Online Check-in and Arrival Appointment Online Check-in U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires Carnival Cruise Line to submit a final departure manifest with specific guest information at least 60 minutes prior to. And you can share pictures of your adventures in real time if you choose the free Wi-Fi . JD Lasica Carnival Cruise Line is providing an option for passengers with cruises scheduled to sail this month to cancel. Future Cruise Credits are an option for guests who either choose to cancel their cruise up to 48 hours before the sail date via the Cruise with Confidence program, or . Email to: Fax to: 305 406-6477 If you can meet the entry requirements for places like Bermuda and St. Maarten, you're good to go. Do you have drink packages or programs onboard? What are the pros and cons of a nonrefundable cruise deposit? Cruises with special pricing have stricter refund policies, and when refunds are allowed on specials, they are typically in the form of Future Cruise Credits (FCC), not in monetary refunds. Final payment dates coincide with the end of the full refund period: 75 days before sailing for cruises two to five days long and 90 days for cruises of six days or longer. Similarly, Royal Caribbean states that standard cancellation fees and penalties may be applied to those wishing to move an existing booking over to one of these new sailings. Even if you change dates, Carnival will cancel the booking and create a new one with the new date. LauraS The rate for the first 2 people didnt change. *for cruises of 4 days or less, seehere See Royal Caribbean's refund & cancellationpolicy. How Reassuring are New Cruise Cancellation Policies Really? Minor Guest Policy Guests are required to be 21 years of age (on embarkation day) to travel on their own. Yes, when a Future Cruise Credit is issued there is an expiration date. Visit the DocHub website and click on the Create free account button. Normally when u make changes to reservations like yours, they would make you pay the full deposit now. If you paid early saver, you most likely will lose your deposit as Carnival doesn't allow changes with Early Saver. How To Cope With Cruising's Pause? For cruises 5 days or less, the final payment date is 75days prior to sailing andfor cruises 6 days or more, the final payment date is 90days prior to sailing. (I haven't done the math so these numbers are hypothetical). The Restricted Air option is non-refundable. Pre-purchased Wi-Fi and beverage packages are refunded in full to the method of payment used. This booking number and last name combination could not be found. Guests must sail within 24 months from the date of the cancellation. A 5% transaction fee will automatically be added to your SeaPass card, but that still leaves you plenty of credit to play, since the minimum bet on slots is a very reasonable $0.01. Im planning to call Carnival today to find out what will happen if I drop my husband from my reservation for the Ocean Suite room. Since both are carnival cruises and early on I am hoping we don't lose the deposit. From 29 to15 days prior to sailing, the non-refundable component is 75% of the total fare or the standard deposit amount, whichever is greater. have announced new vaccination requirements. We have 2 future cruise deposits/on board credits on Princess.can we transfer that to that they are part of the same parent company? From 14 days prior to sailing to the day of your cruise, the non-refundable component is 100%* of the total fare. She also recommended that I remove the vacation protection for my husband only. But if you point it out they may think wait maybe we can't do that LOL, thanks, nowhere near any cancellation penalties12/09:D, just saw that airfare to san juan isn't more than i had booked this summer for Orlando before we shifted gears to Alaskan cruise, if it holds thru Dec. figured why not?;). 6-9 Nights $100. Flood insurance has a 30 day period until coverage takes effect after binding coverage. The first time he helped us was with our cruise last year, and he didn't even book it. . If you must cancel your cruise: Cancellation fees are charged according to the number of days before sailing at the time of cancellation. You have $1000 invested in deposits so far. ANd we had booked an early saver rate. It can be confusing, especially to first-time cruisers, to know when you have to plunk down an initial deposit, make your final payment, and when you're eligible for a refund. Would it be refunded or would it have to put toward another cruise? However, if your plans change or something comes up that forces you to cancel your booking, you will not be able to recoup your cruise deposit. 19952023, The Independent Traveler, Inc. What to Expect on a Cruise: Booking a Cruise, Cruise Line Cancellation Policies: A Closer Look, Mega-Chart: Compare Hurricane Sandy Cruise Line Compensation, Booking a Cruise Onboard: How to Score Extras and Discounts, Can I Cruise While Pregnant? It seems the money would apply toward the deposit of the cruise as well. Well unfortunately when I called in to cancel the person who backed out, they did indeed move me to a 2 person cabin (thank goodness one was still available) but then told me I had to pay the higher rate for a whole new booking - saying it would cost more. Carnival Cruise Line's refund policies are dependent on the length of cruise, the type of fare you purchase, and the time frame in which you make changes or cancellations to your booking. No refunds will be made if you do not show up for your cruise or if you interrupt or cancel your holiday once it has begun. In order to transfer an FCC, and in an effort for us to best assist you quickly, please follow the instructions below: . You have reached the maximum number of items in your favorites list. Effective May 18, 2020, FCCs from either our 2020 Suspended Sailings or Peace of Mind FCC are transferable. External site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines, YouTube. Princess Cruise Line's Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is credit that you can use for your next Princess cruise. (The longer the sailing, generally the higher the price. -You may transfer your cruise bookings to us any time before final payment. (100% would mean that you get the full amount as a voucher, 200% would meand that you get a voucher worth double what you paid). You will be able to leave a comment after signing in, By The amount of Future Cruise Credit varies depending on the cruise line. Final Payment Required. Here's a Cheat Sheet of Cruise Deposit, Full Payment & Refund Deadlines for cruise passengers and travel agents (note: different rules apply to groups). There's also a spot under Manage my booking on I wasn't about to pay the $150 change fee for the 3 of us, called main # & found a new one who (while hesitant to step on any toes) happily flipped the down payment & i saved $250 in the bargin via military rate! If Carnival must cancel your cruise: You are typically given a window of six months or more to rebook a cruise that sails within a 24-month window to receive any bonus onboard credit offered. These options are usually bundled as a promotion, offering cruisers a savings or bonus in return for the financial commitment of a nonrefundable deposit. I'm going to double check this now as it seems you get 5 different answers at Carnival if you speak to 5 different people. I have 2 rooms with 2 people in each. * Different deposit amounts required for Celebrity Xpedition. My refund was all put towards a future cruise credit minus $50. There were times when we couldn't call him, so we'd email him with simple questions that would've only taken a few minutes of his time to answer, but he took forever to reply. That means North Americans or Europeans are not eligible to, say, transfer a Cunard booking for the fall to one of these new short summer sailings. Trust me, as a person who loves cruising and recommends this as a go to vacation for families I don't want to take anyones space. Other sailings include All Holiday; Australia; New Zealand; South Pacific; Asia; Prinsendam Europe; South America and Antarctica sailings. The future cruise credit can only be redeemed on bookings made in USD currency, will be applied to guests' cruise fare, is non-refundable, non-transferable and any unused portion will be. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in, By (e) This ticket is valid only for the person (s) named hereon as Guests and cannot be transferred or modified without Carnival's written consent. * No refunds for Pack & Go, Early Saver and Super Saver fares. The booking can be transferred at any time up until final payment. Here's the breakdown for open bookings . The amount of onboard credit you get from Royal Caribbean with a NextCruise Certificate depends on the length of cruise you select. if i PVP doesn't call back by tomorrow (or next day:rolleyes:), guess i'll just have to call & ask to speak to supervisor? External site which may or may not meet accessibility guidelines, Twitter. Let's connect! See Carnival's Deposit & Final Payment Requirements. We just spoke with him this morning to book our next one. For guests in Suites or embarking on cruises with non-U.S. ports, see Disney's, Guide to all-inclusive pricing on cruise ships, Patti's 7 money-saving tips for cruise travelers, Walter's 8 money-saving tips for cruisers, Interline: Travel & cruise discounts for airline employees. And as easy as this makes getting to the ship, remember that youll enjoy the same service coming back after your cruise a nice way to end a great vacation! I called Carnival and got several different answers. Started June 21, 2021, By For Carnival-owned Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, cruise credits will be given automatically for select cruises canceled in 2021 but if you want a refund, you . Carnival may collect any fuel supplement in effect at the time of sailing, even if the cruise fare has been paid in full. Are you satisfied? The expiration date will be listed on your certificate. We will be cruising in 2022 with our daughter who is 2. Thank you! Each cruise line has different rules for payment due dates and cancellation deadlines. It is the way the Early Saver contract reads. Basically, you would have to cancel and rebook. Those inside of final payment would be subject to standard cancellation penalties, as a booking transfer is considered a cancellation first. Vaccinated UK residents also stand to benefit from the largest UK-focused deployment in recent memory, with lines like Cunard, Disney, Fred. Click on it and it will tell you what you will have to pay. Note: For full 100% penalties, the refund willonlyinclude: Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses and Optional Prepaid Gratuities*. Been there. CC Help Jenn gemduncan, March 18, 2019 in Carnival Cruise Lines. That thing about the other person's deposit does sound strange. Aleman explained most cruise lines already have relaxed cancellation policies in place now. For guests booked through a travel agent:Please contact your travel agentdirectly to see if your booking is subject to acancellation non-refundable component. Opens in a new window. I also don't want to take a spot for someone else who is trying to get exemption, we just don't know if we take her and just enjoy the ship. What is Royal Caribbean's service gratuities (tips) price and policy? When you cancel the cruise: For Early Saver cancellations made prior to the final payment date, a Future Cruise Credit, minus a $50 service fee will be issued, valid for cruises within 24 months of the date of cancellation. The final payment is due by Jan 2nd. Ehe Early Savers Rate was why the $50 fee was charged. If you are booked directly with Carnival, you can see how potential cancellation fees effect a refund in your account under My Cruise Details. If you booked through a travel advisor, they can best advise you of the refund policies that affect your cruise. Our TA did it for us,but Carnival got their extea money right off the bat. Your rating has been submitted, please tell us how we can make this answer more useful. I just went and clicked on the link and it says I would lose $250 on each booking to cancel so a total of $500. champagne, and bottles of wine) Please contact us, toll free, at 1-866-214-7447 or email us . For guests in Suites or embarking on holiday or non-US sailings, see Disney's, ** Applies to guests in Non-Suites/Non-Concierge Staterooms on 6 to 9 Night Cruises where embark or debark is a U.S. You may transfer your cruise booking to Military Cruise Deals within 90 days of making the original booking as long as it is not past the final payment date. Of course, now more than ever, it pays to do your research before moving your booking to one of these new sailings. For Carnival-owned Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, cruise credits will be given automatically for select cruises canceled in 2021 but if you want a refund, you will need to fill out an .