After 32 years of hard service in a 15 knot wind my lower gudgeon failed on a Sunday. The 17-foot-4-inch Sun Cat, built by Com-Pac Yachts, updates the classic wooden cat with its fiberglass hull and deck and the easy-to-step Mastender Rigging System, which incorporates a hinged tabernacle to make stepping the mast a one-person job. To go sailing, however, all we really need is a hull, mast, rudder, and sail. In many ways, these small to midsize trainers are the boats that first come to mind when many people think of daysailers, and for good reason. She is easy to sail, store, rig and transport. With a keel and centerboard, the boat draws just under 2 feet with the board up and can be easily beached when youre gunkholing. The best way to inspect the centerboard is to remove it. The diminutive Wayfarer 16 centerboarder, for example, is renowned for a number of epic bluewater passages to places like Norway and Iceland. Flying Scot | SailNet Community Tyler went above and beyond to work with us to insure our every need was met. Compare Multiple Quotes for Sail Boats Shipping at Lightweight aluminum boom Automatic fly-away jib stick Moulded or wood/fiberglass composite centerboard with symmetric airfoil cross-section Kick-up rudder with symmetric airfoil cross-section Suction self-bailers (which empty a boat after capsize in 4 minutes) Adjustable continuous 16:1 vang and 12:1 jib halyard, rigged to side control panel Best Small Sailboats, Beginner and Trailerable Sailboats - Cruising World Because of its lightweight design, the boat can be rowed and is easily trailered. This trailer is standard with all new Flying Scots. Kicking off this trend were Maines Morris Yachts with it M36, Rhode Island-based Alerion and the venerable Hinckley yards 42-foot daysailer. Since then Tartan Yachts has also gotten into the game with it 26-foot Fantail; C.W. Hull and deck are a fiberglass and balsa core sandwich. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. A pickup is a great VT vehicle but with a 3 year old we need something different ;) Please feel free to submit your order here on our website. Pretty cushy for our tastes coming from a 2000 outback though! CONTACT TRAILEX. you want it where it is easy to lift when you want to attach it to your vehicle. It includes a anodized aluminum mast and stainless steel rigging. Thanks Phil I called the folks at Flying Scot first thing Monday morning. Phone: 800-282-5042 Fax: 330-533-9118 Local: 330-533-6814 Email: The ample freeboard and wide beam provide stability under way, and the heavy-duty rubrail and kick-up rudder mean that you wont have to worry when the dock looms or the going grows shallow. I weigh 150. Flying Scot | SailNet Community The hull and deck seem to be in great shape. The boat features a laminated fiberglass hull and deck, molded-in nonskid, and a hydraulic lifting centerboard. Among the most beloved daysailers are those that hark back to an earlier age. I don't know if that was from a typo in the US manual, or VW being conservative based on how many lawyers the US has. The boat sits down in the trailer and is low to the ground for easy access. Does anyone know anything about my boat? The Venture features a large, self-draining cockpit that will accommodate a family or pack of kids. The boat features a retractable lead keel; a cabin that can sleep four, with a forward hatch for ventilation; and a fractional rig with a mainsail and a roller-furling jib. If the work was just cosmetic, I'd be asking more for the boat. This is called "trailering" your Scot. I would look on this forum and see if anyone has some used sails they are selling. I have towed mine with my Toyota Matrix 4cyl. Definitely doable, but not preferred for a weekly routine. This trailer has a built in step on each side, so getting into the boat is a breeze. My current trailer - which may be too small - seems to be just slightly wider than my boat. Since 1958, sailors have been having a ball aboard the Uffa Fox/George ODay-designed Daysailer. Billed as unsinkable, the five boats in the companys line are built with E.P.S. Sloop rigged, with a conventional spinnaker for downwind work, the boat is an easily sailed family boat as well as a competitive racer, with over 130 racing fleets across the U.S. Its roomy cockpit can seat six to eight, though the boat is often sailed by a pair or solo. Sailboat Trailers & Dollies; Trapeze Equipment; Wind Indicators; Sailing Gear . Is the Hobie 16 beach cat a daysailer? The trailer has an adjustable axle mounting point so it can be moved fwd or aft to adjust hitch weight. If the tide was too low we actually took the trailer off the car and walked the trailer in till she floated knowing it would be easy to take her out as the tide came in. Gordon Douglas or Flying Scot Factory - out of Deer Park, MD is what you want. The P 19s fully retractable keel means that you can pull up just about anywhere and go exploring. Boat ramps tend to be slippery, and many have a drop off at the end if the boat gets in too far. New or used? If you use a come along be careful not to stand behind it (or have anything important there) in case something gives way. But, with the optional mainsail and jib package (main alone is for a single child), the Taz can carry two or three kids or an adult and one child, and would make a fun escape pod when tied behind the big boat and towed to some scenic harbor. Our aim, as always, is to build the best. Trailex Aluminum Trailer - FS, No roundup of best small sailboats (trailerable and fun too) would be complete without a mention of the venerable Hobie 16, which made its debut in Southern California way back in 1969. flying scot weight with trailer. Looking for 170 tongue weight. 1960 Gordon Douglas Boat Co Flying Scot 172 For Sale Sailboat Guide The trailer comes complete with wooden cat walk down the center and steel steps mounted to the outside for easy entry to the boat when it is on the trailer. Looking for 170 tongue weight.). Word on the street is that W-Class Yachts, of Wild Horses fame, has also recently decided to build a new 22-footer. Flying Scot Sailboat Guide Is it worth disassembling the trailer to get a decent tongue weight by moving the axles? SKU: 750100 Category: Trailer You may also like Front Wood Mast Fork $ 25.60 Centerboard Wedge $ 14.95 Tie-Down Rig $ 121.60 You can loosen those U bolts and slide the upright forward a couple of inches and crank the boat forward and that will increase the toungue weight. Website by, STORE - Join, Renew, Donate or Purchase Items, Caveat Emptor - Boats and Parts For Sale by Boat Owners, Merchandse from Coral Reef Sailing Apparel, FSSA - The Flying Scot Sailing Association, Maintenance, Repairs, Changes, and Upgrades, Looking for Clubs to host our National Events, 2023 Midwinters at Bay Waveland Yacht Club, Bay St.Louis, Mississippi, 2023 NAC, Lake Norman Yacht Club, Mooresville, NC, 2023 Junior NAC - Cedar Point Yacht Club, Westport, CT, 2023 Women's NAC at Westhampton Yacht Squadron, Remsenburg, NY, 2023 NERD at Saratoga Lake Sailing Club, Balston Spa, NY, 2023 ACC at Lavallette Yacht Club, Lavalette, NJ, 2023 Wife Husband Championship, Birmingham Sailing Club, AL, 2024 Wife Husband Championship, Atlanta Yacht Club. Showing 1-12 of 23 results New Racing FS $ 33,900.00 New or used? You instantly feel every puff of breeze and sense every change in trim. This boat comes with a 2013 Custom Road King Trailer - this trailer is designed like the popular Low-boy Aluminium trailers, but it is a stronger welded . RESTORED Classic Flying Scot produced by Gordon Douglas Boat Co. Comes complete ready for the water! She is easy to sail, store, rig and transport. "[3], The design was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1998. The result has been such beauties as the Tofinou 8 and the Class 2M. Sign up for our monthly newsletter from the factory. Whether you want to cruise to your next destination at a fast pace or are striving for a simple, easy to sail vessel, this fleet of trailerable sailboats and pocket cruisers will fit your needs and budget. Good idea to use acomealong - I'll investigate that idea or maybe choose another boat launch. "[12], "The Flying Scot is a down-to-Earth boat",, This page was last edited on 21 June 2022, at 18:29. My prius, while awesome, is not the best for towing anything. Shallow U.S. East Coast bays and rock-strewn coasts have long been graced by cat boats, whose large, gaff-rigged mainsails proved simple and powerful both on the wind and, better yet, when reaching and running. We noticed that the Lexus 350 has a 3500 pound towing capacity with the tow prep package but we are not really lexus people. Another classic with an equally sterling pedigree is the Herreshoff 12 which has inspired a wealth of variations, including the Chuck Paine-designed Paine 14, one of the winners in SAILs 2014 Best Boats contest. Based on the gunning skiffs once used by duck hunters to sneak up on their prey, the boat looks like something out of the 1800s, but was in fact created in the late 1980sa provenance that matters not a wit to the boats almost cult-like following. With the centerboard and hinged rudder raised, the boat can maneuver in even the thinnest water. Tartan 27 - Wikipedia For the sake of argument, lets say a daysailer should be easy to rig and sail, preferably single or doublehanded, in fairly close quarterssay, a small lake or a tight anchorage. Well done! FLYING SCOT Sailboat Specifications both US imperial metric Hull Type: Centerboard Dinghy Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop LOA: 19.00 ft / 5.79 m LWL: 18.50 ft / 5.64 m Beam: 6.75 ft / 2.06 m S.A. (reported): 191.00 ft 2 / 17.74 m 2 Draft (max): 4.00 ft / 1.22 m Draft (min): 0.66 ft / 0.20 m Displacement: 850 lb / 386 kg S.A./Disp. Many of the boats already mentioned can fit in this category as wellthe J/22, Flying Scot, Lido 14 and Ensign have all introduced untold newbies to the art of sailing, and the gorgeous Tartan Fantail is also available in a dedicated trainer version. However, advantage of a newer trailer (Load Rite or Trailex) is that they are much lower to the ground. Chaparral. The Scot is a low-displacement design (she sits shallow in water) and she has a flat, tapered shape in the stern which allows her to plane. 4mm / 5mm Marlow Excel Racing. FSSA Cruising Lake Pontchartrain - After Midwinters! The aluminum Trailex trailer that we offer fits the Flying Scot wonderfully. Any one of these popular boats could be labeled as a trailerable sailboat, daysailer, or even a weekender sailboat. Fast The late Gordon Douglass is an internationally known racing champion, so he designed the Scot for speed. My trailer frameis 17 feet x 4 feetAnd of course the wheels and fenders stick out much farther. I'm guessing that you are new to sailing and may not be an experienced sailor/racer. 6mm Marlow DoubleBraid. Is a daysailer strictly for taking a spin around the harbor on a sunny day? Nearly all of its 19 feet 9 inches is open cockpit, though a spray hood can be added to keep the forward sections dry. The hull has a raked stem, a plumb transom, a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a retractable centerboard that weighs 105 lb (48 kg) and is raised with a 6:1 mechanical advantage assist. The deck-stepped mast can be easily raised using a four-part tackle. Flying Scot Boats for sale - Similarly, the needle-like Dragon was originally designed with two berths for the express purpose of cruising its home waters on the Norwegian coast. It must also be easy to launch, whether at the start of the season or the start of the day. Daysailers with speed and thrills to burn: (clockwise from top) the Corsair 750, Weta, Searail 19 and Hobie Mirage Tandem. Built in Canada, the NorseBoat 21.5 is a rugged looking craft that comes in a couple of configurations: one with an open cockpit and small doghouse, and another with a smaller cockpit and cabin that houses a double berth for two adults and optional quarter berths for the kids. Can it be used for racing? Is your frame 17' from hitch to the farthest point aft? Although standard offers are Racing and Recreational models, they are knowable, flexible, and sensitive to customer desires.We wanted our FS to be family oriented, but not preclude performance and future racing. They made them for a short time and the quality isn't the greatest. Advice on buying a Flying Scot : r/sailing - Fitness fanatic Steve Randall . The 11-foot-9-inch cockpit can seat a crowd, and a small cuddy forward will let you stow your friends gear for the day. Sign Up, Have an older boat that seems a little off of the pace? The Flying Scot is a welcoming and affordable class, that aims to grow the sport of sailing and its diversity. Thanks! Trailer Winch - FS If sitting back in one of the Mirages comfy seats isnt the epitome of daysailing, we dont know what is. We sail there sometimes on our tour of lakes. 1984 Flying Scot Daysailor $6,400 Sarasota, FL 34243 Private Seller 2021 Flying Scot Daysailing Package $29,800 Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Offered By: Irish Boat Shop - Harbor Springs Contact 1964 O'Day Rhodes 19 - Keel $6,550 Fairhope, AL 36532 Private Seller 1889 Historic SAILBOAT $11,990 Pulaski, VA 24301 Conrad Brothers Marine This trailer has a built in step on each side, so getting into the boat is a breeze. And lets not forget the sturdy good looks of W.D. I find the big factors are how far you tow, how often, and how hilly the area is. Back in the day, it wasnt at all unusual for at least part of the crew to sleep aboard for the entirety of a weekend-long J/24 regatta. For his new design, he reined in his desire for all-out performance to produce a moderate boat that could still sail well, but be managed easily by a couple. Grand Theft Auto Online provides examples of the following tropes:. Moving up the tonnage spectrum theres the Corsair line, which includes the 24-foot Dash 750 MKII, and Farrier Marines F-22. I would rely on that data rather than anecdotes from owners (including mine!). Similarly, many "trainers" do well racing around the buoys. Few places on the planet have such a devoted, diverse, and downright joyful yacht racing season as the island read more, Ive never laughed so hard as I have on some of my charters, but its typically only funny after the fact.