HARMAN and Samsung are best-in-class organizations and working together as one will allow us to deepen our innovation and collaboration to continue to deliver industry-leading technologies and solutions. Communications to Promote Interest, Section 1. 4 0 obj The good news is that around the institution, the World Bank Group, the answer has been a very strong: Yes, we can bend the arc of history. from La Nacion Paraguay. When you want to react to a related event; for example, when a national report relevant to your issue is released. By closing this banner or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. The Tool Box needs your help We know that their internal consumption has suffered recently. Hi Marty. QUESTION: Good morning. The media arent things theyre made up of human beings doing their jobs. A successful conference call comes from an effective structure of your calls and thorough preparation. Anchor 2: At yesterday's meeting between the health minister ____ (name of the health minister) and the Prime Minister _____ (name of the PM), it was decided that New York the city of light should soon be quarantined as the number of cases has increased drastically in the last week. Thank you very much. Here are 8 conference call script samples you can steal! So that could be substantial further progress. After about 45 minutes, bring the formal conference to an end. You can often generate the kind of notice or publicity a spot on the 6:00 TV news, for instance that youd otherwise have to pay a large amount for. Firsthand testimony from people from the community affected by the issue can be extremely powerful and convincing. So, for example, we were at Sendai yesterday, and what I saw was a country that had faced just enormous tragedy, and the commitment of the . The Omaha police chief, Todd Schmaderer, delivered an almost perfect press conferenceone that stands in marked contrast to the shameful media interactions in Ferguson, Missourithat should be studied by PR professionals as a terrific example of how to communicate in crisis. The two portable favourites from JBL now Nouveau design innovant et respectueux de l'environnement. Another area of cooperation is on health care. World Bank President Jim Yong Kim Holding a press conference is a simple, effective way to communicate your message with the media. And I think fundamental values like making sure that the inputs to spur further economic growth are in place, to ensure that economic growth is inclusive of young people, especially young women, that women in general are at the center of the development process--these are all critical issues. Handling Crises in Communication, Center for Community Health and Development. Now, QE can be private sector asset-based, or also sovereign-sector, public sector asset-based, or both. And you know, in countries like Yemen, of course, a very fragile country--I recently met with the President--there are so many things that we have to do to provide basic inputs, infrastructure development. . That's QE. Your feedback is very helpful to us as we work to improve the site functionality on worldbank.org. During these meetings, I will not only share my thoughts on areas of reform, I will listen to the views of our stakeholders and look for ways to enact effective reforms. First, one of the things we know is that Japan has probably the best early warning system and the best prevention system of any country in the world, and still there was enormous damage. In this past month, HARMAN became a standalone subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Today, our annual sales in China exceed US$ 800 million, which represents an annualized growth rate of more than 25 per cent. NovoChatTalk to customers on their preferred messaging apps. So, for the first time in history, the climate scientists declared that the drought that happened this past summer, that contributed to rising food prices, was the result of man-made climate change. Thank you for joining us for our press conference with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim. Have a system for letting participants have their turn. In the sample presentation, the structure I've followed is 1.The beginning to introduce 2.The middle to explain the details 3.The end to give a call-to-action Question time What do you think makes people the most nervous when giving a presentation? You and your group will need to determine a date and time for the press conference, and make sure it doesn't conflict with other press events or media deadlines. y(4'$ B:HHQDP4Q6n Mo3ym(C0*F6[}%k+5UiEk[,XE6S'(DD`T~ZO2R,%H And so, while we will always stand ready to help with short-term needs for food security, we are also very engaged in trying to help each of our member countries build in long-term sustainability in their agriculture systems. THE EVENT PLANNERS for planning a great event. If your organization has had occasion to work with the media before, you should have personal contacts with a number of media people. 2. Totaling over $600M in lifetime revenues, this business includes: First:A new contract with GAC, an extension of our relationship first established in 2015. Communications to Promote Interest and Participation, Chapter 6. Speakers should have scripts to memorize the 3-5 key points, and to make sure to speak no longer than 3-5 minutes each. Wallack, L.(1993) Media advocacy and public health. I mean, we have experts inside the World Bank who have walked with many, many countries through their own process of economic growth, and we stand ready to work with any government in the world, all of our member countries, in thinking about medium and long-term approaches to growth. And Im pleased to note that in the last several weeks HARMAN has signed new contracts with three Chinese OEMs for expanded connected car and in-car audio business. As with your customers, treat the media with professionalism and care. Secondly, I just want to ask you about the relationship between the World Bank and emerging economies. You may want to hand deliver a press release and press packet to these people, send an audio or videofeed, or, try to schedule an interview with a reporter and one of the press conference participants. Your press kit should contain the following: Putting the kit together: The press release goes in the right side of the folder, and the other information goes in the left side of the folder. We are calling this the Digital Cockpit it is a scalable, cost-effective solution that integrates the functionality of the instrument cluster and center stack infotainment system. Center for Community Change. Practical Media Training and Public Speaking Tips. It includes 10 steps for a successful press conference as well as other related checklists (e.g., setting up a press conference). So what we are doing immediately is making resources available to countries to support their--to provide an emergency capability of helping to purchase food. Structure, proper grammar, correct spelling, etc. He Got In Front Of a Potential Controversy. Second: Anew contract with Great Wall to provide infotainment systems to their fleet of premium vehicles; and. And then, 20 years of conflict have really set the country back. Welcome Speech for International Conference ipres-conference.org Details File Format PDF Size: 29 KB Download 3. Imagine a flock of media reporters coming to an event that you have organized. Good afternoon, distinguished guests, dear media friends, welcome to the HARMAN press conference! Welcome Speech for Conference: Very good morning to one and all present here, my name is Suraj and I'll be giving the welcome speech for today's conference and kicking off the 3-day event, starting today. MR. MILLS: Good morning, everyone. Learn how to plan and execute a successful press conference to share your message and gain support from the community. Together, we will create smart automotive features including automatic speech recognition in English and Mandarin, natural language processing and speech synthesis. Journalism in a pandemic. But it doesnt end there. All Rights Reserved. We are from the (Organization) ." "We're here this evening to talk to you about an agricultural issue that we feel is of great importance." Executive Vice President and President of Connected Car, HARMAN, Mr. Phil Eyler. And as far as the BRICS, you know, we still are deeply engaged with the BRICS countries. Here in China, we are working with you to identify your needs which lead to the development of new technologies to solve and address challenges in the auto industry in this market. Now, as a person trained in science, that is an almost frightening amount of unanimity. As you well know, the car is experiencing a transformation unlike any time we have seen since its invention. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday afternoon is slated to hold a press briefing. MR. MILLS: Yes, perhaps we could go to the back, to the gentleman--yes, you. TimeSyncBook more appointments with email, WhatsApp, and SMS reminders. Conference Facilitator's Script, revised 11/24/2020 1 Conference Facilitator's Script 1. This is Larry from Microdot Technology. If youre hosting a huge conference with many participants, itll be impossible to address everyone by their name this will just take too long and you dont want to waste everyones time. So let me just say that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the Arab Spring countries, but we are very much engaged with almost all of them--not yet in Syria--but we think that there are important lessons to be learned and that our engagement there is critical. For an example of a press advisory, see the Tools section. Chief Schmaderers tone-perfect performance gave meand likely many other peopleconfidence that hes the right person to lead this investigation professionally. Have a way to identify participants in the queue, for example, the name of the person and an identifier like location, or a unique username. Oftentimes, because theres an open discussion, participants might go off the topic of the conference call. Yes, maam, right there, please, in the third row; yes. The most recent example is that I just visited South Africa. The following steps will help you in organizing a Mock Press Conference. 1 0 obj Have members of the press sign in, with their affiliation, and give each of them a press kit. What went well? Welcome to the [Insert name of Event] I'm the [insert FIRST Tech Challenge title here] and my name is _____. We will work together to integrate Baidus DuerOS-based personal digital assistant and voice recognition engine technologies with HARMANs connected car and cloud platforms. Recognizing the importance of strategic alliances in an increasingly connected world, particularly in automotive, we are now poised to leverage our combined teams and resources to produce even greater value for our customers around the world. On the evening news theres a short television clip of a speaker surrounded by a crowd of reporters asking questions. Thanks. The host discusses the theme and context of the conference in a welcome speech. This industry leading HARMAN solution designed to improve user experience was created to offer Automakers a cost-effective and scalable platform to offer drivers a vastly improved experience that harmonizes the visual look and feel between all in-car systems, as well as improve system flexibility and performance. 9+ Welcome Speech for Conference Examples 1. 1. I know many of you attended Annual Meetings before. And I have to say that I was surprised at--even in the last six months to a year, the data on climate change has become ever more frightening. He also set the rules up front, asking reporters to identify themselves, instructing them to speak loudly enough for the microphones to pick up their questions, and letting them know he intended to begin with local reporters. DR. KIM: So we are of course very concerned with food prices, and from our perspective, the response to the increases in food prices has to be multifaceted. Creating Fact Sheets on Local Issues, Section 19. Have coffee, tea,water, and any other refreshments set up. Press kits are very useful, if your group can afford it. Turn website visitors into high-converting calls, Talk to customers on their preferred messaging apps, 10 VoIP Security Best Practices To Keep Your Business Safe In 2023, How To Find Phone Numbers For Effective Cold Calling, Is Cold Calling Still Relevant Today? 3 0 obj Page 1 of 29 . There are a number of things you can do to prepare the room you're holding the press conference in. Last modified on September 2, 2014 by Brad Phillips, Media Training Workshops Customized For Your Needs, Public Speaking Workshops Customized For You, Executive Presentation Training Workshops, A Guide to Presentation Training Companies. Furthering our commitment to the Chinese market, and in the spirit of ongoing collaboration and fostering strong relationships with global innovators, we are also pleased to announce the expansion of our relationship with Baidu to jointly develop new cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions aimed at Chinese automakers. Here are some other tips for scheduling your press conference: Make sure you pick a location for the press conference that has adequate parking and is not too far away for reporters to travel. People with high credibility, such as local politicians, the director of a local health promotion organization, or a physician may make effective spokespeople. Are the educational systems set up so that young people can join the work force and get good jobs? Explore our custom workshops and executive training options. Now, it is not--I am not going to just give you the Doomsday picture. Simply remind them politely to focus on the main point at hand. You may also want to make personal contact with major media representatives before or after the press conference. So, while you're brainstorming, think of . You can give more information than in a press release. (1996) How to tell and sell your story, Washington, DC. How To Handle Rejection In Cold Calling? Most people attending conferences are busy professionals with a strong interest in the subject matter . While addressing the conference * Be clear and concise * Avoid using rhetoric, or non verbal expressions like 'hmmm' 'ah' etc. 1. And developing countries, which have been the engine of growth, will not be immune to the increased uncertainty in the global economy. Book more appointments with email, WhatsApp, and SMS reminders. Chief Schmaderer, on the other hand, earned the benefit of the doubt and, as Dave Statter wrote, will ultimately have a positive impact on the reputation of the Omaha Police Department.. Assume the audience is intelligent avoid sounding patronizing. It is our job to have a catalytic effect on poverty. 1994-2023The University of Kansas. It is significant that the very first country I visited as President of the World Bank was Cote dIvoire, and Cote dIvoire provides some very important lessons. Dont exaggerate or give figures that arent backed up by evidence, and dont state opinions as fact, or make charges that cant be proven. In a small town, this could mean one or two people; in a big city, there might be 20 or more. Press releases, interviews, and informal media contacts are excellent ways of getting your message across. And in this particular case in Cote dIvoire, it was the cooperation of the government and our groups--both the World Bank itself, IBRD/IDA, and the International Finance Corporation, our private sector group--to provide the kind of training and create an environment in which small and medium enterprises can grow, in which smallholder farmers can get access to global markets. So it is an ideal relationship in the sense that Japan continues to be a very generous donor, but what we are very excited about is the fact that specific areas where they have special expertise, we are going to help them spread those lessons to the rest of the world. Same rich JBL Pro Sound performance. 292 Comments Please sign inor registerto post comments. With participants talking over each other, the nuisance of controlling who to speak next, and the awkwardness of dealing with the disagreements in the call can make it daunting. Starting the call on the right foot is what will almost always ensure a successful conference call. The Government of Japan has asked us to use the convening power of the World Bank to help them share the lessons learned on disaster risk management from the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. There are four basic ways you can write news stories from such multi-issue press conferences:write separate stories on each topic.write one big story covering all the topic, but with an intro on one angle.write one big story with a composite intro.write a composite story with subordinate stories. Ethical business practices through our operations, We seek strategic partners that share our values those who exemplify integrity, innovation and excellence. Here are 8 conference call script samples you can steal! Chairman and President, Northeast Asia and Greater China, HARMAN, Mr. David Jin. A true Plongez dans le son surround 3D avec les nouvelles barres de son JBL, dont la JBL Bar 1000. Hover to zoom. But IMO they should have designated one person to speak on the production companys behalf. Your contribution can help change lives. Covering COVID-19 now and in the future -- A self-directed course for journalists.