Gary Ray Bowles, also known as the I-95 Killer, murdered six people in the year of 1994. A clipping from a 1997 issue of the Tampa Tribune. Without a doubt, the most famous Florida serial killers include Danny Rolling, Ted Bundy, David Alan Gore, Gerard Schaefer, also known as "The Killer Cop," Aileen Wuornos, Bobby Joe Long, and "The Flat-Tire Murderer," who has remained unidentified since at least 1975. Their victims suffered gruesome killings, and the public understood that although the killers might . He said, Listen. You are about to migrate away from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office website to an independent, commercial site that provides crime mapping and incident information. A key facet of the exploration into serial offenders has been the question of nature vs. nurture, and in Bundys case, it would almost seem that he was born evil. Then-State Attorney Harry Shorstein has defended the decision not to pursue death, citing the wishes of the victims families and Wells questionable sanity. Her application for parole was denied in 2017. The four boys in the car that night were indicted, but J.W. In a new age of sensational stories of serial killers, Ottis found a role that he could play well that garnered him endless attention. The only person Wuornos loved and felt loved byher lover and sometime accomplice Tyria Mooretestified against her, while selling story rights to Republic Pictures. She called him Devils Child. Ottis Toole and his lover and partner-in-murder Henry Lee Lucas were part of an international Satanist organization. MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- There are currently over 400 unsolved murders in Florida and all of them are posted on this website. JaxPsychoGeo stories take a lot of work. Fresh off the Greyhound bus from his hometown of Shreveport, Rolling pitched a tent in the woods near the University of Florida and began prowling and peeping into the windows of nearby student apartments. It became shamefully common in the first decades of the 21st century to read newspaper accounts that called Jacksonville Floridas murder capital., But even in the 1920s, Jacksonville stood out nationally for its murder rates. It annoyed him how Ottis was always looking at the ceiling and wagging his head around slowly. ), Arlington Federal Savings and Loan Temple to the Enigma, Arlington: Expressway Mall (Where Mary Ran Away), Arlington: Three Oaks Plaza, FBI Headquarters, Offshore Power Systems, Atlantic Beach: Aquatic Gardens (The Flood & the Poet), Atlantic Beach: Christopher / Bull / Hionides House, Atlantic Beach: Treehouse Over Spacecraft, Atlantic Beach: Voo Swar Restaurant and Lounge, Beaufort Mermaid / Thomas Glover W.s Fyshmalions Eliza, Chaseville Colored Settlement / Fort Caroline Club Estates, Coquina Gates: 3, Riots of the Fall and Noreast, Cosmo and Gullah Geechee Northeast Florida, Egrets Glade Unit 02: Tropic Egret Drive at Snowy Egret Drive, Empire Point: Perley Place and Wine Cellar, Empire Point: Suddath / Van Valkenburgh House, Floral Bluff Manor: Mrs. Marthas Dildo Fence, Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus: Outdoor Ecological Laboratory, Fort Caroline: Craig Morris at Grant Mound 8DU14, Fort Caroline: Spanish American War Battery, Fulton (and Lone Star), Lost Arlington Communities, Gilmore: 1. When Pitzer noticed them standing, he stood and gallantly offered a young woman his own chair. Phil Spector and the Murder of Lana Clarkson. Legal in his TV ads, a doobie-rolling, guitar-strumming troubadour who mounted an incompetent and self-serving representation of Aileen. Sonja Larson, 18, and Christina Powell, 17, were the first two victims. Copyright 2019 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved. And a rapist. Just before the murder, Mendenhall had written several letters to Mary Rae, borrowed $1,000 from her mother and pawned one of her rings, convinced them to deed their house to him, which he then sold for a profit, and took out a fire insurance policy on the house, from which he received disbursals without Laura Mae and Mary Raes knowledge. The murder happened in Lake City, about 90 miles away from Tallahassee, onFeb. 9, 1978, about three weeks after the FSU attacks. Besides being a prolific serial killer, Bundy was a necrophile who would sometimes spend hours to groom and perform sexual acts with his victim's corpses. Domingo Herrera was not with them. Local Weather: Passing front Saturday brings a shot of rainfall. Jet published a photograph of Willie Chappell, looking down at his murdered wife, killed during white mobs bloody rampage., Police interrogations buried for decades said one of the white men in the car, which one differing according to who told the story, said, Lets go kill a nigger.. A family friend, Judge A. O. Wright had constructed Gatos statement. At the mere age of 3, Bundys idea of fun was to surround his sleeping stepsister with kitchen knives, waiting for her to wake up, delighting in her terror with an arctic grin. She worked as a maid for a wealthy white family. He said he only kept the profits of the sale of the house Mary Rae and her mother deeded to him because Mary Rae had insisted he do so against his own inclinations. He grew up in a low-income neighborhood and was raped regularly from the age of 6 by a family friend. In the ten-year period during the 1980's, the state recorded 247 serial murders making Florida the third most dangerous state in the United States. He hid their decomposing bodies inside his double-wide trailer on Ocean Street in Mayport where he continued to live with his 4-year-old son for more than a week. Rich got off so easily. The odds are that you've heard of these killers but probably didn't know they were from Florida. To the surprise of investigators, lab results from the McVey kidnapping revealed the same unique red fibers, connecting her abduction to the previous murders. Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked. GONZALEZ Jr. Arthur I suspect most current middle-class Springfield residents could hardly imagine what the neighborhood was in the 1980s, and most 1980s Springfielders could barely imagine the Springfield of the 1970s and 1960s. Did you plan on going back home?, All right. With 100th execution, what you should know about Florida's Death Row. Outlaws were suspects in dozens of murder cases . He said it was an accident. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Just before encountering the sisters, he had murdered a 65 year old woman in Jacksonvilles Atlantic Beach after gagging and robbing her. The stranger blindfolded her and pressed a gun to her head, threatening to kill her if she didnt comply with his every command. Haha, whats this guy luis talking about? Rolling was arrested the following month while fleeing the attempted robbery of a Winn-Dixie store, and police noted he was wanted in Shreveport, where a triple murder he committed exhibited similarities to the Gainesville crimes. Profiles of Notorious Male Criminals. After being confronted with the evidence, Long confessed, not only to the Tampa serial murders but also to a series of assaults in South Florida in which he would respond to classified ads and then rape the women he found home alone. While awaiting trial, Rolling began courting a self-described true crime journalist named Sondra London, who was a bridge to another of Floridas most prolific serial murderers: Gerard John Schaefer, a one-time sheriffs deputy responsible for the deaths and disappearances of dozens of women. London remains single. Both had been raped, stabbed to death and posed. please consider making a donation. He took her to an apartment and proceeded to rape her repeatedly over a 24-hour period. If someone insulted you, you took them out. That victim was her first, Richard Charles Mallory, whom she shot to death in his 77 Cadillac on November 30, 1989. Philip was a key witness who testified against him, describing the scene of a brutal sexual assault and murder. If you want to learn more about Florida serial killers, check out this previous blog post with a list of must-see serial killer documentaries, or head on over to our shop. The inversion of the typical prostitute killer, Wuornos was a prostitute who killed her clients. Several people promised to write books about him, though none of them panned out. Several mean-looking strangers were waiting for him there with their faces covered with burnt cork. Compare Jacksonville crime data to other cities, states, and neighborhoods in the U.S. on NeighborhoodScout. Part 2, What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Who would take that assurance away from Adams father? Maybe the jury figured he didnt have the strength left to murder another mother and daughter. In court he testified, She promised she would. It was Eddie Pitzer who shot me. In his first confessions, he was unable to identify Adam from photographs. A few months later, Knowles called him from Coral Gables and said, I have something to tell you. Rolling was arrested several times during his teenage years for robberies and voyeurism. In fact, nobody ever found the murder weapon or admitted to where it went. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara). No one would ever see them again. We reached out to Shorstein for comment on the recent incident, as well as current State Attorney Melissa Nelson, who prosecuted the Wells case. Fawkes did. In late summer 1990, as the University of Florida was oiling the gears for its fall semester, a dark force crept into the Gainesville area in the form of a hulking 36-year-old drifter from Louisiana named Danny Rolling. Cause you told me and you told Detective Ruiz where you were going. John Curtis Holmes was a superstar in the world of hardcore pornography due to his physical abnormality. Calvary Baptist Church (The Newman Years), Brooklyn: Mt. He knew what Terry was trying to do. Also known as Susan Lynn Blahovec, Sandra Kretsch, Cammie Marsh Greene, Lori Kristine Grody, and Lee Blahovec, Wuornos claimed that she was raped by her victims while she worked as a prostitute. (AP Photo/Nick Ut), In this June 27, 1979 file photo, accused murderer Ted Bundy stares out at the photographer during the second day of jury selection in his murder trial in Miami, Fla. (AP Photo/File), Danny Rolling greets his public defender Trish Jenkins as his mental competency hearing continues at the Marion County Courthouse in Ocala, Fla., May 31, 1991. He did say, Ottis said, his momma and daddy was in the store and, Detective Hoffman interrupted him. Part 1, Harry Crewss Childhood Nightmare Northside, Hogans Creek, Reflecting the Life and History of the City, Jacksonville Zoo (for Harry Crews, Jiggs and Gandai), Lake Forest Peninsula: Empty House Flea Syndrome, Lincoln Villas: Jesus Christ the Son of God Holiness unto the Lord Revival Church (and the Voices of Women), Long Branch (Voodoo at East 27th and the Railroad Tracks), Magnolia Gardens / Gardenvale: St. Paul Lutheran Church, Moncrief Park: Saturday Night Prior to the GMAC Mass Shooting, Moncrief Springs: Three Corinthian Columns, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House, Pilot Town (Batten Island at Fort George Island), New Berlin: Goat Island and Christophers Pier, North Shore: Mulberry Street (And to Think That I Saw It on), the Line between Where Its Raining and Where Its Not, North Shore: Tip Top Tavern / Randalls Ranch House Restaurant, Northwest Decapitations: West Sixth Street and Devonshire Boulevard, Norwood: Standard Turpentine Co., Glidden, SCM Organics, SCM Glidco, Millennium Specialty Chemicals, Renessenz LLC, Symrise, Oceanway: Christel and George Bartchlett Folk Art Collection, Potters Field (Hillside Cemetery) and Howells Morning Glory Chapel, Pumpkin Hill: Anderson Cemetery (Annettes and Mylettes Memorial), Pumpkin Hill: Verse Versus at Five Acre Spread, Riverhills Park: The Pig, the Teardrop Tattoos, the House Trailer, and the Deep Beauty on Third Avenue, Royal Terrace: Camphor Berries and Embers, Sawyers Addition / Ritchieville: Marians House on Janette Street, Shantyboat, Trout River (& Lynn Skapyak Harlin), Springfield Advent Christian Church Cemetery / Lindsley Cemetery, Springfield Community Garden, Main Street, Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 1: Incomplete Abortion, Criminal, Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 2: Obscenity, Dizzy Spells, Birth Fathers, Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 3: Holes in the Story, Springfield: Confederate and Market, Moving Day, 1973, Springfield: Confederate Park: Monument In Memory of Our Women of the Southland, Springfield: Dancy Terrace (Redell Street), Springfield: Drew Mansion and the Buried Head, Springfield: East Fifth Street House Fire, Springfield: Ellenelle / Springfield Usonian, Springfield: Jacobs Flats / Jax Brickhouse, Springfield: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum / First Church of Christ, Scientist, Springfield: Lewis Marker, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, Stalking Ottis Toole, chapter 53: Ottis Talks by Phone with Henry Lee Lucas, Stalking Ottis Toole, chapter 59: Buddy Terry, Coerced Confessions, Retractions, Stalking Ottis Toole, chapter 109: Framing Ottis TooleJoe Matthews, Bad Police Work and Desperate Dishonesty, Stalking Ottis Toole, chapter 114: The True StoryRegina Hersey, Springfield: Spence Auto Sales and Ottis Toole Death Car, St. Marys Liquors, Riverside Motel and the Boat Ramp Where They Pulled Nellie from the River, Sugar Hill, Blodgett Homes, Proton Therapy, Tarzan and Darlyn on Trout River; Or, Dee Dee and the Florida Monkeys, Yellow Bluff Fort, New Berlin Road: Earthworks and Hobo Jungles, Ann Adams, Polio Patient, Artist Who Draws by Mouth, South Jacksonville / San Marco, Avenues Mall (Unidentified Flying Objects, Reportedly Seen Heading Downtown), Bayard Antique Village / Hornes Beautyrest Cabins, Baymeadows Circle East at Baymeadows Circle West, Craig Creek at River Oaks Park and Oriental Gardens, Deerwood Country Club Brothel, Fungeon for Prostassage, Epping Forest / The Mansion / My Mothers Illness, Green Cove Springs: All Star Building Materials, Green Cove Springs: Lee Field Hovercraft Ruins, Greenfield Manor: 1960s Tract House, Witches in the Overstory, Lakewood: Williamson House (The Jacksonville Gene Leedy House), Lovelace Park: The Great Non-Fire of 1973, Mandarin: Journeys End House / James Wilk Residence, Mandarin: Orange Groves, Cypress Knees, Stephen for $450, Mandarin: St. Josephs Catholic Church, Old St. Augustine Road, Mandarin: Two Young Men1) Haley Road, Pickwick Park 2) Lurias Fine Jewelry, San Jose Boulevard, Mandarin: Walden Wood, Cul-de-Sac on Wethersfield Place, Orange Park / Lakewood: Monkey Farm / Yerkes Laboratories / The Granary, Saint Nicholas: Curry-Thomas Hardware and Gun Shop, Saint Nicholas: Harry Good Orthodontics Building, San Marco: San Marco Building / Towne Pump, San Marco: Swisher (Herbert) / Balis House, San Marco: Swisher House (Carl) / Villa Alexandria, San Marco: Swisher House (John H.) / Villa Alexandria, Southside Campus, Florida Junior College / South Jacksonville Grammar School: Milli Barnerts Sleep-In Protest, Villa San Jose: Off La Losa Drive (Overheard Dialogue), Waterford-at-Deerwood Apartments, Southside Boulevard, Windsor Parke Professional Center, Sutton Park Drive South, Al-Hajj Feriz Delkic Masjid and Islamic Community of Bosniaks, Arlington and Lillian Roads (Jaywalking without I.D. 'Unruly passenger' from Jacksonville leads to diverted flight. A juror named Bill Loos said hed examined the bullet in court, though the gun had gone missing, and from his knowledge of killing hogs, judged it a ricochet. Ottis was a good, kind man.. Police investigating the kidnapping didnt think to connect it to the serial slayings that had been plaguing the Tampa area since spring of that year. Two others also died while she was watching them, according to the Capitol News Service. The FBI defines serial murders as "the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events." Musslewhite Farm, Black Town and the Klan Rally, Callahan: 3. Where did you tell us you were going? Police descended upon Long as he was leaving a matinee showing of the Chuck Norris film Missing in Action.. Jacksonville's murders have always grabbed attention from afar. Ottis Toole was a lifelong transient whose velvety unctuousness would make even an armadillos skin crawl. The number of homicides stood at 129 - an increase of 19 compared to 2018. The 1992 TV movie that resulted was one of several films about Aileen Wuornos, including two remarkable Nick Broomfield documentaries, and Monster, in which Charlize Therons portrayal of Wuornos won her an Oscar. He looks like he might be a rock star or a radical journalist. The FBI created a map of all the slayings. Mayo Clinic-Jacksonville | 4500 San Pablo Road South, Jacksonville, FL 32224-1865. When he didnt answer their questions correctly, they came down on him hard. There were 'only' 120 cities in Florida where a city reported a murder to the FBI, meaning 87 places had no murder. CHANDLER, Juan Book Online 904-587-2691. Bowles was recently executed in Florida for killing Walter Hinton in Jacksonville Beach in 1994. During jury selection, Pitzer loudly told his mother, seated next to him, that he would beat one juror as soon as he got out of this whole thing, and demanded a deputy take him to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Im not tryin to do nothin, Terry said. He hid their decomposing bodies inside his double-wide trailer on Ocean Street in Mayport where he. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Jacksonville is 1 in 146 and property crime is 1 in 37. "And I stuck it to the back of her head and I said, 'this,' and I pulled the trigger and it went off. Photo Credit: Alchetron. Detectives describe the victim as Native-American, 25 to 35 years old and approximately 4 feet and 10 inches to 5 feet, 4 inches tall. But of all those hundreds of people, the one person whose name ends up inextricably yolked to that of Ottis Toole is six year-old Adam Walsh, kidnapped and decapitated in South Florida in 1981. Schaefer was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994; Rolling was executed by lethal injection in 2006. If you value the content, A pyromaniac and serial arsonist by the time adolescence arrived, he dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Pete Wrights Buried-Alive Bride, Moonshine, and the Rainbow Restaurant, Cleveland Heights: Cleveland Road at Lockhart Drive, Coca-Cola Bottling Company (New Springfield), Durkee Field / J.P. (Bubbling) Small Stadium, Durkeeville: Fairfax Street Wood Treaters / Howard Feed Mills / American Motors Export Company, Durkeeville: Kennelly Building; Ballot Cures, Black Votes Matter, Red Ball Building Goes Blue, Evergreen Cemetery: Muslim Burials and the Founder of the City, Fairview Peninsula at Trout River: Rusted Wrought-Iron Leafwork and Blooms, Harriet Avenue, Fort George Island: Neff House and Betz Sphere, Fort George Island: Neff House Witch Project, Fort George Island: Sandollar Restaurant and Marina, Gateway Mall and Shopping Center / Yellow Fever Burials / Sand Hills Hospital, Harbor View: What Ever Happened to Beverly June? But when you give consideration to the other factors, the legal factors, as well as the wishes of the family, and the offer to plead guilty and to have the case disposed of very, very quickly.. He reached out to First Coast News again in a 2011 letter, appearing to revel in beating the criminal justice system but suggesting he still wanted the death penalty. Ottis Toole was an arsonist and cannibal as well as a serial killer of more than six people. new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help Everyone saw him as strange. Wuornos was executed by lethal injection in 2002. When he was delivered by buggy from the jail in the mornings, he came in whistling a jaunty tune. Even the cops were cashing in, as three Marion County sheriffs deputies had reportedly entered negotiations with Republic. It seems Mendenhall always fell prey to womens manipulations that ended up benefiting him financially. Odd, she thought, as the car then pulled into a church parking lot and idled. Their bodies were found mutilated. The couple said they did their research, but there's . Wells said at the time he wanted to plead guilty and face the death penalty but instead received five life sentences. A teenage boy posted a disturbing image on Snapchat after he was busted for the slaying of a 13-year-old cheerleader found dead in a remote wooded area of Florida, cops said Monday. The April 9, 1964 issue of Jet magazine featured a story called, Whats Behind Jacksonvilles Race Violence?, The Jet story begins with Jacksonville police breaking down the office doors of the local NAACP, saying, The Southern city reacted violently to the Negro communitys refusal to bow to demands that peaceful demonstrations to desegregate downtown restaurants and hotels be halted immediately by command of Mayor Haydon Burns.. What seems undeniably true about Ottis Toole is that he was a mentally handicapped boy, borderline retarded in the parlance of his time, who grew up in the 1950s and 60s in Jacksonvilles Springfield neighborhood. One juror believed Rich should receive a sentence for murder, but the rest of the jury agreed the shooting was an accident. In fact, he did both repeatedly. ), this historic neighborhood is now filled with restored mansions (and bungalows), hip restaurants, locally owned shops, murals, some of the city's oldest parks, craft breweries and tons of southern charm . Fearing for her life, McVey tried to appeal to her kidnappers egoand the speck of humanity she hoped he had. Victims' Last Words Black Widows The Black Widows of Liverpool Jill Coit Susan Smith Infamous Trials Lizzie Borden Larry Nassar Scott Peterson Lydia Trueblood Slender Man Stabbing Gianni Versace Marvin Gaye Sean Taylor Adam Walsh Andrea Yates Charles Manson Christopher Dorner Erik and Lyle Menendez Jodi Arias Sister Cathy Cesnik & Joyce Malecki Back to Forty years later Oprah Winfrey and the Southern Poverty Law Center refocused attention on one black woman shot on the sidewalk in the midst of Jacksonvilles 1964 race riots, a mother of 10, who had nothing more to do with the citys race hatreds than being murdered for being black and walking down the sidewalk. Jacksonville Science Festival returns to the First Coast, William Wells letter to First Coast News in 2018. In the early 1980s, Lucas traveled with Powell to California, where he ended up working for and living at the residence of 82-year-old Kate Rich. When you left, where did you plan on going? In fact, Burns had immediately deputized 500 firefighters to help break up protests. Jingles the Dog and the Workers Quarters, Callahan: 4. Since 1900, there have been 778 documented victims of serial killers in Florida. Jack and Linda Jones grew up together in Jacksonville, Florida. McVey had been smart in multiple respects. Jacksonvilles murders have always grabbed attention from afar. He had failed yet another test. Paul John Knowles, however, was ready. After all, Yavitz never wrote the book Knowles expected. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. In May 2003, William Wells killed five people, starting with his wife. He confessed to derive sadistic pleasure in rape and murder. Jacksonville police officer accused of DUI . Huh?, And Ottis sobbed hysterically and said, My fucking life! He mutilated and posed the bodies, sometimes using mirrors. 685 true stories from the Southern Gothic heart of one Florida town, Let There Be Lit: A Column on Jacksonville Writers, JaxPsychoGeo featured in A24 Films new Florida book, Adams Building / James Inn / St. James Recovery Center, Alley Between Bay Street and Forsyth (Between Nick Dunkenstein and the Newnan Street Sphinx), Bay Street: Writers End, Downtown (Hamilton Jay at Bettelinis, Sam Russ at the Melrose), Berkman II: The Ruins (Or, 23-Story Haunted House), Downtown, Brooklyn: Avon Apartments / Sams Grocery, Brooklyn: Avon Apartments / Sams Grocery (After the Fire), Brooklyn: Brooklyn Riverside Apartments / Les Paul Garners House, Brooklyn: Last House Standing; or, How Brooklyn Killed Brooklyn, Brooklyn: Mt. The Anderson girls mother left them alone for less than an hour, expecting her husband home soon from work. A cursory inspection of his vehicle revealed the same distinctive tires that had left impressions at multiple body dump sites. Be the first to know about new products, discounts & content. The request was denied. There, he met a fellow drifter named Henry Lee Lucas at a soup kitchen. Its not clear who started calling him the Casanova Killer, much less when or where. An overwhelming percentage of serial murders are men. But his name stuck to Adams, and John Walsh vehemently declared that nobody else but this Jacksonville scumbag two-bit arsonist could have killed his son. Sonja Larson, 18, and Christina Powell, 17, were the first two victims. The same day Hoyt was discovered, Rolling gained entry into the apartment of Manuel Toboada and Tracy Paules, both 23. 9 Currently Active Serial Killers: Unsolved Cases in 2022, The Best True Crime And Serial Killer Documentaries Worth Binge Watching In 2022, The World's Most Famous Serial Killers And Murderers, Night Stalker: The Life And Death Of Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein: The Gruesome True Story that Inspired The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. ADAMS, Pressley A 1964 Jet subhead said, Ambitious Mayors Menacing Threats Triggered Riots. The article said, A race riot brought the city, hailed as the gateway to Florida, to its knees for the second time in four years.. Rich was given 10 years for manslaughter, but paroled four years later. And a study in grey. CHAVEZ, Michael Peter 4,147 Homes For Sale in Jacksonville, FL. Notorious for disposing of the bodies in unusual poses, Long is considered to be a serial killer with a prominent modus operandi. On Nov. 17, a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper named Charles Eugene Campbell recognized a car matching the description of one stolen from the most recent murder victim. He asked her a series of questions about the shooting, which she answered, framed her statement from her answers, read it back to her, and had her confirm its accuracy. The whole town followed the newspapers summaries and every day more spectators showed up at the trial. Springfields downturn didnt begin with stereotypical post-World War Two white flight. It began with class confusions and boarding houses in the 1920s. While not all of the killers originated in the Sunshine State they did, unfortunately, kill victims here along their deadly paths. After he was arrested for setting fire to a Springfield boarding house on East 2nd Street, in which 64 year old George Sonnenberg died and 15 year old Regina Hersey broke her back jumping from a second-floor window, Ottiss stories took on lives of their own. Im afraid Mother will go to pieces., Mendenhall said that he should go home, but if she needed him, she should telephone him. The other three men went free. After being caught defrauding her, Lucas murdered the elderly woman and then fled to Texas, where he killed Powell during an argument. She said it made her skin stay young., In Ottiss May 1984 arson murder trial, psychiatrist Eduardo Sanchez said Ottis functions on a very primitive level, almost like a child. On August 27, the killer surfaced again at the home of two 23-year-old UF students, Manuel Toboada and Tracy Paules. No doubt you've heard of Ted Bundy, killer of over thirty peoplebut did you know that he escaped capture twice, both times in 1977? A Vicious Arrest. It was the textbook perfect storm of factors that led to him being a domestic batterer, and it was the dissolution of his marriage that paved the final stretch of road to his homicidal crime spree. He even oversaw installment of the first electric chair in Florida in 1924 and was credited with nicknaming it Old Sparky, a moniker thats lasted almost a century. Green was delighted, and that she told him that now I can have you with me all the time. He said he thought of his fiancees mother as his own mother. A DJ Uncle Al Ignacio Antinori Donald Aronow B Marlin Barnes James Barrett (United States Air Force officer) Murder of Sheila Bellush Frances Bemis Ivelisse Berrios-Beguerisse Byrd Billings Melanie Billings Gus Boulis John Britton (doctor) Carlie Brucia C Ivan Caesar Luis Cncer Sam Carter (lynching victim) James Bailey Cash Jr. Palm Beach Sheriff's Office detectives arrested Robert Hayes, 37, this week on first-degree murder charges in the 2016 slaying of Rachel Bey. Engineer Richard Hawes, his wife, and two children were brutally murdered in the event that baffled people for years. Bundy's last victim was a 12-year-old Florida girl named Kimberly Leach. When the jurors returned to the courtroom, the place was packed with spectators, among whom, the newspapers reported, were the usual number of ladies.. For years, Daytona Beach detectives suspected thoseslayings of women in their 30s from 2005 to 2008 were likely executed by the same individual. Love letters between Gato and Pitzer, read aloud in court, revealed that Pitzer fought a duel with a man named Domingo Herrera over Marie Louise. Pitzer was taken into a back room. Her grandfather sexually abused and regularly beat her, and after she gave birth to a child (who was later surrendered for adoption) at 13, she was ostracized by her community and peers.