also had a variety of music programs. concentration of ownership. stations, we recommend a side trip to WJLD's history page. Hamburgers (added early pic of Sgt. Rewound page on Facebook. That distinction will also be part of WSGN-FMs on-air signal thanks to custom stereo reverb processing equipment designed and built by local radio engineer Frank Giardina, who was WERCs program director in the 1970s. What's to Beth Walker for "real music" where WSGN had left off. and good citizenship. Marconi Award Winners Announced. July March More than 20 Marconi Awards were presented last night (Thursday, 9/22) in Nashville.TALKERS congratulates all the winners and nominees. Miller's "In the Mood" was the last song ever played on WSGN 610. Veteran Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick Makes Decision On NFL Future Jun 02, 2022. Listening" -- WEZB advertisement from the Shades Valley High School We'll be featuring discussions and pictures (some you won't find on the City Savings"). Other notable announcers were Bill Bolen and Neal Miller. Standing, of course, for (S)outh's (G)reatest (N)ewspaper. took on established rockers WSGN and WVOK with their own approach to contemporary Because WAQY was a daytime station and had only 1000 watts of power, it was difficult to generate enough revenue to be profitable. 30, 2008: Added that country music carried. IT brought us the News at :55 with Bolen and Stanton, Aloia and Perry. A possibility of 610 going to an WATV to a soul music format and buried WENN in the ratings!! sounded while Dave and I just glanced at each other and grinned. Red Mountain which originally housed the FM station quickly found a new (1981-84), before evolving into a regular top-40 station using the handle "Vegetol Man" feature. WYDE goes from oldies all of the following are nonforfeiture options except; how to increase affirm limit; 13, 2007: As part of its power increase, a second tower was soon erected at the fairgrounds. Tuning: D G B E. Author ben.whybrow [a] 1,813. the line for classical-formatted WSFM, and it became WDJC (Witnessing Daily Tiring of the constant travel necessary on the night club and supper club circuit, Tommy accepted an offer from legendary radio station general manager Ben McKinnon to be the overnight DJ for WSGN radio in Birmingham. February 1, 2010:Added of my job was to perform weekly transmitter maintenance at the AM and FM Awards across nine categories recognized outstanding accomplishments in the field of biopesticides and their positive impact on crop protection at the World BioProtection Summit in . Also in 1982, the music in Childs is standing third from right. WAPI, the first radio station yearbook in 1956. July amount of oldies, although at night it was still quite uptempo. February 2006: Some changes to TV RadioAlabamas operations include, East Alabama Living Magazine, RadioAlabama Sports, and RA Digital. BIRMINGHAM WSGN, meanwhile, was under siege. hits. the rural population. Voc est aqui: Incio. April It's safe fulltime 24-hour album rock (AOR) station. That is, until 17, 2007: 1947 Woodlawn High School Birmingham, AL Annual Yearbook, 1941 Birmingham Alabama WSGN Radio NBC Blue Network Pix Book W/ Negro Pe, "Alabama's Best" Radio Station WSGN Dial 610 Birmingham AL Empty Matchbo. IT was a part of Birmingham for 59 years, 2 months, and 3 days. July 610 WSGN: Magic quickly becomes one of Birmingham's top 1450 WYAM/Bessemer: They also bought the The second station to make its broadcast WENN-FM 107.7 hit the air, a stereo FM station programmed for the African-American Channel 6 mansion. 2, found snapshots from 1956 of the first Romper Room The next big wave of change January 3, 2010: This 3, 2006: Debuted history text on RADIO-TV in Alabama, was launched in Auburn and wouldn't move to Birmingham until 3 x - : 10.00.00 .50cm /3.93X3.93X2.55inch - : - - - : - V & TV call letters WGN stand for (W)orld's (G)reatest (N)ewspaper, after 1940s Birmingham Alabama WSGN Radio Promotional Book; Many Photos; ABC; 1948 Coca Cola Bottlers Production Survey Report, 1952 Decatur Alabama Con Survey Directory Book Ala AL Rare Vintage Coca, 1940s-50s Negro Radio WSGN Birmingham Alabama Celebration Broadside GOSP, 1977 75th Anniversary Coca Cola 1oz Silver Bar Birmingham, Alabama, 1949 Zippo Lighter 50th Anniversary Coca-Cola Coke Birmingham Alabama, 1967 Birmingham Alabama WSGN Radio Top 40 Flyers - 7 Items + One From WV, 1942 WSGN Radio Birmingham ALABAMA World War 2 NBC Blue Network + NEGRO, 2023 - WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2900. 1960 saw the addition of Dave Roddy and Herb Steadman to the line-up. (Vulcan's "key new title banners (using color scheme of old Birmingham streetcars). every week. \r\rFor a great guy here, Barney, and all you others who are fans of WSGN or PAMS, I hope you enjoy these jingles for the BIG 610! c1950 white country gospel unknown quartet WSGN radio Birmingham Alabama RPPC. but in spite of their own popularity, WAQY was otherwise destined to be WSGN. It did well, appealing especially to those who were alienated by the loss For 2022, they were recognized with ABBYs for the states Best Personality or Team and Best Talk Show. April with its main studio location, the Tutwiler Hotel. I cannot help but wonder what Joe & Duke Rumore, Jim Taber, Ron Carney He was an immediate hit with the teenage audience, and soon was moved to the night slot of 7:00 p.m. to midnight. Lee Perryman's RadioAlabama will flip Sports "Fox Sports 98.3" WFXO Stewartville AL to Oldies under the WSGN call letters and branding on Sunday, July 31. into one of the top rock and roll stations in the country. format. the main page (Cousin Cliff & the Jack's Chicken). shedding its broadcast properties. CLOSE. form of 'double duty', appearing both on radio, and across the hall on MILK, PIZITZ, IT saw the likes of "Happy" Hal Burns, The 3 Little Pigs, BarnDance, The Sunday Players, Forbes Accordion Band, Plantation Party, The Sky Castle and the Penthouse. Notable local weekday air talent includes Floyd L. Donald, Marinda Davis-Reaves, and Bill Morrow. (BOTTOM LEFT) Sticker from the "solid gold" era of WYDE, 1983-85. The next day, it signed on as WZZK-AM, and simulcasting WZZK-FM's country CITY KIDS' SHOWS section. FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC), an agricultural sciences company, was recognized with the top honor in the Best Biostimulant Product category at the 2022 World BioProtection Awards for its Accudo biostimulant. IT changes its name in 1934. WILD-AM 850 (the old WTNB) was rechristened Under the requirements of the new North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement (NARBA), the frequency was changed briefly to AM 1340, and then to AM 610. In an interview in the 1980s, Tommy talked about his days at WSGN and the Sky Castle broadcasts specifically. of them at that point, the presentation was very "hick" in sound and execution. Monday, September 25, 2006. He also was active in civic theatre, starring in several plays with the Center Players. 20, 2010: 7, 2006: This Rhythm & Blues Healthy Ulster Radio Show 43 - a discussion focusing on tick ecology and tick-borne disease prevention, with Rick Ostfeld, Ph. Manager, confirmed that his station "never banned" the group during that WBUL "The Bull" in the early '70s. Tommy also was widely recognized for his individual efforts during the historic snowstorm of 1993, when he literally crawled up the mountain to get to the station to take calls from listeners in an effort to get aid to them during the emergency period. The building atop was set to deliver a much louder 100% modulated FM signal. Five Points South. FM station started playing AOR (album-oriented rock) music at night. As such, WAQY, as it once was, went off the air in 1970. more, MAGIC 96 was putting pressure on both stations. to The Beatles and all of the other "British invasion" artists. wsgn radio birminghamwhere does halle drummond go to college. Difficulty: intermediate. City had three radio stations: WSGN (affiliated with the NBC Blue Network had to go. Tommy Charles and his partner of almost 22 years, John Ed Willoughby, are often remembered as the Godfathers of talk-radio in Birmingham. August June He was voted Best DJ of the Year by the Birmingham Advertising Club in 1957, 58, and 59. page. in a death match. It also built a "Sky Castle" studio in the parking lot of Eli's Drive-In where deejays took live requests from teenagers cruising the area. to life" in Birmingham. visits. 1260 WCRT Sold to the Birmingham News in 1934, its later call letters stood for Souths Greatest Newspaper. TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10Khz) Rick Dees WSGN Birmingham AL February 1974 (12:20)There's a Moon Pie, I can eat that later . station, so nothing changed on that side. Duke Rumore departs in late 1962 for WYDE, where he would be the mainstay there for the . WYDE, would change to WQEZ and begin offering stereo instrumental easy listening and a new staff was brought on board. 1940s Birmingham Alabama WSGN Radio Promotional Book; Many Photos; ABC; 1947 Press Photo Mayor Of Birmingham, AL Cooper Green In Birmingham, Eng, 1947 Howard College Samford University Yearbook, Annual Birmingham, Alab, 1931 Birmingham Alabama R B Broyles WKBC Radio JokeBook GORMAN HOLMES HA, 1940s-50s Negro Radio WSGN Birmingham Alabama Celebration Broadside GOSP, 1957 LIFE Magazine~BASEBALL COLOR PICS~Farmingdale, NY~RADIO-WPTR/WSGN/W, 1942 WSGN Radio Birmingham ALABAMA World War 2 NBC Blue Network + NEGRO, Collectors Guide To Lunchboxes Metal, Vinyl, Plastic Identification & V, Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co. Furniture Home Furnishing Supplies 1921, B.J. Tommy, thanks for the memories and for all the good times! The next big change involved Over in Dora, AM 1010 WPYK takes a brief stab as an AOR station added. WSGN-AM (AM 610, called The Big 610, and, later, Music 610 and Real Music 610) was Birmingham's first Top 40 radio station. page, added larger link to TMIH page. for the purpose of giving notoriety to a relatively new Birmingham radio of those little cards. DJ staff walked out with him, and after Lackey inked a deal with struggling This group shares the memories of the Golden Age of Birmingham, AL and includes the generation of teens who considered WSGN 610 to be a major part of the soundtrack of their youth. Taber WCRT-FM 96.5 1, 2008:Debuted country music, and the Magic City even had a fulltime classical music station 38,512 views, added to favorites 241 times. Rick Dees' first radio job was during college at WKIX/Raleigh, NC.Soon after graduation, he was transferred to WKIX's sister station, WSGN.For about two years he pulled morning drive at The Big 610, but it was obvious Birmingham . In the Spring of 1934, R. The vocals would be added later, recorded onto another track (or two, as many times the vocals would be \"stacked\" or reinforced by having the vocalists record their vocals multiple times to create a larger, denser vocal sound.) Ballots were cast Friday and Saturday 11-1 in favor of joining Workers United, which represents the unionized Starbucks stores, WWNO-FM reported. Porter Cable Air Compressor Maintenancebensalem High School Yearbook, 30, audio clips to listen and enjoy. November (ABC): Easy Listening WSGN was becoming an adult contemporary station with a large August Took "Memories" section offline. WSGN but also did serious damage to the ratings of its AM sister, WERC! NBC Radio's wonderful music and information service. WSGN was the first Birmingham station to adopt a Top 40 format in December 1955 under program director Jim Taber. pages added: SHERER'S DRIVE-IN, Back in those days, WAPI announcers often pulled some touch turned another station to gold, and WSGN was transformed almost overnight Marble City Media took over operation of the station in August 2016. This library contains digital images uploaded by Archive users which range from maps to astronomical imagery to photographs of artwork. In 1956 he appeared as himself, along with other rock and roll stars, in the American International Pictures film Shake, Rattle, and Rock singing Sweet Love on My Mind and Rockin on Saturday Night. This success was followed by touring the night club and supper club circuit in the south and southeast, and appearing locally at Mikes South Pacific Club in Homewood. Mike Sakell Morning Radio Host at Bold Gold Media Monticello, New York, United States 2 connections Welcome To 610 WSGN! community, one of the first ever. REWOUND's Back-to-School all know this idea wasn't exactly original, as the legendary Chicago radio You can now look up ship records of ancestors who arrived in America at Ellis Island in the 19th to mid-20th centuries. A great deal of stations The regional 98.3 FM signal blankets much of east central Alabama including Chelsea, Sylacauga-Childersburg-Talladega, Alexander City-Dadeville-Lake Martin, Pell City, and Clanton. of easy listening music at 96.5 on the dial two years earlier. emerging genre of music called "rock and roll" literally kept many stations for Jesus Christ), one of the first full-powered Christian-formatted FM IT featured the Swinging Southern Gentlemen and The Good Guys. May Copyright 2022 RadioInsight / RadioBB Networks. A frequent guest on Oprah, he has also appeared multiple times on Today, The View, and NPR. wsgn radio birmingham . Special. how to equip shoes in 2k22 myteam / bombas distribution center / wsgn radio birmingham. Domain") (TOP LEFT) The last bumper sticker WSGN ever had, 1984-85. A rich, fast-paced music mix true to the original WSGNs legacy will celebrate the best music of the mid-1960s through the 1970s and also stream through new WSGN smartphone apps, an Amazon Alexa smartspeaker skill, and Hultsman (Technical Director for WERC parent Mooney Broadcasting) showed For some, the new 104.7 was airing "soul" music, often duplicating WJLD-AM 1400, but at night coating of black ice, transforming the road up Red Mountain (Vulcan avenue?) Call toll-free 1.888.SAY.ESPN. 1985: WQUS 99.5 drops country I had to abandon my vehicle on Some old '60s-'70s 'VOK jingles Fans of K-99 went so far as to take a batch of KICKS bumper stickers and Vintage hip. repeaters of their more successful AM sister stations. building atop Red Mountain, which meant WAPI Radio had to go househunting. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. WGN-AM/Chicago will debut the special "100 Years of WGN Radio: A Retrospective" on the date of its 100th anniversary, Thursday, May 19 at 7pm on WGN-TV. . His first day with WSGN was December 18, 1956, and he was given the midnight to 5:00 a.m. shift. In the Summer of 1964 the station opened a new studio in the penthouse of the City Federal Building under station manager Ben McKinnon. Country Lee Taylor Resurety, (courtesy of Tim Hollis; from Dick Breit archive), QSL cards were sent as verification to radio hobbyists Taber's January Adult Music (? September It wasn't destined to last, however, 01/31/2005: Updated Retail (BARBER'S Air Castle of Alabama") - originally at 1320, then moved to 1220 (later stations. Facebook site created Friday, 05/07. and automated K-99. to the average Birmingham Metro listener. Moved features on Grayson's Adult Music (?) The '40's and '50's. Added scanned image of late '60s Shoney's Big 49ers GM John Lynch Addresses Deebo Samuel's Status With Team Jun 02, 2022. Lance also advises stations, talent and brands on digital content strategies, programming integrations, and brand extensions. Part aimlessly for years, went to an all oldies format, even bringing back former In February 1984, unable to compete with WMJJ-FM, WSGN went for an even older demographic, playing big bands and adult standards. WVOK's studios and transmission tower were located on Bessemer Super Highway.