One of the more rare version, the large M design doesnt seem to come around very often, A very nice Zimmermann Iron Cross First Class, with standard Zimmermann pin and double proof marks, L/52 and 20. $175.00. $34.00. Original German WWII Air Force Visor Cap Badge Militaria. Here we have a salty Cholm shield (the large M version) with a nice SS-cloth wool backing and backing paper. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This Stahlhelm member's Lapel pin is in real nice condition. (All countries & Types), EPHEMERA, PHOTOGRAPHS & PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. If . - The reverse shows the date, 1813. All Iron Cross medals from World War II have a swastika engraved in the middle. Awards Well marked to back. Techniques page. So, if you're looking to sell your military antiques, please send us an email ( ) and we will get back to you shortly. World War 2 German medals, awards and badges are some of the most detailed and ornate of any in military history. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This 1923 Stahlhelm Member's badge is in real nice condition showing some light age. WW2 German Labour Day Tinnie Badge 1st May 1936 by AD. A little rust doesnt dismiss the fact that this example has a ton of potential. Cross Original US Navy G-1 Pilot's Jacket. Aside from some modest petina, and very slight surface color, the overall black finish is still about 95% on both sides, with the trademark veins running through random sections. In most cases I am presently paying up-to 80% of full dealer retail price for authentic German Militaria. The stamped aluminum shield device in in exceptional condition, with 100% of its original detail still in tact. $149.00. It is stamped in relief on the outside with the LDO code of the manufacturer, Funcke & Brninghaus (L/56). The Third Reich, led by Adolf Hitler, rampaged across Europe until it was finally defeated by Allied forces in 1945. Badge is dated August 22nd 1938. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This Deine Hand Dem Handwerk Tinnie is in nice condition. $ 895.00; Brandenburg Cuff Title $ German Eagle Order Medal Silver Grade by The Berlin Mint - In 835 Silver $ 695.00; Letter Written on Adolf Hitler Stationary by US Soldier June 5, 1945 $ 500.00; Upon receipt of items I will be contact you within 24 hours with an offer to purchase. WW2 Medals WWII GERMAN RUSSIAN FRONT MEDAL 1941/42. This is the second most common question I am asked. German. ON HOLD - WWII German Silver Wound Badge - Klein & Quenzer. Fastening pin and catch are present. requiring combat experience. The STORIES BEHIND the TREASURES of WORLD WAR II the Making of a Collectorholic Ser. Heres one for the serious WW2 investor folks, the ever desirable Juncker 800 L/12 Knights Cross, with ribbon and case all original to the piece! Would I want to risk my good name and family reputation for a quick buck? Qualification badges were different than War Badges in How can I yield a fair return for my Military Items? Paying attention to the small details as well as the overall quality will help you get authentic militaria. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (German language: Ritterkreu.. . 4 bids. Please ask for additional notable and visually impressive repertoire. So how do I know I'm not getting ripped off? WWII German 8 Year SS Service Award. and Firearms Miniature Medals Telephone: 714-375-6262Email: Infantry Assault Badge / from Caucasus Product number: t1n8871. non-functional firearms can be found for sale. $70.00 GERMAN DRL SPORTS BADGE IN BRONZE - WERNSTEIN JENA. We Buy: Daggers, Swords, Medals, Flags, Helmets, Belt Buckles, Uniforms, Documents and much much more! PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This Arbeitsschlacht Gau Bayern Ostmark Tinnie is in nice condition. This process is automatic. Aviation,Resistance/Partisan, Special Forces,Parachute units of the World & S.O.E.Insignia, Equipment, Uniforms etc.Worldwide. The black paint over the magnetic core is 100%, with no visible chips. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This General Assault Badge is in nice condition showing some wear and age. $19.99. Whether you have one German Medal or a whole collection of WW2 German Medals for sale, give us a call. Zimmermann L/52, 20, Knights Cross with Original Ribbon & Case by Steinhauer & Lck, Micro 800. The reverse shows average age patina, with hinge, pin and clasp functioning perfectly. Cased 1914 Sports Table Medal by . The artifacts for sale and trade are strictly for historical research only. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This German 25 Year Faithful Service Medal is in nice condition showing some light wear. Local auctions are expensive with huge commissions, time consuming and rarely yield the prices I can provide to you. Iron Cross 1st class, EKI (Eisernes Kreuz I Klasse mit Etui) by Klein & Quenzer (65). You will be redirected once the validation is complete. Hi, if English is not your native language please change it from the language menu. A variety of items of Nazi memorabilia are commonly sold and traded. (Kriegsabzeichen), allowed an observer to determine the level of experience of Contact us today with your WW2 German Badges and WW2 German Medals for Sale. Consider my Ebay feedback where I have a proven track record having completed thousands of on-line transactions over 12 years and received the coveted "Powerseller" designation. German Third Reich SS Honor Dagger with Himmler Inscription. Shown below is a Golden Party badge back with the Number 98166 for SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Raecke,of the II SS Panzer Korps, SS No 419932 We have a list of over 4290, Party members and SS officers whose Party Number was under 100,000 and qualified for this rare award and Only 22282 members were entitled to the award of which 1795 were women Attention should also be paid to the historical accuracy of items. IMPERIAL GERMAN & RUSSIAN; CRIME & PUNISHMENT; WEST & EAST GERMAN ITEMS 1945 -1990 (BUNDESWEHR & NVA,National VolksArmee) . Juncker, Knights Cross of the Iron Cross by Juncker L/12 800 (rare variant), Bronze Anti-Partisan Badge (APB) with 2 Cut-outs (Rare Variant), Ant-partisan Badge in Silver with Scarce Thin Pin, Naval Iron Cross First Class 1939 with Brass Core, Gold Anti-Partisan Badge (APB) with 2 Cut-outs (Rare Variant), Panzer Assault (Tank) Badge in Silver for 25 Engagements, Life Saving Table Medal (Fr Rettung Aus Gefahr), Scarce 1942 Cholm Shield with Wool Backing & Original Paper, 1939 Iron Cross First Class by C.F. Juncker with rare cut-outs for this type (typically seen without the oblong cut-outs beneath the snakes heads), and a previously unknown thin version (more on this below). war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, and (Code: 1253) 75.00($ 90.25) Details Add to Cart. These dont come around very often, and certainly not this very rare variant. Civil Badges. Please note all German medals and badges listed are original. Heres a real nice 100% original Cholm 1942 Shield with a very rare 2-pin configuration on the reverse. There are numerous types of German militaria available from World War II. I am a Certified MAX/GDC Dealer in good standing holding to the Code of Conduct required of me by this governing body. There were two manufacturers of this award, each with a few unique design variations, the most notable being to the letter M. - No need to spend hours shopping each item around to different dealers or antique shops many of which do not have the knowledge or experience I do. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This SA Treffen badge is in nice condition but has what I believe to be a period replaced pin. WWII German Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze by Frank & Reif $ 425 Krim Campaign Shield for Army (Heer) or SS Personnel $ 425 Painted Hitler Youth Membership Diamond $ 85 German WWII UNISSUED Iron Cross 2nd Class $ 375 DRL Sports Badge in Bronze $ 85 German Red Cross Senior Helpers Service Brooch $ 50 German WWII Iron Cross 1st Class Screwback $ 600 Third Reich German medals & badges for sale on the Ruptured Duck, WWII militaria for sale, german WW2 memorabilia for sale, original Nazi WW2 items for sale We can also come to your location if your WW2 German Medals Collection is big enough. surmounting the award. This is the short M version, which refers to the depth of the V portion of the letter M in the word CHOLM. The magnetic black core retains 100% of its finish, with absolutely no discoloration or signs of rust. ETHNIC, HEADDRESS, MASKS, FIGURES, WEAPONS ETC. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. - DJ Shooting Badge by Herder & Engels. Home On the front we see what is typical with these brass core crosses, which is wear to the raised areas (swastika and 1939 date). All Rights Reserved. Pin catch is bent down which prevents the pin from being opened. Lower priced items are sent Heres a nice Gold Grade Wound Badge in zinc. Today Ebay policy is to disallow "Items that bear symbols of the Nazis, the SS, or the KKK, including authentic German WWII memorabilia that bear such marks". Site Map. Fastening pin is present. WW2 German NS-RKB Flag Bearers Armband Insignia. Visit our website for our collection of German badges ww2, we sell brevets replicas with ww Reenactment shop for repro ww2 German badges, awardsand pins. We strive to make it simple and easy for you to turn your items into cash fast! Home Some categories of WWII uniforms for sale. BAUMEISTER, LUDENSCHEID. World Medals Awards and decorations of Nazi Germany were military, political and civilian decorations that were bestowed between 1923 and 1945, first by the Nazi Party and later the state of Nazi Germany . WWII German Silver Wound Badge. ww2 german medals and badges for sale ww2 german medals and badges for sale Home Realizacje i porady Bez kategorii ww2 german medals and badges for sale No chasing people around for money or payment plans. WW1 Medals - Either way, we always love to meet our clients. Germany. Please, email us at to sell your stuff! British Medals Free Joomla Lightbox Gallery Details Parent Category: Germany - WW2 Germany. For more information on this service, please click here. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This NS Frauenschaft Leaders Badge is in nice condition showing some tarnishing but no enamel damage. World Medallions Get the best deals on Ww2 German Medals when you shop the largest online selection at Seller auctions are cancelled and more often than not the frustrated seller never sees the auction come to a successful conclusion. . Back of Badge is marked RZM M1/34 for the firm of Karl Wurster of Markneukirchen. Casque / helmet / uniformes allemand german militaria casque pointe Pickelhaube spiked helmet deutsche Stahlhelm amricain US 39 45 Normandie 44 militaria 14 18 great war militaria vente selles harnachement Belge ABL ABBL AB . Completely uncleaned and untouched, this Cased Iron Cross 1st Class award still has dust on the surface from the years of storage! : The Making of a Collectorholic: The STORIES BEHIND the TREASURES of WORLD WAR II the Making of a Collectorholic : The Making of a Collectorholic by Bill Shea (2018, Hardcover), Minicraft WWII Models 1 144 Ju 88a/c Junkers SW, Gray Ww2 German Elite WH Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm Retro Pretty, Weapons and Equipment of the German Fallschirmtruppe 1941-1945 by Alex Buchner (1997, Trade Paperback), Black Ww2 German Elite WH Army M35 M1935 Steel Helmet Stahlhelm, Fighting Men of World War II Axis Forces : Uniforms, Equipment and Weapons by David Miller (2011, Hardcover), Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Stove with Six 14g Solid Fuel Tablets. Awards Check out our military pins from the Third Reich. The simplest way for everyone involved is this: Contact me either by mail, (see below for my address), phone 705 292 0151 or email me at to let me know you have items to sell. Please be aware that we will be adding to the "For Sale" items on a almost daily basis - so remember to bookmark our page and visit frequently. German Awards ww2 and other ww2 articles. obverse of the Badge. Copyright Relic Militaria All Rights Reserved 2015. armed forces issued Qualification badges, the Luftwaffe had the most Ribbon shows some light wear and soiling. An original WW2 German Silver Wound Badge, die-struck constructed in silvered tombak stamped with the PKZ makers number "100" on the hook clasp for Rudolf Wchtler & Lange Mittweida. Whether you have one WW2 German Badge or a whole collection of WW2 . 4x US Army World War II Ike Jackets 34th Inf, 4th Army, 87th Infantry, 4th Armor. represented the branch and service, with a German Eagle clutching a swastika Repeated attempts to auction the item results in eventual suspension. Ask them yourself. Belgium Medals Ennismore, ON Here is the high quality replica of theGerman WWII Knight Cross of the Iron Cross(3-piec.. German WWII German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz) (5-Piece), German WWII Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, German WWII Knight Cross of the Iron Cross (3-piece), Field Marshal Baton for Erwin Rommel (Marschallstab), German Danzig Cross 1st Class ( Danziger Kreuz ), Anti-Partisan Guerrilla Warfare Badge ( Bandenkampfabzeichen) in Gold, Luft Flying Clasp in Silver for Day Fighter (Tagjger), Finnish Cross of Liberty with Swords 2nd Class, Finnish Cross of Liberty with Swords 4th Class, Front Flying Clasp of the Luftwaffe in Gold (Frontflugspange), German Cross in Gold de-nazified 1957 Version (5-Piece), German Cross in Silver de-nazified 1957 Version (5-Piece), German Kriegsmarine E-Boat Badge 2nd Pattern, German Mountain Troop Paratrooper Edelweiss Metal Badge, German NSDAP Long Service Award (Fifteen Year Award), German NSDAP Long Service Award (Ten year Award), German NSDAP Long Service Award (Twenty-five Year Award), German WWII 1939 Clasp 1st Class to the 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, German WWII 1939 Clasp 2nd Class On Ribbon, German WWII German Cross in Silver (Deutsches Kreuz) (5-Piece), German WWII Heer 12 Years Service Medal With Ribbon & Heer Eagle Device, German WWII Heer 4 Years Service Medal With Ribbon & Heer Eagle Device, German WWII Iron Cross (Eisernes Kreuz) 2nd Class, German WWII Knight Cross of the Iron Cross. Badge is GWL marked for the firm of Gebruder Wegerhoff of Ludenscheid. They were generally Check out our military pins from the Third Reich. Campaign Military decorations of the Third Reich were awards and medals bestowed by the Wehrmacht between 1935 and 1945 during the reign of Nazi Germany and the years of World War II.The German Empire consisted of 25 states: four kingdoms, six grand duchies, five duchies, seven principalities and three Hanseatic cities. Some of the most popular and well known German medals include the Iron Cross First Class, Iron Cross Second Class (aka. WW2 German Brass Infantry Assault Badge - Stamped. Out of stock Out of stock German Medals & Awards Nottingham Medals buy and sell Paper price tag to reverse. German Medals and Badges from World War II. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. Visit our website for our collection of German badges ww2, we sell brevets replicas with ww2 pin. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge in Miniature is in nice condition. What this means is, since any unissued crosses (as well as the dies) would have been destroyed in the bombing. WW2 German Krim Shield Original 1941-42. Reenactment shop for repro ww2 German badges, awards and pins. GO4844 $ 1,300.00 Read more WW2 German 3 Place Medal Bar . We offer a high-quality sewing service, where we will hand-stitch insignia to your uniform. Badge is maker marked : Paul Brodel of Pforzheim. availability. SS Four Year Service Medal $ 725.00 Item Number: 64470 Small NSDAP Frauenschaft Badge RZM 92 $ 45.00 Item Number: 64471 SOLD! 2023 War Militaria di Baroncelli Stefano. British & Foreign Military cloth & metal trade badges. any political nature and that the items offered for sale are offered in the context of Actual Historical Interest only . What is unique about this example is the double stamping of the L/52 (see photos). I am not political in my leanings and will not sell to, or in any way support hate groups. Showing 1-12 of 28 results Original Third Reich WWII German 40 Year Service Medal with Parade Mount 20-251 $ 100.00 Add to cart Original Third Reich WWII German EK1 Iron Cross First Class Pin Back 20-243 $ 325.00 Read more Contact Us Here we have a Silver Wound badge by a seldom seen maker, Paul Meybauer Berlin (L/13). This is a very scarce Gold Type-4 Anti-partisan badge by C.E. Not in this case! Item Number: 831. British/French: Special Boat Service Two presentation plaque to French Brigadier General Le Page. site de vente militaria online shop militaria ww1 ww2 / military antiques online sales wwI wwII / Militaria Verkauf wk1 wk2. Documents, pictures, or equipment that seem too clean and crisp are probably fake. the metal type (Gold, Silver, and Bronze), and/or by having a boxed number on the Discussion We also offer other German ww2 militaria items. Images & Text are not to be used without written permission. We sell German badges of the the Second World War. We hope you find a unique piece of military history for your collection. Fastening pin is present and functions great. The stock and frames of the K98 and other famed original German rifles can be bought. This is one of the nicer Imperial 1st Class Iron Crosses weve come across in a long time in terms of condition and type. POW. The cross is in beautiful condition, with much of the original silver wash remaining on front and back sides. . Badge is nicely engraved to reverse. Examples just dont get better than this one. Click to view. German Cased Red Cross Honor Cross, 2nd Class, 1st Pattern by Godet. Are you looking to sell your military antiques? It doesnt get any better than this. Visit our website for our collection of German badges ww2, we sell brevets . Badge is not maker marked. The typical front-facing side features an embossed, high relief swastika with the 1939 date below it. I have 2 responses to the question: Reputation - Look at my Feedback section . The wound badge retains the majority of the silver wash and is in good condition. $495.00 sale. Lakesidetrader Inc. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This German Social Welfare medal is in nice condition showing some age darkening. We accept payment by UK cheque, SKU . Hard to find maker. Badge is dated August 22nd 1938. $5.05 shipping. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. D.V.G. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This 1935 Tag Der Arbeit Tinnie is in nice condition showing some light age. With years of experience we have become the premier dealer for WW2 German Badges and can offer you the fairest prices for your authentic WW2 German Badges. (INDOCHINE,VIETNAM, KOREA etc. Mfg Part Number . On the reverse, the coke bottle pin is standard for this maker, and the clasp is strong and firm, with the Wilhelm Deumer L/11 mark stamped clearly beneath it. Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, and commemorative medallions. Buy WW2 WWII German NSDAP Swastika eagle pins badges for medal ribbons: GunBroker is the largest seller of WW1 & WW2 Collectibles Collectibles & Militaria All: 973323746 . Iron A fine cross indeed, retaining about 97% of its black finish, with only a very small chip to note, and only modest tarnishing. Fastening pin to reverse functions great. WW2 GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PILOTS BADGE LATE WAR $650.00 WW2 GERMAN PANZER ASSAULT BADGE SILVER GRADE $370.00 WW2 GERMAN FALLSCHIRMJAGER (PARATROOPER) MEDAL AND DOCUMENT GROUPING FJR 2 $2,600.00 WW2 GERMAN DRL BADGE IN BRONZE MAKER MARKED $190.00 1870 FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR MEDALS AND DOCUMENTATION GROUPING. British & Commonwealth Badges & Insignia; NAPOLEONIC ITEMS 1790-1821; FRENCH INSIGNE/BADGES. Gold Wound Badge (30 Hauptmunzamt of Vienna) with Case, Vaulted Imperial 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class with Clamshell Screw Back, Iron Cross First Class Klein & Quenzer (65), Cased Iron Cross First Class by Zimmermann (20), Cased Iron Cross First Class Funcke & Brninghaus (L/56), Iron Cross Second Class Gustav Brehmer (13), Iron Cross Second Class Klein & Quenzer (65), Iron Cross First Class Wilhelm Deumer (L/11), Silver Wound Badge from L/13 (Paul Meybauer Berlin), Knights Cross with Ribbon & Case Juncker 800 L/12, Anti-Partisan Badge in Silver by C.E. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This Pfarrkirchen 1935 Tinnie is in real nice condition. Ges.Gesch.. Pin is present to reverse. If you are local we buy WW2 German Badges in person and can pay you right on the spot. Adolf Hitler Standart Flag - SOLD. $620.00 I can identify and give you a rough estimate of the purchase price immediately. 16th,17th,18th &19th Century Militaria (Worldwide). A unique German phenomenon that blossomed during Word War II, War Badges Merit Medal War 1939 / from Knigsberg Product number: t1n8901. If you have a WW2 German Badges or whole collection of WW2 German Medals for sale, call us today. A unique German phenomenon that blossomed during Word War II, War Badges ("Kriegsabzeichen"), allowed an observer to determine the level of experience of a particular soldier at first glance. You get simple hassle-free service and prompt payment. Krupp owned the ship builder Germaniawerft. View cart for details. Cross Scarce badge. Badge is maker marked : Paul Brodel of Pforzheim. Frauenschaft Membership Pin, Small Version $ 55 German Third Reich Period N.S Frauenschaft Pin, Medium Size $ 75 German WWII Black Wound Badge $ 90 German WWI Black Wound Badge $ 70 German WWII War Merit Cross with Swords $ 25 German WWI 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class $ 450 Dutch WW2 era Mussert Cross $ 700