Typically, they last between 4 and 12 weeks. Everysummer the Institute of Astronomy hosts a number of undergraduate interns who undertakeresearch projects supervised by amember of the Institutes staff. We cannot guarantee any placements, but we will make . For further details, including eligibility requirements see: https://amgenscholars.bio.cam.ac.uk/. Students with an interest in climate policy, policy development, education, ethics, economics and public engagement would find this a fascinating project. The Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) ice pack is a vital global climate regulator due to its reflective properties and is under threat due to direct and indirect greenhouse effects. If you are interested in short summer projects we could circulate a CV to our staff. Cambridgeshire CB2 3EQ FIRST Robotics Internship - Summer 2023 - Office of Career Services The five-day summer schools in July and August allow students to explore their interest in one of 26 subjects and gain an insight into what it is like to live and study as a first-year undergraduate student at Cambridge. Join us for the Christ's-King's Residential! Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco). Work placements last up to two weeks maximum and are unpaid. The MRC is part of UK Research and Innovation, This site uses cookies. Cambridge CB3 0HE, How the In summer 2022, applications are sought for a placement within Cavendish Astrophysics. The University of Cambridge in-person International Summer Programme allows you to combine courses from a wide range of subjects in the fields ofBusiness and Innovation; Global Challenges;History; Literature, Philosophy and the Visual Arts; and Science. This is best done in spring when people are likely to be thinking about these things. This project may provide an opportunity for continuation into a 4th year project; for example in modelling of marine cloud brightening or the design of spray delivery mechanisms for the narrow range of droplet sizes which are deemed necessary. Position available for recent graduate or post-graduateworking in the Open Cell COVID Testing Facility on Jersey. Many employers use internships as a way to encourage you to consider them as an option after graduating. For more information, see the Cambridge NERC DTP website. The successful candidate will receive a ca. Dr Will Handley (Bayesian inference and machine learning. To add to your academic experience you can book to stay in a Cambridge College, close to the teaching site and the vibrant city centre. They will develop, organise and participate in the BrisSynBio 4-Day More Business Acumen (MBA) course. 8-12 week internship opportunity at research tools provider CRB Discovery. These internships present an opportunity to get involved with either of these organisations at a critical time for climate issues globally. You will plan and carry out experimental research, learn how to perform techniques and how to record and analyse data. Marine Cloud Brightening (MCB) is a potential technology which could help to cool the Arctic. How the Downing Street Cambridge However, if you are from the UK or EU and wish to apply for a placement, please send your CV to admissions@mrao.cam.ac.uk. The Biomaker Challenge is a four-month interdisciplinary programme with multiple teams building low-cost sensors and instruments for biology, co-organised by OpenPlant, the Synthetic Biology SRI and CamBridgeSens. If we have a good model, then we can use it to design methodologies for creating ice in the Arctic. 250 per week subsistence payment, will be supported in accessing accommodation in Cambridge, and will be encouraged to experience all that Cambridge has to offer during their internship. Our 2023 programme offers a mixture of 5- and 10-session courses, complemented by a series of plenary lectures showcasing the variety of subjects on offer here at the University, as well as research, global current affairs and a range of other topics. United Kingdom You will acquire new knowledge through taking part in team discussions, attending seminars, reading research papers and presenting your results to your lab colleagues. Follow along to get started with your own custom devices. In the computational biology field, Microsoft Research Cambridge often offer 12-week paid interships targeted primarily at Masters and PhD students. A great way for schools to explore Classics! Applications for Summer 2022 have now closed. These cookies (and any others in use) are detailed in our, https://www.gov.uk/government-authorised-exchange, https://www.york.ac.uk/biology/undergraduate/careers/summer-studentships/. This programme is offered by the Postgraduate School of Life Sciences together with the other sponsors, with the aim of widening participation in postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge. Please note: Applicants must apply to a specific vacancy - we cannot accept CVs from speculative applicants. Knowledge of Matlab and/or Python is desirable, as is prior experimental work. from solar cells) may offer the opportunity to achieve large-scale methane conversion with low energy consumption. To apply for an internship vacancy that you've seen advertised, please visit here for more information. However, if you wish to apply for a placement, please send your CV (in pdf format) to rutherford.hub@phy.cam.ac.uk along with a brief description of the area/project you are interested working in. Funds a basic salary and 100 research expenses. The balance between heat transfer, sensible heat and latent heat in flowing water is formulated in terms of distance and time. Students with an interest in climate change law, international law, and environmental law would find this a fascinating project. We observe that the involvement of ethicists and the impact of ethics on scientific research and wider deployment have shifted over the course of many decades and have evolved differently from one jurisdiction to the next depending on socio-political context. Experience Postgrad Life Sciences offers paid 8-week research internships to UK and Republic of Ireland residents who are studying at a UK or Republic of Ireland university for their undergraduate bachelor degree and are in their penultimate year of study, with priority given to those from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups. We are pleased to host internships in our Cambridge, Cape Town and New York offices. The J&J Engineering Summer Internship Program is an 8-week internship experience targeted to rising first-year college students who have participated in the FIRST Robotics program during high school and are pursuing a STEM course of study at the university level. We use external analysis systems which may set additional cookies to perform their analysis. University of Cambridge internships for international students Training with The Brilliant Club and working as a Scholars Programme tutor enables researchers to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience, gain valuable teaching and public engagement experience and deepen their knowledge of the UK education system. Discussions about climate repair frequently involve students and public policy researchers with very little background knowledge about this subject, so little in fact, that it is often assumed wrongly that climate repair is a hypothetical subject for the future. Many themes cover the work of more than one research group, encouraging new . A Summer vacation scholarship for undergraduate students with a weekly allowance to complete a research project in biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics and statistics. External and existing University of Cambridge students are welcome to apply for internships within the University. The Engineering Biology Interdisciplinary Research Centre acts as a hub for synthetic and engineering biology activities at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with corporate partners, policy organisations and NGOs. Each year, up to 12 internships are available for 8 to 13 weeks, usually between July and September. Internships are targeted at those about to start on their final year of studies. We are offering 10-week paid internships in our Biology and Engineering Programmes to help build the foundations for our work and get involved with technical projects, public engagement, training and business development in this innovative environment. The Cavendish Laboratory and the Institute of Astronomy recognise with deep gratitude the support of Mr David and Mrs Bridget Jacob and their establishment of The David and Bridget Jacob Internship Programme. The Brilliant Clubs 'Researcher Development Programme' offers PhD and Early Career Researchers a meaningful, professionally developmental, paid tutoring opportunity. Enquires regarding work experience opportunities at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute can be sent to: Queries regarding longer term student placements can be sent to: programme helps disadvantaged and under-represented 16-17 year olds (studying at least one STEM subject, either at sixth form or at college) gain an insight into science, technology, engineering or maths. Biomakespace biology and engineering programmes, [Closes 31 March 2018] EPSRC IAA Postdoctoral Placements, [Closes 30 Nov 2017] PhD Internship available: BrisSynBio Innovations Officer, Cambridge Consultant Synthetic Biology PhD Studentship, [Closes 19 May 2017] Biomaker Challenge Coordinator - 10 week summer placement, [Closes 20 Apr 2017] FORCE11 Communications Fellows 2017-2018 Call For Applicants, [Closes March 2016] Internship: Interdisciplinary Research Project on plant communication and signaling, How the University Physics Summer School | Undergraduate Study - University of Cambridge If you are interested in undertaking a summer placement or internship with us, please do not send a general application to the department. Tutors will be supported to complete a series of training modules before beginning work with us, and further continuous professional development for each subsequent placement. We are looking for an intern to join us in the last of these. Tweets by unicamcareers. Students will gain skills in electrochemistry, gas adsorption measurements, and materials synthesis. Do you need help with any aspect of writing from generating ideas, planning and structure, to clarity and editing? Some of the possible projects are listed here, and others may be available related to the PhD projects listed here. and Colleges work. Students receive additional subject specific teaching across five subject strands (English, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and History) which is delivered by experience teachers and departmental outreach practitioners. Average salary for University of Cambridge Summer Intern in Whitechapel: 18,000. This project will build on a previous internship as well as work currently being undertaken by fourth year engineering students. One of the potential ideas to slow down the rate of melting of glaciers is to construct a barrier mounted on the sea floor near the mouth of a glacier. This work will determine the minimum energy requirements for methane oxidation and allow for large-scale conversion systems to be devised that fit within existing building ventilation systems or compressed air energy storage units. Insight Discover is a collaborative programme with The Brilliant Club (see also below) and in the final part of Insight Discover our participants take part in the Brilliant Clubs Scholars Programme. This exciting collaborative scheme provides a research internship in either a research lab or in one of the state-of-the art facilities at the LMB. These experiments would be undertaken in the Seawater lab and would examine the impact of different permeabilities of material for sea curtains. You may want to check out the University of Cambridge School of Biological Sciences which run their internship programme Experience Postgrad Life Sciences every year for undergraduates. Opportunity for academics and postdocs to undertake short (up to 6 month) secondments with industry partners. Internships are targeted at those about to start on their final year of studies. One of the world's leading research institutes, our scientists are working to advance understanding of biological processes at the molecular level - providing the knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health. Students should be between their penultimate and final year of undergraduate study. Direct air capture of carbon dioxide is thought to be increasingly important in mitigating climate change. For more information, see the, How the Key output will be a written report detailing three of the most viable legal approaches to protect Arctic ice assessing their prospects and if time permits, an online database of principal sources. The King's Summer Research Programmes offer undergraduate students in the early and middle years of their degree the chance to gain hands-on research experience on projects covering areas across the sciences and the arts and humanities. You might also be interested in our Weekend Courses taught at the inspirational setting of Madingley Hall, close to Cambridge. The challenge is to identify the next steps which must be addressed in order to progress to field trials. These placements will last for 8-10 weeks and students will be able to start in early July. In particular, we are targeting materials that can be rapidly regenerated using renewable electricity. Our Writing Fellow can help. The project will also include research on applicable consultation procedures with indigenous or local peoples potentially impacted by climate repair. Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge: Summer Internships Summer Internship Scheme 2022 - MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit Cavendish Laboratory FORCE11 is a community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that has arisen organically to help facilitate the change toward improved knowledge creation and sharing. External students as well as University of Cambridge students are welcome to apply for Internships within the University. and Colleges work. For more information about work experience, please contact office@stemcells.cam.ac.uk, Formore information on Internships, please contactinterns@admin.cam.ac.uk, For more information on Erasmus+, please contactexchanges@admin.cam.ac.uk, Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre The University's Temporary Employment Service (TES) manages the internship scheme. The e-mail address for internship enquiries is interns@admin.cam.ac.uk. This project is ideally suited to an applied mathematician or engineer who is comfortable with partial differential equations and numerical methods, and who is eager to undertake laboratory experiments. Knowledge of Matlab and/or Python is needed. overview, Maternity and other family-related Leave and Pay, Maternity and other family-related leave and pay, Additional sources of information and guidance, Nurturing a Culture of Mutual Respect Survey, New Casual Workforce Management System overview, Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS) update December 2022, Cambridge Casual Worker System update: November 2022, Casual Worker Management System (Dashboard) Implementation update May 2022, Management of the Casual Workforce System Demonstration Invitation, Management of the Casual Workforce - Important Changes, Casual Workforce Management System Update, Cambridge Casual Worker System update September 2022, Relocation and Accommodation Benefits overview, Reimbursement of Relocation Expenses overview, Travel Benefits and Getting Around overview, Family Friendly and Lifestyle Benefits overview, Contribution reward and progression schemes, Contribution reward and progression schemes overview, Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers, Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers overview, Additional Responsibility Payments overview, Professional Services Recognition Scheme overview, Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Lecturers, University of Cambridge Careers Service website, Equality & Diversity at the University of Cambridge, How the University External students as well as University of Cambridge students are welcome to apply for Internships within the University. The programme seeks supervisors to host these students for 2-week placements in the summer, and hosts can be anyone from PhD students, to Postdocs, to PIs. Topics which students can choose from include: Ice Thickening; Atmospheric Methane Removal; Marine Cloud Brightening; Sea curtains; International/Climate Change Law; Ethics of geoengineering; Curriculum Development; Carbon Capture. and Colleges work. Summer Placements/Internships. The Centre for Climate Repair is pleased to be offering four internships and five UROPs during the summer of 2023 (as per 2021 and 2022). These student placements will address various aspects of Climate Repair. The LMB, in association with the University of Yorks GenerationResearch scheme aims to facilitate greater equity in access to technical and research opportunities for all students interested in a career in science. Work experience & internships - Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Biomakespace is a not-for-profit social enterprise establishing a community laboratory for lifelong learning, curiosity driven research, entrepreneurship and public engagement at the interface of biology and engineering. 5000 funding available to coverextension toPhD award, maintenance and accommodation. Special advice for final year undergraduates. The University of Cambridge in-person International Summer Programme allows you to combine courses from a wide range of subjects in the fields of Business and Innovation; Global Challenges; History; Literature, Philosophy and the Visual Arts; and Science. Funding is available to allow EPSRC-funded postdocs to take up short term placements in a partner organisation in industry, the public sector or third sector (not at other Universities). Please refer to the Safety Handbook. Postgraduate 3-month PIPS internship with an award winning SynBio venture building next generation microbiome-editing therapeutics. Summer 2023 Internship Program. Summer activity Projects Apply Fees & funding Class profile . Undergraduate Summer Research Programme - Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute The Institute welcomes any enquiries from students wishing to undertake a summer research placement or work experience in the building. A fourth-year engineering student has developed ice-thickening experiments and has made interesting measurements with water flowing in a channel inside a freezer at -18, This project may provide an opportunity for continuation into a 4, Frequently asked University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1AG, UK Tel: +44 (0)1223 339700. There is no upper age limit to our internship scheme. M: 9:00 am - 5 . If any of your queries are not answered above please contact us. CC Bio are keen for the candidate to become a valued member of the team. The UROPs are available to all university students and are administered by the Engineering Department. SynBioUK is partnering with Hummingbird Ventures (HV) to offer a nation-wide Venture Fellowship allowing participants to learn more about the synthetic biology and biotechnology market. Interests in informal science education, maker spaces, open science, DIY science and public engagement are all desirable. questions, How the For more details on the Youth Mobility Scheme see the UKBA website for further details. Visiting Research Fellowship Commonwealth Studies, including Commonwealth related aspects of archaeology, anthropology, economics, history, human geography, law, literature, oriental studies, sociology, politics and social psychology Paid / Allowances Open to international applicants University of Cambridge Work permit : Required University and Colleges work, Transferable Skills Training for Research Students and Postdocs, Cambridge Volcano Seismology Group overview, Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research, Staff and Postgraduate Student Resources overview, Insurance of personal computers in the Department, Permission to Work Out of Hours in Laboratories, Part II - Core 2 Ancient Life and Environments, Part III - Option 1 Continental Tectonics, Part III - Option 2 Lithospheric Dynamics, Part III - Option 4 Records of Environmental Change in Earth History, Part III - Option 5 Advanced Topics in Sedimentary Geology and Stratigraphy, Part III - Option 6 Evolution and Composition of the Earth's Mantle, Part III - Option 8 Planetary Chemistry and Evolution, Part III - Option 11 Reconstructing Climate and Ocean Physics, Part III - Option 12 Magnetoelastic Coupling, Part III - Option 13 Magnetism of Earth and Planetary Materials, Part III - Option 16 Vertebrate Paleontology, Earth Sciences General Fund (Unrestricted), Data Protection for Alumni and Supporters, How the University View Courses and Apply now The curriculum development could for example be incorporated into a Part 2 paper across a range of different subjects; or it could be used to inform seminars hosted by the Centre for Climate Repair or other organisations. We also have a wide network in local companies and organisation and we're happy to facilitate links for external opportunities, in addition to advertising existing vacancies and calls on the site.