Having an NCO I got to my unit and had a nco at some point I had 3. Army-Portal.comyour information resource for all things Army! Performs duties as the Battalion Motor Sergeant for the Special Troops Battalion consolidated Motor Pool; responsible for the health, welfare, professional development, training and morale of five Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and five Soldiers; principal duties of ensuring the accomplishment of planning, coordinating, directing, and managing organizational maintenance for scheduled and unscheduled field maintenance for six pacing items and over 500 pieces of reportable equipment; manages The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS), and Shop Stock Listing (SSL). Soldiers will be required to know how to operate all components of the Patriot Launching station and any related missile loading system. "While this is up, what's 92F like?" Justin R. Fouche, a 91D tactical power generation specialist, assigned to Company E, 5th Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from Garner, North Carolina, continues to work on a power generation system with unwavering focus. Serves as Recovery Supervisor for a Battlefield Surveillance Brigade in a Forward Support Company; provides technical skills and techniques to recover and repair assets on the battlefield; uses practical methods of recovering, repairing disabled and immobilized vehicles due to 91D20 engines and associated items of equipment. If there are many MOSes, but extremely tiny/small density (like much of the 12 Series), I'm going to keep it as one. Hood, TX Ft. Huachuca, AZ Ft. Hunter, CA Ft. Irwin, CA Ft. Lewis, WA 91D20 Power Generation Equipment Repairer. rebuild of power generation equipment, internal combustion engines and It can't fight without weapons. The local community celebrated the 2015 Itaewon Global Village Festival Oct. 17, 2015, at the Itaewon district located in Seoul, South Korea. Performs duties in preceding skill levels; performs field and sustainment level maintenance on tactical, utility, and precise power generation sets, internal combustion engines, and associated equipment; supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance in the areas of field and . And then you'll have to go to late or early "POI" or period of instruction to make up for it. Once again yours may differ Ive heard in Afghan a 91F isnt allowed to touch the big guns since theres civilians. Aside from the fact that you have you know who to the North, there is no shortage of activities, as the base is smack dab in the middle of Seoul. Performs unit or DS/GS maintenance on tactical utility, precise power generation sets, internal combustion engines, and associated items of equipment; supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance to the soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties; repairs/overhauls starters, alternators, generators, fuel injectors, voltage regulators, switches, control circuits, etc; controls all Hazmat for the Joint Task Force to include, used oils, fuels, antifreeze and batteries. Thanks! Been in for 3 years currently deployed. Germany, now Fort Lewis. Ask MOS questions unrelated to those listed. You'll oversee incoming supplies and equipment, simplify and standardize maintenance data, and raise the quality and accuracy of performance, cost, and parts data . Army Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator-Maintainer or MOS 14T are responsible for setting up, maintaining and operating the Patriot Launching Station. MOS 91DPower Generation Equipment Repairer. The civilians told us you wont ever work on artillery its rare dont worry about it ect. I'm over halfway through and we have not learned to repair anything only trouble shoot. "The supply of power provides the battalion with electricity, heat, and air-conditioning and allows the tactical operation center to communicate with aircraft.". supervises lower grade Soldiers and provides technical guidance to the The idea is to go week-to-week, but I may leave the initial up for 2 weeks just to iron any kinks out, and garner attention. Army Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator-Maintainers, or MOS 14T, are responsible for operating and maintaining the Patriot Launching Station. This is not to be an 'AMA', although if people would like to offer themselves up to answer questions, that would be great. Looking into the 91f MOS. Generally, reviews in this position are very positive. Yes, I'm also going to keep codes like for Senior Sergeant for the MOS (ie the Zulus). I am a 91F. The Duty Station Locator System is intended to facilitate the Federal civilian personnel community's ability to locate duty station names and codes for use in processing personnel actions and reporting workforce information to OPM. I scored low on the asvab but it's okay bc i like hands on work dealing with tools and equipment so I'm excited. I can't find which bases I will likely have to pick on my list for this mos. Reenlistment options are governed by AR 601-280 (Army Retention Program) and the current DA PAM 601-280. MOS 91H Track Vehicle Repairer. . This is an entry-level position that will require ASVAB testing in addition to meeting the basic physical and medical requirements. U3Hunter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Repair. auspices of the USA Ordnance Center and School) mandatory; or meet the Duty descriptions can be contributed by using the form below. Compared to BCT, it feels like the reigns came off. Serves as the NCOIC of the Ground Support Equipment Section and Senior Power Generation Equipment Repairer in a Forward Support Company in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 11-12; provides direct support maintenance directly supporting the 1-26th Infantry Regiment assigned to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division; provides technical guidance for nineteen mechanics across Khost Province in the areas of servicing, troubleshooting and repairing power generation equipment up through 200KW throughout the Battalion valued at $1,183,845.75; directly responsible for the training, mentoring, morale and welfare of two NCOs and seven Soldiers. Army National Guard. "The facilitation of petroleum, oil, repair parts and even tools were scarce; he has had to be very resourceful.". Or call your Branch Manager. This makes his military occupational specialty a vital component to his battalion's overall success. Really really good beer! Temp bans for people who can't stop acting like idiots. Bonus: None The Operator-Maintainer will transport, prepare, load/reload and resupply advanced interceptor missiles. You're mostly ready to move to your unit and do PMCS while you learn on the job. Im only waiting on points to pick up and have been for a minute. Security Clearance: None Most of us here at American Grit are Marines (its a wonder we can put sentences together). The info I get from the civilian instructors (all performed jobs similar to 91f across all branches) makes it seem like I picked the right MOS. Enlistment ASVAB Score: GM: 88 & GT: 88 or GM: 98 Since it seems that schools are a priority for you, it may be helpful to just start with a list of all major Army installations and evaluate them for the near by school systems, and then work your way backwards from there, as I'm guessing a 91D can be employed in nearly all major (and probably even minor) bases. Fort Carson main gate. Learn how to properly turn in parts. They will perform maintenance and troubleshooting on electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical components of the Patriot and related systems. This can sometimes include establishing and maintaining radio communication, assisting in tactical map overlays and analyzing data. 29E Electronic Warfare Specialist. 91D. 91A and 91S also have good promotions but limited duty stations. Staffing to align with your agency's mission. 91H Recovery Supervisor. Learn GCSS ARMY. Return to: Ordnance Corps MOS List or the top level Army Although you can run into situations where you'll be worked to death, for the most part you're left to your own devices with other junior enlisted in your shop. Their tasks range from transportation to maintenance for the Patriot. Copyright 2023 www.OperationMilitaryKids.org. Power Generator Mechanic for Headquarters and Support Company, 615th Aviation Support Battalion; responsible for the supervision, training, health and welfare of six Solders; maintains Solider's deployment readiness; plans, coordinates and trains Soldiers to perform field level support maintenance on over 200 pieces of equipment; Repairs/overhauls starters, alternators, generators, fuel injectors, voltage regulators, switches, control circuits, etc. 91D. Senior Power Generation Equipment Repairer Serves as the Senior Power Generation Equipment repairer for Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion; responsible for the training, mentorship, counseling, health, and welfare of three Soldiers; Coordinates Scheduled and Unscheduled maintenance for 103 pieces of Ground Support Equipment worth over $3,700,000; responsible for disposition, evacuation, and transportation of all equipment that require higher echelon maintenance; provides technical guidance in areas of Field and Sustainment level maintenance including servicing, troubleshooting, and repairing Power Generation Equipment. A friend of mine was looking into a contractor 89B3O slot. Am i in any real danger on deployments with this MOS? Ask random joining questions. Troubleshooting is about 90% of the game my dude. MOS 91H Track Vehicle Repairer Duty Descriptions. Shopping, great food, great drinking, museums, Seoul is a great place to be stationed, althoughits super cold there. Please include some sort of basic information or qualification (ie, I'm an 11B NCO with X years or I'm a 13F who's been in Y type of units or I'm a 14A who's done PL time), MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 11 -- Infantry Branch -- 11A, 11B, 11C, 11X, 11Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 12 -- Corps of Engineers Branch -- 12A, 120A, 125D, 12B, 12C, 12D, 12G, 12H, 12K, 12M, 12N, 12P, 12Q, 12R, 12T, 12V, 12W, 12X, 12Y, 12Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 13 -- Field Artillery Branch -- 13A, 131A, 13B, 13F, 13J, 13M, 13R, 13Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 14 -- Air Defense Artillery -- 14A, 140A, 140E, 140Z, 14E, 14G, 14H, 14P, 14S, 14T, 14Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 15 -- Aviation Branch, No Real Pilots -- 15A, 15B, 15C, 15D, 150A, 150U, 151A, 15B, 15D, 15E, 15F, 15G, 15H, 15K, 15M, 15N, 15P, 15Q, 15R, 15S, 15T, 15U, 15V, 15W, 15X, 15Y, 15Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 15 -- Aviation Branch, Pilots -- 152C, 152F, 152H, 153A, 153B, 153D, 153E, 153L, 153M, 154C, 154E, 154F, 155A, 155E, 155F, 155G, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 17 -- Cyber Branch -- 17A, 17B, 170A, 170B, 17C, 17E, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 18 -- Special Forces -- 18A, 180A, 18B, 18C, 18D, 18E, 18F, 18X, 18Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 19 -- Armor Branch -- 19A, 19B, 19C, 19D, 19K, 19Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 25 -- Signal Corps Branch -- 25A, 255A, 255N, 255S, 255Z, 25B, 25C, 25D, 25E, 25F, 25L, 25M, 25N, 25P, 25Q, 25R, 25S, 25T, 25U, 25V, 25W, 25X, 25Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 27 -- Judge Advocate General Branch -- 27A, 27B, 270A, 27D, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 31 -- Military Police Branch -- 31A, 311A, 31B, 31D, 31E, 31K, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 35 -- Military Intelligence Branch -- 35D, 35E, 35F, 35G, 350F, 350G, 351Z, 351L, 351M, 351Y, 352N, 352S, 353T, 35F, 35G, 35L, 35M, 35N, 35P, 35Q, 35S, 35T, 35V, 35X, 35Y, 35Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 36 -- Finance Management Branch -- 36A, 36B, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 37 -- Psychological Operations Branch -- 37A, 37X, 37F, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 38 -- Civil Affairs Branch -- 38A, 38G, 38X, 38B, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 42, 79 -- Adjutant General Branch -- 42B, 42C, 42H, 420A, 420C, 42A, 42F, 42R, 42S, 79R, 79S, 79T, 79V, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 46 -- Public Affairs -- 46A, 46X, 46Q, 46R, 46Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 56 -- Chaplain Branch -- 56A, 56D, 56X, 56M, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 68 -- Medical Enlisted -- 68A, 68B, 68C, 68D, 68E, 68F, 68G, 68H, 68J, 68K, 68L, 68M, 68N, 68P, 68Q, 68R, 68S, 68T, 68U, 68V, 68W, 68X, 68Y, 68Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 74 -- Chemical Corps -- 74A, 740A, 74D, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 88 -- Logistics Corps, Transporation Branch -- 90A, 88A, 88B, 88C, 88D, 880A, 881A, 88H, 88K, 88L, 88M, 88N, 88P, 88T, 88U, 88Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 89, 91, 94 -- Ammo, Mech Maint & Ordnance Branch -- 89E, 91A, 890A, 913A, 914A, 915A, 915E, 919A, 948B, 948D, 948E, 89A, 89D, 91A, 91B, 91C, 91D, 91E, 91F, 91G, 91H, 91J, 91L, 91M, 91P, 91S, 91X, 91Z, 94A, 94D, 94E, 94F, 94H, 94M, 94P, 94R, 94S, 94T, 94W, 94X, 94Y, 94Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 92 -- Logistics Corps, Quartermaster Corps Branch -- 92A, 92D, 920A, 920B, 921A, 922A, 923A, 92A, 92F, 92G, 92L, 92M, 92R, 92W, 92Y, 92Z, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 60, 61, 62 -- Medical Corps Branch -- 60A, 60B, 60C, 60D, 60F, 60G, 60H, 60J, 60K, 60L, 60M, 60N, 60P, 60Q, 60R, 60S, 60T, 60U, 60V, 60W, 61A, 61B, 61C, 61D, 61E, 61F, 61G, 61H, 61J, 61K, 61L, 61M, 61N, 61P, 61Q, 61R, 61U, 61W, 61Z, 62A, 62B, MOS Megathread Series -- CMF 63, 64, 65, 66 -- Dental, Veterinary, Medical Specialist, Nurse Corps -- 63A, 63B, 63D, 63E, 63F, 63H, 63K, 63M, 63N, 63P, 63R, 64A, 64B, 64C, 64D, 64E, 64F, 64Z, 640A, 65A, 65B, 65C, 65D, 65X, 66B, 66C, 66E, 66F, 66G, 66H, 66N, 66P, 66R, 66S, 66T. This will include performing electronic diagnostics procedures in the field and in high-stress situations. This annual report contains information on the representation of Hispanics within the Federal Government and best practices of Federal agencies. Justin Fouche, a 91D tactical power generation specialist, from Garner, North Carolina, Company E, 5th Battalion, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault replaces the oil pan gasket on a 35kW Generator Environmental C Spc. Going forward if it would be better to split them (and I will most likely chop up the Medical Series), please voice that opinion. You will be a POG and all MOS's say this but you really are the most important POG job in the Army. Compensation includes paid housing and food while living on-base. I'll take a mc chicken and slop on that mayo. This is an entry-level position that will follow the basic pay table for income. These are meant to be enduring sources of information. Fouche emphasized that waking up at any time of the night and learning aspects of his job on-the-go are some of the challenges he faces. precise power generation sets, internal combustion engines and associated You'll inprocess for that first week, getting your room and everything put together inbetween briefs and paperwork. Because your job is so critical and sometimes understaffed, you won't usually be tasked with bullshit details and pushed into filling in other MOS's. supervises lower grade Soldiers and provides technical guidance to the CMF 38 Duty Descriptions. terrain, mechanical failures, or hostile actions in a combat or garrison enviroment; performs battle damage assessment and repair/recovery (BDAR/R); provides principles of rigging techniques, and expedient repairs; responsible for training, supervising all lower H8 (ASI) Soldiers on all proper towing, lifting, winching, rigging. Sister Site: Cruise Ship Review. Other Requirements. Repeat after me: Thats an operator level task. Soldiers that maintain and operate the Patriot Missile launch system are paid according to rank and time in service. Yes youll have your quarterly services to do and annual but as in there titles there not too often. Plus the wine and the food cant be beaten and youre on the Mediterranean Sea. equipment. I currently expect to lump Os and Ws in to the CMF discussions. ***"The military" is vague. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The experience you'll get during one contract as a 91F will be bleak compared to 35N, and I doubt it'll do much to get you in the door after. 94M, im thinking about enlisting as this MOS, yet know nothing about it other then the generic army.com information. (a) ACASP qualification criteria. Repairs/overhauls starters, He currently operates a a political blog, and works at a local online newspaper in Cortland, NY. The training takes place at Corry Station Naval Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida. Press J to jump to the feed. a combination of formal training and experience totaling 2 years as a Check out Army Career Tracker, there is a section for MOS placement. 91M what are the possibilities of an overseas duty station is it rare? Your authority becomes absolute. As a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, you'll supervise and perform maintenance, repair, and recovery operations on wheeled vehicles and select armored vehicles that serve the Army in a variety of mission-critical roles. Performs duties in preceding skill levels; performs field and sustainment level maintenance on tactical, utility, and precise power generation sets, internal combustion engines, and associated equipment; supervises lower grade soldiers and provides technical guidance in the areas of field and sustainment level maintenance including servicing, troubleshooting and repairing power generation equipment up through 200KW. 91M SMOS here. Is it worth trying to switch or just try to switch after AIT? Duty Stations Those serving in the Army as an MOS 11X can expect to be potentially based at one of the following duty stations: Inside the Continental US (CONUS) Ft. Aberdeen, MD Ft. Benning, GA Ft. Bliss, TX Ft. Bragg, NC Ft. Campbell, KY Ft. Carson, CO Ft. It would be nearly impossible for the U.S. Army to function properly without the assistance of MOS 12B. 91D is a terrible MOS for rank progression. I'll try to give a general rundown of what I've experienced so far. This weapons system protects against air threats including aircraft, drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. Hopefully you have some good leaders along with peers that can give great mentorship along the way. Show your motor nco you want more on your plate. 37F Psychological Operations Specialist. If you have any MOS resources, schools, etc, this would be a great place to share them. Although it does happen. If you want to get promoted faster. The U.S. Army releases a two volume book about Operation Enduring Freedom, Army announces upcoming 10th Mountain Division Headquarters unit rotation, Army announces upcoming 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade unit rotation, Army announces upcoming 10th Mountain Division Combat Aviation Brigade unit rotation, Department of the Army announces upcoming 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters unit rotation, Department of the Army announces upcoming 4th Infantry Division Headquarters deployment, Department of the Army announces upcoming 101st Airborne Sustainment Brigade deployment, Department of the Army announces upcoming 1st Stryker Brigade, 4th Infantry Division deployment, Department of the Army announces 3rd Infantry Division deployment, Department of the Army announces 1st Armored Division's Sustainment Brigade deployment, Department of the Army announces 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, 7th Infantry Division deployment, Department of the Army announces 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division deployment, U.S. Army STAND-TO! Promotion So other than the a-typical army promotion stuff ( board, blc) our points seem to stay high. MOS 91E Allied Trades Specialist. Were Marines, we dont know any better. The working environment is also very intense and requires you to be calm in a very high-stress situation. Jobs / MOS List, 2010-2014 Army-Portal.com All Rights Reserved The Duty Station Locator System is intended to facilitate the Federal civilian personnel community's ability to locate duty station names and codes for use in processing personnel actions and reporting workforce information to OPM. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXQ2lO3ieBA&t=504s. Find out more about federal compensation throughout your career and around the world. The position involves moving and placing the Patriot Launching System in locations around the world. a section performing field or sustainment maintenance on tactical utility, However, because you go where the Patriot goes, this position requires a lot of travel and can mean a lot of time away from family. I went on the army subreddit but they only tell you what the job is like from day to day etc.. ASVAB Scores For Air Force Jobs: All 130+ For 2022, How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, 20 Health Conditions That May Disqualify You From Military, Army MOS List: A List Of All 159 Army Jobs, Air Force Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (1C8X3): Career Profile, 68 Series MOS: A List of Medical Field Jobs in the Army, Army Avionic Mechanic (MOS 15N): Career Details, List Of 9 Army Patches And Their Meanings, Army Sharpshooter Badge: 6 Things To Know, Army Service Ribbon (ASR): 5 Things To Know, Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM): 8 Things To Know, Having an interest in work that requires accuracy and attention to detail, Ability to multi-task, remain calm and work as a team member. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. As long as youre an active person, Fort Lewis is a great place to be. Looking for a bases with good schools for my 5 year old daughter. Do NOT do that. "I knew that in the future, especially during deployment, Fouche's maintenance readiness was going to be magnified, and he was definitely going to be a huge asset to the unit's success," said Fleming. Not endorsed by the U.S. Government All Rights Reserved. Fleming stated that Fouche had the correct amount of ambition, drive and pride. ***Your post must be a question; chat posts are not allowed. "How did your duties compare to a 19D when deployed?" CMF 46 Duty Descriptions. The more they shoot the busier youll be. Spc. Best Duty Station for your MOS . If so getting those parts on order 1130-1300 Lunch 1300-1700 Services on 119or777/ receiving parts and installing them on the guns. Perform duties in preceding skill levels, Army Ranks and Pay Scale a waiver approved by the Commandant, U.S. Army Ordnance Center and Schools. Full disclosure, we talked to like four or five folks from the Army to get this top 5 duty stations in the Army list, so if you disagree, take it up with them. Supervise activities of I'm okay with that. But other than that its fixing on the spot things. Serves as a Power Generation Equipment Repairer in an Expeditionary Signal Company that provides and defends rapidly deployable secure and non-secure voice, data, and visual communications support during joint and combined operations worldwide; executes generator repairs, technical troubleshooting, evacuation, and quality assurance and quality control of five Power Units, four Drash Utility Power Plants, and 2 Satellite Transportable Terminals; responsible for the health, morale, welfare, discipline, training, and professional development of four Soldiers. Related Article Air Force Radar, Airfield & Weather Systems (1C8X3): Career Profile. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Youll learn more as you advance in it, however most of your learning will be hands on at the units tbh. If you have any known resources for this series (could be reddit threads or other websites), please respond to this comment with them, and I will add them to this stickied top-comment. alternators, generators, fuel injectors, voltage regulators, switches, (USAG Stuttgart). An MOS 14T transports, loads, reloads, and supplies the Patriot missile launching stations and keeps them prepared for firing. 51C Contracting NCO. So were starting to think the Army really likes cold places. You sign off on a bad weapon and it injures a joe? During training, Fouche showed promise by learning everything he could as fast as he could. If you use the Advanced Search (link in top right corner of any page or click the link below) and search for 91Ds, you'll find them literally all over the world. There are many tuition and scholarship opportunities available for solders. There will be a ton of shit related to your job on Army COOL that you can use Army TA to pay for and it only benefits your career both in and out the military, It just depends on the unit you're going to. So my recruiters boss told me he was certain he could get me 91C and 91D. Be a part of something greater than one's self. Your ass is on its way to Leavenworth. Also you might be only working on vehicles, Well at least I got a bonus because I would not have as a 91B, You'll learn how to clean, inventory and reorganize the company conex about 1000 times before you fix a generator. Milan is an hour away, Venice is 30 minutes away, the Italian Alps are an hour awayare you starting to see why this is a great place to be? For that reason, you will not catch much shit for diligence. Serves as the unit's senior power generation repairer on a Combat Repair Team while supporting 2D Squadron, 2D Stryker Cavalry Regiment; serves as a squad leader and is responsible for the training, mentorship, counseling, health, and welfare of six Troopers; responsible for organizational and direct support maintenance of power generation for the Squadron; plans and organizes work schedules; assigns workloads; responsible for the disposition, evacuation, and transportation of all equipment that require higher echelon maintenance and the accountability and inventory of over $1,500,000 worth of equipment. With jobs like the 91 series, you could literally be at any army installation on the planet, but your orders at the end of AIT will tell you where you're going. "Don't worry, when you get to your unit they'll square you away", Lol I guess this new Army sticks to the mistakes of the past. "My MOS supports the unit by providing power for equipment that is needed to accomplish the mission," said Fouche. Current dep here, set to ship on June 17. In 2016, Fouche was influenced by his brother and decided to enlist in the Army to learn a new skill. This position requires individuals to attend 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training. This also comes with some adversity. 4. If your question isn't about the MOSes listed, then it probably belongs in a different Megathread, the Weekly Question Thread, or a new post. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Some of your other duties as an Operating Room Specialist may include: Preparing and maintaining sterile medical supplies. The 91D Ive deployed with were full blow electricians for the most part, and were worked to hell during deployments cuz they fixed everything electrical for the most part. Perform duties in preceding skill level, 91X40 Motor Sergeant You would be making a giant mistake. This position requires individuals to take and pass the Operators and Food (OF) ASVAB test with a score of 92. Preventative maintenance procedures are expected as well. Soldiers in the accomplishment of their duties. Changing tires? Serves as Track Vehicle Repairer in a Forward Support Company in support of a Field Artillery Battalion; performs maintenance on tracked vehicles and coordinates repair of fuel and electrical systems; tests and repairs diesel power plants, engine fuel systems, and air induction systems; repairs air and liquid cooling systems; troubleshoots hull electrical systems and automatic transmission assemblies; services track vehicle cross drive transmission assemblies, transfer assemblies, hydraulic brake systems, and fire suppression systems; maintains forward supply point valued at more than $1,000,000.