He used it to kill Tubbo in the Final Control Room. You can sit here and try and negotiate with me all you want, I'm not budging. [66], The next day, Sapnap was among the people who came through the portal with Punz to rescue Tommy and Tubbo from Dream. Sapnap was concerned as he had heard Tommy freaking out and talking to himself. [100] Dream gave Mars to Tommy during the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower to use as leverage against Sapnap. [25], After George stole Sapnap's horse, Joffrey, Sapnap accidentally killed it while attempting to punch George. [110], Sapnap eventually got his pets back and kept them in his new secret base. [52], During the Exile Conflict, Sapnap was angry at Tommy for burning down George's house. [72], Sapnap and George encountering Mexican Dream, Sapnap told Mexican Dream that they were looking for Quackity and asked if Mexican Dream knew him, as Quackity also used to be part of Mexican L'Manberg. I won't allow that. Sapnap destroyed the house that he and Callahan used to live in before Jacobs joined the stream. Red Wind [Karl Jacobs] (January 29, 2023). A sapnap version <3 Thank you all so much for 700+ followerss <33 I'm really happy about it! After constructing the community pet house, Sapnap put both Kristen and Juni in it. He figured that Dream would find some place meaningful to hide. No. He wears a t-shirt with a flame design on it over a long-sleeved black tee, black pants, and black checkerboard shoes. They showed a bed on camera that they claimed was for Quackity. Dream SMP George Davidson (born: November 1, 1996 (1996-11-01) [age 26]), better known online as GeorgeNotFound, is an English YouTuber most known for creating Minecraft videos. With potential meetups out of the question during the pandemic, fans have been excitedly waiting for the day that the Dream SMP members could meet in real life. Karl asks if Quackity wants to move in. Karl Jacobs VODS [Karl Jacobs] (February 26, 2021). [96], Dream's helmet. After finding a location . Partner(s) [135] A few days later, Sapnap decided to team up with Tommy to try and kill Dream together. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (July 3, 2020). Karl announced Dream and Sapnaps meetup when he tweeted: I literally stayed up on the phone with Sapnap all night last night so he could drive to Dreams in 1 night without falling asleep just for him to fall asleep at a rest stop when it was 11am for me, Inside Lynn Tolers life, Including her husband and sons, The truth about Jeff Dunhams wife & children, Karl has accrued close to 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, Sapnap has over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Karl announced Dream and Sapnaps meetup when he tweeted, Is Rick Lagina married? He/him Family & relationship(s) However, Sapnap refused to do so. They were initially on the same side during The Disc Saga. StupidApple [Karl Jacobs] (May 24, 2021). [46] Tommy confronted Sapnap the next day, and Tommy's anger lead to a battle between Sapnap and Tommy. Sapnap and Punz fought the members of the Badlands for some time while they all argued about how the panda died. Sapnap tried to chase them down but lost them in the Nether. [35][36], Sapnap played an active role as one of the main contenders during the Pet War. They are all engaged in lore and active Dream SMP members. Early on, Sapnap briefly considered overthrowing Schlatt to exploit the land for oil. DreamXD proposed that he would give Sapnap the location of Dream, but if he then killed Dream, Sapnap would have to die permanently. ", "TommyInnit, Dream & Sapnap's PET WAR FINALE", "Tubbo And TommyInnit Start To Break Apart", "Tommy & Wilbur make Tubbo a gift and he hates it", "New beginnings - Dream SMP (2020/12/01)", "Quackity Creates Mexican L'Manberg With GeorgeNotFound", "TUBBO VOD (12/12/2020) the one where tubbo gets squeaks and fundy leaves lmanburg ft. Dream, Sapnap+", "Tommy's Dream SMP Is Obliterated by Technoblade", "After The Tales: Finding new Lands and moving the Library", "The Green Smile That Haunts Me (Dream SMP Lore)", "TommyInnit, Technoblade & Tubbo TURN on each other (dream smp)", "TommyInnit FIGHTS Dream & Technoblade (GRAND FINALE)", "Late Thanksgiving Stream On Dream SMP ( Lore ) Finale Sapnap Twitch Live Stream [ Full ] 29/11/21", "Most of GeorgeNotFound's first twitch stream", "Dream's 9th Minecraft Livestream [FULL] WR speedrunning attempts And Survival World", "Moving Pandas w/ Antfrost (Dream SMP) BadBoyHalo Stream", "Full Punz Lore Stream - November 28, 2021", "TommyInnit & Sapnap accidentally betray Ponk (dream smp)", "DREAM SMP Locking Mechanisms in the prison! Karl, Sapnap and Quackity are all associated with the Dream Team. He repeatedly asked Sapnap to kill BadBoyHalo, but Sapnap refused to do so. Sapnap ordered Dream to step back and protected the two from him. [64], The Disc Confrontation was an event staged by Dream and Punz to make everyone believe that Punz had betrayed Dream by getting him locked up in Pandora's Vault. Karl and Sapnap continue to show Quackity around. [55], Sapnap angry at Dream for dethroning George, After the Manberg vs Pogtopia War ended, Sapnap was no longer a citizen of Manberg since the country was dissolved. [125] Bad fought alongside Sapnap during the Battle of the Lake after Bad was framed by Tommy and Dream for burning down the Eiffel Tower. [70] Sapnap helped establish the nation and grew very protective of Kinoko. Sapnap shot BadBoyHalo with his bow and the two followed Bad around for a bit. Blueberry TV [Sapnap] (November 8, 2020). However, there is no evidence to back up the claim that Karl and Sapnap are dating or have dated. He witnessed Tommy explaining how Dream was the one who blew up the Community House, and was shocked to find Beckerson the fish among the "attachments" that Dream supposedly planned to collect from the members of SMP, along with a frame for his own fish, Mars. [144] Days later, Sapnap and George decided to start Kinoko Kingdom together with Karl Jacobs. There, Sapnap pressured Tommy into killing his pets and gaining the characteristics of Sapnap. Also read: Lil Nas X trolls haters with "Chick-fil-A shoes" and a bible verse from John 3:16 as "Satan Shoes" controversy rages on, Be the first one to comment on this story. Fundy, I will bring you to your knees if you don't bring my animals back in one piece. Sapnap did not want to do that, wondering if he could perhaps work together with Dream to kill Foolish. They are all active members on the Dream SMP and get involved with lore. And you know, I don't think it's gonna be Tommy, it's not gonna be Techno, Dream. by Big Ol' E 13.7K 572 38 Karl Jacobs and Sapnap have just been engaged and are happier than ever, while preparing for the wedding and building their new home for when they wed Karl starts to get. While they were on different sides during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, they agreed to remain friends after the war. Karl and Sapnap, who were still happily together, didn't know that they forgot to tell Quackity about Kinoko Kingdom, leading them to think they still have a positive relationship with him. Sapnap and Karl Jacobs' popularity has been soaring through the roof since 2020. Kinoko Kingdom (current)El Rapids (past)Dream SMP (Past) Manberg (past)Rutabagville (past) [129] At first, he did not plan to side with L'Manberg during the Doomsday War. They went to Kinoko Kingdom where Sapnap wanted to store the Book of Death in a chest. [76], Sapnap trying to mediate between Karl and Quackity, The two toured Kinoko Kingdom until they stumbled across Karl in his library. Sapnap, along with George and Quackity, planned to develop their new country Mexican L'Manberg and attack Dream to restore George's power. Karl could no longer remember his relationship with Quackity, only recalling that Quackity played a part in Karl losing a canon life. Dream left the room and said he would figure out where Kinoko was, threatening to blow it up with TNT. Basics This meant that Sapnap and Punz fought each other occasionally. Collaborations Dream Team Karl Actually KISSES Sapnap Goodnight 938,481 views Mar 29, 2021 69K Dislike Just Twitch Clips 99.9K subscribers Karl Actually KISSES Sapnap Goodnight Please subscribe if you're new :). An unnamed siamese cat that Sapnap keeps in his secret base. [69] A few months afterwards, Sapnap and George searched for Quackity together but encountered Mexican Dream instead. Sapnap took the leggings from Tubbo's vault after Dream's escape from Pandora's Vault. With high quality cameras attached to the back of our phones, taking that perfect shot . Sapnap attempted to mediate between the two but was unable to stop the argument. [17], Sapnap in Rutabagville after joining Manberg. As a result of the conflict, Sapnap lost most, if not all, of his prized items to Tommy. When Wilbur and Tommy started a drug business, Tubbo and Sapnap fought against them to stop them from doing anything illegal. IGN Quackity eventually heard about Kinoko Kingdom from George. It normally doesnt take this long for regular collaborators to meet up in real life, but due to coronavirus, Karl and Sapnap couldnt meet in 2020. Once inside the Camarvan, Sapnap watched the fall of Schlatt, and Manberg as a whole. We Filmed a Podcast in Antarctica! When he went back to get them, Dream blew up an end crystal near the items, destroying the sword. Quackity brings Sapnap to the top of the Space Needle and the two talk. During negotiations with Dream, Sapnap and Quackity argued fiercely for recognition of their country. The Disc Saga (Tommy's side)Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War (Dream Team SMP)The Railway Skirmish (Dream's side)The Pet WarThe Manberg Rebellion (Initially third party, later Dream SMP)The War of the Burning Eiffel TowerExile Conflict (George's side)The Dethronement Fallout (George's side)Mexican L'Manberg Political Protest (Mexican L'Manberg)Doomsday War (L'Manberg)Disc Confrontation (Tommy's side)Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap after DreamXD called him a killer[2]. I don't know what he's on about! Destroyed, gone. He mentioned that he was thinking of killing Sapnap, because Sapnap had taken his armor and was trying to kill him. "Wait, what?" George asks, intterupts Austin and Karl's cheers. Mexican Dream wanted to kill Dream in response. Quackity relunctantly agreed to go over to Kinoko to talk to Karl about it. However, at the moment, we dont believe that the pair are in a relationship. Sapnap had taken Dream's armor set and his weapons, which Dream wanted him to return. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (May 5, 2020). If you want it, take it off my dead body. [137], DreamXD does not seem to like Sapnap much. Pronouns For business inquiries please contact banterpodcast@night.co. Fundy was unsure if Max was actually Sapnap's pet and asked Niki to kill Skechers instead. [75], After searching for Quackity over the course of several months, Sapnap went to Las Nevadas and reunited with Quackity there. When he got Mars back, Sapnap promised to help Tommy in the war. The two streamers had an incredibly successful stream with over 400k subscribers in an extremely short span. DreamXD told Sapnap that Foolish knew there was a second book that was not the Revival Book. [58] After Quackity formed the new nation of Mexican L'Manberg on the platform, Sapnap joined as a citizen. [166], Sap, Nap, SappyNappy, Snapchat, Pandas, App, El Sapnapo, Seor Sapnap. [56] Before the Doomsday War, Tommy returned Mars to Sapnap in return for Sapnap helping L'Manberg in the war. It's it's gonna be me who takes your final life. Other information [48][49] After being a citizen alongside Nihachu for a while, Schlatt approached Karl and asked for his support in the upcoming war. [29] Sapnap and Dream killed Tommy and Tubbo in response to L'Manberg's Declaration of Independence. When writing a person's name in the book, that person as well as the owner of the book is killed instantly. Human [111], Kristen is one of Sapnap's three dogs. [69] Karl was supposed to tell Quackity about the country, but he never did so because of his memory issues. [42] Karl and Sapnap founded Rutabagville and agreed to join Manberg not long after Rutabagville was established. After promising to be good and not throw away his clocks, Sapnap told Dream he would tell George to visit him. Sapnap was reluctant to hand the axe over, as he had wanted to use it for leverage. [53] By the time he got back, Dream was already in the process of surrendering while also revealing Schlatt's location to Pogtopia. Mexican L'Manberg, destroyed, gone. Sapnap showed him the Egg and warned him not to touch it. 2.1m Followers, 85 Following, 18 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sapnap (@sapnapinsta) 2.1m Followers, 85 Following, 18 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sapnap (@sapnapinsta) sapnapinsta. [35], They fought on opposite sides once again during the Manberg vs Pogtopia War, but Sapnap joined Tubbo's side in the Doomsday War. Though, not many people ship them in real life due to Quackity expressing his discomfort in being shipped with his friends. [16], Sapnap was mostly unaware of Bad's relationship with the Egg, but he was worried when he saw how Bad behaved around it. Karl says he doesn't know anything about Quackity except that he's the reason he died. The trio first decided to dissolve El Rapids as it had become a stagnating nation. Sapnap launched his YouTube career in 2019 and grew his following by collaborating with popular gamers such as BadBoyHalo and Dream. [122] Sam helped Tommy and Sapnap with their drug operation and showed off his secret base to them. Since he was disappointed that Sapnap did not kill Bad, DreamXD decided to leave and disappeared. However, Tommy refused and the pets remained unharmed. Tommy attempted to convince Sapnap to join his side and vote for POG2020, but Sapnap told Tommy that he must publicly denounce Fundy first for his vote. [41] With the help of Punz, the two built a wooden structure resembling the Eiffel Tower near Skeppy's house for their future honeymoon. Are we ruling out Sapnap and Karl dating? You know? In late March 2021, however, the duo felt comfortable enough to link up at Jacobs house and hang out for a while. ", "Tommy, no matter what happens tomorrow Hopefully we can be friends after it. [83], Early on, Tubbo and Sapnap were on good terms. Sapnap won the duel. You're a problem. [7], After Dream escaped from Pandora's Vault, Sapnap asked Punz to help him look for Dream, considering himself and Punz to be the only ones who could stand a chance against Dream. Since Tommy refused to kill the pets, they are still unharmed in the secret base. What are you talking about? As they reach the top, Sapnap mentions moving in and El Rapids, to where Karl asks Sapnap to speak elsewhere. Because of the Dream SMP lore events, some prefer to ship Karlnap alone with TNT Duo instead of Fianc Trio as a whole. [20] Not much more is known about Sapnap's early childhood. Karl sent Twitter into meltdown after posting a photo of himself alongside Sapnap. [95], Mars is one of the first pet fishes on the server, named after a donator and shared by the Dream Team. [91], Sapnap's main melee weapon in many early events. Sapnap tried to keep the peace between them and did not understand how Karl did not remember Quackity. Sapnap repeatedly refused to give it to him, telling him he could take it off his dead body. [116], Sapnap tried to hide his pets, but Fundy found them and took them hostage. [109], In response, Sapnap hid his pets, but Fundy tracked them down and took them hostage. ", "It wasn't supposed to be like this. Karl won Minecraft Championship 11 along with Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap. To try to gain his pet fish Mars back, Sapnap kidnapped Tommy's horse, Juorse. [85], Because Sapnap wanted to kill Dream anyway, he wrote down Dream's name. [110] Once he got his pets back, he moved them to his new secret base. [3][57], Following the Disc Confrontation, Sapnap met up with George after George had missed several key events. [123] He built a nether-themed room for Sapnap. Sapnap told Karl that Kinoko Kingdom needed to prepare for war because Dream would be coming for them. Verified. [95], Dream's boots. He also ended up fighting Technoblade and nearly killed him; however, Technoblade pearled away before Sapnap could land the final blow. Please logout and login again. [7], Soon after this last event, Sapnap started the nation of Kinoko Kingdom with George and Karl. [56] Shortly after, Dream decided to dethrone George as king of the Dream SMP because he was concerned that George kept getting attacked. xyl3ntwastaken [Karl Jacobs] (April 6, 2021). [15], Since he can be highly emotional and blinded by anger, Sapnap generally chooses violence over diplomacy. When Dream proposed killing Sapnap, Foolish told him to hold off on that as he still had plans with Sapnap and preferred him to be alive. [60] During the Doomsday War, they fought on the same side to defend L'Manberg. [39], Sapnap was then challenged by Fundy to a 1v1 duel to resolve this whole dispute, and the conditions were that if Sapnap won, he would get his pets back, and Fundy would accept defeat and move on. Read on to find out what we know. Sapnap eventually visited Quackity's country of Las Nevadas and invited him to Kinoko Kingdom to talk to Karl and George about the issue. DreamXD thought this was a bad idea, so Sapnap ended up storing the book in his ender chest. 2 million people follow Sapnap on Twitch, while the company has over 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. However, since he was an American and not European, he was denied membership. Tommy told him that Dream had chased him through a forest on the day of the jailbreak. Minecraft YouTubers and members of the Dream SMP, Karl Jacobs and Sapnap, recently made waves when the two finally met in person. They fought on different sides during the Battle of the Lake and at Mexican L'Manberg after Punz betrayed the country. He told Dream that if he escaped prison, then he would be the one to take Dream's final life. [112] Dream took Fundy to the dogs during the Pet War, but he did not know which dog belonged to Sapnap. Sapnap tried to reassure Quackity, but Quackity said he never wanted to talk to Karl again. Dream was trying to escape while fighting several server members. Karl Jacobs are no strangers to flirting online and even appearing like they are dating. George's first public . I like to make Minecraft content :) Business: sapnap@night.co The two continue to argue even while Sapnap tries to stop them. [89], The Sap Lazar Beam was Sapnap's main ranged weapon. OPEN RELATIONSHIP???? Sapnap confessed he has a crush on Karl #karlNap - YouTube. Punz refused to participate and killed Sapnap while he was AFK. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG WAIT- pic.twitter.com/xcyF0lBSe0. Sapnap refused to give Dream's equipment back and told him take it off his dead body. Joffrey was Sapnap's horse. It was also taken from Tubbo's vault by Sapnap on November 28, 2021, along with most of Dream's other weapons and armor. [111], Helaina is one of Sapnap's three dogs. This made Sapnap believe that Dream did not care about him or George anymore either, although Dream denied that this was true. Quackity, Karl and Sapnap are currently engaged to eachother in a polyamorous relationship, though in Season 3, the relationship has become rather strained, and the season ends on Karl and Quackity basically having a Second-Act Breakup over the manifestation of their respective issues that they haven't confided in anyone (of their own volition). During the meet-up with Sapnap in August of 2021, Karl wore a shirt with Quackity's face that read "Quackity My Beloved <3". [52], During the war, Sapnap fought on the side of Manberg. He showed the pets there to Tommy to get him to kill them and prove he was just as bad as Sapnap, but Tommy refused. The tweet has around 280k likes at the time of writing, with fans extremely hyped about the IRL meet-up. Fundy retaliated by ordering Nihachu to kill Sapnap's favorite fox, Skechers. SAPNAP YOURE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH.. On Twitter, people are a part of "fiancetwt," a subtwt in which people are interested in Fianc Trio. After teasing their meetup on Twitter, the duo then hopped on to stream a brief session of Minecraft on Karl Jacobs' Twitch channel. It came into possession of Sapnap on November 28, 2021, after he took it from Tubbo's vault following Dream's escape from prison. Sapnap was confused and said that Karl should have given him an invitation to Kinoko Kingdom. this consents of dream, , quackity, karl and him. [63] He now keeps Mars in his ender chest. [21] Sapnap also built the Courthouse as a way to resolve conflicts peacefully and the Hall of Fame to award his Twitch donors. Dream Team Streams [Sapnap] (July 1, 2020). Quackity told him that he felt abandoned by him and Karl, which confused Sapnap since he thought that Karl had told Quackity about Kinoko Kingdom. [7] They rarely saw each other in the months following this event, since both were working on their own nations. The two fought briefly until Dream escaped the area and Sapnap lost track of him. On stream, Karl continued to wear the "Quackity My Beloved <3" shirt and he and Sapnap even invited Quackity to join them. This leads to the major miscommunication that results in the estrangement of fiancetrio. He left Kristen behind as a warning. It is now in possession of Sapnap again, who took it from Tubbo's vault on November 28, 2021. I stand by George. After doing so, he unexpectedly summoned DreamXD. [152][17] Sapnap burned down Punz's house and accidentally killed his fox, but Punz forgave him for that. After hearing Dream say to Tommy that he did not care about anything on the server anymore, Sapnap went to Tommy for reassurance. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (May 15, 2020). [79], After searching around the server for a while, Sapnap and Sam came to the conclusion that Dream would most likely go find his armor first. Sapnap and Karl Jacobs' popularity has been soaring through the roof since 2020. 29.8K Likes, 510 Comments. He listed Bad among the friends he wanted to protect by killing Dream.[128]. Personality Sapnap is very protective of his allies and friends. Sapnap and Quackity ask Karl if he remembers El Rapids. 2.1M followers. [9] He threatened his friend Mexican Dream and drove Tommy out of the kingdom under threat of violence. Sapnap and Karl Jacobs are both members of the Dream Survival-Multiplayer group, but it is unclear whether they are dating. [12], Foolish eventually learned from DreamXD that Sapnap found the Book of Death and that Sapnap was able to kill him with the book. They got engaged to each other and to Karl soon after the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. Sweezy [GeorgeNotFound] (December 4, 2020). DreamXD told Sapnap about how he had hidden the Book of Death for so long and nobody had even thought to take it from the chest. ", "George, Dream said he didn't care about anything on this SMP, which that just means he doesn't care about us. However, at the moment, we don't believe that the pair are in a relationship. After Karl Jacobs and Quackity's meetup in December 2020, Sapnap and Karl Jacobs' IRL meetup was hotly anticipated, and the Minecraft duo have finally delivered. A weekly podcast where Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and Karl Jacobs bring on one of their friends from the content creation scene to talk and be cool. In response, Sapnap drove him out, stealing his items and threatening him with a bow. [40], After Karl joined the Dream SMP, Sapnap and Karl became engaged. They were placing an order at McPuffy's when Sam came running up. Gaming video creator. Sapnap asked if Foolish could die if he wrote his name in the book. [151], A while later, Sapnap entered Las Nevadas where Quackity gave him a tour of the nation. He was a citizen of El Rapids and Dream SMP and is currently a member of Kinoko Kingdom. This page is about the content creator. Karl doesn't tell Sapnap or Quackity that he is a time traveller or has memory issues when this all first started. He wears a t-shirt with a flame design on it over a long-sleeved black tee, black pants, and black checkerboard shoes. Shipping Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. He only chose to help them after Tommy gave him back his pet fish Mars. 2.1K likes,68 reactiesTikTok-video van (@sunny..dsmpp): "@deviltownsleeps There you go ! Mexican Dream thanked him and then jumped off the house to go back to the Afterlife. [84], After he read the book, Sapnap thought it was a prank at first. ", "Dream, if you try and break out early you know you only have one life left. Finish the lyrics with BadBoyHalo Body - Megan Thee Stallion. [8], After losing the Community House and Mexican L'Manberg, Sapnap developed trust issues and became especially protective of Kinoko Kingdom. Sapnap wanted to search for Quackity, since they had not seen him in a long time. According to their Facebook profile, the two . During the Final Pet War, Sapnap took Tommy to see his pets and told him to kill them to prove he was on the same pet-killing level as Sapnap. The two usually bicker constantly while around each other, but they do not hold grudges. I say- I say we disown him. [62] The day of the battle, Tommy met with Sapnap at the remains of the Community House. However, Fundy had found them and took them hostage, and after some confrontation, Sapnap blew up Fungi's grave in front of Fundy to try to get his pets back, but failed. Dream had realized that Sapnap somehow knew where he lived after he had heard Sapnap calling for him outside the prison. Sapnap However, DreamXD told Sapnap that he was unable to kill the owner of the Revival Book, since the ability of revival was a counter to the Book of Death. GeorgeNotFound Streams (January 17, 2021). 8 followers Glen And Maggie . While this plan failed, they did manage to get their nation recognized as independent in the end. During the Pandora's Vault jailbreak, Sapnap was the first person to message Tubbo about Dream's escape. WOOHOO! They argue and fight each other a lot, but at the end of the day, they care about each other. They plan to get married and have a wedding, but complications cause the wedding to be set back. Dream George, I want you to notice something. Karl Jacobs, a digital creator and streamer known for his close collaborations with internet superstar MrBeast, is set to make his debut as a featured creator at VidCon Anaheim 2023. Date joined [147], The day after the war, Karl and Sapnap decided to both get engaged to Quackity as well. Sapnap cracked part of the Egg and wanted to put holy water on it. The relatively short stream attracted more than 400K subscribers. Sapnap considered killing Foolish, but DreamXD wanted him to kill BadBoyHalo instead since he disliked him so much. [124], Sapnap and Bad are good friends. Sapnap was upset by this and puzzled by Karl's behavior and memory issues. In return, if Sapnap were to kill Dream, Sapnap would have to die permanently without becoming a ghost. Dream Team Streams [GeorgeNotFound] (May 16, 2020). They fought together during the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War and the Manberg vs Pogtopia War. He got to the armor and took it, along with Dream's weapons. Sapnap burned down Ponk's, Sapnap and Puffy were initially at odds during the, Ranboo and Sapnap originally had a neutral relationship before Sapnap visited. They were on opposing sides in the Dream Team SMP vs. L'Manberg War, with Sapnap taking Tubbo's first canon life in the Final Control Room. If Fundy won, he would keep Sapnap's pets, get his items back, and Sapnap must leave L'Manberg. this was super awesome! The tweet implies that Sapnap suggested that his relationship with Karl Jacobs be an open relationship. 34", " [83], On January 30, 2022, Sapnap went out looking for Dream again. Sapnap said that this had been part of their plan and thought that Karl was making an insensitive joke at first. Karl Jacobs, formerly known as GamerBoyKarl, is an American online gamer who came to fame for participating in MrBeasts challenge videos. After some consideration, Sapnap agreed to this deal. They plan to get married and have a wedding, but complications cause the wedding to be set back. [32] Sapnap also played a role in the arson of Tubbo's Old House,[33] the bombing of the L'Manberg Embassy, and the raid of Tubbo's Jungle Base. Sapnap said that Dream deserved to be in prison but hoped that they could still be friends. Dream Team Streams [Sapnap] (July 16, 2020). [59] Sapnap sided with George during the Exile Conflict and Dethronement Fallout and was angry that Dream had dethroned George. They fought on the same side in both the Pet War and the Second Pet War. I'm not gonna give you the opportunity to do that again. While fighting the Hound Army, Sapnap's reputation as a "pet killer" was brought up.