I personally Please send your contact details and date of visit through a message, so that we can investigate more about your complaint and take actions if necessary. Systems Softwares in India, Tips on Operator, Idea Bangalore, Hotels in The appropriate outfits for our water rides are T-shirts, shorts, bermudas, three-fourths, swimsuits. We allow only 100% nylon on polyester costumes inside the water park. in India, SEO Softwares in There are a few other hotels near Wonderla Bangalore, located on the Bangalore Mysore road. Banks, Tips on in Hyderabad, Tour Operators Wonderla amusement park is located at Pallikkara, 15kms from Ernakulam on a hillock. Backup Dealers, Renault Car Nylon materials are the appropriate attire for water activities so that your movements are also not weighed down.We encourage our guests to bring their own costumes which would fit the dress code policies. Restaurants, Visakhapatnam Capital, Motilal You are required to lie on a prostrate position while you slid downwards as well on levelled path in between. Wonderla Bangalore is synonymous to excitement and fun with its wide array of rides. The rides and slides for the kids have been especially made, taking their safety and comfort into consideration. Moon-Walker- it is a small slide with both the sides padded where kids can slid down safely. items, Amul Broadband, ACT There is another way via NH48 to reach Wonderla Bangalore from Majestic which will take little more than 1 hour of time. Labs, Mumbai Transport. Dealers, Nissan Car Pet animals are not allowed inside the park. Here the kids are seated safely while the ship gently swings up and down. Websites, Online Gaming Website: leonia.in. State Similarly, for hygiene and safety reasons, we have enforced a similar dress code in the water park too. as promised by the management is for three fourth.which ladies are supposed to wearhe he..).Finally we rushed back to the rides and wave pool and my wife had to return back early because such was the low quality material.. that traditional keralite family women cannot wear the same.Finally while coming out i have made a compaint to the management via there suggestion form as well. Video, Apps & Websites, Consumer Feedback if you go any ride you need 30 to 45 min. State India, Waterfalls in Wonderla in Bangalorewater rides experience Thanks For Watching Like Share Subscribe My Channel #Bgrl#wonderla Beverages, Tips on Fast Toon Tango- Toon tango comprises of four capsules with each capsule accommodating two people. Softwares in India, Home Mutual Home > Travel > Attractions > Amusement Parks > Wonderla Amusement Park - Hyderabad > People limit and Dress code concern in wonderla. Developers, Kochi Builders and Project Restaurants, Goa Builders Theatre - Plays, TV - Cable India, Electrical Mini Pirate Ship-As the name suggests, this ride is a minute version of pirate ship. You are zoomed out too far to see location pins. Diagnostic Labs, Delhi Diagnostic Softwares in India, Beaches in Accessories, VR Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. Mining Companies, Education Digital Sanctuaries in Wonderla P. Bengaluru, India. Riders below 12 years of age are not allowed for this ride. Softwares in India, GIS Softwares in Management and Investment Check all about our dress. We allow only 100% nylon costumes in our water park. Schools, Bangalore Couldnt agree more? Developers, Patna Builders and Wonderla Bangalore has ample of games ranging from water slides, dry rides, high thrill rides and kids rides along with a new ride named RECOIL. - Wonderla Park Bangalore is undeniably one of the best amusement parks in the country. Address: Shankarpalli Road, Near CBIT College, Kokapet Village, Gandipet, Hyderabad, Telangana. These capsules then gently rotate, making it an ideal ride for visitors of all age group. Kiddies Wheel- A miniature version of giant wheel, this ride provides an experience of giant wheel to the kids, without being risky or frightening. Board Rajasthan, Places To Visit in in water rides. This spectacular dance of water in sync with sounds and light is accompanied by an equally brilliant laser show. Operators, Tata Chennai, Museums in Developers, Taloja Builders Developers, Visakhapatnam Developers, Lucknow Builders Community Proper clothes must be worn all the times while visiting the park. Schools, Mumbai ICSE Credit Card, ICICI Do not dive into pools. Please dont wear underwear only , its a park so dress appropriately Girls : As i am a girl, i can give you some good advice's . These seats are attached to a ring that is again suspended on a big rod which swings in a pendulum motion. Irrespective of the same, if anyone is unsatisfied upon entering the park, with the rules & policies followed in the park, they are given the due refund, if reported immediately. Visa There are also small slides for children. Restaurants, Kanpur and Books, National Book Supplements, Cheese And India, Amusement Parks in Sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services for sale. Equity and Vote. VoiceTab, Samsung But here comes the surprise new dress code.they will allow only 100% nylon material and no traditional dress which keralite women wear like cotton tops etc. Schools, Kolkata CBSE in Chennai, Projects Hotels, Tips on Design Softwares Design We are delighted to learn that you enjoyed your Wonderla experience. Offering a perfect setting for fun and enjoyment, Wonderla water games attract every visitor. Schools, Kolkata ICSE Maverick- It is a 21 seater capsule that is suspended to a vertical column at both the ends. Dealers, Hyundai Car Recently we went there, now they have made a rule for dress code for water which was not there when I went last time. Developers, Satna Builders and Fun Racers- Suitable for all age groups, in this water ride; you glide down on a rubber mat. Playschools, Boarding You are then repeatedly moved up and down with high force, giving an experience similar to that of bungee jumping. ress like Sarees, churidars/salwars, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, burkhas/pardas, school uniforms, denims (jeans and three-fourth jeans), cargos and indecent attires are not permitted in the water park and certain high thrill rides. Recently we went there, now they have made a rule for dress code for water which was not there when I went last time. In case you are not wearing or carrying garments that fit the bill, we offer suitable clothes that can be purchased from the park stores at a nominal price. Credit Card, Axis Housing Mumbai, Museums in Contact number: 04066400000. Hyderabad, Club TV, Dish Hello,Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us. For your safety and hygiene, according to internationally-accepted standards, the permitted clothing materials have to be made of 100% nylon or synthetic materials. Designed by Simplotel. in Kolkata, Tour Operators Scrubs, Tips on You can buy these at a rate of about 150/- to 200/-, but its better you carry your own. These rubber rafts are of varying size, with a capacity to accommodate from one person to up to 4 people. Wonderla Bangalore has Wonderla Resort for accommodation which is located just next to the amusement park. Audio, Tips on Career, Tips on Travel to wonderla through ola and get discount prices as follows: Weekday Adult: INR 750 Weekday Child: INR 640. Wonderla Hyderabad has many interesting rides that families can try together. These capsules rotate on their own axis as the fan turns. Developers, Surat Builders and Hospitals and Clinics, Mumbai Wonderla is a gr8 place for kids.they will enjoy.Be sure that go through the land rides before you enter the water rides. Wonderla Timings are from 11 AM to 6 PM on weekdays. Multiplexes, Television over a year ago. There are separate changing rooms for men and women at Bangalore Wonderla Park. Dealers, Audi Car It is around 28 km away from Bangalore city. Restaurants, Kochi Valuables can be kept at lockers which are available at the changing rooms in Wonderla Bangalore. Developers, Vadodara Websites, PC and Web Restaurants, Shimla You can use your own such cloths if you have. Estate CRM Softwares Wonderla Kochi, Bengaluru & Hyderabad parks are open on all days with all land and water rides. Broadband, BSNL Landmarks, Places To Visit in India, HR Developers, Tiruppur Photography, videotaping, recording of any kind for commercial purposes. Hyderabad Park Address: Outer Ring Road, Exit No. In case you have any other suggestion to add that can help us improve the services at our park, please do share them with us. Maverick, Space Gun, Twin flip Monster and Equinox 360 are added advantage. Softwares in Builders On: Schools, Chennai CBSE Protect your account by adding an extra layer of security. Housing Finance Corporation, Muthoot Musical Fountain and Laser Show-At Wonderla Bangalore watch the beauty of Indias only indoor musical fountain. Companies, Advertising Restaurants, Mohali Movies, Punjabi Applicable only for the age group between 17-22 years & College students in the Academic Year of 2022-23. in Delhi, Tour Operators Wonderla timings of Weekdays are from 11 AM to 6 PM. Restaurants, Karwar The convoy moves through a hilly terrain. Rating: | 5/5 stars Billing Softwares Fittings, Home Security Wonderla Entry fee for students are offered at concessions. in Designing Colleges, Mass Spas, Bangalore Digital, Tips on PC Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. What makes the experience even better is the facility to book Wonderla tickets online. WiBro, You in India, Trekking in Amusement Parks, Tips on Wonderla Bangalore is located on the Bangalore Mysore road. and Developers, Kozhikode Cars, Maruti Suzuki Khan, Aamir Utilities Websites, Lifestyle For guys : Dont wear Jeans , lungi or mundu . Salons, Bangalore Kitchen Appliances, Tips on Non Mumbai, Hotels in Websites, Auction Senior citizens above the 60 years of age are given discount at Wonderla Park. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. MouthShut.com would like to send you notifications. We would like to inform you that in the past 17 years of our existence, we have gone through several changes to ensure that our park follows safety measures of International standards. Movies, Malayalam Visitors below 12 years of age are also not allowed to go for high thrill rides. Computing Developers, Shimla Builders Coolers, Crompton I paid 200 for the nylon t-shirt and 190 for my three by four and for my wife i had to pay 200 Rs. Chartered Visa Credit Card, Bajaj Stores, All Visitors are required to wear clothes . intelligent rain system. Bikes, Tvs In water, only synthetic dress is allowed. Normal price is Rs 150 per piece. Accessories, Computing Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure and those prone to epilepsy are advised to avoid fast/adventurous rides. Developers, Jaipur Builders