x#86h)Ppcc0F( k/ <> What emotional reactions may occur for the therapist? She went on to detail how her boyfriend described how his uncle was involved in collecting and distributing child pornography but remained faithful to his aunt. He needs assistance and monitoring with daily tasks, such as home care, shopping, transportation, understanding the settlement process, reading his mail, and paying his bills. She wants the therapist to phone the police immediately when the patient arrives and to have them arrest the cousin for unlawfully detaining the minor child. For example, the first vignette, which The position pays much more than shes making at the community agency, and is within ten minutes of her home. He thinks that she is young and impressionable. While these teaching tools have been developed by psychologists, the vignettes are likely similar to those dilemmas faced in other mental health, counseling, or helping professions. The purpose of these psychological evaluations is to identify individuals who have gross psychopathology, strong personality disorders, or other characteristics that would make them incapable of performing their religious duties adequately. The clients boyfriend expressed that she should never discuss this with anyone. He drives the car to a local dealer who indicated that the Explorer is worth about $3,500. Ethical Dilemmas in Counseling: A Case Study Examination The American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics was amended in 2014 to reflect the ever-changing social, political, and technological landscape which clinicians must navigate. This vignette poses several ethical dilemmas for counselors. Ethics Rounds Multiple relationships: A vignette Finding oneself in a multiple relationship is not necessarily a sign that one has engaged in unethical behavior. image.jpg Liberty University Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling . From a phone call with the attorney, he learns that Workers Compensation wants to work out a settlement. Harry then seeks out several other school guidance counselors in his area and asks them to meet with him to discuss how the Code of Ethics is incorporated into their practices. (Log in options will check for institutional or personal access. Standards of practice, part B.9 states that . The psychologist is involved in a busy practice, specializes in treating eating disorders, and receives only occasional referrals from this physician. You arrive in the intensive care unit where the patients respiratory status is rapidly deteriorating. Contemplate these 16 conundrums. Prior to providing extra-therapy support, Dr. The client, Mr. Don Tellanyone, is a 47-year-old man who is seeking services for depression. <> Is the goal of therapy to help the client manage the situation or is the responsibility now on the psychologist to gather more information about the possible crimes committed with children? <> What are the ethical issues involved in this situation? There were contentious issues dealing with the custody arrangements of the children. While you are there, a family member arrives with a copy of a notarized advance directive, created within the last year, which specifically outlines the patients wishes not to be placed on a ventilator or any artificial life support. An important factor is that there is no cost to you, as the therapist. During the next session, Mr. and Mrs. Drapier arrive separately, but on time. Dr. Goodfriend speaks with Buddy about once every six to nine months. From: PsychBuilder High Tech Psychology at Low Cost, Subject: Online Assessment Tool to Promote your Practice. Dan indicates that they may also want to engage in fundraising in order for GLBTQ students to attend state or national events. He would like help to work through the issues. Uncertain, she calls you for an ethics consultation. Case Vignettes for Review Directions: The following cases are intended to facilitate the development of your ethical analysis and resolution capacities. When asked about the reason for the referral, she said that her physician had referred her for anxiety. Dilemma 6: Referral and Treatment Boundaries. However, she begins to feel uncomfortable as she feels like they are spending too much time together. When returning a call from Chuck who works for a company with the EAP benefit, the psychologist indicates that she is Sue from the EAP program. Even if they terminate therapy, how does the therapist cope with family gatherings since she knows significant details about her patients life? Mr. Drapier mentions that Dr. Cooper sells St. Johns Wort to him directly. Dr. Smith also asked if it is ethical to bill the patients insurance company to review his impressions of a forensic report during a psychotherapy session. The therapy focused on depression and anxiety related to work-related issues, interpersonal limitations, and relationship difficulties. At the end of the day, he listens to voicemail messages to learn that a former patient is reaching out to him for a request. ~Bi"$\HM"ruGz^1C+hY>3MyO6Qd7 ;zeWz7w_:y5pF{MofM$Ql )h:K A-4 aX-tW)&"0#.tD9@d I"$aqDDW"> DDfkYHPXTDplrM_Eb'N4+m+8 nh htDiMg5O=_Tlj\^5?@taB-&r\`6XV!]m(@yI@mh(8^I.6}.jLH!n"$V8xfc?jPB[:4)u0vi{RZTfywJQTl?ThOo! 4 0 obj Review each of the scenarios and indicate whether you "agree" or "disagree" with the counselor's action. Mr. Biggy starts asking questions that are more personal, forwards her funny emails, and texts some inappropriate remarks to her, mainly about her alluring power that helps make sales. Render date: 2023-03-04T21:33:13.444Z Does Dr. Goodfriend need to encourage Buddy to become involved in therapy if symptoms persist? Can the client contact Child Protective Services anonymously in this case? Upon reflection, the therapist recalls that he had treated Mr. Palmer a number of years ago. His patient reveals, during the course of therapy, th A colleague of yours, Dr. Solomon, contacts you for advice regarding a new client she has just seen. are Apparently, no one is. The supervisee is very worried and afraid to tell He indicates that, in order for him to benefit from the treatment, he feels a need to pay what he makes an hour. Others sources will also be used. Published online by Cambridge University Press: Dr. Solomon, feeling uncomfortable with the situation, contacts you for a consultation about the potential ethical issues for this case. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Buddy phoned Dr. Goodfriend in an apparent emotional anguish by the tone of his voice. An examination by parenting professionals of the concept of overparenting, Intercultural model of ethical decision-making: Addressing worldview dilemmas in school counseling, Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation, Qualitative data analysis: An expanded sourcebook, Bir metafor almas: rencilerin rehberlik servisine ilikin alglar [A metaphor study: Students perceptions related to the guidance service], Journal of Social Sciences of Mu Alparslan University, Trkiyenin ruh sal yasas ile imtihan [Turkeys exam with mental health act], Special issue: Legal and ethical issues in school counseling, Reporting suspected child abuse: Conflicting roles for the counselor, Ethical, legal, and professional issues in counseling. How would you feel if you were the consultant? Numerous patients from family practice offices can be given the internet link and a security code to complete the PASS-2. outside her scope of practice? They follow legal guidelines in risky situations and insist on working within their areas of competence; they are not willing to accept noncounselling tasks. Dr. Thomas wants him to come in immediately for a more indepth evaluation. Would your answer differ if the advanced directive was created 7 years ago or greater? Harry then decides to attend a conference hosted by the ACA which will address the Code of the Ethics and the Standards of Practice in detail. Important to an entrepreneurial therapist like you, this assessment bridges the gap between psychology and primary care. Sue schedules the appointment for early in the evening. Dr. Bishop feels uneasy about this situation, as homosexuality has not been considered a mental illness since the 1970s. Mr. Drapier acknowledges many cognitive, behavioral, and physical symptoms of serious depression. frequent consultation requests by the trauma service. Plenty lives and practices psychotherapy in a rural area. mh:/lIk[ R#ig#hJh@xVSP~~NP&#HC"+}C.|L.B:qe -4F[QDZuee168Ioa{ 3 m&#H7 x6}K Ethical Dilemma The counsellor is conscious of the cultural differences and avoids talking too much and attempts to refer to the husband for most of the exchange. The therapist is involved in a busy practice, specializes in treating eating disorders, and receives only occasional referrals from this physician. Ethical decision making for this study was defined as the degree to which decisions pertaining to confidentiality, parents' rights, and diversity and . Dr. She eventually blurted out that, during a heated discussion, her boyfriend indicated that looking at online pornography was not as bad as what his uncle did. And, how would you, as the treating therapist, deal with those emotions? Are there any other concerns about the web developer/consultants strategies? For this to be a successful venture, we ask you to promote this program to your referring physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in order to enhance their ability to identify, evaluate and provide needed treatment for their patients. %PDF-1.3 How are the clients emotional and interpersonal issues related to the therapists dilemma? What concrete steps might be important before calling the physician back? hasContentIssue true, The Author(s), 2022. Therefore, this article offers a brief description of the purpose and alleged benefits of supervision, and examines the current position of the law in regard to ethical dilemmas within supervision. She recalled that he agreed that it could make a good book. She has been doing much of the case management work, e.g. In this new edition, Dr. Welfel provides the most current information on the market, including up-to-date coverage of the newly adopted ACA Code of . Therefore, we have a duty to report when our students or clientele is considering harming others or themselves. Because of his status as a well-known internist, he does not want to refer his daughter to a psychiatrist because he believes that he can handle the medication piece of her treatment. Review each of the scenarios and indicate whether you "agree" or "disagree" with the counselor's action. According to the therapy patient, Lyla is not aware that one of her customers is a therapist who works in another part of the same facility where she is receiving substance abuse treatment. The client, Mr. Don Tellanyone, is a Sultan, M., Tump, A.N., Geers, M. et al. Ethics and ethical codes are bounded by the cultural contexts in which they were produced. Each represents an ethical dilemma including "two or more of the values found in the ethical principles relating to conflict" [32]. The client indicated that she was hesitant to speak about the issue for fear of a breach of confidentiality. The EAP service provides a solution-focused, three-session benefit for companies within Virginia. The client presents the therapist with information about a well-known, local therapist who released confidential information about him to an attorney without a signed release or court order. One day, Dr. Bishop receives a phone call from his contact at the institution. The days allocated for her stay by her insurance are ending in two days. 5 0 obj She is not sure that he completely understands what is happening or understands her version of informed consent for the additional services. Okul ruh sal hizmetlerinde yaanan sorunlar: Psikolojik danmanlarn grleri [Problems encountered on school mental health services: School psychological counselors opinions], Role stress among practicing school counselors, Ortaretimde grev yapan retmen ve okul yneticilerinin okul gvenliine ilikin alg ve beklentileri [Perceptions and expectations of teachers and school administrators working in secondary education regarding school security], It just doesnt feel right: A mixed methods study of help-seeking in Irish schools, Advances in School Mental Health Promotion, The need for ethical code of conduct among school guidance counsellors in Obio/Akpor local government area, International Journal of Innovative Legal & Political Studies, Okul psikolojik danmanlarnn kullandklar unvann mesleki kvan, psikolojik danman zyeterlii ve baz zniteliklerle yordanmas [Predicting the professional title of the school counselors with the professional pride and counselor self-efficacy], Psikolojik danmada etik ikilemler: Etik karar verme sreci [Ethical dilemmas in psychological counseling: Ethical decision making process], Eurasian Journal of Educational Research (EJER), An ethics challenge for school counselors, School counsellors attitudes and beliefs about child sexual abuse, Ethical dilemmas in college counseling centers, Okul psikolojik danma hizmetlerinde mesleki etik ihtiyalarn belirlenmesi [Determining the professions ethical requirements in school psychological counseling services], At risk of harm? After the initial greetings, the former patient indicates that she has finally started to write down more thoughts, memories, and recollections about her abusive experiences. 1. Mr. Biggy pulls Dr. Smith aside and explains how he has become very attracted to a new sales representative. The patient reveals that he became aware of that information after several dates and recently felt comfortable revealing this to the therapist. Consider the following scenarios, presented initially in the Ethical Dilemmas column in Therapy Today. Mrs. Simpson thought it would be good for Dr. Smith to review the report in order to help him with their therapy. Dr. Popeil thinks these ideas are good. : Ethical and Legal Ramifications of Documentation Decisions. What would you likely do with this email solicitation? What are the possible steps Dr. Crane can take to mitigate any potential difficulties? When she asks about insurance, he indicates that he will pay in cash. Not knowing what to do, and realizing that the next patient is in the waiting room, the therapist takes the cash and sets up another appointment. He asked the attorney if anyone is contesting the will. Plenty acting beyond the limits of her competency? The cost of the online administration is $25, to be paid by the patient. The therapist and the young man have been engaged in psychotherapy for the past 2 years. ev}]=h}))-mv-K4a_5@rFBPnevW :X})8Bl;%1cw'=@rw6=V|}oYdhNTJ]gIXS0f319' T8L*(xp8w}?}UD The Clear Answers and Start Over feature requires scripting to function. a variety of upgrades, the web developer/consultant suggests that he add a testimonial page where former patients describe their positive experiences in therapy. Hence, the admission is voluntary. The therapist does not dwell on the situation with the patient. She was recently offered a position as a dual-diagnosis treatment counselor at a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. Dr. Smith also wondered if it was appropriate to bill Mrs. Simpson for his time in reviewing the report. The survey consisted of 10 vignettes based on the above ethical issues in. If you were facing a difficult ethical dilemma, after identifying the problem and the potential issues involved, what would be, using Corey's model, one of the first places that you would look for assistance in the resolution of the dilemma While confidentiality has been preserved, the dynamics of each case areisomorphicto a real clinical situation faced by a practicing psychologist. Dr. Tell contacts you with the above scenario. Has data issue: true endobj Dr. Jordan thanked her for the compliment and indicated that he needed to think about the request. What clinical concerns arise for you in this scenario? A colleague of yours, Dr. Solomon, contacts you for advice regarding a new client she has just seen. He recalled that he was an older person with significant depression who eventually became better. locating a long-time friend who is willing to help him at home, referring him to a neuropsychologist for testing, engaging in lengthy discussions with his primary care physician and neurologist, participating in multiple conversations with the attorney, and trying to find a guardian or power of attorney. As soon as he looked at the intake form, he realized that she is the ex-wife of his former client. Among other things, the report contained a psychological evaluation of the patient. Ethics Vignette #2 A local psychiatrist is referred by his attorney for neuropsychological evaluation related to possible mild head injury ( traumatic brain injury) from a MVA. What are Dr. Millers potential ethical issues in this situation? The ICU nurse asks you to offer an opinion regarding the patients capacity to accept or refuse intubation. These issues included a. dual relationships, b. competence, c. informed consent, d. due process. Address the matter with the other therapist directly. She was surprised to find that most of the clients who came to see her were young women who suffered primarily from eating disorders and relationship problems. At the end of the session, the therapist asks for the requisite fee as stated on the phone. The therapist cannot remember many details about the patient. Tara has been working as a therapist for the past two years in a local community mental health center that primarily treats middle-aged adults who suffer from depression. In a group setting, clients may no longer feel estranged from society or alone in their challenges, and instead view themselves as part of a community of people with shared experiences. Simultaneously, the religious institution is adamant about this requirement. DILEMMA ONE I need two professional journals dated within the last 5 years regarding ethical dilemmas in counseling _____has been described as the primary ethical dilemma faced by school counselors. He is also very concerned about confidentiality and wants assurances from Dr. Solomon. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The survey developed for this study consisted of vignettes based on ethical issues identified in the counseling supervision literature. Mr. Tellanyone is feeling quite guilty about his mother. The prospective client was using her maiden name and gave no indication during the session that she knew about her ex-husbands treatment with the therapist. *(/#*rqX''W-JFZ/GBx=w.~o&rq.H $W^o}E|lgp He indicated that Dr. Cooper recommended that he discontinue a psychotropic medication in favor of an herbal remedy. During the interview, she was told that she would need to work independently, with only limited supervision. It was revealed that counsellors prioritise the students benefit and respect students privacy. stream They developed a good therapeutic alliance. Dilemma 4: A Psychologist in Turmoil Dilemma 5: A Tricky Situation Dilemma 6: Referral and Treatment Boundaries Dilemma 7: An Invitation to Assess Dilemma 8: A Session with the Spouse Dilemma 9: Psychologist as Character Witness She stated that Dr. Jordan recommended that she write down her memories. In actuality, Mr. Biggys wife is a very close friend of Dr. Smiths wife. What would be your emotional response to this situation? Directions: The following cases are intended to facilitate the development of your ethical analysis and resolution capacities. At that time, Dr. Miller not only wanted to evaluate the marriage, but to evaluate how impaired the husband was, and to decide whether Mrs. Drapier had assessed her husbands depression and the marriage accurately. xZ[o~/@FPpt>(2]s$gfH]Q4!g8oX4^e^Xt]Qn}a.>_t]t[}y^_-/.&$]|!X KC2In_g?/a=1x9>n3b.O R|xyis.(gi_E`I>a("?MX\H&4-oX0~K1'I{GotYsvs!f5Xk\p)nolV5z/ZX\F^sH%Sv 2E[tO8=~?g[)R t,q$q< Q2 viA#UgMzewq(! ^wV[W\_Dv(rS6S2 R0y[w*Lw$d+_^#&mw[p;(>H{m #1nA My name is Dr. If you were Dr. Jordan, how would you feel about this request? <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 8 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> What are the ethical issues, if any, involved in this case? You are a therapist in a busy acute care hospital where you receive. Buddy also shares that he has been short tempered with his wife and kids. Dr. Miller suggests that she meet with both Mr. and Mrs. Drapier to evaluate the marital situation. What are the potential pitfalls in the scenario? Patient contact information will be part of the administration process. As social isolation, loneliness and depression are regular themes in treatment; the therapist frames this as positive progress. They see her regularly for informal family events and do holidays together with their adult children and grandchildren. Using a purposeful, convenience sampling method, we explored six school counselors' experiences of ethical decision making. You may access the ACA Code of Ethics and other ethics code at the WEBLINKS button on this website.