Back to the timeline. It is my belief that only Stevie and Chris were stripped at this time because Michael was most likely already unconscious. As he jumped up from the fall, he grabbed Chris and apparently hit him with force as well. When his friend Richard failed a polygraph, he admitted that LG had asked him to lie. And interestingly enough, the alleged confessions mention that the four cleaned up as darkness approached. Also, we dont know if the four men were already well acquainted. Terry is an absolute sadist, psychopath and was never properly investigated, and I know The Hobbs Family Secret is true, possibly The Puzzle. In the autopsy reports, it was concluded that Michael was swiftly and violently attacked and was likely unconscious for almost the entire assault on the boys. A year or so after Buddy admitted to Bennie of his involvement, he also allegedly confessed to Billy Stewart and described to him what happened. VICKIE: YES. Although I have gone into great detail describing how this murder took place, in reality, the experts believed it would have only taken around 20 minutes to carry the murder out. He noted that his son spent a lot of time in the home of Terry Hobbs and could easily have picked up the hair (with DNA matching that of Terry Hobbs) found in his shoelaces on one of those occasions. That he was still wearing the same clothes is very telling. He actually worked in a slaughterhouse. Also during the interview, Hobbs said he still wants to know why someone would kill the boys. 6 Q. RIDGE: FIVE TIMES YOU SAW IT HAPPEN FIVE TIMES? LG, as well, had raised some suspicions himself by carrying on an unusual relationship with a much older man. Also, although this may seem insignificant, Anthony Hollingsworth, LGs cousin, made a statement in May of 1993 that LG acts like he is gay. However, since LG was wearing a tie that day and the alleged confessions state the teens wrestled, its my belief that LGs shirt and tie had been removed for the entire murder, which meant that it was clean. Aaron, Michael and Chris had always gone without Stevie and the one time Stevie did go, the men did not show up. And the 90s. Its intriguing, however, that Buddys statements were, He just held them while the others killed them, And, He hit a couple in the back of the head. Was Buddy really speaking of his own participation in the murders? Terry Hobbs was reported missing from Kinard on April 20, but his family said the last time anyone. VICKIE: HE STAYED. The day after the boys went missing before they were even found, Michael Moores parents asked Aarons mother, Vickie Hutchinson, if Aaron could be removed from school to help find the boys. Both Guy and Stewart have tried since 1994, thirteen years before Terry and David were even suspects, to tell the authorities what they had been told. AND I TOLD HIM, YOU KNOW WHAT WHY DIDNT YAWL LEAVE WHY DIDNT YOU COME HOME, WERE YOU SCARED? Sex always wins and a casual look through history will show that people are gonna get off to what they need to get off to. Tragically, for all involved, no one seemed interested or would return their calls. RIDGE: DOING NASTY STUFF, WHERE DID YOU SEE THEM DOING THIS STUFF? Not only did they not ever contact the Echols defense team in search of a deal for their help, Buddy Guy didnt send his letter to the prosecutor till the WM3 were out of prison. (Narlene Interview) Additionally, she lied about seeing Damien and her niece, Domini walking away from the crime scene sometime around 9:30 the night of the murders. A certain kind of way. This means that the four could have been driving around the back streets for around 25 minutes and then might have pulled up to the Blue Beacon Woods sometime around 6:40. Since Jacoby knew that Hobbs was with Pam at 9pm, he clearly meant that Hobbs had left for the two hours that Jacoby had previously claimed they were together. He believed that one of the men told the others what to do, because they always did what he said. The boys probably promised to meet up in a bit and Chris headed home. And, allegedly, David was the one who caught Christopher, so I believe the first person who was attacked was Michael. random bruising on legs that don't hurt madonna university room and board was terry hobbs ever found. Apparently, the medical examiner stated that the fine scratches on Stevies penis are similar to those from children who have sexually abused, i.e: given oral sex. . With all that in mind, I allege that Terry and Amanda returned home a little after 5pm. I believe he wanted to punish them because he faultedthemfor spying. VICKIE: ANY TIME MY CHILD DIDNT COME HOME ON TIME THATS WHERE I WOULD LOOK FOR HIM, RIDGE: OKAY, YOU HAD BEEN THERE ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS? Even more incriminating, is that Narlenes sister said that only Narlene and her husband picked her up from work. After he allegedly hit back, he thenreally had a motive to kill. Even the autopsy report shows that. I thought, surely, if this is a lie, it will be discredited quickly by known facts and information. Humiliation is a strong word and punishment for the situation. Its been so long ago you know it may not be in the right order but I know he did come over around 5:30/6 oclock and we played the guitar for a while and then he said he had to go. Here is a timeline of how events may have unfolded that day. I think those questions have easy answers. VICKIE: SO THEN UM, II JUST GOT AARON OUT OF THERE BECAUSE YOU KNOW. You have to keep in mind that the statements from Bennie Guy and Billy Stewart are considered hearsay and most likely would not stand up in a court of law alone. Twenty years later, in 2013, two parents of the murdered boys, Mark Byers and Pam Hicks, hired a lawyer to help them look at any evidence in the prosecutions possession. AARON: ITS, ITS IN UH, ITS IN THOSE WOODS WHERE UH, WHERE THAT STOP SIGN IS AND ITS. What would allegedly happen next is one of the greatest indicators that the statements made by Billy and Bennie are in fact true. I have a theory about what weapon it could have been. May 1993. He admits that they would go to the woods and hide either behind a tree or in their clubhouse, wait for a group of men to arrive, and then spy on them. After Terrys attack on Chris groin, was when, allegedly, David hit Chris till Buddy believed he was dead. When reading her first statements to police, it raises serious doubts about her alleged sighting of the three boys. According to Fox 13 Memphis, Benca previously said the evidence was intact and they plan to move ahead and test this evidenceusing the latest DNA technology available to hopefully identify the real killer(s) of the three children in 1993 and exonerate Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse Misskelley.. In fact, the very first place that he and Pam looked before Pam went to work was Michaels house. However, other experts who studied Chris wounds said that the injuries to his groin were post mortem and that there was no way a knife could have made those kinds of injuries. It is an indisputable fact that Jacoby lied to police and under penalty of perjury in order to protect Hobbs from either being further investigated or arrested. It remains unsolved in the minds of those who feel the West Memphis Three defendants are innocent. I dont feel it was an actualclubhouse. Everybody said that Damian, I know that hes suppose to have 666 on his shoes. That leaves one very glaring, unexplainable question. This could mean that Terry could have arrived sometime between 8:45 and 9:00pm. A narcissistic ego injury (Stevie talking back or what the fuck ever - remember the neighbor who saw Terry and Stevie together for the last time?) At the same time, considering the trampled crime scene and shoddy police work, would the cops have even documented the sight of animal prints or tire tracks even if they did see it? I allege that he ordered the three to tie up the boys and explained that they should all be tied up in the same manner. Especially considering how extremely rare it is for a victim to be tied in this manner. The question about Terry having a drug dealer name Ray could also possibly be significant. When you look at the evidence as a whole, it is quite clear and truly undeniable what really occurred that tragic day. I believe he intended to terrify and threaten them so they would never, ever speak of what they had seen. AND HE SAID BECAUSE WE WERE SCARED, AND THEY WERE SCARED I GUESS OF GETTING CAUGHT THEN AND AH HE SAID MICHAEL KEPT TELLING ME THAT IT WAS AN INDIAN THING THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO AND CHRIS SAID NO THEIR GETTING READY TO HAVE SEX. My theory is that when Stevie saw Terry there, he was scared, very scared. Perhaps she felt obligated to lie about Damien in order to get him arrested for a murder she believed he committed. You will see that this theory is supported by many statements, interviews, affidavits and even includes the alleged confessions of Buddy Lucas and LG Hollingsworth. Instead, he must have gotten back in his car, driven to the Jacobys to pick up Amanda and then arrived at Pams work, which he did at 9:18pm. DNA testing in 2007 has identified a hair fragment found on Michael Moore's bindings to be consistent with Hobbs. Just as the stripping of the clothes and the bites and stabs to groin; it all suggests a sexual element to this crime. On May 6, 1993, three boys are found hog-tied and murdered in a ditch in West Memphis, Arkansas. He flipped flopped between being at home with his mother and being at his friend Richards house from 5:30-9pm. 1. He writes it right in the autopsy report. After the murders of the three boys, the general understanding by the public was that Chris had been emasculated and very meticulously had had the skin removed from his penis. In my opinion, this was smart of Terry. had been during the evening on 5-5-93. Stevens mother, Pamela Hobbs, worked a shift at the Catfish Island restaurant the day her son vanished. One thing that was agreed upon if you read between the lines, is that Chris was dead before he was put in the water. He actually was able to get his friend and aunt to lie for him in order to protect him. What other reason could there be? Theres no debate about that because there were steep inclines on the sides of the ditch where all three bodies were placed, making it impossible that they were just tossed in from either the east or west bank. According to known evidenceStevie and Michael went to the Byers right around 5:30, which in my opinion was right after they left the Hobbs home. Shortly after arriving home, Terry was out in his driveway with Amanda, saw the boys outside Jamie Ballards home and called them to come to the house. This lends credibilty to the theory that Stevie did in fact go home, and even ate some dinner. I believe that inhismind, the boys deserved what they got because they shouldnt have been spying. I theorize they then cleaned up the blood from Chris injuries by scraping up the mud, grass, leaves and blood and throwing it into the drainage ditch. It was only then that Jacoby publicly admitted that Hobbs had left for two hours that night. This was an attempt, clearly, to make the discovery of the boys more difficult. He was most likely placed near the tree becase one of the perpetrators used the tree as support in order to enter the water. I think you're on to something here. -3:30 Christopher shows up looking for the boys. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Sometime right after 5:30, according to the Byers, Chris took off again from his house. They believed something inappropriate may be going on between the two, who practically lived together. Hobbs is . David Jacoby claims that Terry showed up and the two played guitar for an hour, which also doesnt add up when you know all the details. AARON: MICHAEL AND CHRIS SAID NOT TO TELL NOBODY, RIDGE: UM, DO YOU THINK THOSE MEN WERE CRAZY? At first she claimed that this happened at 4:30 and at the murder trials, she claimed it was sometime after 5pm. According to his cousin, Rex, this was not true. in fact the first one to be attacked. If the men left the woods by 8pm and searchers did not arrive till around 10, that would give stray dogs approx. Jared: When they [the police] met you at the restaurant, was it just closer to meet you there as opposed to going to the neighborhood?, Hobbs: Thats where we called them from, so we knew they would be coming up somewhere near there..