10 Although he believed he himself was ruined, he wanted to do something to make up for it. Beau was one of the first people to hear about Caleb's past, and never shared his secret until he was ready to do so himself. And I fucking helped! "Ice and Fire" (2x121) [163] He also objected vociferously when Beau mentioned this, since he had never mentioned it to her. We approach an important moment in this campaign as Critical Role's anniversary also approaches! One member of the Kryn party was a mage with the ability to cast various gravitational spells. The day before they met the rest of the Mighty Nein, Nott and Caleb were attacked by a pack of gnolls hiding in grass,[62][63] and Caleb was knocked unconscious. He would then escort his parents to Tal'Dorei with enough gems to start a life there, and in about twenty years he would join them. He started going by multiple aliases and hid from Trent for the next five years. Caleb cast Find Familiar to change Frumpkin into a tiny owl and loaned him to Beau for a week as thanks for not telling anyone about his past. After Caduceus purged the final cloven crystal from Fjord's body, Caleb sealed the orb in his Vault of Amber. Yes, I was a student of the. He immediately cast a Fireball on the entranceway where the party was standing, seriously wounding them. During the fight with Obann the Punished, Caleb used Polymorph to transform into a giant ape. Caleb's intelligence is one of the highest for any player character, tied with Percy, Lyra and Lillith. He was taken to the Vergesson Sanatorium in hopes that he would get better, as he apparently now had. "Stone to Clay" (2x91) [83], "The Diver's Grave" (2x44) After the Martinet cast a form of Dispel Magic, the illusory form of Lord Thain faded revealing a panicked-looking Essek. "Midnight Espionage" (2x12) Concept art for Caleb's original 2018 portrait, by, Concept art for Caleb's 2019 portrait, by, Concept art for Caleb's 2020 portrait, by. Alignment Spurt card art by @capefoxalix. Privacy. She touched Caleb several times during their conversation and told him she would like to see him again. Fjord used a potion to wake Caleb up, and the party quickly fled from the smoldering house. He'll 100% avoid something that he doesn't like rather than deal with it. In one instance, Caleb invited Luc to help him work on his teleportation sigil. Caleb, attempting to warn Fjord about unknown abjuration magic in the chamber, delayed him in his race against Avantika. [art 8], Caleb has blue eyes, a cleft chin, and reddish-brown hair. Beau said she was pretty busy worrying about this life, but she would probably be joining him there in not-great. The party reluctantly attacked Caleb, realizing he'd been charmed, and he cast a Wall of Fire to defend himself. The Mighty Nein met Shadowhand Essek Thelyss for the first time, who led them to the prison where Yeza was being held. Veth once described Caleb as being like a son to her. At the beach in Nicodranas, Nott pulled Caleb aside and they talked about whether she should stay with her family. Unlike Jester's group and Molly, Caleb was not under house arrest for the duration of the investigation into the events of the carnival thus, he was able to move freely around the town as himself. ", "I am going to tell you the story of how I murdered my mother and father. And their final test was to kill their own flesh and blood. Caleb Widogast Domestic Fluff Established Relationship A copper tea kettle, a suncatcher in the window, sequined curtains, a reading nook. Fan art of Caleb and Frumpkin, by HollyOakhill. She warned that Ikithon was more likely to be there at night, and that it would be best to get in and out quickly and quietly. Fan art of Caleb's Kryn outfit, by Lalou. "Domestic Respite" (2x62) Caleb and Veth are best friends[116] and love each other unconditionally, often referring to themselves as part of a family. Ads by Longitude. Caleb and Beau disagreed about the best course of action when they found the bowl Calianna was searching for. Caleb told Jester it was okay if she wanted to keep the running joke going. Caleb took Jester's haversack while she was missing. He replied that he cared for her, but it had been a very long time. . The name Bren Aldric Ermendrud has a few different roots in German. [art 20]. After asking her for advice regarding social situations, Yasha listed off a few things that she believed would make people like Caleb more (which he wrote down) and shaved his face with her sword after Caleb mentioned that he missed being cleanly shaven. [39], Caleb is methodical, sometimes to a fault. Though Jester healed him, Caleb passed out from blood loss, shouting "take them out!" That night, the Somnovem once again communicated with Beau and Caleb in their dreams. While exploring underwater, Caleb had Frumpkin in octopus form wrap around his head and saw through his familiar's vision. Their relationship has evolved significantly since the beginning of the campaign. He went further, saying that if Fjord became interested in releasing Uk'otoa, Caleb would not support him. There are many nights where he toys with the idea of letting it all fall away and giving up. "Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35) [art 19], "The Favor" (2x56) Caleb said he missed being clean-shaven. Caleb said that while he wasn't sure he could ever truly atone, the more good he did, the more easily he could carry the weight of his sins. The next day, Caleb and Beau visited the library. For instance, he gave him to Yasha to hold when she rejoined the party, [109], he sent him to Kiri to try to calm her,[110] and loaned him to Beauregard to thank her for not telling anyone about his past. [art 37], Caleb and Essek are lifelong friends, and are romantic partners after the end of the campaign. Caleb told Essek that the Nein trusted him more than Trent, which moved Essek. Comic Caleb was present for Molly's death and funeral, eulogizing him by saying "shine bright, circus man." "Where There Is a Will" (2x138) Caleb was shaken by this encounter. 2018 Official full body portrait of Caleb Widogast, by Ari. In the Cobalt Soul library in Zadash, Caleb researched the manipulation of time, learning that one of the top archmages of one of the floating cities during the Calamity had performed a ritual in which he hoped to go back and change the past, but was never seen again. It was being referred to as "Dunamis."[74]. Sensing that something was up, Caleb sent Frumpkin in the form of a monkey to spy on a private conversation between Thain and Ludinus Da'leth. Caleb bought high quality paper and ink from the establishment. Caleb escorted the party to an inn to discuss his past relationship with Trent Ikithon and what had happened to his parents. Upon joining forces, Fjord and Caleb quickly developed a collaborative working relationship. "The Folding Halls" (2x80) When it came out that Caleb was a wizard, Jester asked him if he was planning on attending the Soltryce Academy. "In Love and War" (2x57) "Clay and Dust" (2x72) [art 38]. Caleb killed an ettin with Fireball, triggering a PTSD episode, and Beau carried him back to the cart so he could recover. [165] In "Fond Farewells" (2x141), Caleb destroyed the T-dock chamber in Aeor, removing the possibility of time travel for himself and future adventurers. Later that evening, he called Beau and Nott to his room and told them the story of how he murdered his mother and father. Nott talked to Caleb about her insecurities about her reunion with Yeza, asking if she was a bad person for continuing adventuring and expressing doubt if she wanted to go back to being a housewife. During the fight with Avantika, Caleb polymorphed into a T-Rex. Mayhem ensued as the group tried to get out safely. Caleb attempted to keep Lucien from entering the Tower, and was angered when Lucien dispelled it. Bren spent the next eleven years in the Vergesson Sanatorium until a fellow patient touched him, removing both his madness and his fake memories. He has painstakingly counted objects on multiple occasions, once using the length of counting to cheat a merchant [40] and even counting crossbow bolts as he removed them from his chest. Caleb became suspicious of Fjord and his motives and noticed that his accent sometimes changed. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Ooh, it's quiet. Fan art of Caleb casting Haste, by Giulia Valentini (kurocyou). Actor 7 level 2 "Beyond the Boundaries" (2x32) Caleb and Nott were eventually thrown out, but they managed to escape getting captured by the Crownsguard. [61] They survived by petty theft, trickery, and con schemes, living from hand to mouth as wandering hobos. Last seen [87] Nott, however, began unlocking several books which she took, and Caleb stayed with her while urging that they needed to join the others who had already passed through the window to join Fjord.[88]. Fan art of Caleb and Frumpkin, by HeartofPack. Nott gave Caleb a Scroll of Invisibility and shared a bit about her old life with him. He then cast Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower, lovingly customized for Beau and Yasha's date. Armed with this knowledge, the group tracked Kylre to Crookedstone Island and killed him. on the Laughing Hand with Widogast's Web of Fire. Caleb successfully hit the pursuing Dragon Turtle with Disintegrate and a Fireball. Lvl 2 Below are the player character stats as they have been most recently updated on the show. In order to protect the others, Caleb attempted to take sole responsibility for Kylre's death, but circumstances forced the truth to come out instead. However, Caleb seemed to sympathize with Fjord's conflicted feelings finding out that his mentor Vandran turned out to be a different man than Fjord thought he was. However, he told Nott in private that he did not feel good about what just happened and was unsure about the direction the group was going. Caleb has cast or is known to have copied the following spells into his spellbook: 17th-level wizards typically only know 5 cantrips. Caleb Widogast is a perfect example of how Liam O'Brien explored tragedy in D&DCHECK OUT MASTERSCREEN:https://masterscreen.app/WATCH NEXT:TTRPG Deep Dives: h. [132], Caleb respected Fjord's desire to tell him about his past at his own pace. "The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33) The following evening, the Nein attended a fancy party, to which Caleb wore a black cloak with red lining. Later that evening, Caleb attended a meeting of the Knights of Requital along with Beau and Fjord. [art 18]. While sailing to the peace negotiations, Caleb revealed to Fjord that he valued his new-found family with the Mighty Nein because he had killed his own for those in power in the Empire. While exploring the temple interior, the party discovered inscriptions on the walls that couldn't be deciphered, even with Comprehend Languages. [art 14], "Whispers of War" (2x18) They saw Ikithon looking down at them from the top of the stairs, having Counterspelled their attempt to leave. The tower featured customized chambers for each party member, along with a common library, dining area, multi-purpose chamber, and foyer full of stained glass depictions of each school of magic. She often includes him in conversation, teases him, and tries to cheer him up. Leofric Ermendrud (father)Una Ermendrud (mother)Luc Brenatto (godson) They shared an awkward hug. Seeing what level the characters are at now, I've been wondering how far they've actually come in terms of levels/XP. The following morning, after a bit of workshopping, Caleb came up with the name "the Mighty Nein" for the party. She provided several floor plan drawings showing wards and traps near the vault. "Unwanted Reunions" (2x88) Nott immediately hugged him, saying over and over that it wasn't his fault and that she would be at his side until he could forgive himself. Before the party Plane Shifted back to the Blooming Grove, Caleb gave Veth and Essek a hug. I will never forget what we were. [86], Caleb figured out to how open the Happy Fun Ball of Tricks and accidentally transported the party into Halas's manor. Beauregard has called Caleb her best friend, and Beauregard is probably the person Caleb trusts most after Veth. When the party fell asleep that night, Caleb and Beau shared a dream of a massive glowing red eye that peered into them, while the sound of thousands of voices and screams, saying, "Welcome" echoed in their minds. We could make it better, if you want to.". Caleb is attracted to both men and women. Caleb destroyed the T-Dock, and the two later began a romantic relationship. While in the Blooming Grove, Caleb told Frumpkin he planned to free him if they survived the coming battle, and changed him into a white cat. After Teleporting to the Sanitorium, Caleb, Veth, and Jester as "Team Firestorm" entered, brutally killing the guards and finding the Amulets and some residuum shards in a vault beyond a torture chamber. During their escape, Caleb set the ship and part of the dock on fire. "A Walk to Warmer Welcomes" (2x124) He has since realized that the more patriotic thing to do, and a better way to honor his parents, would be to make sure that the corruption of children by the Empire is stopped. While fleeing from the Magehunter Golem, Caleb jumped on Fjord's back and attempted to cast Fly on them both, however the golem caught them in an antimagic field. When Caleb fully identified the beacon and embraced its power, he asked the Luxon if 'it'-meaning time travel- was achievable. After finishing off the priest in the gnoll lair with a Fire Bolt, Caleb dissociated, dropping stunned to his knees in the first of his post-traumatic stress episodes to be witnessed by the rest of the party. [98], When he returned to Rexxentrum to work with Beau and formally take a position with the Soltryce Academy, he began a tradition of gathering the Mighty Nein once a month for two nights in his tower together to catch up with each other. Caleb gave the name "Phillip" as his pirate alias to Captain Avantika. 16 [148] However, Caleb saw deep similarities between their mistakes, and encouraged Essek to make amends for his crimes. [167] However, after they encountered Ikithon in their audience before King Dwendal, he stated that although he had imagined choking the life from Ikithon, he now thought they needed to work with him. Lucien used his antimagic ability to dispel Caleb's Polymorph, sending him and Caduceus tumbling into the snow just feet from the Tombtakers and within an antimagic cone. [79] During their journey to Darktow, Caleb gave Caduceus the Periapt of Wound Closure that had formerly belonged to Mollymauk Tealeaf, stating that it would do Caduceus much more good than it would himself. Although Beau is much more expressive and confrontational, they share a similar awkwardness in social situations. Fjord asked Caleb to have a private conversation, over the course of which Caleb remarked that he learned a lot from his father about courage, that traveling with the group had emboldened him, and that he was enjoying the group's company and their adventures. Caleb has stated that Frumpkin has a good sense of humor about it. Critical Role fanart of our favorite hobo wizard, albeit with his initial hobo outfit. W--was Am. Caleb went with Beau and Jester to meet with a disguised Dairon. This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. Essek told the party that he feared he was being hunted by Cerberus Assembly assassins. He told her that she should "let herself a little happiness," and they embraced. Ads by Longitude. "Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66) Proficiencies: Arcana, Deception, History, Insight, Investigation, Stats: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 16, Variant: +1 to two stats of choice, one extra proficiency, Languages: Common, Zemnian, Sylvan, Celestial, Stats Update: Intelligence increase from 18 to 20, Feat: Skilled (Perception, Intimidation, Persuasion), Stats Update: Wisdom increased from 16 to 18. Race Character Art. Caleb told him that Fjord had been justified in his actions, revealing that he had killed his parents for the Cerberus Assembly. [art 22]. The next day, with help from Essek and Nott, Caleb was able to complete the Transmogrification spell found in Halas's laboratory. Caleb asked Yasha for advice on getting along with a group. Nott asked him what he imagined he might have become if Ikithon hadn't gotten his hands on him, and Caleb answers that he would probably have remained at the Academy as a teacher. Jester has never mentioned romantic feelings towards Caleb, but cares a lot about him platonically. Caleb told himself it was time for him to go, but sat the rest of his watch, waited for everyone to wake up, and did not tell anyone what he had been thinking.[71]. The next day, Caleb and Beau visited the Cobalt Soul archive, where he did research on mages in history that had been able to bend time and reality. In an incredibly risky move, considering Vokodo's ability to reflect spell damage back onto the party, Caleb cast Disintegrate. Thank you for join, Matt says that the rolls from the party, the notably low rolls, informed how the Mighty Nein's expedition in the Sh. Beau asked if he wanted to take down Trent, and Caleb said yes, among other things. # TRAVIS I do, I have the mariner's breastplate. He seemed surprised that the party still saw him as their friend, and admitted that he liked them, too.[90]. [166], Caleb hoped to kill specific members of the Cerberus Assembly, including Trent Ikithon, out of both a desire for revenge and a hope to end the recruitment and corruption of children in the service of the Dwendalian Empire. He revealed that his second holstered book was a series of letters written to them, and Teleported it into the earth between them. While voyaging to Eiselcross, the party were attacked by more minions of Uk'otoa. [37] He does not consider himself to be remotely brave.[38]. Class Jester sharply asked Essek and Caleb whether they intended to use the T-Dock to travel back in time and change the past, and Essek responded that he would like to return to the chamber with Caleb and "exchange theories". Then, using the address given by the letter received by Nott and Jester in response to their letter seeking information about Astrid, Caleb was able to find her home. He's broken, he's traumatized, but he's doing his best. [art 36], At the Diver's Grave, Fjord was curious about the purpose and power of Dashilla's altar, and urged Caleb to explore it. Yasha shared that the party's forgiveness was harder to deal with than anger would be and she didn't know how to handle it. She then walked him upstairs and tucked him into bed. M9 Character Stats Character Level Updates Campaign Stats Livetweets Lore and Compendiums Media References and Puns Monster . So one of those (and anything else he's proficient in but hasn't come up) is from his background. Essek was also worried that Caleb is being distracted by what's around him, and asked which was more important, Trent Ikithon's pursuit of Caleb or the party's pursuit of the Tombtakers. "An Open Window" (2x114) She explained that he started lashing out violently at her and others as well, showing him the burn scars on her neck. While meeting with the Bright Queen, Caleb requested further training in dunamancy from Essek Thelyss, but the Queen did not trust them enough yet. Cali broke up the argument by positing that Caleb could simply use Suggestion to make her tell the truth. Fan art of Caleb revealing the beacon to Leylas Kryn, by Andrew Jensen. When the party arrived in Felderwin, Nott's former home, Caleb was terrified to see Vess DeRogna and Ludinus Da'leth there and hid in the bottom of the party's cart to avoid being seen. In the Dungeon of Penance, Caleb spoke to the Scourger in Zemnian, however she was resigned and uncooperative. Back at the Blooming Grove, Caleb freed Frumpkin, who wandered away. [114], Caleb decided to release Frumpkin after coming to terms with his past and his possible chance of death at the hands of Lucien. [124] Although he hides his feelings, Caleb often goes out of his ways with gestures to please or help Jester, and she always thanks him sweetly. "A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) Caleb and Yasha have similar tragic backgrounds, feeling responsible for the death of a loved one. Official 2022 portrait of Caleb, by Ari. [123] Caleb appreciates Jester's positive attitude and playfulness that remind him of the life he could have had, if things had gone differently for him, and during the time before he revealed his past to her enjoyed the fact that she saw him as he could or should have been. While taking refuge in the Fire Plane, the Nein were engaged in battle by a Fire Elemental tasked with guarding Planerider Ryn's Sanctum. The guards promptly fled, and Caleb and Nott walked out of the jail together, staying together first out of convenience, but then for several months. Caleb Widogast i. Common, Zemnian,[8] Sylvan,[9] Celestial[10] Receive a personal letter from Caleb Widogast, a character played by Liam O'Brien in Critical Role campaign two. [55] All three of the students were also trained to interrogate and execute dissidents to the Empire as Volstrucker, or "Scourgers". Cha Caleb and Beau read Lucien's book, which detailed the author's exploration of Aeorian ruins and investigation into the missing Cognouza ward, before spiraling into nonsense scribbles and drawings of fractals. [49], Born Bren Aldric Ermendrud, Caleb was from a small town named Blumenthal near Rexxentrum[50] in the Zemni Fields. ", Fan art of Caleb welcoming the party to his Tower, by Cha Cha Rae. [161], At the start of the campaign, Caleb had unspecified plans for when he became powerful enough to "bend reality" to his will, which have evolved as the campaign has progressed.