The median ACT score of an admitted student to Oregon State University (OSU) is i have lived in Oregon since 1990 sadly most people up here are hateful paranoid anti social an unnappoachable most oregonian Men are drug addicts unregistered sex offenders an most will not even acknowledge your exsistants they are not here to meet new people most ofthem do not like meeting knew people Most Oregonian women are Nasty will not make eye contact with you smile or anything instead all these Fatherless female oregonian animals living up here do is look at you from a distance with adead cold stare of silence you will get that mostly everywhere you go up here like your some kind of sub human rains non stop into the summers an the people up here make the living experience feel like being Locked inside a usa Corrections Facility people across across the usa stay away from here an go somewhere else the whole down town area is filthy as well an jobs are are tuff to come by. Kuos dismissal as dean was solely about leadership. Ever watched an episode of Breaking Bad? I am majoring in Zoology (similar to your choice) and the school does amazing work. And it snows in the desert where the meth zombies live. 88% of Oregon State University employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews. And if there are jobs, they are already taken. Sun guilt. LOL. Thanks Tylerits about time someone publish an article about true life in Oregonthanks for your help in educating the folks.Welcome to Oregonplease go home! Maybe the problem is that youve lived here your whole life and you have nothing to compare it to! Members of the 574 federally recognized Native American tribes are eligible for in-state tuition at the school, regardless of where in the country they live. Whenever I speak with someone from Portland on the phone, they erroneously assume that Im Anglo; when they see me, they give me the hairy eyeball, and I have to show ID, just to prove who I am it sucks here, because of that! Joe Robbins/Getty Images OSU was evasive when she called in 2014, Tracy said, and declined to disclose information about her 1998 report. Unreasonable volume of home work, deplorable quality of instructors and you need 3 chem,3 bio, and 3 math classes with your general education. there are 7.4 billion people in the world now (thats about 5 billion more than in 1930) and we add 1,000,000 more human animals every 4.5 days (while breeding is a taboo subject) so of course the good old days are by necessity different now. Overall, OSU is a good college. NEEDS! move to Oregon. For example, if you would like to change your password to your student account, it is going to take you no less than 2 hours, speaking to various students(paid with your tuition) and jumping through hoops, just so that you can find out what your schedule looks like. In 2020, the most popular Bachelor's Degree concentrations at Oregon State University were Computer Science (651 degrees awarded), General Business Administration & Management (314 degrees), and Mechanical Engineering (284 degrees). I applied for a job at U of DOh in 2011, and they said that I lied on my EEOC paperwork they had the audacity to assume that theres no way that I could be Hispanic without a Spanish surname, or Spanish accent! A lot of researchers will take on undergrads, which will open doors for you. Clark said there was testimony during the trial that raised concerns about Kuos leadership as dean. It does rain here in Oregon and one reason why we live in such a beautiful state. With a diverse list of programs, you feel accepted no matter what your background is. ***note to author*** shut your mouth if you dont know what youre talking about. :P~~~~~, And dont forget do not bring a bike because some one will steal it and the person down the street will sell it back to u at a garage sale. University officials disagree with the verdict and plan to appeal. Its absolutely gorgeous, the people are nice and drivers, for the most part, are polite. thinks Tyler is really trying to make Oregon out to be Zombie Chef From Hell (1986) meets Reefer Madness (1936) just to discourage people from moving here so we dont get like Cali. In Portland, the average cost is $540,000. Assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine faced accusations that he molested three minors. Their website is user friendly and does a good job of informing prospective students on what they can expect in a program. They all have that look about them and are just as intelligent. And I was living in Seattle! Your experience will depend on what you want to study and accomplish here. Sounds pretty boring right? Even still, unless you have multiple advanced projects on your resume, the stars happen to align, or you know someone who knows someone, your chances of getting a work opportunity are slim. I love it here and after 35 years im here for the duration We dont even lock or doors, so no need for fire arms! great in-state school! As for the thug comments, you also forgot to mention the covert racism that happens here, especially from the liberal retards! Taking the train was cool. Alot more to Oregon then Springfield. The state just su ks the life out of people. Thats highly laughable. Cali has completely wrecked this state. 29 have an average chance You think youre hard? This school is a giant gold-encrusted turd, and has forced me now to spend the next 5-10 years of my life paying for OSU's failure of a football team/coach and repulsing greek life. Aaron sounds like a personal problem after reading about your job application being turned down. Lets castrate them. You should also be aware however, that the dining on campus is limited in the sense of hours. including 26,644 undergraduate students and I shudder to imagine doing military service to afford this standard of education, much less being wounded in the process. You can buy beer in gas stations and grocery stores but have to go to the liquor store for hard alcohol, which is a step up from where I live now where you have to go to the liquor store for EVERYTHING. I live in California now tho.. where I lived most my life I like to visit family in Springfield, but not live there. Oregon girls like men who get dirty and stuff, and Im betting your hands are softer than a babys butt. Why would you ever spend that much money at at school that couldnt care less about you? Kuo is now the dean of Texas Tech Universitys pharmacy school. So are you saying maybe I have a chance with an oregon girl!!?? I know many hunters here too, but it hardly rains here in Central Oregon and the weather can be pretty dry compared to the coast. Its called PGE. Just awful today. The author of this is so ignorant. Yes, there are meth heads (not nearly as bad as the author made it sound), and the West rains alot but they have beautiful days during the summer. Flickr - Paxson Woelber. Many buyers are currently paying over the asking price. In Washington, if you buy a new car, its 9% sales tax, not to mention the licensing fees. I came here for the death with dignity act and found out I didnt qualify. The hard wing lefties ruined a once great state, now its hippies and illegals as far as the eye can see. My family and I are considering moving to Oregon, so youd better be polite when we come up to visit in October. Talk about inconvenient! Someone from Boring will smell you a mile away if youre escaping Portland. University of Oregon Reviews. I chalk it up to ignorance on the natives part. And you were not even harsh enough. I want Oregon back! Climate refugees will overrun Oregon within a few years. They classified me as a resident, processed my application, student aid, transferred my credits, and completed class registration within 10 days of my application being filed. The state has good and bad. I live in the Adirondacks in NY State (almost at the Canadian border-in a small town) and I see that here too. Very true! I remember when a Seattle newspaper columnist wrote stories like this about Seattle telling people to stay away. HA! "Oregon State University: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics." ThoughtCo, Aug. 27, 2020, The reason you dont pump your own gas is so someone can have a job. 115 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333-4737. Well, Oregon did use to be a nice placelike in the 60s when I lived there.. Then, Californians really did invade and with so many people it changed. You forgot to tell people that Oregonians dont pay sales tax. Oregon hates Portland! Unless youve been living in a cave, then youre probably aware that Oregon recently legalized marijuana for recreational use. The migrant rate to Portland Metro area in 2015 was 40,621 Methheads? Do I need a hood, an umbrella, or nothing? I left in 2004, wife and I grew up in Oregon, never thought wed leave, but we got pushed out by politics, and cost of living. Its a joke. I lived in Seaside and Astoria OR for 10 years and its so miserable that God even left the area! Thats full blown retard. Popular majors include Computer Science, Business, and Mechanical Engineering. Acts of violence against women accounted for 11.5% of incidents. Okay, this was funny. Majestic Theater. The school ranks #9 in Oregon for highest average GPA. One of the worst facts about living in Alaska is the lack of tasty, fresh fruit and vegetables, especially throughout the winter. portland is like a ghost town. ", "There is no oversight for classes to make sure that educational material disseminated actually aligns with course objectives. Hood. See a full list of colleges in Oregon and save your favorites to your college list. Went back to OR hometown, very small, was treated as outsider until they heard my last name. The only reason I got one was for my daughters soccer games- to keep a pool of water from building up on my chair (plus it was a very pretty umbrella), havent used it since she stopped playing soccer 14 years ago. Went to Portland for a training class for a new job. Worse yet, they slow to 10 mph a mile before they make that right turn. had such bad BO (she rode her bike to her office)-that I thought I was going to puke. Dont ask me why that is, it just is. Employees also rated Oregon State University 4.0 out of 5 for work life balance, 4.1 for culture and values and 3.9 for career opportunities. I was born and raised in Porkland. Thats almost the same number as number of babies born that year which is 46,102 Probably Reed College in Portland. our community is safe and beautiful but i dont like to advertise that, as we already have plenty of folks here already. I am currently, right now, in an upper-level engineering class where it's already been decided who will and won't get above a B+, but no one actually knows their grade nor has anyone actually received direct feedback on how to correct any mistakes in a way that could have afforded them higher than a B+. but, as to the quality of life here in northern california it is fine and wonderful! Don't be frightened, as OSU has a variety of resources and support to make sure your College Career runs smoothly and successfully. Oregon State University (OSU)'s endowment was valued at $683.7 million in 2022, compared to a national average of $905 million. Ever seen that movieThe Hills Have Eyes? Actually, us Native Californians tend to mind our own business; it was the influx of libtard transplants, that ruined our state the same libtards that are coming here, and ruining Oregon! Aug 25. Just spent 4 days in Oregon for the first time. Shell be the first-ever woman of color to lead Oregons largest public university. Sign up for monthly emails full of local travel inspiration and fun trip ideas. The expanding campus serves students from Central Oregon, Oregon, the U.S. and around the world. The university was first struck with allegations of sex crimes in 2011. Oregon people are the ugliest, least intelligent, least tolerant, trashiest, and also the people who insist on proclaiming their badass-ness to anyone within earshot. No, fill blown retard are all the idiots who have no concept of making a radius turn, even in double turn lanes.. where there are even dotted lines to guide you. ", "The admissions department here is one of the worst Ive ever seen. These are from small-town farmers who know and have seen nothing better that could be offered from a University. I grew up in the desert of Oregon and now live near San Francisco. Here's just a small list of what makes Oregon a great state for college students: 1.