Public Shaming. The FFW crew help you figure out the appropriate level of concern. All Rights Reserved. Be sure to check back this summer, when the game launches for the 2023 season. Take a step back and enjoy it! MSG AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY. Flexible tournaments called Challenges allow for weekly games with up to 12 players. Once again, were trying to eliminate luck from the hobby, so a team that has a horrible Fantasy schedule (with the most points against) and the second-most points in the league, to go with a 6-7 record, gets rewarded with a playoffs spot. Scott Fish and Paul Charchian provide fantasy guidance for the Super Bowl and offer insight for dynasty managers contemplating trading some of the league's biggest names. 25%. This is also great for owner retention. I'm actually doing the same this year as commish of my league! Player Rankings. And awesome, all at once! I wish it would also have records like average first-round draft position, best average finish, most Fantasy League MVPs on your team, most Busts, etc. He caught six of his nine targets for a season-high 133 yards and a touchdown in the 41-23 win. McClure is also targeting a player who could go off for big numbers during the 2023 NFL Divisional Round because of a dream matchup. You've found Paul Charchian's fantasy football player rankings. The first best ball tournament has $50,000 in prizes, with $10K going to first place and there will likely be more to choose from this week. A friend of mine recently quit his fantasy football league for this very reason, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it was a league thats had the same group of close friends for decades, and his leaving upset some longtime friends. This episodegives you everything you need to bring home the hardware/bacon. Whats the use of getting a higher seed, other than the bye week? ), I have weekly and yearly reports here: This means the best teams would win more than they lose, and the other way around. Underdog is best known for its season-long best ball contests, but the guys over at Underdog created an NFL Playoffs Best Ball where users can draft against five other people to create 10 player rosters. Yes, this includes QBs), Week 11: How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?: Starting QB with the longest passing touchdown of the week, Week 12: Run Forrest, Run: Team with the most combined rushing yards (All starters. Plus, with quarterback scoring waaaay down this year, we answer three tough questions for a surprisingly tricky position. WEEK 4. Hosted by Mac "Disfatt Bidge" MacLagan, Ryan "The Tagless" Haynes, and Matt Regan. In the two leagues I run, I like to group the standings with owners who may be closer to one another, maybe went to school together or are related. The 2023 NFL Playoff Challenge will heat up this weekend, as competitors will earn double points for players who were included in their lineups last week. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. . Everyone loves fantasy football, but if you and your leaguemates feel like its getting stale, it probably is. Earlier this week, we examined some of the strategies involved with the FFPC Playoff Challenge, a "set-and-forget" playoff fantasy football contest where you select 12 players to form a roster . Do you have a waiting list of six or seven owners hoping to get in, waiting for a spot to open up? WEEK 1. Brilliant! Scott Pagel is Sports Editor for the Bethlehem Press and has covered Philadelphia Eagles training camp since 1997. It's simple: pick one NFL team each week to win their game. see what SportsLine's Mike McClure has to say, You can only see them by heading to SportsLine, Visit SportsLine now to see the full optimal tournament lineup for the NFL Playoff Challenge, all from a daily Fantasy expert with over $2 million in winnings. You could even make it so that each Fantasy owner is allowed to lock in one player from their real Fantasy team that no one else is allowed to use. By OKCThunderWire. I started a four-sport experts league back in 2001, and Engel was in charge of the team (SportsLine back then). You want owners who are going to be engaged and want to play the fantasy football season from start to finish. Another part of McClure's optimal NFL Playoff Challenge lineup includes rostering 49ersrunning back Christian McCaffrey. Now, those backups that are seeing more snaps become cheap superstars! I'll probably repeat some, but hope to change the majority. Most have Jahmyr Gibbs as their RB2. But exactly how much do they help? Play in a public contest and against friends in a private league. Or maybe you add it as a secondary league. I am going to roll a die after the last game of the week and each # on the die will correspond with a situation. They provide both chalky picks for every team and deeper players who have the chance to surprise. You should still reward the winner of the playoffs with the biggest payout, but dont forget to reward the team with the most Fantasy points (not the best record!) His surge continued in the first round of the 2023 NFL playoffs, as he racked up 119 yards on 15 carries against Seattle, averaging 7.9 yards per attempt. 12 Team, 20 Rounds. As a commish of two leagues, Im always putting out there that Im open to ideas to change things for the better, but it doesnt mean you have to accept every idea you hear. By moving the have-nots up in the draft, theyll have better chances at better keepers in each round. Last week against Tampa Bay, Dallas' starting cornerback duo of Trevon Diggs and DaRon Bland saw their defensive assignments catch a combined 13-of-21 targets for 148 yards and a touchdown. Plus they break down every game, FFW-style. Welcome to our fantasy over/under challenge! In a keeper league I ran dating back to 1989, we started allowing the two worst teams in the league (after Week 12) to pick up ONE college football player that theyd be able to hold over as one of their three keepers heading into the following season. Mobile QBs: How much do they really help? As you can see, there are endless ideas to improve your league and staying on top of things will keep people coming back for more. And there is a grand prize of $500 for the overall winner of the RotoBaller Football Challenge. Week 3: Tight Tight Tight - Highest scoring Tight End. For example, the owner with the 12th pick would now also have the 13th pick, and the 25th pick. Through the years, the major changes to Fantasy Football leagues come to the lineups (flex positions, WR3s, QB2, super-flex, etc.). This increases scoring, raises the value of quarterbacks, and adds in an easily digestible spark to your stale league. WEEK 2. Now that you have the scoring and lineup settings ready, its time to look to changing up the draft lottery! Discover magazines in #Oklahoma. Chris - (34 points, Russell Wilson) - Peyton Manning Week - Awarded to the team with the quarterback who has the most starting points. In the event of a tie breaker, winner goes to the team with the most points. Take a shoebox and cover it with duct tape. Yahoo Fantasy Football. Of course, for the Super Bowl, theres no home field advantage, as its played on a neutral playing field. While we dont have plans to change anything for the punters, we can make the offensive line position more interesting from a Fantasy perspective. Are you running a really successful Fantasy league already? Let owners draft Team Offensive Lines, sort of like how people draft Team Defenses. Then award five Fantasy points if that offensive lines NFL team rushes for over 150 yards, passes for over 300 yards or doesnt allow any sacks! The NFFC figured out that those lucky owners with the first few picks of the drafts were finishing much higher than those with later first-round picks. Bigger is Better. Fantasy Football Weekly continues all year long, but since this is championship week, this is the final long-form show of the season. Ive been doing this for what seems like forever, and Ive seen typical leagues and leagues with different sets of rules, so here are some of my top ideas for keeping your fantasy league going strong. Make the smaller leagues entry fees about one-quarter of what the fees are for the big league, helping keep that league stocked with potential. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Opening Week Bang! For example, if Odell Beckham Jr. is your team captain, and he scores 32 points against the Eagles this week, youll get an additional 16 points added to your final Fantasy score! We had in-season supplemental drafts at different points. Try to choose owners that are already really involved and excited about making the league better. Think of it like Major League Baseball, where they have an entire minor-league organization that provides talent to them season after season. Things dont always turn out the way I want them, but honestly, just because I run the league doesnt necessarily mean its my league. But then, as you play, and you realize just how nice it is not to have to maneuver your lineup around to accommodate kickers on byes or kickers coming off byes or an injured kicker, etc., the idea sounds pretty awesome. WEEK 9. Kelce is reportedly fine after hurting his hip in Week 18, and I would consider . I.e. Defensive/Special Teams Conversion Scoring: Fantasy Regular Season and Fantasy Playoffs. I think having keepers is one of the biggest fears for owners who may not follow football closely or just may be new to fantasy football. I like the ideas of handing out penalties, like many of the people did in Matthew Berrys Fantasy Life book. . NASCAR: Do a drawing with the different drivers names, and the person who drew the highest finishing driver picks first! We break down every NFL matchup from a fantasy . With that in mind, here is a look at the latest stock report heading into the weekend.Stock UpDavid Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals . The Third-Round Reversal rule makes it so that the third round is reversed what it normally is, and the second round order is essentially duplicated. Rather than just doing a quick lottery and sending out the results, consider getting as many owners as you can together for the lottery a few weeks before the actual draft! There are also program like ClickyDraft that allow everyone to draft from the same program. Thats the worst spot ever! I stole borrowed this idea from, where Dan Meylor mentioned it in his column. 10%. Should We Use Dynasty ADP to Inform Redraft Decisions? Keeping one or two players in a 10-team league should allow owners to come up with a similar set of keepers, talent-wise. Youll never ever have a trade get vetoed again! McCaffrey played a pivotal role down the stretch of the regular season, rushing for at least 105 yards in three of his final five games, scoring four rushing touchdowns during that stretch. 2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Schedule, Participants, & Live Updated Results, Fantasy Football: Final Thoughts for the Last Draft Weekend, Daigle's Targets: 21 Players I Want in Every Fantasy Football Draft, 3 Fantasy Football D/ST SOS Pairings & Other Late-Round Options, Daigle's Top 30 Fades in Fantasy Football Drafts. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. While this can be an issue at a live draft, my feeling is its one day a year and I can deal with a slow draft. One of my favorites I came up with was "Blackjack" - team with the player closest to 21 points (without going over). (Make sure you can trade draft picks in your league settings.). Our club grounds are in Ballyvolane, where we . The FFW Guys help digest the remainder of the Thanksgiving Weekends Games. Its a ton of fun, keeps the losing teams engaged late in the season, and gives everybody an opportunity to make their money back, even if they dont make the playoffs. SI Fantasy is back in action for the 2021 NFL season with the most in-depth rankings & stat projections available. The - Safety dance. One of our personal favorites comes from the Midwest, where one man's fantasy squad suffered a tragic fate thanks to a rare below-average Patrick Mahomes year and a Week 8 injury to Derrick Henry. So one way you can fix that is by making more regular season games! When we were kids, my dad would take us to football games at the University of Southern California (USC). Whichever you thinkis best. By awarding half-points for every point a Fantasy backup quarterback scores, you make the position more important, and you keep from having to go to a full Two-QB league, which changes everything. One of the easiest changes to make is to add more . I'm trying something new this yr as commish. I wrote a piece on 15 Great Fantasy Football Themes you should check out. So what is the optimal 2023 NFL Playoff Challenge lineup for the Divisional Round? This is your chance to predict over/under for fantasy points each week for a chance at free prizes provided by our generous sponsor, No . Theres a lot to be learned on there, and Ive set up a huge list of 66 Fantasy Twitter people to follow that will help you for free. Its nice to get everyone involved again, and reward some Fantasy owners that didnt make the playoffs. To me, the flex is a copout, and this forces owners to make decisions. 3) Philip Rivers: Rivers never seems to get mentioned when the top quarterbacks in the league are mentioned, but fantasy football enthusiasts know plenty about him. You're either in contention or rebuilding so there is always a reason to trade. In order for your League's season to start with the first day of the NFL season, you must be signed up and your draft must be started . Then the next year, it starts all over again, and the minor league will battle to get back into the majors! If youre really interested in Fantasy Football auctions, heres an extensive list I wrote about some helpful auction strategy tips. Toggle between positions as needed, and be sure to expand the text so you can understand and evaluate the rationale behind our rankings. Before you lock in your 2023 NFL Playoff Challenge picks, be sure to see what SportsLine's Mike McClure has to say. The big league would get the big table, and the smaller, minor league would have to do their draft at the kiddie table. Humiliation can be a great motivator! No Leagues. End of fantasy season needn't stop the fun. Whether you use Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons or a dozen other solid options, your fellow leaguemates will have a lot of fun coming up with creative Fantasy Football team names related to that theme.