(Jeffrey), I wish I knew the language better. (Michael), In Meaux, a Sunday School instructor asked me to get a tableau. Always stay hydrated, always have a water bottle on you. The Quebec Mission (later changed to the Canada Montreal Mission) was created in 1972, and by 1974 several French-speaking branches were created. We were going to take a trip to Spain but decided not to. We fled war in our country and went to Tanzania in 1995. That lead to us teaching he and his girlfriend. (Dennis), We were almost missing a train, so I started to drive with my best Italian style..It was quite dangerous because people dont seem to follow Italian streets rules. The grandmothers are all converts, and there are very few third-generation members. You will never be in that place with that person again. We soon discovered that the Arizona Phoenix Mission is home to a large population of French speakers originally from West and Central Africa, Haiti, and other countries around the world. Albania Tirana. Learn the discussions in English before going to the Mission Training Center then you have a better idea of what you are saying in French. My grammar became worse because of the foreign language, but I learned to explain basic concepts and then building up to more complex concepts as a missionary. (Zakarias), Video interviews with returned missionaries, Cultural articles written by returned missionaries, aredheadmormonmissionaryinparis.blogspot.com, France Paris Mission President Pond Group, Paris Mission Pres. THE HONEY MOON ONLY LASTS FOR TWO WEEKS. Language. (Stuart), I suffered from debilitating migraines during my mission. The people take some getting used to but you will love them in the end. We studied listening to the Spirit and acting on faith. Heres a recent address for the ParisMission. (Douglas), Crme brle, lapin la moutarde, crpes, couscous algrienne, une bonne quiche, et un sandwich baguette pour quelques euros sur la rue. Language mastery. I love their appreciation and priority for music and the arts. Miss those things dearly. Keeping my voice low when talking to someone else. The shirts make great gifts for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and missionaries currently serving. How to enjoy being anywhere. Pack light. However, as we climbed the stairs I felt the migraine lift and strength return. Give Him your time and dont bring your own agenda. On my first assignment, I was asked to lead the music in the Relief Society in Versailles. France, Phone Number:33-1-34-80-04-83 I smiled kindly and struck up a conversation. After the dinner we headed towards the metro, but it was shut down due to a transit strike. 4. (Matt), Being organized, clean, proper with others, patient, happy, and a leader. We were knocking doors, a little girl opened the door. To this day, he recalls how miraculous it was to meet missionaries in Arizona who could speak his language. So I turned my bleue away and walked around the median just to be safe. On Halloween, we decided to show the French what a real Halloween was like. The following statement from presidents of the German-speaking LDS missions in 1958 was intended to discourage immigration, but the disappointments and difficulties of employment it describes were often real enough: . Later, her daughter and sister also joined. During the 1960s, Church membership increased fivefold as missionaries and members worked to spread the gospel. 2017-2020, Paul J. Sorensen 2014-2017, Frdric Jean Babin 2011-2014, Franck A. Poznanski 2008-2011, Don H. Staheli ( Listen to an interview with the Stahelis) 2005-2008, Steven H. Pond 2002-2005, Lynn Bennion 1999-2002, David W. Madsen 1996-1999, Dennis K. Brown (Scott), I would say to ignore and not listen to anybody who tries to tell you that Europe is super hard and that you wont get hardly any baptisms. There are a lot of micro climates. My last name is White. We were thinking the same thing. I just waited until the last possible month to earn it. I came here as a refugee, says Brother Justin Luala. {if(f.fbq)return;n=f.fbq=function(){n.callMethod?n.callMethod.apply(n,arguments):n.queue.push(arguments)};if(!f._fbq)f._fbq=n;n.push=n;n.loaded=!0;n.version='2.0';n.queue=[];t=b.createElement(e);t.async=!0;t.src=v;s=b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script','https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/fbevents.js');fbq('init','966613626711939');fbq('track','PageView'); Frog legs, snails, baguettes, and many more! (Scott), St Nazaire Sarcelles Versailles Paris Poitiers Meaux Cergy. I learned a valuable language. (Paul), France felt like home and still does. Understood more the culture of the people. Id never had that happen before. (Merrilyn), Learned a new language. I learned how the Spirit worked with me more clearly. (Zakarias), Its hard and long but its what you make of it, Make sure you have a solid testimony of the Gospel, especially The Book of Mormon. (Scott), The history was amazing!!! My first name is Jeff. (Alex), Love the people and enjoy your differences and similarities. What doyou wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission? I walked around for the first 6 weeks saying that Jesus Christ is my flavor because the words for savior and flavor are really close. The people are amazing once you get past the front door, they are always excited to be able to help someone after they learn your asking for help and not trying to sell them stuff. (Alex), I made a slight mistake on words and told people we created God, not created by God. A beautiful family and peace of mind and eternal perspective. Lots of translating opportunities. (Nicholai), EVERYTHING! Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Paris? (Nicholai), Friends, family, French Every good thing that has happened to me ever since. I saw almost 50 baptisms in my 18 months. we just taught a lesson about Jesus Christ to a friend in the neighborhood but he then asked if he could have some of our hair. (Stuart), If you forget anything or need something unexpected you will have no trouble finding it in France. (Mariah), The place is amazing with so much to see, hear, taste, and enjoy. (Jordan), Riding bicycles down the hill from the supermarket with a Christmas tree tied to the back of my companion with her scarf. All these things I learned are essential in my present life and future. It existed until 1852 when it was closed due to restrictions by the French government, and the missionaries left the territory. (Jeffrey), Immerse yourself in the work. If you have found this service helpful, please consider donating! Friends. So many sacrament meetings for me were also so sacred, I felt like they were celestial room moments. Other miracles were feeling like we should have gotten off as a specific train stop to keep talking to somebody, turning around 10 minutes later, catching a new train, turning back, and still finding that person we wanted to talk to in the mass of people in that little town. (Mariah), We were out knocking on doors late one night and missed the last bus back into the main town where our apartment was. Remember this when you are off your mission and are in the process of choosing an eternal partner. Not only was I blessed with the chance to develop near-native fluency in French during my time serving, but I developed a literary fluency in most of the Romance Languages along the way. (Valan), Dont bring tons of American clothes. . I would not be the same person without that growth. (Bryan), Cold wet winters. I discovered a lot about myself. The weather felt extreme (but its really pretty moderate) but only because of the humidity. Most of which concern public transportation and drunk people, haha. Free resources about the France ParisMission: *OtherMission Pages:FranceLDS Missions. ), how to recognize the Spirit, and much, much more! The beauty of the mission is going to teach you how to rely on the Spirit which will force you to learn talents as you go! Creme Fresh was a staple for missionary cuisine. Yes. I can get along with almost anyone. (Matt), Being threatened numerous times and actually being punched in the face. They are excellent cooks as expected. There are 346 missions in this index. (Kara), I mistakenly told a member in the hospital that I was glad that she smelled better, rather than feeling better. Bread. (Dennis), Planning, prioritizing, organizing meetings and much more. (Matt), Each area has its own culture really. (Kale), The Moloroff (speed record of 6:15). (Stuart), Crpe, Burrito Fte, Donner Kebab, Brioche, Galette Brtonne, Crme Frache Pizza. Then they asked me if they could visit my home because they had a message for me.. Enduring to the end. Utah Salt Lake City Mission. (Douglas), Everybody kept telling me that a mission would be so difficult, hard work, lots of rejection and stress. (Jacob), We were riding bikes one day with our skirts pinned and our helmets. (Doug), Discipline, work ethic, study habits, spiritual study habits, organizational skills, language skills. (Dennis), Do not feel like you are not finding success if there are few baptisms. Alaska Anchorage. It doesnt make sense to have to use time to even begin to find a testimony on your mission when you could be bearing it instead to people that need it. The honeymoon might last a bit longer (a year or two) but if your partner or yourself are not grounded in the gospel, some rough, exciting, sad times are ahead of you. A few of the members had a chuckle. (Mariah), I have some of the most amazing friends who have been able to come visit in the U.S. What blessings did you receive from serving a mission? Chocolate. Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service, Children and Youth: A Face to Face Event with Elder GerritW. Gong. if you dont know the truth when you first leave, I promise you will know as you let yourself go to work and you will come back a better person. In general, weather is nice, except it occasionally snows in the winter and there are occasional heat waves in the summer. Now my son is also serving in the same mission I know there were about 100 + missionaries and maybe 20-some sisters It was a lot smaller area than it is now. They are amazing men and their wives are incredible and strong. I loved learning about the French and African cultures I loved the history and sites everywhere I served. He is the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13). Both times we helped those people feel the love of God and ultimately stopped the suicide. You dont always know what kind of circumstances a missionary is coming from. Armani isnt exactly for missionaries. Surely there will be hard and discouraging times. Dont make derogatory remarks about the French. Getting along with different personalities and people. Some random guy didnt like that and ran up to my companion and I and threw a punch at me but stopped his swing right before it hit my face. (Drew), While serving in Lorient, France in the spring of 2001, we were surprised to find the entire center of town and a 1 km radius around it under evacuation orders because a construction crew had discovered an unexploded bomb from WWII buried beneath the ruins of an old bunker that was being demolished in an expansion project for the local stadium (Lorient had been an Allied port and submarine base during the war). Online Recommendation System. Believe that everything will work out and dont worry so much. (Roberto), When knocking on doors the first time, I commented after about three doors to my trainer Man, there sure are a lot of people called sonnerie here! Most of the doorbells said sonnerie on them. How to keep pushing past hard times. (Douglas), I love their love and pride in their culture and continual quest to perfect their language. There was an incredible spirit in the room which we could tell he felt. Buy winter jackets there if youre going in the summer. You learn about traditions from every part of the world and celebrate with them. Try to keep your luggage limited, too: one large suitcase, one good backpack or carry-on piece, and a wardrobe bag for your suits/dresses. To name two, I was blessed to learn to love people, even though I dont directly benefit in any temporal way from those people. (Valan), Love of scriptures. There are many kind, beautiful Muslims, many vibrant and funny Africans, people from the old French colonies, transplants from Asia, South America, the rest of Europe, and also many tourists. *Simply click on a shirt design to view the details and submit an order. (Alex), Force yourself to learn the language, talk to people, talk to your companion. The mission designs are printed on white shirts and are shipped to you. 172 Years. Im so excited to see how it grows and now the temple is being dedicated! (Paul), A second language. Utah Salt Lake City East Mission. Less stuff to pack is less stuff you have to carry around and keep up with. People skills. (Nicholai), The language was really hard for me. Heres a link to the mission map for the ParisMission (LDS). It didnt usually get too hot except for when the wind blew in from the Sahara. The people who remember you most are often the companions you serve with so be good to each other. In some towns we tracted in, every single home had roses growing so that the whole city smelled of roses. Then knowing that he was faithful to the end of his life. (Matt), Having my last lesson on my mission where our golden investigator told us a story where he met 2 young men in white shirts and ties that gave him a book that forever changed his life and his families. Buy French Language LDS Missionary France or Quebec Mission Tank Top: Shop top fashion brands Tanks & Camis at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases Amazon.com: French Language LDS Missionary France or Quebec Mission Tank Top : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (Doug), There are an estimated 500,000+ Chinese natives living in Paris and surrounding suburbs. (Jeffrey), Depends on what part of the county youre in. (Matt), Do not bring a lot of stuff with you from the States because you will most likely throw it away and get European clothing, and it makes transferring towns much easier when its light Trust me. Go all out! Powerful tools to collect, organize and share your missionary experiences! How to work past exhaustion. Then we were praying for safety. (Doug), Pray for the people even before you get your call. A bit rainy in the winter but otherwise okay. (Kale), St. Brieuc, Chateauroux, Limoges, Talence, Nantes, and Montauban. Forget the nylons (if you can get away with it). The people outside of Paris seem more friendly to Americans than Parisians do. An Apostle of Jesus Christ and his wife brought a familiar message of hope to French-speaking Latter-day Saints around the world on Sunday, February 21. (Chloe), I learned to communicate better. I had a unique experience. The quicker you do the faster you will start to have one of the most cherished times of your life. I love the cosmopolitan, international nature of the cities there, meeting people from every nation, all working together. His friend pulled him away but we were scared, partially from the sense that we were not as well protected because we had not been obedient that day. What was the worst thing that could happen? I love their wildness for football and tennis. (Michael), It covers three countries. We all spent the day in our apartment, having our meeting there in our living room, followed by a big lunch. I asked for her name as she ran out and she yelled it back. I tapped him on the shoulder after we crossed the street and started talking to him. He then reached out and grabbed some of my long red hair, and cut off several inches. -awesome!!!! They do provide sheets, but I suggest bringing your own haha. Missionary Preparation. So youd have to be prepared for anything over the course of a year. Boots for rain. I am now a French teacher. Here are ParisMission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni ofthe ParisMission. (Michael), French! Missionary Moms & Dads DC North Mission Group. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides relief and development projects for humanitarian purposes in countries all over the world. Cheese. Its nice to have some high quality tights/nylons and deodorant and stuff. Learn to accept them for who they are, look for the good in them, compromise with them, and have a good time while you are with them. Often, they were primarily taught by other members or missionaries, but the fact is that there are lots of baptisms going on, and it is beautiful! Just trust in the Lord. A lot more humid than the desert I grew up in. (Jeffrey), You will teach mostly African immigrants. I could tell immediately that he was not interested, so we tried to go the other way, but he followed us. (Anna), (Sisters) Dont feel like you have to have Everything youll need for 2 years. Living Life. Rabbit. My best reasoning is that however we got here as we are now (Big Bang or whatever), we are here. We had an elder from England who had not done language training. Laundry. (Michael), Bread. Make sure you have good, sturdy walking shoes that will last. (Jeffrey), We were about to enter an enclosed complex where I saw few exits and 2 young Arabs when I was prompted that we should ignore the reference and travel and hour back to our main area. He has prepared a way for them to hear the most important message of all time by calling French-speaking missionaries to find them and invite them to come and see and come and belong.2 No matter how long we may have traveled or how long we may have been searching, not one of us is ever forgotten by our Heavenly Father. France Paris Mission *Click here to browse Paris Mission gifts. But throughout the course of our service, the Spirit has confirmed to us that we are exactly where the Lord needs us to be and that He will magnify our efforts to accomplish His will here in this corner of the earth. (Drew), Shoes: buy for comfort, support, and durability, NEVER for fashion. Self Control. We had a great appointment; he finally started to break his habits and read the scriptures himself afterwards. Try to remember the quality of the people represent more than the quantity of numbers you have. (Anonymous), It gets very hot and very cold. (Michael), It will be the hardest thing you ever do. (Google Maps) 3. Love the people. (Alex), My elder and I being driven to the train station by drunk strangers. (Nicholai), I had 4 Mission PresidentsI only officially met 2 of them. We try to keep this information up to date, but its a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office. Oh yeah and raw hamburger. Bad idea. There's also Cote d'Ivoire, and Belgium. When we opened our call letters and read our unique assignment, we never could have imagined the obstacles we would face in the mission field. (Paul), The countless times of bearing testimony on the street to complete strangers. I understand what is important. He decided to be baptized. (Anna), A lady answered the door in a robe and looked directly into my eyes and said, You have beautiful eyes. (Matt), Too many to count. Turns out she loves family history and was full of love towards us and interested in what we did. Read the Book of Mormon in the language. Learn on your mission how to recognize the kind of person you do not want to be tied to and the kind you do AND LEARN HOW TO BE THE KIND OF PERSON THAT WILL MAKE A RELATIONSHIP LAST. (Zakarias), Our mission is the highest baptizing mission in Europe (except Cabo Verde), and also happens to be the best in the entire world! France Paris Alumni Web Site is dedicated to the alumni of this mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.