After a beat, the sirens finally cut through the silence. When the bad guys converged on one spot, Peter knew it was bad news. Sorry., Tony rolls his eyes and moves the mask back up over Peters face. Peters body arched, and shook as the electricity traveled through him, before it receded, and Peter fell to the ground. Fingers are in his mouth, urgently sweeping the rest of the sick out and clearing his airway. Well, we had to bring something to eatits a long way to Pluto.. flora funeral home rocky mount va. Jun 5th, 2022 . Second, this does get dark in some places. To Peters dismay, the lightheadedness and headache hes been experiencing arent improving with the addition of the fruitin fact, theyre definitely getting worse. Ned is trying to talk to him, but his voice sounds muffled, almost like theyre underwater. 11. Peter bleeds out in a guinea pig enclosure at Morgans sixth birthday party. He whipped around as fast as possible and crossed the distance between them in two bounds, kicking the guy so hard he flew down Houston about three blocks before slamming into a building. He lowers his hand sheepishly to find the marker instead. It was supposed to be a chilled night. The last thing he wants is his whole team knowing they cant even find their own way out of a stupid maze. Chapter 13 Out of town, he gasps. . I dont know what I need tohey, watch it, dude!, A man dressed in filthy military fatigues raised his machine gun and fired at him again. But I need you weak, and docile. 4. NOTE: There is kidnapping and captivity in this fic, but the main focus is the aftermath. I said, Ill throw down the supplies.. "Friday, track Peter's suit, and his phone," he directed. Peter peeled his mask off, wincing as the fabric scraped against the grazes on his cheek, but kept his head low until Tony took his chin and lifted it himself. Tell your buff friend and your leather jacket friend I say hi." 6. "Peter! Ned ignores him. Tony?, Ah, shit, Tony said good-humoredly. Why was his alarm going off? Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye Someone stabs Peter. Hes fine, dont worry about it, Tony quickly assures, making a dismissive gesture with his hand. (Or, Peter getting absolutely whammied and having no memory of what happened). Peter then took out his hearing aids and walked away. 21. I-I think somethings wrong with me, he admits. T-minus uh, yeah, Im here. He waved brightly at the clustered criminals who were brandishing their automatic weapons at the trapped and unconscious Captain. He takes another bite to emphasize the point. Thank you! Peter Parker gets hurt, and makes his friends worry. Shuri nodded. She checks him overshines a light in his eyes, draws some blood, and makes careful note of his vitalsbefore deciding hes okay to extubate. "I'm sorry, was I supposed to answer a question?" He and Tony were arguing, and Tony was being dumb. Huh. Shit. Chapter 20 And its gonna be only organic farms for you from here on out.. I didnt know anything and it was so awful I-I cant He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. Thanks for checking up on me thought. where are you by the way? captain americas com had a sound like a whoosh that peter guessed to be either another type of gun that he was yet to be shot with yet or caps shield. Youre not hurt, right? The genius seemed too preoccupied with searching the Captain for injury to actually focus on Peter. Chaos ensues. Oh! tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, 1. If you thought Tony was mad before, you were dead wrong. Jake mods. No, he said. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Tony appears to notice this too. peter parker grimaced as the sharp pole stuck in his leg moved slightly, he was stuck under a building again. It got worse when you ate the apples because they were coated in it.. Like his formerly poor eyesight, the mutation had cured that particular ailment. Peter was getting his lunch out of his locker because Pepper packed him lunch today. Do you know any good fics where Peter is disoriented from either being hurt or sick? A Latina cop in a leather jacket pulls the gun out of the webbing on the other side of the alley. Spider-Man dies to ravioli.. youll get it soon. For the mission, Morgan explains as though its the most obvious thing in the world. Lets just get out of here man.. And that makes me sad. He is no longer our son. "Was this Flash?" Spidey? Its exactly the kind of canon-compliant fic I thought I would never be able to read/enjoy after Endgame but Im so glad I gave it a chance because this author absolutely fleshes out Morgans character and makes you fall in love with her and Peters mentor/brother-ish relationship to her. Bruce and Tony made him some hearing aids with the capacity of his enhanced hearing, but without them, Peter has no sense of hearing in the slightest for the rest of his life. It turns out that bullies actually are lacking something in their lives that their victim has! He kicked out and knocked one guys legs out from under him before swinging away. Then his brain fills with static and he blacks out. Hes looking for you. The man pointed at Dr. I recommend you bring Pepper. Everywhere, really. So instead of leaving it to the heroes, which he was hardly, he gritted his teeth and hung on for dear life. Oh my god! Neds eyes go wide. Marvel's. im sure u noticed but im seven days behind and I've lost all motivation so im not gonna update anymore, Natasha was one who expected everything from attempted murder to tax fraud. Peter can immediately tell something is wrong, his senses dialed up so wildly that he cant focus on anything, barely feeling like hes moving forward on the sidewalk as he tries to reach the Tower. Peter tugs down the mask again and gives them a weak grin. He passes Peter the ice pack, earning a grunt of thanks. The door burst open. After hanging a new bag on his IV, she heads back out. The Thompson's were a well known and very respected family. Talking. "mr stark- " tears fell down his bruised and battered face, blood clotted his hair and his stomach now an opened and bleeding. Im coming Peter. 4. Whoops, he mutters before slipping it back over his mouth and nose. , . So when he stood up for himself, you took that as the it's alright to try and murder him!?" Playing news report now. The video on the screen before them began playing. Police and other emergency service personnel stand along the side of the bridge, shining torches down into the river. Is it in your backpack?, Dont have asthma, Peter says, but hes starting to wheeze. Yelling. Tony knew he was dying. He feels vaguely nauseous now and theres a weird tightness building in his chest thats starting to wig him out. The Red Room and HYDRA have united to undertake a top-secret project: Create a human spider with super human and spider-like abilities. Racing down the hall, Tony noted that the alarm and flashing lights were all over the compound and that the rest of the Avengers team were on their way to the conference room as well. We were playing superheroes and we needed to pack the supplies to take with us cus we had to go fight the bad guys in space., Shed been stockpiling stuff for the last couple days in the treehouse, Peter goes on, so she was just tossing everything down for me to put in the bag. Aunt May, it hurts, make it stop, please make it stop! trick or treat by @ciaconnaa - Morgan decides to do a quick science experiment to determine whether or not shes allergic to strawberries while under Peters care. Chapter 14 Everything he was feeling began to fade. 15. And then you threw up and you were choking on it and I-I didnt know what to do, I just, I couldnt think and, Peters own eyes are stinging now. Peter shakes his head. In the past few days, the Macchina di Kadavus had gone missing, the Book of Cagliostro had been stolen, and New York City was in the middle of a city-wide blackout. Peter's eyes start to feel really heavy. 17. Please consider turning it on! In which Peter Parker comes up with some ~creative~ coping mechanisms (for a fever-induced nightmare), the likes of which Tony Stark hasnt seen before. What are your most whumpy peter fic recs? You should remove Peter's mask. Chapter 2 Luckily, his comm still works. Peter has the gauntlet, the stones already in place. Ned seems to have remembered it too. Wait, you dont have laser vision, do you? 20. Acute respiratory distress. Its literally follow the spiders.. The nurse at Midtown was one of the cool ones. Hey, there he is, Mr. Starks face appears in front of him, blocking the white light, thank God, then Mays face is next to his, blurry and hazy but its them and thats nice. Its nothing majorjust irritating, but its making his brain feel fuzzy, which is likely a contributing factor to why theyve been weaving their way through this stupid maze for the past hour. Chapter 4 Sorry., Ned still looks wary, but doesnt push it. The two boys exchange a bewildered look as she stalks off. They really sucked." Dizziness filled his mind, nausea in his belly. The teacher flushed red. Terry what do I do?" Youve got like, food poisoning or something., Peter shakes his head. A very loud, extremely annoying horn sound blared through the ceiling speakers. Morgan stays because she wants to see him wake up and smile at her like that, too. After Peter uses the gauntlet to defeat Thanos and survives, Morgan explores a new relationship with the brother she was never supposed to know as she helps him through his recovery. Despite the tears, Ned barks out a quick, almost hysterical sounding laugh. You just told me his lips are turning blue, Michelle points out. So, what does Captain America have that you dont?, Peter could feel the disapproval and slight amusement radiating through the comms. I, uh, hope you don't mind that Karen put my number in your phone." He startled badly as he saw a red and blue body drop down in front of him. He muttered something under his breath. The one time when Tony Stark gave hug to Ned Leeds, Pineapple Pizza and how it Saved Peters Life. Snarky irondad is my jam. You can call me Jake. yknow what it doesnt matter just keep doing whatever youre doing. peter heard a click and guessed cap had stopped listening to the coms. Read popular avengers peter bleeding at school Fanfiction book in Webnovel. The principal motioned for him to do something. (Everyone knew Mr. Harrington just really loved those apple cider donuts.). 17.2K 344 238. by JakeyP99. mainly an excuse to write both fluff and angst (mostly angst very little fluff) with some fun sarcastic humor thrown in. "You're not.". Karen, help. "What did you say?" Cold. Mr. Stark was the one that brought you to the hospital." Peter Parker was unable to get out of the rubble and an exasperated and worried Tony Stark takes Peter to . But hey, he's just a useless lonely orphan no one loves, right Flash? Okay, one, thats cheating. Go find a medic, would you, kid? All the Devils are Here by @yellowdistress. Set directly after The Titan's Curse. , -, , . Oblivion rose up and pulled him into its grasp. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure. Tony flew as fast as he ever had. Someone is shaking him by the shoulders. The cops arrived. You werent breathing! Peter's phone is unavailable and I cannot trace it's signal." Love the banter and characterization here. Who is an actual doctor by the way., A migraine hits unexpectedly, and Peter doesnt want to worry his aunt. The buff black man, now dubbed Terry, comes over and lifts up Peter's injured leg. "Shit, uh, can I? Help me! Pepper convinces Tony to bring Peter along on his first dinner with the Rogue Avengers since their pardoning. bybookdoof, Tony and Steve told Peter to take his inhaler. Why isn't he wandering the question?" What?, The the Mayo Clinic. No matter how much Peter would like for everything to always go right, part of being Spider-Man is having things go wrong. The Avengers get bored and Harley suggest they react to Peter's Instagram, as a revenge. When the vet came into view, Tony didnt bother slowing down. [chap 5] Tis but a scratch (I lied, please help me) by @forensicleaf. "I'm Karen, Peter's Artificial Intelligence. Pineapple Pizza and how it Saved Peters LifebyFicbunny- Peters not eating enough for his enhanced superhero metabolism and suffers the effects of malnutrition. I want to write asthmatic young!peter and irondad but i need to read more asthmatic Peter to get a feel for it! Tony adopts Peter after May is suddenly killed in a hit and run. I am unable to contact Karen, or Peter, the AI replied, sounding apologetic. "Ned, I need to get out of here before Mr. Stark finds out, otherwise he will literally kill me for going behind his back. And two, Mr. Stark says I gotta stop doing acrobatics when I think no one is looking., Yeah, hes probably right, Ned agrees. One familiar voice joins the mix: Im right here, kiddo. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Peter made a beeline for the nearest black vehicle and dropped down in front of the medic outside of it. But feel free to ask anything else, Every spider has its day (but today is not that day), dont go, my darling (dont leave me behind), this is really only a small sample of all the excellent deliriouspeter content this fandom has to over, 5 Times Tony Thought Peter Was In Trouble, [chap 5] Tis but a scratch (I lied, please help me), [chap 5] when will i stop whumping them? There was a shooter in the school. Chapter 16 Captain America is hurt, Peter told the medic, jabbing a finger in the direction of the two Avengers. Work Search: "Give me everything you have." "Karen's last signal was at 3.07am. Cap! Peter yelped, flinging himself forwards and shoving him out of the way. The lights rose and Tonys anxiety rose with it. No, not that. He takes a few short, painful breaths. Peter was sure. Is anyone She cut off for a moment, seemingly busy. The blackout, stealing the relics. But hes managing. Shut up." Police-Man." Delirious and bleeding out from a gunshot wound, Peter struggles to describe his location to a very worried Tony. Taking this one step at a time bySparrowFlight246. See? God, a little warning next time. Peter muttered as he resumed going again. Want one?, No thanks. Ned wrinkles his nose. A fanfic where Tony Stark and Pepper Stark had a kid named Peter Stark. She raised her eyebrows. Wrap Me Up And Hold Me Close by @spider-man-stan. Natasha whistled lowly. He thought hed just caught the tail-end of an argument between Hawkeye and Falcon, because Sam Wilson muttered Spoilsport. just as Captain America said, Clint! I'm not doing irondad rec lists anymore, sorry! 5 times peter parker passes out in front of various friends and family members + the 1 time he passes out in front of tony (and tony flips his shit) 5 times Peter said he didn't feel so good by . Are you okay?!. Im coming. What had changed in the span of twenty-four hours? or: Nineteen year old Peter Parker navigating his life as a moneyless college student. Im on my way., What were you doing on anever mind. What did he say that gave you absolutely no choice that you had to nearly kill Peter!?" FRIDAY, get this thing off me.. The reality is, every move Tony made was as a dangerous as a Black Widow that was woken up at three in the morning by Clint dumping a bucket of cold water on her, a thousandfold and minus the fact that she loved Clint like a brother and wouldn't actually kill him. Peters heart drops. "You did what?!" It all mixes together in an awful cacophony of sounds, so loud that hes convinced that his ears are bleeding as he walks forward. Blarp blarp - blarp blarp. Flash begged. "Your pathetic ass excuse of a son tormented my son about saying he has an internship at Stark Industries, which he does as my personal intern, and the one day," Tony holds up one finger, "that my son finally says that he doesn't need your son to believe him, your son decides it's okay to break my sons nose, two of his ribs, repeatedly hit his head into his locker so much that he was bleeding and my son's locker has red streaks down it, and my son can no longer hear. He put them in immediately. We provide avengers peter bleeding at school fan fiction books for you to select. he groaned and gasped as he began to sob. Hey losers, youre not lost are you? Michelle calls over in her usual bored tone. It's almost (?) 19. Laughing. "I remember those days. "You, his friend. Training with Cap is like living the dream - that is, until he comes in sick one day and has an asthma attack. Good. God this day sucks, he gasps out. He startled badly as he saw a red and blue body drop down in front of him. Dont want that happening again. 5. He's not wrong. Tony Stark of all people came through. 2. I'm not a kid. He glanced behind himself, spotting another water tower (why did Manhattan apartments have so many?) He blasted off into the sky, Rhodey right behind him, as the rest of the Avengers sprinted to the Quin Jet. He hasnt had an attack since the bite. Oh, wait. He pretended to rub his nonexistent beard in thought before lashing out again. I mean, baby steps, right? Peters phone is unavailable and I cannot trace its signal.. Michelle huffs out a frustrated sigh. Bleeding Out: Peter walked out his room and into the living room, all the Avengers sat together watching a film. Hey, guys! Couldnt- couldnt stay- awake. Not anymore., Yeah, tell that to your lungs, Ned scoffs, but Peter can see the underlying fear in his friends eyes. Pepper ran into the room just as the nurse continued. They turn around another corner and are met with a dead-end and a yellow sign stating You look Corn-fused!. Are you alright?! What did he say?! No problem! Berry called out for him. Peter gives a small nod of acknowledgement. beam me up, mr. chewbacca by @ironspider, (Peters lack of sleep and self-preservation gets him into major trouble on a mission), dont go, my darling (dont leave me behind) by @madasthesea. every breath in was painful and the more he took the faster they became. Peter whirled from his half-crouch a good distance away and watched the guy from the first building charge in and roughly yank the dazed Captain America onto his feet. Peter thinks back to the orchard. Maybe the apples were bad? Ned suggests. A few minutes later, Peters stomach growls audibly, reminding him that theyre currently missing lunch. Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man PART 2. Weve been takenyoure the only one who can get us out of here.. "Would my expect you too. Mr. Harrington sent me to find you., She points to the path on the left. He must genuinely be dreaming or something. Wheres your inhaler? he asks immediately. Hey, guys!, Mr. Starks voicewas tense as he addressed Peter. Think Ill go do some inventory reports, Once Tony is out of sight and the door shuts behind him, Peter tugs down the mask for a second. They encountered that bump in the road a few years ago, and they worked through it, eventually coming out better than they went in. That kid has befended all of the Avengers, the entire 99th precinct of the NYPD, and plenty of other people who I'm sure would love to come in here and get their punches. From the table next to the bed, he produces a small dry erase board and a marker. Breathing in the chemicals YUUEEEUH by @wolfypuppypiles, Peter and Bucky are trapped and Peter DOES NOT like small spaces. But I've had this first chapter written for a while and I'm almost done with two others, so maybe having this published will motivate me? Shuri was scrolling through his contacts furiously. His insides twist and he feels sick. Stark, dont do that!. Pretty sure MJ is onto you.. Head hurts. Work Search: Was he underwater? The news report switches back to Jameson, looking sombrely once more at the camera. Peter laughed.