The Grinder: Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds. There isn't a single coherent sentence, and Charlie obviously doesn't know what the word "democratic" means. Charlie Kelly is a talented musician. 7h what's the most awkward time to say go birds 66 30 736 In "The Gang Goes Jihad," Charlie gets Dee and Dennis' assistance in removing the casts from his legs after he was in a car accident. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been delivering laughs for over a dozen seasons, but a few scenes stand above the rest as the funniest ever. 723k members in the IASIP community. That's hilarious that Danny's not wearing any shoes. Ever since then I became the guy at the bar that would order an Irish Whiskey with a beer. To summarize: all of the smartest people have been proven wrong before, so why not this time? Which wouldnt come as a surprise to listeners of the Always Sunny podcast, hosted by the trio, where Howerton regularly professes his love of better brown liquid (hes a massive Michters and WhistlePig rye fanboy). Fans get a deep-dive look into Charlie and Mac's holidays past. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And in "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense," Mac lays out a compelling argument against the science. Sure, it's a low bar, but it was still impressive. Hannah has always had a passion for writing, having done creative writing as a personal passion since 2012, and is thrilled to be a content writer for CBR. Reparto. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. If theres demand, why not?. "The Gang Runs for Office" is an episode fondly remembered by fans, as Dennis reads the speech Charlie wrote for him. The reason were doing this is its something that Im very passionate about. 'It's Always Sunny' Stars Break the Fourth Wall With New Irish Whiskey Release The drop includes a 'bartender-friendly' blend of Irish Whiskey and Pennsylvania Rye and a thousand-dollar. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission. He is also in the English show 'Spaced' when they do a parody of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 676k members in the IASIP community. It leaves us wanting more as well. While there are a near-endless number of quotable lines from The Gang Gets Analyzed, one of the best has to be while Frank is recounting repressed childhood memories. There's no law they won't break and no comment too offensive. In his early boyhood he attended Prof. W. S. Bogart's school at Savannah, and had as class mates Mr. H. H. Gilmer, Judge A. Pratt Adams, Judge Samuel B. Adams, the younger members of the Habersham family, the Owens boys and the Screven boys all representatives of prominent families in Savannah. Filming & Production ", "I'm Not Gonna Be Buried In A Grave. The show is executive produced by McElhenney (creator), Day, and Howerton, along with David Hornsby, Megan Ganz, Rob Rosell, Nick Frenkel, and Michael Rotenberg. Along with Charlie Day, who also plays Charlie in-universe, the trio make up the primary team of writers for Always Sunny. In "Charlie Kelly King of the Rats," the gang attempts to do something nice for Charlie for his birthday. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She is best known for her role as The Waitress on the FX sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. and our "It's Always Sunny" Season 15 is being lined up to debut as part of FX and FXX's 2020-21 programming slate. IMDbPro Top 200 Narrative and Streaming TV (2021 - 2022). The Democratic vote for me is right thing to do, Philadelphia, so do.". What makes this scene even better, it was improvised on-the-spot entirely by Howerton himself. ", "Are You Trying To Say Spaghetti? She is best known for her role as The Waitress on the FX sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I think Ive talked enough about those other stupid brands of whiskey! Ellis also starred in the NBC sitcom Perfect Couples and the Fox sitcom The Grinder. Im very particular: if its too sweet or syrupy, I dont like it. I thought that was supposed to be obvious? It makes more sense for us to be doing this than almost any other quote-unquote celebrity thats been putting out a liquor, Howerton tells Rolling Stone. We had a crew over there that shot a bunch of B-roll and stuff for us to green-screen in. Don't believe him? ", "This Isn't Will They, Won't They? 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Has Something To Say in Season 15, and Beyond Officially the longest-running live-action comedy in TV history, "It's Always Sunny" tackled. RELATED: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 5 Characters Who Are Good Role Models (& 5 Who Aren't). Of the three of usRob, he loves a Manhattan every night, a good mixed drinkbut I drink it straight or on the rocks. Perfectly in line with Frank. They both like whiskey but they havent been as enthusiastic whiskey drinkers as I have through the years. 9 Practical Home and School Methods -OF- STUDY AND INSTRUCTION IN THE FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS OF EDUCATION WITH OUTLINES AND PAGE REFERENCES --BASED ON- International Reference Work Under the Direction of BERNHART P. HOLST \\ Teacher, Editor and Author VOLUME IX Contributors and Sources of* Information: CLARA E. THOMPSON . These Anti-Fatigue Mats Will Cushion and Support Your Feet The latter comes packaged in a mirrored, engraved box that includes the signatures of co-stars (and executive producers) Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. Sunny, which with its latest season beat the record for longest running live-action comedy, bypassing The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, was renewed for multiple seasons in December 2020, taking. Watching Fat Mac walk into the bar for the first time will forever remain iconic. Frank turns from the driver's seat, egg in hand, and offers her a nice egg in the most trying of times. It's fantastic physical comedy, reminiscent of Jim Carey emerging from the rhino in Ace Ventura. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. A Transporter Of Gods! But, there are fewer than previous years. Nothing incredible or anything but a very creative and interesting start that has me hopeful for the season to come. Dennis is the ladies' man of the gang, though it's a low bar, and his pursuit of women magnifies his well-known psychopathy. ", "Hello, Fellow American. He's questioned as to why he doesn't go to a doctor to receive professional assistance, to which Charlie responds sarcastically with this iconic quote. Max Frankel started making Random Villains Defeats on April 13, 2020. Most seasons of Sunny have been 10 episodes. When she isn't writing for work or for fun, she can usually be found playing games, cosplaying, singing or petting her cats. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Series) Sweet Dee Has a Heart Attack (2008) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Directed by Matt Shakman Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) Produced by Cinematography by Peter Smokler . But it's very obvious that there's a man sewn into the couch. Some of Mac's best lines come from when he's interacting with Charlie. It couldnt get any more on-brand than what were doing., Editors picks The second half of the season sees the Gang travel to Ireland in several hilarious episodes. Were Charlie and Rob willing to defer to you during that blending process? FX was sure to tout that in their announcement. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else. Taxes, they'll be lower. This scheme births one of the most memorable lines from It's Always Sunny. Edit: season 2, episode 10. Bio. ", "Oh, Look At Me! The Idol: How HBOs Next Euphoria Became Twisted Torture Porn, Related: Stream Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Hulu. We feel like weve cultivated that and fostered that over the last 15 years. Vol. I get very uncomfortable with the term celebrity. Im not sure why; if thats just my upbringing or a fear of people seeing me as someone who thinks of themself as a celebritywhich is just kind of fucking lame. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. ago. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. He expresses frustration at others sarcastically, implying that it's incredibly easy to pick up employment. Vandoliers Play Tennessee Concert in Dresses to Protest State's New Drag Bill Rob McElhenney gained 60 pounds for season 7, hoping to add a new dimension to the character. Cookie Notice When Gary the loan officer packs up his files at approximately 20:48, you can see that the files keep going into, out of and disappearing from his briefcase between camera angle switches. When I'm Dead, Just Throw Me In The Trash. We got nothing. It just sucks that they credited him as "Native American Man". It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005- ) Episode List Season: OR Year: Season 14 S14, Ep1 25 Sep. 2019 The Gang Gets Romantic 7.9 (2,207) Rate Mac concocts a scheme to attract single women to rent Dennis's bedroom while Frank and Charlie make similar plans to draw in young European coeds, but neither ad attracts their intended target. If were having fun and other people are thinking its fun then well continue to do it. The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time ", "That Sounds Wrong, But I Don't Know Enough About Stars To Disprove It. Sortierreihenfolge Anzahl der Rollen pro Sprecher (absteigend) Anzahl der Rollen pro Sprecher (aufsteigend) Produktionsjahr des Films (absteigend) Absolutely. The ensuing year and a half certainly gave Sunny lots of ideas, including episodes on pandemic assistance and cancel culture. Although now theyre all my competition. We wanted to do something different. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Their lack of a moral compass offers flexibility; the gang can pretty much do anything they want. Tired of Standing? Meanwhile Louise and Gene try to keep their new restaurant game a secret from Linda in the all-new "What A (April) Fool Believes/Crows Encounters of the Bird Kind" special one-hour episode of Bob's Burgers airing Sunday, March 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT . The die-hard Catholic is constantly referencing God, attending church-goer cruises, and pontificating to an uninterested gang. Dennis' reading of the speech is a hilarious scene. But I just felt very passionately that this needed to be something that I really loved, personally. He replies with a short, hilarious speech that rings true to many of It's Always Sunny's viewers. As the resident whiskey expert of the gang, he took it upon himself to make sure Four Walls didnt shit the bed. And what took so long? Below he spills some secrets about the showand the whiskeyto Rolling Stone. Is there any fear that you could potentially be cannibalizing material for upcoming seasons of the show? It's not just a comedy show, but it's one of the most famous comedy series ever made. Charlie's illiteracy is funny for viewers but frustrating for the gang. We've scrubbed them from history! The man feels nothing. And there are a lot of whiskeys out there that I dont particularly like that people love. This is lucky because not long after, Charlie has a mental breakdown. Eight episodes is more than enough to set a new Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia record. The episode "The Gang's Still in Ireland" sees each character . And once we started doing it we realized that its really fun and people are enjoying it. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. True London fog, thick, yellow, and all-encompassing, was born in the 1840s, when the city's rapid expansion multiplied the number of domestic coal fires and mingled their smoke as it poured out into the atmosphere with the noxious emissions of factory chimneys and . Even after running for an impressive 14 seasons and with season 15 in the works, the show manages to stay fresh and keep viewers entertained. Were you able to visit any distilleries while you were filming there? The gang looks back on 2020 to justify their numerous PPP loans as they contributed to the chaos of the past political year way more than anyone could have imagined. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" follows "The Gang," the owners of the unsuccessful Paddy's Pub; a group of degenerates who loves nothing more than to scheme, conspire, and mostly revel in. The drop includes two bottlings: an $89 bartender-friendly blend of Irish Whiskey and Pennsylvania Rye; and a thousand-dollar cask strength single malt matured for 15 years to commemorate the shows record-breaking run. Trying to prove to Frank that everyone hates him, Dee, Dennis and Frank attend a Christmas party at the company where Frank used to work. In "Frank's Pretty Woman," he and Charlie scheme to convince a woman that Charlie is rich. What's worse than Frank Reynolds? Related Watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Investor, Watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 2020: A Year In Review. If there's one thing Mac is proud of, it's his faith. And thats why we keep doing Sunny. "A Very Sunny Christmas Part 2" is home to quite a few iconic moments for It's Always Sunny. Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Danny DeVito return for another season of shenanigans, but for how many episodes? In Dennis' case, this causes him to act even more narcissistic and unhinged than usual. The Gang finds themselves in the middle of a focus group after a screening of Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool. Just ask his imaginary friend Barney. | FX confirmed Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 would consist of eight episodes. A major reason for this is that the main characters happen to be the worst people in Philadelphia. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The 10 Funniest Scenes From The Series By Zachary Francis Published Sep 1, 2021 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been delivering laughs for over a dozen seasons, but a few scenes stand above the rest as the funniest ever. Well, a naked Frank Reynolds. Dee attempts to act insane but fails because, well, because her acting is terrible. After Charlie swallows far too many fake blood capsules, he gets sick all over his date. What makes this scene hit especially hard isn't the lines themselves, but the over-dramatized delivery done by DeVito as well as the reactions of the poor onlooking psychologist. Were already completely and totally out of ideas. I-X: Silver End - Addicted XI-XX: Written by Wolves - Oxygen XXI-XXX: Ignite the Fire - Criticize XXXI-XL: Faultlines - Breathe XLI-L: Bring Me the Horizon - Avalanche LI-LX: Disturbed - Sons of Plunder LXI-LXX: Cold Black - Circles (LXI: Carol of the Bells - The Trans-Siberian Orchestra) LXXI-LXXX: LEDGER - Iconic LXXXI-XC . Sunny now breaks the record and becomes the longest-running live-action sitcom of all time. Frank then begins to overheat, ripping the couch open and emerging from it completely naked, like a gross baby entering the world. Sometimes that just takes a little bit more time, especially as you get into the later years. mardi 5 septembre 1995, Journaux, Sherbrooke, Quebec :Townships Communications Inc,[1979]- RELATED: 10 Sitcoms To Watch If You Love It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. : A Lifetone Original Movie for Adult Swim. Best moments from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia#SunnyFXX #FXonHulu Novak Anthology Series (September 16th), and Y: The Last Man (September 13th). A presidential visit to Philadelphia threatens to keep the gang from seeing a new action movie, leaving Dennis stuck in traffic, Frank stealing a boat, and Dee and Charlie prowling the city's sewers. Yet, the episodes with blackface are now gone. In order to maintain the tight comradery of the show, not just any actors can join the cast. The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore | Commentary (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) - YouTube With Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day With Rob McElhenney & Charlie Day AboutPressCopyrightContact. But they may soon be our competition. I think breastfeeding is part of what helped me lose my baby weight. In some ways this will be a little bit of a proof-of-concept. RELATED: 10 Sitcoms To Watch If You Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Meanwhile, Mac is reunited with his childhood dog Poppins. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The sitcom beats out classic series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, which ran for 14 seasons from 1952 to 1966. 8,8 2005 X-Ray TV-MA. He expresses his personal opinion on being buried in a hilarious way. For as much as we love it, we also dont want to make a show that isnt worthy of the audiences time and attention and love, McElhenney said at a Zoom press conference. His dedicated approach to Catholicism means he doesn't believe in evolution. They visit an award-winning rival bar and try to emulate the friendly banter of the employees there. When It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns to FXX for its 14th season on September 25th, it'll be in the rarest of company. Because Covid was hitting Ireland relatively hard right before we were supposed to go. As a record-breaking heat wave overtakes Philly, the Gang plans to profit from global warming by pumping up the A/C so people will congregate at Paddy's and save energy at home. Someone tells you to watch a movie, saying it's the best one ever made, and for a full two minutes (it feels longer than it sounds, trust me) they rant about how it's a marvel. The quote finishes, "If you vote me, I'm hot. What is the Spanish language plot outline for 2020: A Year In Review (2021)? The fact that it's a Range Rover (nearly completely submerged in water) that has him so upset only adds to the hilarity of the scene. Watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Investor 2 Videos 7 Photos Comedy The gang looks back on 2020 to justify their numerous PPP loans as they contributed to the chaos of the past political year way more than anyone could have imagined. Talk about your love of whiskey and where that came from. None of this could be possible without the unyielding faith and courage of FX, who took a gamble on a small, homegrown show and now have cultivated one of the most vital, boundary-breaking comedies in American history. Pick Up Some of These Gloves First The network already announced fellow comedies "Dave," "Breeders," and "What We Do. Because Four Walls feels more on-brand for you than, say, Dwayne Johnsons tequila? Thank You, Thank You. Always Sunny was created by Rob McElhenney with development by Glenn Howerton, who play Mac and Dennis, respectively. The whole McPoyle family is frightening and operates with an insular mentality that's more representative of cult victims than a healthy family.. RELATED: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The 10 . A Book.._ .1~W _ CoDviiAlN 0 COPYRIGHT DEPOSIT. Especially for someone like Charlie, who doesn't have the best set of marketable skills to try to seek new employment with. Bio" star Glenn Howerton described in a podcast Monday a frustrating experience where his Tesla was stuck in a parking garage for over 24 hours . All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. But the Irish-Americanthe blend with the ryethats something that could potentially be sustainable and something that we could continue to source and bottle and put out into the world in not limited edition form. When a trendy new hair salon opens up right next door to Paddy's, Dennis and Frank go on the offensive to stop women from cutting off their hair. She also appeared as Nick's ex-girlfriend Caroline in the sitcom New Girl. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. This includes setting Mac and Dee up in a staged will-they-won't-they relationship for the customers to watch. I would love that, that would be wonderful. Best moments featuring Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia#SunnyFXX #FXonHulu Last year, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia aired its 15th season, becoming the longest-running live-action sitcom in U.S. TV history. And [more recently] my other favorite category of whiskey has become rye.. Asking to be thrown into the trash is a nice tie-in to the "Trash Man" joke he's made previously. You put me in the basement with spray cans I got high. Press J to jump to the feed. She's a short little chubby adorable thing. But this isnt merely some charity case. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphiais a historically good sitcom that rarely misses the mark. Season 3 hit 15 and Season 4, 6, and 7 were 13 episodes. A sub-reddit for the fans and critics of the show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. We had been toying with the idea for a while. Trending For FX on Hulu, we have four series launches spin-off American Horror Stories (July 15th), Reservation Dogs (August 9th), Untitled B.J. Ive got a bottle of Hibiki at home that was given to me as a gift by Paula Pell [my co-star] from A.P. Radio Times - February 1117 2023 - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Fueled by all of the glue he huffed, Charlie's new song is a chaotic tribute to the spiders eating his soul. Despite this, they try to figure out what they can change in order to do so. It comes up while he, Dee, and Dennis go to dig up their late mother's grave. " Sunny " takes no prisoners. Its been about a year since we got serious about it. The fear was always there that if we did a podcast wed become podcast personalities in some way. Oh no, no. So we could do it, at least partly, as a celebration of our record-breaking season. Enigma Books Also published by Enigma Books Hitler's Table Talk: 1941-1944 In Stalin's Secret Service Hitler and Mussolini: The Secret Meetings The Jews in Fascist Italy: A History The Man Behind the Rosenbergs Roosevelt and Hopkins: An Intimate History Diary 1937-1943 (Galeazzo Ciano) Secret Affairs: FDR, Cordell Hull, and Sumner Welles Hitler and His Generals: Military Conferences . Sarah Mary Chadwick: When Will Death Come, Mother, May I Dance with Mary Jane's Fist? Dee's back. The record-breaking 15 th season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is its most ambitious yet. Now, of course, that field is chockablock with all sorts of noted personalities from sports stars with scotch brands to celebrated songstresses with cream liqueurs. He goes on a tangent about how his burning garbage is good for the environment and that it eventually creates the stars in the sky. But in "The Gang Runs For Office," Charlie writes an entire speech for the candidate, Dennis. Oh, and did we mention this is season 15? Charlie unsuccessfully tries it on the waitress, whilst Mac and Frank devise their own system once Dennis closes the deal. | Company Credits Neither does Carol in HR. That its interesting, that its still fun, its still very funny and that its satire at its highest. During their trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, Mac sets up a group text for The Gang that leads to confusion. Im very uncomfortable with the idea of being a personality. It was during the "you're too old for me" "Frank I'm younger than you" scene. This is true for the show and the writing team. When police forced their way into the home, they found five family members dead. FX Networks is getting ready for summer and has announced premiere dates for eight TV series on FX, FXX, and FX on Hulu as exclusives. Im not one of those people who can describe all of the different flavor notes in whiskey, but I have developed a taste for it to where I know what I prefer. The series has been ordered for two seasons and will "track Rob and Ryan's crash course in football club ownership and the inextricably connected fates of a team and a town counting on two actors. Described as a group of best friends who care little for one another, Always Sunny is shot in the actors' own apartments. ", "Why Don't I Strap On My Job Helmet And Squeeze Down Into A Job Cannon And Fire Off Into Job Land, Where Jobs Grow On Jobbies? I always wonder when Im looking at The Rocks instagram and hes opening a bottle of Teremana: Is that guy really working out for three hours a day and then every night getting hammered on his own tequila? Does that seem on-brand to you? Discussion of the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 premieres Dec. 1 on FXX, the sister network of FX. Finally, he's a full-fledged psychopath. The drop includes a 'bartender-friendly' blend of Irish Whiskey and Pennsylvania Rye and a thousand-dollar single malt matured for 15 years to commemorate the shows record-breaking run, Its Always Sunny Stars Break the Fourth Wall With New Irish Whiskey Release, Muse Team Up With Jim Beam for One-Night Homecoming Show, All Mariah Carey Wants for Christmas Is You (to Drink Her New Liqueur), Looking to Start Boxing After Watching 'Creed III'? PHOTO SHOWS A CANDID HAILE SELASSIE\'S DAUGHTER AT THE FUNERAL Martin Luther King Jr. was originally buried here but was later moved to the King National Historic Park in Atlanta.Tomlin, Elaine. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Hoi. We were shooting Season 15 when bars were shutting down all across America, McElhenney recalls. Naaah. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Only one live-action sitcom in TV history has lasted that many . The Birth of London Fog I London has always been susceptible to mist and murk. It wasn't a guaranteed hit, but it worked. Frank gets an unforgettable moment during Its Always Sunny's Christmas special. So we had to figure out a way to film all of that stuff here [in California]. So we decided to create something as a tribute to the bar and kick it off by giving back.. Dennis' reactions during this scene are equally as humorous as the quote itself. 3 mo. I wholeheartedly stand behind both of these whiskies. The guys are in the final preparation stage for an unknown scheme when Dee excitedly enters to inform them that today is "Dee Day" and the guys must do everything she wants without complaint. In terms of dialogue, acting, and absurdity, there isn't anything stand-out about this scene. However, they interact toxically, with screaming and physical violence. After waiting a year and a half to film season 15, eight episodes werent quite enough to satiate Olson. Dennis and Charlie stand guard at the entrance to their laser tag base waiting to ambush the legendary "Big Mo," but Dennis begins to ponder the reasons they play laser tag and if their pursuit of a victory is worth their effort. (active Atlanta, GA, 1960s-80s)Bibliography and ExhibitionsMONOGRAPHS AND SOLO EXHIBITIONS: GENERAL BOOKS AND GROUP EXHIBITIONS: So only being able to do eight episodes is the ultimate leaving people wanting more. Everybody has different tastes, but I think theyre fantastic.. In Always Sunny's most recent season, the Gang continues their tradition of ridiculous schemes and antics, including making yet another Lethal Weapon sequel, replacing Dee with a monkey, and being an integral part of the 2020 election. : r/todayilearned r/todayilearned 4 yr. ago Posted by TheCheshireCody Similar to Dennis' methods with women, we only see Charlie's illiteracy in snippets, used for a quick laugh. With the return of "Psycho Pete," Dennis and Dee visit a psychiatrist hoping to get medication. A sub-reddit for the fans and critics of the show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The Golden God! Frank nails Dennis' hand right in the middle, only for Dennis to snatch away a seemingly assured victory by producing no reaction whatsoever. The show follows 'The Gang' a group of self-absorbed friends and family that run an Irish bas in South Philadelphia. I have so many great memories of just sipping on itits always been a pleasant experience for me.