So you are driven by the amazing performance of dual boiler espresso machines and want one for you? With the charming looks of a sleek and sophisticated espresso machine - we love recommending this for the espresso purist. Then wed recommend the Lelit Bianca again. Prompt accurate service by knowledgeable people!!! Nhradn mlec kameny Koky portafilter Tsnn kvovar Nhradn soustky runch i elektrickch mlnk na kvu Nhradn dly Pkovch . You might save a few dollars by shopping for the cheapest price but in the price range you are looking at think of it as a 10 yr plus relationship. by Idlehands775 (original poster) November 7th, 2019, 3:46 pm, #10: Either one will empower you to quickly produce espresso-based drinks, due largely to their use of a dual-boiler design. Well built. Very sorry you had issues with Fedex. The best thing about semiautomatic models is their incredible flexibility. Love it, except for the smoke. If youre looking at a picture of the machine, the paddle is located on the top in the middle. In either of the machine, you will find insulated no-burn steam wands that will remain cool after long cycles of frothing milk. What Are Differences In ECM Synchronika And Lelit Bianca? Still, there are some considerable differences with Lelit Bianca. and our With a capable espresso grinder, the Synchronika can create an espresso experience that rivals your favorite coffee shop. This machine offers exceptional espresso performance and steam power in a package that would look and feel perfect in the design-conscious home, office or restaurant, and its clean internal layout means well be able to help you learn about maintaining the machine at home (if you want). I was under the impression both these machines were very quiet. If you look at the table of specifications, you can already see the size difference between the two. That is exactly why the Synchronika and Bianca have PID temperature controllers. The tough, hard, robust material lasts so long and pays off your investment. In other words, the increased steam boiler in the Synchronika makes it perfect for those who want to make lots of lattes and cappuccinos. ECM does not recommend setting the Synchronika to simultaneous boiler heating because its combined 2600 watts could cause premature wear on the electronics and wiring. What you may get along with either espresso machine can vary depending on the seller you purchase them from. This begs the question: how do you decide between them? Thank you Tim! This extra pressure gauge makes it a simple matter for you to keep a close eye on the brew pressure while you adjust it on the fly using the Biancas unique flow control paddle. Water tank capacity matters when you have to use espresso throughout the day. An espresso machine cannot brew espresso or steam milk without reliable access to water. We believe the Synchronika now rounds out the very top end of the dual boiler prosumer class. In comparison, the Rocket R58 is 16.25 inches tall, 12.25 inches wide, and 17.50 inches deep. I guess this is to my point in my post Im not sure what is a fair price for some of these machines they vary quite a bit from site to site. Just like the R58 improves upon the basic cup warmer design, though, the Lelit Bianca makes its own improvements to the pressure gauge design. There was one part about the installation that was a bit confusing. Honestly, this decision was difficult for us too. The Decent has an entirely modern design. ECM Synchronika vs Lelit Bianca. Can anyone who has experience with both comment on . There goes a lot of effort and management. Examples include pressure, timing, and of course, temperature. Lets look at the Lelit Bianca. Simply, durable, and not difficult at all to use. The Bianca is beautiful. Bought the peak grinder - had it in 3 days and no issues. Would you rather not have to deal with regularly maintaining your espresso machine? A common hazard that baristas face is burning with overheated steam wands. For this reason, always look at dimensions. Copyright 2020, Clive Coffee / Privacy Policy. The ECM Synchronikas steam boiler can hold an impressive two liters. Stainless steel construction offers owners a couple benefits. If theres a specific range you enjoy most, youll know where it is on the gauge so you can achieve the same results more consistently. As many of you know, the best crema is only produced from beans that are freshly ground. This is because different coffees are obviously going to fill the portafilter differently each time. For many, thelove of coffeestarts in a local coffee shop with excellent shots andan atmospherethatmakes it a home away from home. +++++ 1 For buying from a well known supplier. The Synchronikas is, again, just a little bit larger at 3 liters. Thats why its crucial to eliminate temperature fluctuations and to have some kind of control over the brewing and steaming temperatures. The group is the part of the machine your brewed espresso comes out of. Hope to hear back from you soon. We can tell you as many technical features as you like, but this still doesnt always help you make up your mind. Both ECM Synchronika and Lelit Bianca can work either way. Everything shipped in a timely manner and was very happy with the products, I work from a shared space, my business address is my home, but you were unable to deliver to my home a piece of equipment that was neither heavy nor big. The brushed metal PID display downplays the digital aspect of this machine, accentuating the dual gauges on the top front of the machine. If you have cats who like to jump on your counters or a small space where bumping into the espresso machine is a serious risk, this guard rail will help prevent any mugs on top from sliding off. Put another way, youll have to start brewing the espresso and end the brew step at the appropriate time. With the increased customization permitted by the flow paddle, you have even more power to test out new flavor profiles by playing with the water pressure. Stay tuned to know the features, prices, differences of ECM Synchronika and Lelit Bianca, and finally, our recommendation: Here is a quick overview of Lelit Bianca and ECM Synchronika: Lelit Bianca is a perfect combination of beauty and power. Direct-connect machines, for instance, are connected to your water line. The ECM can take the Bianca spring and the Bianca can be converted back to a regular spring if desired. Because the steam wands on them are insulated, they remain cool no matter how long you use them. And How to Make It? I have a Synchronika with the flow control kit and it works just fine. Because these machines have separate boilers for steaming and brewing, theyre able to perform both functions at the same time. If buying of the internet check the warranty. Additionally, the brew group-mounted pressure gauge lets you keep an eye on where the pressure is at as you use the flow control paddle. Unfortunately, this decision might be difficult. So far a 5 star. Hope to hear back from you soon. Im happy with the machine so far,its very exciting to pull a shot or triple-double,which is my usual. Everything shipped in a timely manner and was very happy with the products, I work from a shared space, my business address is my home, but you were unable to deliver to my home a piece of equipment that was neither heavy nor big. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The Rocket R58 will help you get off to a good start by giving you both a user manual and DVD. On the other hand, we do not currently offer the ECM Synchronika in our store. Both the Bianca and Synchronika are semiautomatic models. If you want an espresso machine only for you, Lelit Bianca is a better option. One broiler is dedicated to steaming and another one to brewing, rapidly making a perfect microfoam. Attempted to get the issue resolved within Majesty Coffee, but they transferred me to the manufacturer (Gene). Along with the Lelit Bianca, youll get a microfiber towel that makes it easy to clean the exterior of the machine without scratching it. In short, we recommend ECM Synchronika for making more espressos in a day and lattes lovers. Now for the most important question: which espresso machine should you pick? Using a manual tamper is never going to be 100%. From a functional stand point (for those that have actually had some hands on experience with any of these options), are there any cons or draw backs that you have encountered? If you are not interested in flow profiling capabilities and are more into milky drinks, choose ECM Synchronika. The polished appeal that develops with steel cant be achieved with any other thing. This is the kind of thing true espresso hobbyists dream about. On the off chance, if anything goes wrong, you can find skilled technicians or replace the parts easily. Also if considering the ECM look for an authorised dealer as the warranty may be longer than the 12mths that is standard. With huge double boilers, you are paying for a lot of stuff you don't need if you just enjoy a straight espresso. This third pressure gauge rests on top of the brew head. You can check out our list of the best plumbed espresso machines for more options. You cant rely on semiautomatic models to stop for you at the right time, but the timers built into these machines will make that easier for you. With an extra gauge, you will get some advantage over other machines. Have been enjoying wondering espresso. The benefit to having an extra pressure gauge is simple. This feature is quite affordable because you would never run the machine while dry, thus avoiding any damage to boilers. This means we can always make sure your machine is brewing at the correct temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and help you fine-tune your machine for different coffees. The machines already have built-in low water sensors. Whether you just love classic Italian design or wish to serve your entire dinner party without skipping a beat, you can't beat the Linea Mini. For instance, it features a bold and classic design that looks good virtually anywhere and naturally antimicrobial copper boilers. There are certainly benefits to having a single-group model. He was very certain that the Synchronika was his favorite E61 dual boiler but then he asked me if I liked to "tinker", which as an avid lever machine user for years, I do. However, there are some small differences, like an increased boiler and water tank size that make it more suitable for homes that will need to make more espresso-based drinks in a row, such as for serving guests and family. The built-in low water sensor will notify you of low water levels. One common barista injury is the burns that overheated steam wands can give to those who handle them. check out the. Thanks to pressure gauges on the Bianca and Synchronika, its a simple matter for you to keep track of where the pressure is at. Simply, durable, and not difficult at all to use. The Bianca and R58 both have a solution to this issue. In the Linea Mini, you get two large boilers, a discrete PID temperature control system, and all kinds of brilliant touches that make it a joy to work with. Their gleaming, polished exteriors will look wonderful on your countertops, and it will also match with other stainless steel appliances. If you ever encounter any machine or shipping issues in the future, let us know and we'll get it resolved quickly. Even their casing and boilers are built from stainless steel. Im wondering if the demo unit they had on display had been abused over the years or if this is normal. Lelit Bianca has a flow control paddle located in the middle. For instance, if your boilers are consistently getting up to pressure but the pressure in the brew group is lacking, youll be able to narrow down where the problem is. There are a couple features that come as part of E61 groups. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. As these two machines have separate boilers for steaming and brewing, both can perform persistently. However, Lelit Bianca has an additional gauge that is present on top of the brew head. Manufacturing company hasnt done anything to resolve the issue. Post However, visually both give the same feel. If it is multiple times a day or involves serving several people, youll definitely need a larger water tank and boiler capacity. Youll also get a triple basket that you can brew even more espresso at once with, as well as a water softener that we strongly recommend using especially if you set up the machine as pour-over. If you decide youre going to use these espresso machines as pour-over models, one aspect youll be especially concerned about is the size of their water tanks. Espresso needs water to steam milk and brew espresso. There are dual boiler espresso machines created for use at home, such as the Lelit Bianca and ECM Synchronika. However, if you have many coffee lovers at your home or have many visits, look at its size. At this point in time, the Lelit Bianca is a bit more affordable and accessible than the Rocket R58. Much like you would expect, you get the you get an accurate tamp with each use. Lelit Bianca vs ECM Synchronika. Size is important because if you get a big machine to place in your kitchen, you have to rearrange your kitchen, and still, you may not succeed in making enough space. Not only can this help you eliminate unexpected and frustrating temperature fluctuations, but you have much more liberty to experiment with flavor profiles. Haven't used it long enough to see the life span of this roaster, but it does a great job. Was very complicate to arrange the pick up from a fedex location 1.5 hours from my home. One thing to consider is price. If youre looking for the best espresso machines for the best prices, youre in the right place Majesty Coffee works hard to price our options competitively. A semiautomatic machine is one that doesnt automate the duration of the extraction for you. So, either way, you can have what you want. The Synchronika from ECM is an adept dual-boiler machine boasting a wealth of innovation focused on impressing the most expert home barista. In the world of espresso, you could turn that saying into something similar: timing, timing, timing.. That's not why we say it. But that is where the similarities end. Mess with any of those factors, and you can end up with a shot that has an entirely different flavor from what you were anticipating. When you buy from a reputable bricks and mortar store (whether online or in person) you are buying after sales service and access to years of experience. Other than that equipment works very well. I went to a local showroom to see both these machines in person and was surprised how much louder the pump on the Synchronika was compared to the Bianca. On the flipside, too much pressure will blast right through your puck and leave you with something weak-tasting. However, they are not the exact replica of each other. Dual boiler espressos are designed to do dual tasks. So, with a large steam boiler, you can steam milk for longer times. Youll have the time to invest in growing your skills. I also liked the 1-piece powder coated frame of the Synchronika. I actually found the same machine for a fair bit cheaper. A must-have machine for the passionate home-user as well as a commercial shop. Since it is hand-built with extensive features, this price is not bad for Synchronika. With classic E61 group, dial loop PID, independent temperature control of each boiler, it has more commercial level power that works best for home baristas. In a home setting, this is incredibly important. Synchronika handles also have a wood grain pattern on the side panels, and the wood on the handles is more like Bakelite. An espresso machine can be one of a few types: manual, semiautomatic, automatic, and super automatic. Their boilers are also important to consider. The layout of the Bianca internals looked fairly cramped compared to the synch but obviously very secure. You need to start and end the process by being mindful of timings. But if you dont want to deal with connecting your machine to a water line, thats not a problem, either. But to give you just a few quick examples, wed like to highlight that its compact, powerful, and offers baristas a unique flow control system. Suppose you only make espresso once or twice a day, then water tank capacity doesnt matter. Synchronika Vs. Profitec Pro 700, Vs. Lelit Bianca I am currently looking into 3 similar set ups, and wanted to see if anyone had some input on one over the other. It has sides totally uncluttered and flawless, thanks to its touchscreen. The key difference here is that the Rocket R58 is the only one that has a guard rail around the cup shelf on top. Just as there are many reasons to pick the Lelit Bianca, there are also many convincing reasons to consider the Rocket R58. This type of machine is whats used almost consistently in all espresso-based businesses because the convenience cant be beat. Much like you would expect, you get the you get an accurate tamp with each use. Thats why weve created this detailed Lelit Bianca vs Rocket R58 comparison. If you appreciate a clean aesthetic, where less is more, this machine is for you. If you answered yes to either of those questions, then youll love the fact that the Lelit Bianca and the Rocket R58 can both be used as direct-connect espresso machines.