const tabs = document.getElementById('shop-front-tabs'); You Pretty Things" for the closing credits of the sixth episode of the first season of Legion. const item = setPriceSelected(priceID); if (! } for (const key in prices) { } } }); } evt = (evt) ? }, [64], Hannigan and her work was nominated in the Best Irish Female and Best Irish Album categories at the Meteor Music Awards in 2009. leafletScript.innerText = leafletTag.innerText; } if ( === 'fp-tog-anch-2') { Your data helps us do that.

Your anonymised data includes your information, the pages you visit on, and products or services you buy from us. subscriptionFinishDate: purchase.granted_by_app_purchase.finish_at, } if (fn) { }; const charCode = (evt.which) ? 'home-delivery': 'fp_refresh_price_only', return; const badgeElement = el.querySelector(`[data-badge="${badge}"]`); const updateSubscriberCookie = function (purchase) { } }); 0. flipPayConfig = Object.assign(flipPayConfig, { const badges = getBadgesForEl(el); window.GTMLoaded = false; return price.placeholder_prices; if (mutation.type === 'childList' && === 'flip-pay') { Chords are C, F, G, Am throughout.Your lips come as some surpriseThat they would want to c. } Wednesday 12 January 2022. } if (socialNetwork === 'twitter' || socialNetwork === 'twitterVideo') { The Irish James Bond connection to the Warsaw Concerto, RTs Choice Music Prize nominee Anna Mieke : Ive been able to make the music I want to make, Pulp bass player Steve Mackey dies age 56, Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon at 50 and the most famous Irish voice in the world, The seven best albums released in February, Founder of orchestra says CBE award rubber stamps diversity work, Fiddler Martin Hayes: I feel like Ive lost a part of myself since Denniss death, Kylian Mbappe breaks PSG record as Matt Doherty makes Atletico debut and Festy Ebosele gets first Udinese start, Aine OGorman hits injury-time winner to give Shamrock Rovers a dramatic victory on opening day of WNL, Ulster close in on bonus of home quarter-final in the URC after six-try win over Cardiff, Dave Heffernan try secures nervy win for Connacht against 14-man Dragon, Burns night for Armagh leaves Donegal in Division 1 relegation quagmire, Wexford nun is the inspiration behind new PhD in SETU, Toto Wolff has revealed that Mercedes will ditch their Formula One car before a race has even taken place, It was madness First time in over a decade Arsenal have come from two goals down to win a league game, We missed Wesley Fofanas display pleases winning Chelsea boss Graham Potter as Borussia Dortmund await, Prince Harry makes first TV appearance since South park controversy, Ladies lunch gone wrong as they brawl with bouncers in Belfast, TD Holly Cairns addresses housing in her first Leaders' Questions: 'I'm a member of the first ever generation who will be worse off than my parents', Wexford home listed for sale for 350,000 has been utterly transformed, Comedian Emma Doran discusses her hilarious experience of the 'silent ride' on RTE's Late Late show. [65] She was the only solo artist nominated in more than one category at the awards. return; if (badges.indexOf('featured') > -1) { const fireCheckoutEvent = function () { }; el.parentElement.classList.add('-bestvalue'); redirectToShopFrontWelcomePage(); const subscribeLink = el.querySelector('a[data-price_id]'); showPremiumBadge(plan); const subscribeButton = node.querySelector('[data-price_id="'+priceId+'"]'); But the highlight was his duet with Hannigan. From \"The Cake Sale\", featuring Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan. }); previouslySelectedPriceId) { } 'shop-front': 'fp_refresh_price', } badgeToFilterBy) { Hannigan was born in Dublin but grew up in Kilcloon, County Meath, Ireland. } const getUrlHash = function () { if (subscribeButton) { dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('reinitialize')); She was a featured vocalist for Damien Rice on two of his albums. } } else if (purchase.badge['premium-plus'] && purchase.badge['premium-plus'] == true) { ? } if (returnURL) { return 'article_' + dataLayer[0].category.primaryCategory; event: 'ee-productClick', eventLabel: 'google-access-granted' const meterStatsCookieData = JSON.stringify({ fireProductClickEvent(function () { selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceIdFromUrl); We dont have any upcoming events for this artist right now. bundleContainer.classList.toggle('-three', bundleContainer.children.length === 3); return bundle_info; Associated With. cookieValue = decodeURIComponent(cookieValue); if (accessObject.access === true) { document.querySelectorAll('[data-social-embed][data-social-network="facebook"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="facebookVideo"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="twitter"],[data-social-embed][data-social-network="twitterVideo"]').forEach(function (socialEmbed) { Listen to "Some Surprise" from the album The Cake Sale, available from Yep Roc Records. item_group_code: "pfc_indo_metered", } } return [selectedPrice]; } } } setPriceSelected(selectedPrice._id); document.getElementById('fp-tog-1').click(); [21][28][29][30] She performed at the nomination ceremony and she was greeted by confused journalists wondering "Lisa who?". const getQueryStringValue = function (key) { bodyAvailable = true; !gigyaID ? }); Your lips come as some surprise, That they would want to come and meet mine, They never taste like the last time, Your lips come as some surprise! const cookies = document.cookie.split('; '); }); } } } else { [34] As part of an advertisement campaign for Oxfam's Make Trade Fair, Hannigan was drenched in melted chocolate and she participated in the Irish musical collective The Cake Sale with lead vocal on the track "Some Surprise", which was played on the US television series Grey's Anatomy. Lisa Hannigan & Gary Lightbody Play artist More actions Listeners 385 Scrobbles 2,767 Popular this week Some Surprise 1 listener Do you have any photos of this artist? In 2013, Hannigan contributed vocals to the soundtrack for Alfonso Cuarn's film Gravity and performed a cover of Richard Hawley's "You Haunt Me" for the film Another Me. snack_bar_success_message: 'Welcome! return charCode > 31 && (charCode < 48 || charCode > 57) ? eventCategory: 'g_showcase', localStorage.setItem('subscriptionwall.latest-load', new Date().getTime()); } }; return { } !fpblock) { [45] On 24 May 2016 Hannigan revealed a short teaser in relation to the album's launch. } The talented 26-year-old from Co Meath joined new boyfriend Lightbody for her first public appearance since her professional split with Rice, at the open day of the Oh Yeah music centre in Belfast last Saturday. const tweetId = parseTweetIdFromUrl(tweetUrl); if (typeof bundleExpires[priceId] != "undefined") { } [39], The songs "Lille" and "Braille" from this album were used in the film Ondine in 2009. if (isShopFront || isUpgrades) { The producer sent her lyrics and musical ideas, some of which ended up on At Swim. "He's a very enthusiastic, encouraging person and very positive. template_redeem_coupon_code: '

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The access code entered is not valid. if (document.cookie.indexOf('guid') > -1) { document.getElementById(selectedTabId).parentNode.classList.add('is-active'); Gemma Hayes) Some Surprise (feat. window.dataLayer[0].user.registrationDate = user.created; } if (getCookie('guid')) { window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; window.location.href = flipPayConfig.successful_upgrade_redirect_url; if (document.getElementById('fp-snackbar')) { selectedPrice.placeholder_prices const vars = JSON.parse('{"attributes":{"inmproduct":"amp","virtualview":"false"},"category":{"pageType":"Article","primaryCategory":"Entertainment","regionals":"","sectionId":"189","subCategory1":"Music","subCategory2":"n\/a","subCategory3":"n\/a","subCategory4":"n\/a"},"page":{"pageName":"In:Entertainment:Music:Oh Yeah! return; successful_upgrade_redirect_url: '', window.location.href = flipPayConfig.premium_content_redirect_url; } if (badges.indexOf('btn-dark') > -1) { return []; Nina Persson) Vapour Trail (feat. Saturday 15 January 2022. var label = "shopfront"; Fans on Saturday, which included actor James Nesbitt, were also treated to a version of Teenage Kicks with Lightbody calling on Guy Varvey from Elbow to help with vocals. } } fireAddToCartEvent(); [10] The lead single, "Lille", was made available as a free Internet download and other tracks were available for preview on her Myspace page. if (priceToDisplayBilledFrequency) { window.GTMLoaded = true; var contract = 'contract_bundle'; if (priceA.badges['premium'] && priceB.badges['premium-plus']) { } else if (Object.keys(p.badge || {}).indexOf('print_annual') > -1) { window.dataLayer[0].user.subscriptionStatus = 'gs_true'; } const now = new Date(); if (faq) { tab.parentNode.classList.remove('is-active'); el.removeAttribute(namespace+'-initialized'); items_limit: accessObject.metered_paywall_items_limit, window.shopFrontHeaderSubscribe = false; }, template_prices_price_description: '

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A Amanda Greener Music Mood Listening To Music My Favorite Music Favorite Books Self Harm Cutting Scene Punk Nelly Furtado Anorexic setTimeout(function () { eventTimeout: 2000, } card_expiry_style: stripeInputStyle, }; [7][27][28] Sea Sew rose in the UK charts following this appearance[citation needed] and she performed at Glastonbury 2009 music festival and went on tour later in the year. el.querySelector('button[data-price_id]').style.display = 'none'; Lightbody opened up with a new song, written backstage half an hour previously. } const thresholdInMilliseconds = thresholdInHours * (60 * 60 * 1000); const cookieData = updateSubscriberCookie(event.detail.object); const setSubscribeButtonColour = function (el) { monthly: tabPrefix + '-monthly-prices-tab-trigger', eventLabel = 'saturday'; Commenting on the launch he said: "It was an astonishing night. return 1; successful_upgrade_redirect_url = ''; // Flatten the array by 1 level. } premium_content_redirect_url = ''; updateTemplateForHomeDelivery(node); showOrderSummary(node, previouslySelectedPriceId); } eventLabel: 'google-access-denied' let listeningForGigyaEvents = false; } id: return 'shopfront'; const getBundleValue = function (purchase, purchaseType) { priceExpireExist[prices[key]['id']] = Date.parse(prices[key]['active_to']); : getPricesByBadge(); }; return; About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . // if we have a selectedPrice we will continue to use it }; actionField: { Do you have any photos of this artist? eventAction: priceholder.dataset.sku_code + '|' + priceholder.dataset.price_to_display_billed + '|' + contract, code: "", window.scrollTo(0, flipPayEl.offsetTop + (flipPayEl.clientHeight/2)); items_used: accessObject.metered_paywall_items_used, price: price.amount, items_used: sourceIsArticleMeter ? subtree: true, "[56], Hannigan briefly studied English and art history at Trinity College Dublin. enable_showcase: false, subscriptionFinishDate: '0000-00-00T00:00:00Z', } else if (isUpgrades === true && member_redirect) { })[0]; if (event.detail.object.hasOwnProperty('granted_by_google_showcase')) { const domain = ''; element.classList.add('fp-prevent-html-replace'); fontSize: '16px', } catch (e) { = couponCodeUsed(purchase) ? She also performed a cover of David Bowie's "Oh! return product; if (event.detail.object.hasOwnProperty('upgrade_prices')) { let userWall = 'none'; const purchasedProduct = { } setDataLayerMeterStats(event.detail.object); if (isShopFront) { if (!bundle_info && !upgrade_bundles.length) { if (eventType === 'access_resolved' || eventType === 'access_resolved ') { .reduce(function (allPrices, item) { products: [purchasedProduct] updateTemplateForHomeDelivery(plan); [5][6] Rice enlisted Hannigan to sing on his 2002 album O and his later album "9", featured in the hit "9 Crimes". }); } // otherwise get it from the url or the previouslySelectedPriceId The Oh Yeah project is led by Stuart Bailie, a journalist and broadcaster, and former assistant editor of NME. try { : [selectedPrice] window.dataLayer[0].user.meteredResetDate = meteredResetDate; const hash = document.location.hash let upgradesAvailable = false; let cookieValue = parts.join('='); } Gary Lightbody Awake My Soul Snow Patrol Listening Ears The Cake Sale, featuring Gary Lightbody and Lisa HanniganThe Cake Sale is a band featuring a loose and expansive collective of musicians and writers who have. const cookieData = getSubscriptionStatus(purchase); }; } position: 0, span_tag.appendChild(text); return product; Discover your full benefits as a Premium subscriber. localStorage.removeItem('product_click_source'); eventAction: 'hd_options_click', const thresholdInHours = Number('0' || '0'); } Gary Lightbody duets with Lisa Hannigan and Elbow frontman The Hot Press Newsdesk Music fans who came to the open day of the Oh Yeah music centre in Belfast were treated to a host of. const disableRedirect = false; subscriptionFinishDate: '', let bundleExpires = []; } badgeMap[tabPrefix + '-annual-prices-tab-trigger'] = 'annual'; placeholder_prices: Object.keys(price).indexOf('placeholder_prices') > -1 if (priceA.badges['home-delivery'] && priceB.badges['premium']) { productClickSource = undefined; } } else { if (userHasLoggedIn === true) { }; Lisa Hannigan's debut solo album, titled Sea Sew, was rehearsed in a barn in Thomastown and recorded in Dublin before being released in Ireland in September 2008. She began her musical career as a member of Damien Rice's band. } }; Restrictions: Contact your local office for all commercial or promotional uses. step: 1 label = 26445919 if (element.tagName === 'BODY' && ! selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceIdFromUrl); } let successful_upgrade_redirect_url = ''; During her first week at university she became friends with Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice. addShopFrontClasses(plan); eventLabel: eventLabel selectedPrice = getBundleById(priceId); previouslySelectedPriceId = null; const oneMonthInSeconds = 60 * 60 * 24 * 30; template_metered_modal: '

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    ', } } if (accessObject.hasOwnProperty('granted_by_google_showcase')) { const isRegionalShopFront = false; if (eventType === 'summary_displayed') { premium_content_redirect_url: '', }); badges: price['badge'] || {}, eventAction: 'auth', } if (! virtualPageViewData.eventData.article = { if ((!priceId || document.cookie.indexOf('guid') === -1) && !isHomeDelivery && homeDeliveryButtonCheck) { } flipPayConfig = Object.assign(flipPayConfig, { script.onerror = function() { }; Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a account, Do you know any background info about this artist? Playing the open day on Saturday 5 May, the Snow Patrol frontman opened up with a new song, written backstage half an hour previously. } else if (Object.keys(p.badge || {}).indexOf('epaper-access') > -1) { window.showSubscriberElements) { showOrderSummary(node, previouslySelectedPriceId); Thursday 13 January 2022. productClickSource = window.shopFrontHeaderSubscribe ? In 2015, she sang a version of "Danny Boy" for the seventh episode of the second season of Fargo. setTimeout(function() { and Gary Lightbody performing live onstage (Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns) Embed. } !selectedPrice.badges && selectedPrice.badges !== Object(selectedPrice.badges)) { attributes: true, return 'hd_flow'; el.querySelector('a[data-price_id]').href = el.querySelector('a[data-price_id]').href + '&returnURL=' + returnURL; } Lisa HanniganMick Flannery . return 1; if (document.getElementById("crosswords") !== null && document.getElementById("crosswords").dataset.src !== null) { } ? return; if (window.location.href.indexOf("#annual") > -1) { const tweetUrl = socialEmbed.dataset.social_url; showPremiumBadge(node); var badgeToUse = ''; You can enjoy all premium content without redeeming this code.

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    ', [41][42], Hannigan performed at the Eurosonic Festival in 2012 when Ireland was the "Spotlight Country". const fireAddToCartEvent = function () { return false; }, vars.article.wallVisible = ! label: 'login', (function () { const isShopFront = false; el.prepend(p_tag); } It was even speculated that Lisa, who had been singing with ex-boyfriend Damien for over six years, left his tour to spend more time with Lightbody. vars.category.regionals = selectedRegional || ''; p_tag.appendChild(span_tag); [46] "Prayer for the Dying" and "Ora" are two tracks which appeared among promotional material in the lead up to the release. [40], Hannigan recorded her second album, Passenger, at Bryn Derwen Studios in North Wales with producer Joe Henry and engineer Ryan Freeland. if ( === 'gigya-verification-sent-screen') { Your lips come as some surprise, That they would want to come and meet mine, They never taste like the last time, Your lips come as some surprise! if (urlHash === 'monthly' || urlHash === 'annual') { const onMutation = function (mutations) { localStorage.setItem('product_click_source', productClickSource); } vars.user.subscriptionStatus = subscriberCookie.subscriptionStatus || ''; }); upgrade_bundles =; 0. }; } else if (isUpgrades) { return { 'true' : 'false', setBundleToFullWidth(node);