We had planned to go back to Paradise Pier after lunch but may rethink that since you suggested we dont leave the park since we might not get back in (we do have dining reservations in DL at 6:30). Hi Tom! Is Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass Actually Worth it? Access to a theme park is subject to capacity limitations. PS form the UK who invented queuing/lines. I am happy that I have to make a reservation, hoping that the crowds are Slightly less weither at WDW or Disneyland. Disney is publishing the calendar three days before opening reservations so fans have some time to plan which days they would like to visit. Back in 2022 September 23rd ish, hope Disney has dining plans back on, if not what will we do for food? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Im going on the 18th and I anticipate the day will reach their limited capacity. This causes some people to visit on less expensive/less popular dates, normalizing crowds to some degree. San Diego and Orange County appear to be the last week in March, whereas LA is the second week in April, when we will be there. Inside the Magic reader Chris pointed this out, saying: I think they need to keep the maximum number of people allowed as it is right now, but bring back all attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. We want to go right after they decorate, but we arent sure whether we should book our trip for the week of the 7th or the following week (the week before Thanksgiving). Only leave Disneyland Park if you dont plan to return because theres a chance you could be turned away. With the guest distribution skewed towards locals, a common scenario is that congestion is worse but wait times are lower. A: We are unsure if Disneyland has returned to full capacity or not, but we do know that guests do have to still make park reservations for both California Disney theme parks. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure crowds are always worse on weekends. During busier times of year Disneyland may halt park hopping options for Magic Key Holders and/or ticket holders. Since theyve reached their limited capacity today, do you think watching todays wait times will give me a decent idea or my day? Thanks for the detailed analysis. Really for the amount of people you let in the park you really need more. Do you think it will be any less busy than normal due to people postponing their trips until after Galaxys Edge opens? When Disneyland reopens on April 30, it will do so with reduced crowds 25% capacity per the orange tier guidelines but without fast passes or single rider lines. Panels on the parade floats will revolve . Learn how your comment data is processed. If they are not at full capacity then I would truly hate to see them at full capacity. January Heres more on Disneylands capacity and what that means for lines, increase in crowds and reservations. Having been a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder since 2017, Kelly loves visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth where she can typically be found people watching on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, relaxing at Baseline Tap House, snacking on Mickey-shaped foods, sipping on adult beverages on Sunset Boulevard, or hanging out with her foolish mortals at the Haunted Mansion. 12/27/19, 12/27/18 and again on 12/28/18. Been a little peeved that my no blackouts pass technically has blackouts in the form of fully booked dates, I must admit. At the time of publication, we still have yet to hear an exact number when it comes to Park capacity,. While weekends (Saturdays, especially) tend to be busier, its hit or miss. Its felt quite full lately. In a capacity-constrained environment, both are equally busy. I bet there will be a huge surge around the time kids vaccines are announced, and maybe again when theyre fully FDA approved. Yes, guests still have to use Disney's new Park Pass system to make reservations for the parks and the number is limited each day, but even that is no longer an issue unless you wait until the last minute or are trying to go on the day of a special event. Disneyland tends to be the most crowded during major holiday weekends and breaks. Since summer break is largely blocked out to SoCal passholders, you can expect to see more tourists in the parks this time of year. Disneyland Secret: Lines Are Shortest on This Day of the Week It seems increasingly likely that Disneyland will experience its own slowdown in visitors from out of state at some point in the not-too-distant future. Even if you can get back in, you may not want to. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a000eacd374a2c3fdc4c98208274e07f" );document.getElementById("fe7f78b4f3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If school schedules are something around which you must plan, chances are youre going to go during one of the busier (or at least not one of the least busy) times of the year, as thats the paramount consideration for many other families planning trips, too. If you do leave the park and are hoping to get back in, a dining reservation might help plead your case. The event tends to make Disney California Adventure more crowded, so avoid going on these dates if you can. Cast Members) to weekends, while also releasing more park reservations for those dates. During these times of the year, hotels and tickets are moderately priced and you will also find moderate crowds. Add your ticket to your Disneyland account. With this being said, Inside the Magic fan Kent stated: The Disney Parks already believe that riding 3 attractions in a day is a bargain for $100. Our guide to January 2023 at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure offers a free crowd calendar, days to visit & avoid, SoCal weather, seasonal events, new attraction openings, refurbishments, and more. What ispossible is offering projections about specific date ranges relative to one another. If saving money is most important to your family use our Save Money button. Universal Hollywood park tickets do not fluctuate as much as Disney tickets which is a big plus. On Monday after 8 a.m. PT, the reservation system will launch for people who had purchased tickets. If their machines cannot even handle the amount of people that were there (which in my opinion was far too many) then they need to reevaluate how many people they are letting in. We bought Magic Band +, 5 of them. For more on this, and some of the less-intuitive times that might be busy, consult our resources and tips below. These prices also will fluctuate based on crowd levels which you can track using our Disneyland California crowd calendar. (Updated February 7, 2023.). You still want a ticket attached to your account. Real-Time Crowd Tracking IsItPacked.com. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to wait times for rides, many were hoping that Disney World would bring back its FastPass+ option, which allowed Guests to choose a time frame for select rides to bypass the standby line. When will you be discussing this years crowds? Please comply with park rules, signs and instructions, including but not limited to: All persons, bags, and other items are subject to screening. Nevertheless, there still are better and worse days/weeks/months to visit Disneyland, all of which are covered in our monthly guides. Right now it redirects to the interwebs page where you have to reenter your login every time. I will add that Disneyland was not open the whole year that WDW was opened. Interesting. You can also find weeks spread out throughout the year with lower than normal Disney crowd levels. As described above, I expect the days I get to disappear immediately. Sorry. Especially with the recent additions of so many special event tickets which allow guests into the park earlier or later than other guests. Suffice to say, there are unique and evolving variables that influence attendance and crowds at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Our Disneyland Crowd Calendar will help you avoid the crowds and long lines at Disneyland. Summer months tend to be in the high 80s while winter months tend to be cooler in the 40s. When does Disneyland decorate for the Christmas season in November of 2022? Universal will get my money. Guests with a Park Hopper ticket will select the first theme park they wish to visit to begin their day; then they can visit the other park later that day after 11:00 AM and go between the parks (based on availability). Enhance your Disneyland Resort visit! I also partner with various companies on this website. It was also reported that all FASTPASSES in both parks were sold out or distributed by 3:00 pm. Yep, thats yet another variable thats totally unpredictable. Be sure to drink plenty of water (it's free at quick-service restaurants, if you don't want . Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn, M&M Runaway Railway, Smugglers Run, Pirates, the train, ROTRthere were always tons of rides down on one of the busiest weeks of the year. Thanks for all the information you provide! O.C. One didnt work, so we had to go through 5 different people in 3 different locations to get a new one. It may seem like a convenient time to visit during one of the holidays your kids have off from school, but its important to consider whether other schools have these same times off, as well. We will automatically pick the best days for your family to travel for that given month, and exclude the, By tracking ride wait time data over the years we have been able to pick up patterns. Save time and money with our your next vacation with The Park Prodigy. These events range from concerts, holiday parties, and festivals throughout the year. For California Adventure, O.C. How many people does it take to reach capacity? We want to book our trip as soon as possible! Here are the days we expect to be the busiest at Disneyland Resort in 2023: Jan. 1-8, 13-16, 27-30 Feb. 2-6, 9-26 March 11 - April 30 Weekends and Grad Nite dates in May, plus Memorial Day June 16 - July 5 Sept. 1-4; Sept. 22-25 Oct. 2-23 Nov. 17-26 Dec. 17-31 Expected Busiest Days at Disneyland in 2024 I dont recall any of you speaking up to defend our honor when we were faced with these same trials and tribulations, so turnabout is fair play, or something like that. For additional information be sure to check out the, Universal Studios Crowd Calendar California, Universal Hollywood is a top destination for thrill seekers as well as die hard Harry Potter fans. Most schools are out of session on the weeks before and of Easter Sunday (April 9). This perk allows hotel guests to experience extended park hours in the morning. (In theorysee the above note about staffing which illustrates why this is not always true.). 4-Day Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket with Disney Genie+ Service: $380. Purchase tickets in advanceto make full use of the new reservation system. Moreover, the relatively new tiered ticket system gives Disneyland a greater ability to manipulate crowds by simply increasing (or decreasing) the prices of tickets on certain dates that would otherwise be more (or less) popular. But how exactly can you use a Disneyland crowd calendar to your advantage when deciding to buy Genie+? Please let me know! Another thing you can do prior is book dining reservations inside Disneyland Park 60 days in advance. June 2, 4, 7, 9, 14, 16 They did have availability November 27- December 1, so we ended up booking those dates instead. A: We have found Disneyland to be least crowded during the month of September and from January 7th to February 1st. Proper attire is required. Predictions prior to then are less accurate, and dont include current trends, park reservations, and recent wait time data. She went on to explain that they do not want to have the Parks bursting at the seams, and by keeping a reduced capacity in place, Guests can have a more enjoyable time. On top of all that, Disneyland resumed sales of new Magic Keys Annual Passes. Disneyland doesnt have nearly as many special events as Walt Disney World, but there are some events worth planning for or around. We will automatically pick the best days for your family to travel for that given month, and exclude the Disneyland busy days. Park Calendar. 12/27/17 Disneyland Park closed for new guests at 1:00 pm due to large crowds and a massive power outage affecting many attractions. With our discounted Disneyland tickets guests can choose from the following parks! For guests who purchase Disneyland's park hopper ticket add on, the year 2023 brings a welcome policy change for the better. On top of that, our subjective assessment is that congestion is far, far worse. Here are our predictions: January 2023. The last official capacity given was 35% capacity, but that has certainly increased to near 50%. Get in touch with Jessica: [emailprotected] dot com, We're not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Disneyland. Disney to Cut 7,000 Jobs, Park Capacity Down 20% During Peak Times, Iger Outlines Plans to Address Park Capacity Through New Lands, & More: Daily Recap (2/8/23) February 8, 2023 Justin Topa We bring you a lot of stories every single day. Lightning Lane actually doubled their wait time. Thanks and I LOVE this blog! Impossible to say definitively at this point, but yet another reason crowd calendars are less reliable this year! This will spread the crowds out more. What to do if Disneyland reaches capacity during your visit, how to get sold out reservations days and how to deal when youre there on the busiest days of the year. With that said, the biggest factor of all is local visitor habits. This in return might allow guests to not have to upgrade their ticket to buy the Genie+ all together. April 16 "Dapper Day Spring Outing" (unofficial event) Check availability for Park Tickets Check availability for Passes How to register a date for your visit to the Disney Parks This article has some spots for advance parking reservations off site but close enough to walk. Disney100 Celebration at Disneyland Resort begins. By strategizing well, you can accomplish more during a busy day with longer hours than during a shorter day with light crowds. Costumes may not be worn by . This is one Disney fan they have lost. Make sure to pack some jeans, sweatshirts, and maybe even coats if traveling during the months of October through March. This allows us to bring you the most interesting, entertaining, and unique entertainment experiences, covering theme parks, movies, TV, video games, and special events. Captain Marvel Star Likely Replaced In Future MCU Following Leak. During the Morgan Stanleys 2022 Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy stated that Parks capacity would never return to normal as they are managing things differently now. Learn about on-site and off-site hotels in our Anaheim Hotel Reviews & Rankings. By tracking ride wait time data over the years we have been able to pick up patterns. With our discounted Walt Disney World theme park tickets guests can choose from the following parks! when many students are out of school, Disney is nearly already at full capacity which eliminates the option to visit pretty quickly. Once Walt Disney World and Disneyland reopened to Guests after temporarily closing due to the ongoing pandemic, the theme parks implemented anew reservation systemto help monitor Park capacity calledthe Park Pass system. I am now hoping to go twice a year and stay 10-12 days.