The First Academy is run by the Orlando First Baptist Church a fact which is only mentioned on the First Baptist Church website inside several biographies of church leaders who run the First Academy (see: 2011 30,400 In 2005, along with the (NCF-funded) Alliance Defense Fund and (NCF-funded) Becket Fund, Advocates International joined what would be a successful effort to protect the religious free speech rights of Swedish Pentecostal pastor Ake Green (see:, who was being prosecuted under hate speech laws for a 2003 sermon in which Green declared, Is homosexuality genetic or an evil force that plays mind games with people? I would have either gotten into crime and drugs, which were always available around me. He knew he had to do something. During the presentation, one ADF speaker declared that (the principle of) separation of church and state was not in the Constitution. Luis Palau was an honorary co-chair (along with Bill Bright and Billy Graham) of the AD2000 And Beyond movement that served as a major vector for the globalization of the New Apostolic Reformation movement and its characteristic ideas and practices (such as Spiritual Mapping. Alcorns ministry focuses on young women with addictions and behavioral problems. 2002 5,000 Their blood shall be upon them. 2005 5,0 2011 10,000 2007 0 Copyright 2017 - Truth Wins Out. 2006 111,500 2011 10,000 It kills (as we have been reminded by the AIDS crisis). Sexual, gender, and bodily diversity are characteristics of every society, every culture, and every country around the world and across time. 2003 22,624 NCF funding to the AFM reflects the peak period of this effort, from 2004-2007. 2007 0 The core ideas are derived from Christian Reconstructionism. Christian Legal Society 2003 21,000 His national group, he noted, is like an 800-pound giant compared to Colorado for Family Values, which has a half dozen people in a one-room office. 2010 0 2009 1,600 2002 18,600 2011 3,000 Besides the National Christian Foundation, Food for the Hungry has also been funded by Howard Ahmansons unincorporated Fieldstead and Company and by USAID. not on sinful structures, but rather on sinful human choices that perpetuate Compassion, Compassion International, Compassion Sunday, the Compassion Logo and the FILL THE STADIUM Logo are registered trademarks of Compassion International, Inc. All donations in the United States are tax deductible in full or part. 2004 3,000 Ernest LeFever was president Ronald Reagans first choice, in 1981, for the State Department assistant secretary of human rights but was rejected by the US Senate amid controversy over his stance that abuses of human rights by right wing authoritarian regimes should be addressed via quiet diplomacy; by contrast, LeFever held that the United States should directly confront human rights abuses by communist or socialist regimes. While Chick-Fil-As funding of anti-LGBT organizations, at least through its Winshape Foundation, appears to have ceased following scrutiny and pressure from LGBT rights organizations, Chick-Fil-As Senior Vice President and CFO James B. In effect, Villars began a process that re-conceived evangelical aid and relief work as a holistic enterprise in which evangelism and pro-capitalist free market solutions were fused; in the new Villars paradigm, spreading the gospel and teaching the biblical worldview were integrated into Christian aid and relief work and became regarded, moreover, as indispensable to successful economic develop and the reconstruction of healthy societies. IHOP head Mike Bickle has stated that homosexuality opens the door to the demonic realm and characterized the gay marriage agenda as rooted in the depths of hell (see: Bickle has repeatedly preached that, according to the Bible, in the coming end-times two-thirds of Jews will be forced into work camps, prison camps, and death camps. Why does Compassion focus on individual child development rather than broader community development work? Every day, our global church partners see how the food crisis devastates impoverished communities. Nearly 200,000 children and youth like Kennedy are waiting for a sponsor at Compassion. For boys in Mathare, drugs and crime were so prevalent that making it to the age of 16 became a milestone because they had escaped prison or death. Sign up in seconds. 2012 0 2009 4,900 Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. These people are playing for keeps. 2010 15,480 2007 401,000 These factors limit their rights and access to essential services such as education, employment, and health care, and pervasive discrimination and exclusion prevent meaningful inclusion in broader development efforts. 2010 1,900 The decision comes amid a high-stakes cultural and legal battle that features questions about sexuality, religious freedom, parenthood, family structure and theology. Click here to create an account if you live outside of the USA. 2011 8,660 In his book C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat To American Democracy (Little, Brown, 2010), Jeff Sharlet charged that the international neo-fundamentalist, Washington D.C.-based network known as The Family had helped to inspire Ugandas Anti Homosexuality Bill. 2012 0, Keynote EIN 33-1863088 2005 242,775 During that 2006 ADF briefing to The Gathering, Family Research Council head Tony Perkins gave a special presentation in which Perkins declared the LGBT rights movement to be the second most dire threat to America next to militant Islam. 2005 50,000 Child Evangelism Fellowship 2011 58,589 2011 27,450 FRC president Tony Perkins also serves as the head of the Council For National Policy. 2007 10,000 The NCF-funded Food For The Hungry (also a USAID recipient) provided key seed money and leadership to found the nonprofit Disciple Nations Alliance. 2011 128,650 The counseling ministry is a good fit for the AIM International Services Department, which also provides bush flights, freight shipping and clearing, a guest- house, financial services, etc. 2005 5,000 If a community perceives that an outside, national group is behind local activism, the community will rebel against it. 2012 1,500 Evangelism Explosion 2011 0 a national Good News Club conference which featured, as a keynote speaker, NCF-funded evangelist Charles W. Ware who co-authored with Young Earth creationist Ken Ham the book Darwins Plantation: Evolutions Racist Roots (2007, Master Books) in which Ware and Ham write, The homosexual agenda is extending its tentacles throughout the United States culture via media, entertainment, education, and the political system. (p. 168). 2002 25,700 2004 75,500 Natural disaster. 2001 5,000, New Jersey Family Policy Council (EIN 22-3388998), Another in the Focus on the Family-linked network of state family policy councils. 2002 1,000 2012 9,651,178, Josh McDowell Ministries ( CCC ) It seems that, historically, the Christian evangelical movement is one of the few that has allowed children to remain a second-rate mandatethe Great Omission in the Great Commission., Bushs book also states, Secular education does not enlighten; rather, it dims ones grasp of the real reality rooted in scripture Godless secular indoctrination is an age-old problem.. 2002 22,450 . Your support gives a child life-changing 2006 6,500 One of the current fellows at the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Herbert Schlossberg, who during the 1990s helped formulate a complex master strategy for combating organized homosexuality that was presented at The Gathering 1997 Co-presenting the anti-LGBT rights plan, at The Gathering, along with Schlossberg was Don Schmierer, then-serving as a program director for anti-gay funder Howard Ahmanson, one of the top funders of Californias anti-same sex marriage Proposition 8. It was organized to counteract the radical movement on campus. Teen Challenge 2006 300 2010 81,074 Writes ILCO, Hobby Lobby and some forty other corporations in the case oppose the acts requirement for employers to expand health coverage to include contraceptives linked to early abortions., According to Political Research Associates Senior Fellow Frederick Clarkson, a decision in favor of Hobby Lobby and its co-plaintiffs could result in an historically unprecedented expansion of religious freedom rights to corporations that would allow exemptions from existing federal and state law based simply on viewpoints or religious belief. 2012 5,252,804 Children are to honor their parents. 2012 see CCCs Jesus Film Project (over $12 million in FYI 2012) [4] The name of the association changed to Compassion, Inc., in 1963, inspired by Jesus' words "I have compassion on the multitude. its about helping people trapped in a cycle of sexual dysfunction. mysterious ways to fulfill the plan. Officers Christian Fellowship In a 2006 at The Gathering, during an Alliance Defense Fund three and a half-hour special briefing titled How people of faith are being silenced here in America, Family Research Council President Perkins stated, I think were at great threat, externally, from radical Islamists who want to destroy us and our way of life The second greatest threat I think this nation faces is internally, and its from the radical homosexuals that want to destroy the underpinnings of our nation the homosexual, the radical homosexual, wants to destroy our way of life, Among the FRCs high-profile events was the 2009 prayercast against health care reform (see: which included TheCall head Lou Engle and Bishop Harry Jackson, one of the most aggressive among African-American pastors working against LGBT rights. Adoption is a potent issue in. 2002 11,000 (Eternal Perspectives) 2009 12,750 In Central America and the Caribbean, Compassion works in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico. 2008 11,700 2003 4,000 Kennedy's family had 10 children, and they often joked that each family member had one square foot to live in. 2008 284,700 ( 143K to AFA radio ) In the Christian Reconstructionist vision, biblically mandated capital punishment via stoning, crucifixion, or burning at the stake (all forms of capital punishment mentioned in scripture) would be only rarely necessary exactly because of the severity of the punishment. Focus on The Family currently provides three publications concerning the issue of homosexuality. 2013 1,856,381, Concerned Women For America (EIN 95-3580894). 2001 18,000 Kennedy grew up in a well-known slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya called Mathare. NCF is the biggest philanthropy represented at The Gathering, which as an event was conceived at a mid-1980s meeting at The Fellowships The Cedars Arlington, VA Mansion retreat center overlooking the Potomac River. Describing his time in Uganda, Hartley stated, in a November 27, 2009 appearance on a colleagues radio show, just two weeks ago I was with the members of parliament and had a marvelous time, these are dear brothers and sisters in Christ and they are in earnest about righteousness and the cause of Christ and the amazing thing is they are standing for righteousness in areas that where we have long ago sold ourselves down the river but theyre looking to us for spiritual mentoring to, that they as kings and queens so to speak can stand in kingdom alignment and operate according to Biblical principles in their spheres of influence. Abandoned by her father and trapped in poverty, Yanelly had no hope for her future until her sponsor and center believed in her. The people who have come into institutions are primarily termites. It is little surprise that Campus Crusade is a major recipient of NCF funding; two of the three initial founders of the National Christian Foundation had close ties to Campus Crusade one as a former CCC financial manager ( Larry Burkett ), the other as a member of CCCs board of directors ( Ron Blue ). 2002 0 This education session was hosted by the AMA LGBT Advisory Committee. Failure to bond with his non-affirming father Feeling he can never measure up to his fathers standards of manliness.Envying his athletic brothers., 2001 1,000 But in recent years, Sheldon has diversified, ramping up his assaults on church-state separation, public education and the federal judiciary.. 2007 3,530 2004 190,850 2003 15,000 I was told that homosexuality was a demon that needed to be cast out of my life. [10][11][12], Children in the child sponsorship program are provided food and clean water, medical care, education, life-skills training, and spiritual guidance through a direct sponsorship. New Hope has acquired, as a co-leader, Anne Paulk who was a co-star in the 1998 Love Won Out campaign that showcased ex-gay couples in full-page ads which ran in leading print media venues such as the New York Times. 2013 613,815, The Becket Fund For Religious Liberty (EIN 52-1858532). 2007 6,200 In early 2015, leading up the oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court concerning the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, the Liberty Counsel organized a Defend Marriage Pledge, who signatories wanted to warn the Court not to cross the redline of natural marriage (see: ), 2004 15,000 2012 7,500 But demons can also can infest humans, and territorial spirits can also express themselves through individual human beings, sometimes referred to as strongmen. The Biblical family is predicated on Gods created order and His dominion mandate for men and women to be fruitful and multiply and to steward the earth. 2011 306,000 That place, or those places, may be inhabited by the demonica base of operations. (Freedom Tools, pages 76-77). 2012 177,350 In addition, many of the ADFs other substantial funders, including the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation and the Edgar and Ellen Prince Foundation, are represented at The Gathering along with the National Christian Foundation. Silvoso was also one of a small group (that included C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs) who helped pioneer the practice of Spiritual Mapping (in the late 1980s in the Argentine city of Resistencia.). 2006 43,500 2003 0 2011 267,309 ( 50,850K to AFA radio ) 2012 17,050, Great Commission Foundation EIN 35-1057090 2002 10,180 Medical emergencies. 2003 122,700 2011 50,500 Africa Inland Mission International After graduating from Covenant College, an elite fundamentalist Presbyterian school (We are a community committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, and everything we do is grounded in our Reformed theology and worldview) which over the years has received heavy funding from the Maclellan Foundation, the young Michael Cromartie was chosen to serve as Charles Colsons special assistant for Prison Fellowship Ministries (see: ). 2006 90,500 In a 2011 op-ed, Dr. David Noebel (who stepped down from heading Summit Ministries that year) railed against Obama and his radical homosexual mafia plan to sodomize the world and make such perversion seem as wholesome as apple pie and vanilla ice cream. (see: 2010 93,949345 2006 160,100 Targeting, intimidation and coercion are the tactics of regimes our nation has fought time and again over its history. Fidelis Center For Law and Policy 2012 6,500 Beisners book drew heavily on the ideas of famed economist Julian Simon (who, along with prominent conservative Catholic philosopher Michael Novak, endorsed the book) and argued that environmentalist concerns which arose in the 1970s were hyperbolic and stood in the way of economic development that could lift the worlds poor up from destitution. 2002 0 As described by Equality Matters, a project of Media Matters for America, the New Jersey Family Policy Council claims Homosexuality Is Unhealthy, Can Be Cured, Linked To Pedophilia (see:, 2012 8,500 Palau has spoken at The Fellowship associated events such as The Gathering and was a featured speaker at a 2012 Atlanta, GA event commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the National Christian Foundation (see: ). Compassion strives to protect children from all forms of abuse. Reviews by Gary North and others in Rushdoonys movement praised Schlossbergs book for its presentation of Christian Reconstructionist ideas. To go to the entry for any given organization, clink on the links below. One of E&PPCs current fellows, Herbert Schlossberg, was the intellectual architect of a master plan to fight organized homosexuality, announced at The Gathering in 1997, that commenced in 1998 with the mammoth 1998 Truth in Love national advertising advertsing cmpaign that promoted ex-gay leaders such as John and Anne Paulk. Cromarties many ties to the Christian Reconstructionism movement (and its political front the Coalition on Revival), include Cromarties participation in the key 1987 Villars Consultation, which mapped out a Christian Reconstructionism-based vision for evangelical international aid efforts. relationships, which keep men and women in bondage to poverty and deprivation. The Florida Family Policy Council resource page (see: on gay marriage links to an extensive list of opinion pieces by authors such as Maggie Gallagher of the National Association for Marriage, Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, and the Southern Baptist Conventions Al Mohler, who in an article titled Can Animals Be Gay makes the following case: those pushing for the normalization of homosexuality want to be able to point to research that would prove the normality of homosexuality in nature. National Christian Foundation funding of NOM begins just as religious right efforts to prevent the legalization of same sex marriage were faltering in the United States. Consequently, it is not surprising that one of the most prominent AIC churches in Kenya, Nairobis Africa Inland Church Ziwani, has recently served as a launching point for Kenyan Vice President William Rutos mounting rhetorical attacks on LGBT rights and same-sex marriage. The ranks of Faith Angle Forum featured authorities informing Americas media elites at the conference are heavily populated with speakers who have been featured at The Gathering. Patrick Henry College 2004 14,900 Many leaders funded by the National Christian foundation and who are associated with The Gathering (including Wess Stafford and Rick Warren) have evinced sentiments very similar to Doug Coes, admiration of the dedication of the followers of Hitler, Lenin, and Mao. They wrote Jeremiah 29:11 in their letters (which became his favorite verse) and told him he was destined for greatness, he was handsome, and he was enough. 2004 27,500 Like Luis Palau, Ed Silvoso has also targeted a chosen liberal, gay-friendly enclave, San Francisco. Of particular interest in terms of LGBT rights, this biblical worldview includes the vision of implementing some version of biblical (mosaic) law including laws against homosexuality. 2004 5,850 Regeneration Ministries 2001 102,750 2010 1,581 (Bethel Church, no EIN provided) 2011 236,250