. My mother died just a little less than a year ago, and I find that I never appreciated Mothers Day at all until now that my mother is gone. And yeah, audience is important. I think mixing it up, at least every other year, from Mother I Love You, is nice as a mom. An ideal is fine to have in your own life, but imo it is dangerous to attempt to have one for a worldwide religious organization.