Systems, Lowrance Hook2-4 GPS If you can direct me to any information on how this hose connects it will be appreciated. If you have an alpha drive, the drain/fill hole is in frt lower. It has a Mercruiser 5.0L Alpha. I would love the pdf if you have it my email is. Also, you didn?t state the number of times you had to refill the reservoir. The hydraulic trim adjustment rams are repairable by lowering the drive to remove most of the hydraulic fluid then removing the end cap and installing new O-rings. Battery Charger, Marine Audio & I will see if I can put one on and then check it for leaking again. Sockets, Marine Electrical Accessories, Electronic Navigation Storage Dollies, SportsStuff Great Big Supplies, Boston Whaler, 1972-1993, oem Drive #s (for diffeent ratios) 714-5-5121200tp 714-5-5111200tp 714-5-5121300tp 714-5-5111300tp 714-5-5121400tp 714-5-5111400tp 714-5-5121600tp 714-5-5111600tp 714-5-5121700tp 1 year Full warranty , 3 year corrosion warranty Call with questions: 856-232-696 Ships on a pallet with a freight company from . The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. MerCruiser Service Manual Free Download PDF On this page you can free download service & repair manuals for such sterndrive engines as MerCruiser . Buy a Service Manual before attempting this repair. However, I believe its on the port side where your circle is on the starboard. You did not state when you installed the vent screw & seal washer. Biminis, Paint and Instruments, VHF Radios & Smoke Holders, Cabin Accessories & DESCRIPTION . I am not sure how to remove this hose other than just pulling it off, if possible. Winches, Boat Motor Supports & Locks, Boat Deck Copyright 2017-2022 Big Lake Media LLC, PALMER, AK. #40 18923 FITTING (1 required per assembly) 22-18923 - Fitting [ More info ] $14.00. Another common point is at the propeller shaft. It may not display this or other websites correctly. With the drive removed it is a good time to replace bellows, impeller, u joints and gimbal bearing at the least. Tops, Other its very hard to get to. He said the bottom part of the drive looks good, doesn't' look like water got in. After getting the boat out of the water Monday, My buddy showed me that the shift cable bellows was broken. Water is leaking into the boat at a slow pace through a hole directly above the - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic . 1997 Silverton 362, 7.4 Crusaders Guide, Boat You must log in or register to reply here. The Bayliner Owners Club is a gathering place for Bayliner Owners and prospective owners. Cushions, Lexington I assume it is broken or maybe the hose is just leaking. It could be a quick and easy fix. Downs, Couplers, Mounts, I will look again. Mercruiser manual #14 is for the Alpha and contains all the detail you need. Please check with your local mechanic to clarify that this is the correct part you need. Zincs, Generator MerCruiser impellers should be inspected once a year, or every 100 hours, and replaced as needed. Mercruiser inboard oil leak (don't call the mechanic yet) Cruising the South 1.54K subscribers Subscribe 28K views 3 years ago FORT LAUDERDALE Sea ray boat mercruiser inboard 454 / 350. My bellows is broken, so the water leaked in. We gladly accept returns if you feel a part was misrepresented. Thanks. It is rare for the hose to leak. Got the drive off. Deals, Trailering Software, Digital Seems to drop about 1/8 inch per fishing trip. Along with the oem manual for the drive this is a pretty useful site too. Magnetic Oil Plug Drain Kit Bottom, Mercury - Mercruiser 22-8M0058389 All MC-1, Alpha 1, Gen II, TR & TRS Replaces: Mercury 22-67892A06 GLM 21731 Mallory 9-72651 Redline RL2375 Pro Marine 64892 Sierra 18-2375 . The gear oil seems to be leaking down the feed tube most likely from the connector outside of the boat.. Gear oil leak on Alpha one Gen 2 - BAYLINER OWNERS CLUB The Bayliner Owners Club is a gathering place for Bayliner Owners and prospective owners. Additionally they are often installed DRY with no silicone or adhesive sealant which further opens up opportunity for them to leak. Gimble has some roughness to it so i got one of those as well. I looked up in there today with a light. Login, Boats A bench vise comes in handy to hold it while your working on it. (7%) See details Mercury Marine Mercruiser Alpha One Gen II Upper Driveshaft Assembly - OEM $2890 The anti-dribble valve just pushes in. Caulking, Marine Engine Recent Topics Looking for a Victrola fishing box! I've rebuilt quite a few Alpha 1's and can give alot of advice. Parts & Accessories; Boat Parts; Share on Facebook. It has a Mercruiser 5.0L Alpha. It appears to be around the end of the tilt ram whos fluid source is a pump mounted to the transom. i was just out trying to take a pic but my phone is not cooperating. Kits, Boat Trailer First of all the Alpha is not the engine but the outdrive (transmission). I need guidance on replacing the water pump impeller on a 1998 Mercruiser . ha ha if this was a car i would have been elbows deep in this already. However, considering the features, you can go for the Alpha gen 2. Seats, Offshore Boat Protection, Ladders, Steps, & Found a great little Merc shop near us. If water is leaking into the bilge and its not from an engine hose then its most likely the shift cable or driveshaft bellows. I've never done the seals on the lower. Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2 Leaking Drive Fluid 10-4-18 ShipShape Marine 5.83K subscribers Subscribe 17K views 4 years ago I just had a call about a leaking drive that was recently. i found the pdf for the manual on i boats and printed it out (at work of coarse. Trying to go boating with my family today and while removeing the cover i found small puddle of gear lube under the lower unit coming from small hole in front section of the lower unit. PFDs, Roof Racks, Carriers, I am hoping this will not be necessary. So first fix - replace bottle cap if there is oil on the top of it. Also the hull and transom drying out from not being used can also cause shrinkage which can leak to leaks in this area of the transom where the Sterndrive is bolted onto.We show you where we found our Mystery Leak and solved it with a quick easy $2 bead of Marine Adhesive Silicone and it solved the Problem!Eventually when we remove the sterndrive and housing some years down the track we will install a new foam seal and gasket and do it all properly, but for now and this season and probably the next this should hold out the small pin hole leak that was trickling water into our boatHope you found this video useful and it helped to solved the Mystery leak into your Boat fitted with Mercruiser Outdrive Stern Drive Alpha 1 SeriesClick LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to see more helpful videos like this Is the u joint suppose to be that rusty or rusty at all? Interesting timing on this one. Watch videos, get a manual. Maintenance, Boat Cleaners & Copyright 2017-2022 Big Lake Media LLC, PALMER, AK. Breakers, Power Packs & Jump Make sure the gear lube reservoir system is functioning as it should. Welcome to our site! Boat, Sell A Replaced them, plus water pump, and did a full check on the whole drive train. how bad if I continue to use as is. Ropes, Boat Share by E-Mail. I have a mercruiser 1987 Alpha one, Generation One outdrive that leaks outdrive fluid and water into the bilge. This hose may be leaking or the tie is missing. Ski, Wakeboard Not sure if its in the Bayliner library but I know we have it under Documents at the Maxum site. Deals, Dealer Oil is running out, but we can't see where. Transom Thanks for the replies, alright excellent thanks for all the quick help. Hardware, Boat Seat Hence it creates a price difference. Def not the drain plug leaking its on the oposite side just further forward and a little higher than the drain. The mechanic is making it sound like this is a really big deal so I asked him to write up a quote on what exactly needs to be fixed he said something needs to be sent somewhere to get recoated or resurfaced or something like that. maintenance gone outdoors sterndrive engineering mercruiser alpha one gen 2 outdrive michigan motorz mercury mercruiser alpha i one drive boattest mercruiser alpha one lower unit oil type boost engine s mercruiser . mercruiser greases products are widely available today, and we have reviewed them all. Thanks. Re: Mercruiser Alpha One gen2 leaking oil, but where? at start of every season. Most of the parts listed here have many more pictures available upon request.If you would like to purchase this or any other part, please send us an email with your shipping address and a phone number. Thanks. High Back Reclining Helm Seat, Cabin and The rusty u joints are most likely a lack of maintenance because it'd be milky if water was getting in. The pic youve posted is in fact the out drives gear lube reservoir. Outboards, Shop The Right Fit, Shop By Thanks again.Sent from my SM-J737V using Lake Ontario United mobile app. Locate the top vent hole oil plug on the lower unit side case. Galley, Barbeque Wewill then call you to move forward with payment and shipment! Insurance, Boat So 3 to 4 years of not removing the drive for inspection/maintenance then that rusting doesn't surprise me. Accessories, Boat Accessories, Big Jon Dial Indicator 91-58222A1. Covers, Boat Cover Boat Repair, Boat Paint & Small Business Not hard at all if your mechanically inclined. This Old Boat Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2 out drive oil reservoir. After that I installed it with a new bell-housing gasket, filled it up with oil from the bottom, until it ran out of the vent hole on PORT side. The classic source of water as you describe it is the lower shift cable bellows. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. We have 3 different membership levels available. Michigan Stinger, Stingrays Trolling Spoons, Bomber Long A 15a Jerkbait Fishing Lures (lot of 6), Floor material for aluminum boat instead of dreaded plywood, This could be last Stripers season on the Hudson River, Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association- LOCBA Meeting, If it's leaking you probably need a new $1 or under gasket for that screw. They aren't bad. You'll want a drip pan under the unit. Parts, Wash Down Boat Gel Coat - Spectrum Color, Pumps and No matter what size or model of Bayliner Boat that you have or are contemplating, we have members here who have that same model and would enjoy discussing it in a friendly, welcoming environment. However, if your anodes get much further eroded electrolysis will damage it. Second the area you circled is the trim cylinder which would leak trim fluid from the trim pump not gear lube. HorizonblueDK Petty Officer 1st Class Joined Ask Your Own Boat Question. Discussion in 'Gas Engines/Drives/Transmissions/Props' started by KHE, Aug 31, 2020. Drive was in up-position on the trailer. Mercruiser Alpha 1 Gen 2 out drive oil reservoir. Detectors, Binoculars & Shop Wholesale Marine now! If so am i going to need a gimble alignment tool? 2,254. Terminal Okay, so your circle is a bit misleading. & Rings, Prop Nut Kits & Received 8 Likes on 4 Posts. Big_Z Registered After running the boat for a few weekends I noticed that the gear oil was leaking out of a small drain hole on the lower unit housing on the opposite side of the drain plug (slow leak). Bullet Skimmer, Paint and 03-22-2017, 05:36 PM. Copyright 2019 IBOATS. There is a seal which holds the water out but the shaft is hardened steel which can rust, pit and ruin the seal. He said the whole thing is rusty from water getting into the drive for some time, he said he can't believe the 1st mechanic didn't say anything about it. The rubber tubing between the reservoir and the drive could be cracked between the boat and the drive. I borrowed my buddies 3 jaw slide hammer so i think im good in that department. Hardware, Boat Trailer I hope that will stop the leak. The Right Tools. Gear Lube Reservoir Fitting, 22-861150T02Gear Lube Fitting fits in the transom shield of both Alpha and Bravo Stern Drives. Seals go bad after a few years and need to be replaced. This is a VERY serious condition which will eventually lead to serious damage. Holder, Anchor & Dock Make yourself a drivestand. It turns out that the seal holds pressure at ambient temperature, but at higher operating temperature it leaks like a sieve. Best $20 you will ever spend and covers every process with diagrams. Bilge Pump, Tires, Rims, & Hub Can you show me a picture of where the fluid is leaking from?? Oars, Wakeboard, Wakesurf & I am wondering if this is normal to fill any leftover spaces in the out drive up to the reservoir. Customer reply replied 18 hours ago. Seats, Pontoon Boat Seats & PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE BOC (and remove advertising), Mercruiser 22-861150T02 Gear Lube Reservoir Fitting,,, I am trying to find the correct connector. I have the Seloc manual 92-2000. Trolling Motors, Shop "B on D C", is a 1989 2459 Trophy Offshore HT, OMC 5.7L, Cobra OD, Yamaha 15hp kicker. The engine only has 100 hours on it, but for the last three years was hardly used (my brother passed last year) . So i basically need to reseal the upper and lower unit. I was going to take the valve out, but not sure if I should with the Gimbal housing still on. I used a bit of permatex gasket maker, the thick stuff, to hold it in place during assembly. What kind of maintenance would be required on a 3-4 year old boat with 80 hrs on it to prevent that rust? I have some oil in the bilge but it could have been from the 1st time and me not getting it all completely out. Manufacturer, Boat Tables & All times are GMT-8. Restocking fee of 15% may apply in other circumstances. this is from my 1992 SeaRay 5.7 lt V8. I appreciate all of the help. Protection, Dock Storage & Dock, Cabin and Shift shaft or input shaft seal, just did both on mine this year, need to get drive pressure tested to be sure. Deals, Electronics Any help here? There is a tiny gasket between the upper and lower halves of the drive. Harware, Marine Nuts, Bolts, & tolerant to moisture). That will make the leak - leak even more as the bubbles will force more oil out. Covers, Boat Wiring & Show More. Covers, Boat Seat Marine Battery Chargers, Shop Plumbing, Fresh Water Boat The area of your circle is located near the upper and lower sections of you outdrive aka drive, leg, or in some cases unprintable names. for Sale, Buy A Auto Parts & Accessories; Boat Parts; Share on Facebook. I checked the fluid and it was a little gray but no raw water came out the bottom and it wasnt really milky so i topped it off and went out for a few hours with no problems. Club Sea Ray is the online home for Sea Ray owners world wide! Completely different system. I did a gimble with a buddy of mine a while back and dont remember using a tool. Of course drained the oil and replaced it. HiCustomer Happy to help. Remove the drain plug on the "bullet" (see photo below). The link that Mudflat pointed to explains it all. Denmark. The lube line on the backside of the bellhousing slips over a hose barb and is secured with a cable tie. my son has a 2006 bayliner 210 cuddy and is losing oil out of the alpha 1 gen 2 mercruiser sterndrive. In terms of Mercruiser Alpha gen outboards, Alpha gen 1 is comparatively cheaper than Alpha gen 2. Hardware, Boat Biminis, RV & Trailer Ventilation, Interior & Cabin I have not removed the hinge pins to remove the ring. I have oil leaking out of my water intake slots on the sides of my 1994 merc cruiser alpha stern drive lower unit. I have a 1990 mercruiser alpha one. US $113.88 63115A12 Alpha One Gen I 96863A15 Alpha One Gen II 805320A1 Fits all of the following sterndrives Replaces Part Numbers: 805320A03 17693A2. Joel Radecki Started Monday at 02:35 PM WALKER 12V ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGER-GOOD WORKING CONDITION-$225 SHIPPED TYD Lake Erie United Started 17 minutes ago Wire dipsy package troutman10 Started November 28, 2022 The 12 oz. Could not find much on the valve in there. All, Anchor & The drive probably needs new seal(s) & a pressure/vacuum test to confirm that's the only source of leakage. REPLACEMENTKITS.COM - Brand Fits Mercruiser Alpha One Gen 2 Impeller Repair Kit - 4.2 (83) $2499 FREE delivery Wed, Mar 8 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon Small Business Water Pump Impeller Kit for Mercury Mercruiser Alpha One 46-96148A8 46-96148Q8 4.6 (193) $3919 FREE delivery Fri, Mar 10 I assume i have to take the upper drive off the boat to do the upper seals? Accessories, PWC Parts & Myself, top down, 1/4 tank. Replaces MerCruiser Gen 2 alpha outdrives 1991+. Below is a list of tools required to build an Alpha One lower. My 1990 regal sebring mercruiser 4.3l alpha 1 gen 2 outdrive gears turned into butter since my oil leaked . I took it to one mechanic and he told me it was cover nut inside the drive that was completely lose, I paid him to fix it, change oil, water pump, spark plugs etc 3 weeks later I took the boat out for the 1st time since the fix and the oil is gone again (resevor completely empty after 30 min on the water). I'd have them also do the u joints, an impeller and related parts/gaskets while they have it. thanks for that information. This actually is quite a common occurrence when people do their own work and become a mechanic from watching a few Youtube video clips (LOL) Please check with us for your used parts needs, as we part out boats and motors on a daily basis. The drive gets warm and the oil expands and some can get pushed out through the prop shaft seals. Greetings. Kits, Seadog Stainless Steel Cup Second the area you circled is the trim cylinder which would leak trim fluid from the trim pump not gear lube. Maintenance, Fiberglass & Epoxy Re: Mercruiser Alpha One gen2 leaking oil, but where? CSR is a member supported community. Deals, Boat Seats The Bayliner Owners Club is a gathering place for Bayliner Owners and prospective owners. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE BOC (and remove advertising),, Genuine Mercury Marine parts, large inventory, fast shipping. Mercruiser 5.7L EFI alpha 1 Gen 2 drive The leak is coming from the lower portion of the keyhole area - not the large bore where the u-joints and yoke pass through - the lower portion. The vent hole plug will be high up on the lower unit case and marked accordingly. Between the upper and lower sections is a O-ring for an oil passage between the halves that could be leaking.