Do you know your style personality? You probably wear asymmetrical styles of clothing and statement pieces. As mentioned above, you might be a combination of more than one style personality type. It works for my feeling of slightly more dressy skinny woman ( over certain age 53 ) living in Bay area , California. Mary, I agree. Think of how you dress and what speaks to you. Sprigged prints, cute animal designs, often pastel colours and milkmaid type dresses are all types of clothing and patterns that suit Ingenues. My inclination is Classic, but my lifestyle is anything but elegant and dressy. MY STYLE PERSONALITY. A sporty style of clothing will also suit you. I very much appreciate your comments. I tried adding some color (some accurate matches and some in the right family but probably too dark and find myself feeling out of my comfort zone! If we look at FG, he says that FG is nearly equal A and E answers (Dramatic and Romantic) with extra B answers (Natural). I would love to do the Style Day and discuss this in more detail (fingers crossed I'm right) but it's such a lot of money and feels a bit self indulgent. I had an initial exchange with the Red Leopard Ladies and didnt resonate with their suggestion of classic. I like to be able to feature a variety of clothing for various body types, color palettes, and style preferences on the blog. But that wasnt the extent of the style analysis, just the starting framework. She is best known as a featured panelist on "The Grapevine". Style personalities dont work for me for this reason. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your understanding. If only I knew what to replace it with! (min, -n, min) sustantivo. You have control over how people view you. I think youre a combination. Here are some ways you can express your natural style personality: If you have a Gamine style personality, you are usually slim and petite and so need smaller scale clothes with smaller patterns and lighter weight fabrics. Jun 10, 2019 - From 20 Types of Beauty. I think Im a mix of Romantic/Classic. See my complete disclosure policy here. Loved this post! I became annoyed by the work I had to do in between and rescheduled everything else. Gamines are usually petite and not necessarily in terms of height (a few extra inches can provide enough Yang in their Yin-Yang balance, but they won't be extremely tall anyway). Wear textured materials such as velvet, silk, tweed and lace. I do think you look terrific now not that you have ever been less than chic . Consequently, individuals with the gamine style essence tend to create an overall visual impression of rebelliousness and playful boldness. Gamine Style Personality Gamine Style Personality is usually found in women who have a neat or diminutive frame, though this is not always the case. They also looked at my face shape and features. The Gamine is equal parts Yin and Yang, always maintaining a natural contradiction that is the basis for her physical makeup. But I still felt lost, cautious, and scared. Much of it was confirmation of styles good & bad that Id figured out on my own. Hair is last. Sought after for her provocative insights on culture, mythology and gender politics, she has been featured on MTV, Essence, Entertainment Tonight, The Michael Baisden Radio Show, AfroPunk, and Time among other media outlets. After searching and taking different courses on self love, sexual liberation and feminine energy, that I later found out were surface level and not well thought out, I am glad that I invested in your work. I learned a lot and wanted to share my experience! A Soft Gamine is a force to be reckoned with. See more ideas about gamine style, style, fashion. Heres whats on my list to buy next: Ally encouraged me to try some paper bag pants eek! Are there elements you are going to keep? While Manina is a Gamine, Rachel is a Dramatic and Ilka is a Dramatic and a Classic. See my complete disclosure policy. Height: typically moderate to tall, usually 5.5ft and over (long vertical line). Elizabeth, Oh my. The INGENUE Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls. Thanks again for your explanations, and journey. Black Ankle . ewwww. See more ideas about gamine style, style, fashion. You might be one or a combination of more than one. Im an analytical learner though, whereas some people are more intuitive/visual. No that is not me. I have always thought you look great, even before your style redo. A Gamine needs small, sharp geometrics, Precision fitted and crisply tailored. Patterns and Prints : Small scale creative patters. Color works well and patterns tend to be low to medium contrast, asymmetrical with a lot of negative space. 3. Thanks , Katrinka ! Get dressed with ease, confidence and style. What I love about this course is that it is providing insight into how I move in the world and the "whys" behind it all. I get it thats its just for fun and to help figure out the style that suits one best, but the terminology is downright icky. In their style taxonomy, a Gamine can be any shape. The sales associates all agreed instantly that the Boy was so much better for me. Your explanation of all of the styles was very helpful, too. Again, like the Gamine, jewellery should be small scale, Shoes need to be pretty, dainty with bows or embellishments. They also can easily adopt fashion trends or play with fashion looks. Gamine beauty is cute and boyish. She puts so much into what she teaches and you can tell. At the end of my style consultation, Ally created a personalized Pinterest board for my style. Gratitude to you! I've never felt so comfortable with my feminine energy like I do now, and her Feminine Odyssey course is IT. After so many years wearing the long over lean style, something must have drawn you to it. I consider myself a good writer but apparently I did not communicate well this time. If so, then just choose elements from each one in your clothing and accessories, hairstyle and make-up. As a general rule, the Kibbe gamine style icon will stick to sleeker and slinkier fabric for dresses and skirts. I dont have to embrace [this one look] just because Im a woman of a certain age does not, in any way, say that anyone out there reading this should identify with the look, the age, or the idea that you are judging an entire group of people. This is what she says about style: Be authentic: Forget conventional style typologies like classic or bohemian and create your own unique look. Im less self-conscious, and more accepting of what I look like now. Sometimes I incorporate a some Natural elements into my style, which Annie says is fine, as long as its neat and not too bulky/textured. See synonyms for gamine on noun a neglected girl who is left to run about the streets. But it also helped me step away from the superficial definition of femininity as prescribed by todays media. Ayesha is a graduate of Yale University and a former television journalist. You definitely wear brights, and thats something I rarely do anymore. gamine: [adjective] of, relating to, or suggesting a gamine. The Bohemian/Natural Romantic: Feminine, sexy, glamorous, earthy. You didnt write this wrong, but your reader definitely interpreted your words in a negative light. I personally believe that we dont necessarily fall into just one of these categories but are often a combination of two or even three style personalities. As you can see Im struggling to keep this short:). Such as sheath, shirt and baby-doll dresses, Lots of straight, sharp, short, cropped, narrow, tapered hemlines with sharp edges. The key is to play with color and textures to break the lines and keep a rather fitted silhouette. Id suggest doing what they told me at the time when I got my colors done, which is finding the shade/color that matches your hair, your skin, and your eyes. And your examples of mature gamine are of interest to me. This blog has helped me realize that my personal style is best for me and I wanted to share my journey. I went in to buy my very fist luxury bag, and was intent on the classic double flap, but the Boy caught my eye. When I wear longer cardigans like the jcrew coatigans they look horrible on me. flamboyant gamine WARDROBE FOR FLAMBOYANT BODY TYPE. She feels her most at home in dresses and flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace, delicate accessories and when she is primped and primed to perfection. And the best part is that she also provides actions or habits that we can do to ignite the different archetypes within us. I just wanted to write to say thank you for your amazing work. I have a biography and checked the photos she might have been more Bohemian. And it makes shopping so much easier. Ally gave the example that you wouldnt put a circular tablecloth on a rectangular table, and that really clicked for me. Celebrity examples:Penelope Cruz, the young Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek and Gloria Estefan. At one time Id say classic when working on the edge of the finance world. Rondi, One can of course be a mix of two and sometimes more. DISCLOSURE: This website uses affiliate links, which may generate commissions based on purchases at no additional cost to you. Necklines are best when neat. I can even wear shirts buttoned all the way up, depending on what Im wearing them with. Required fields are marked *. Audrey Hepburns exciting mix of sophistication and girlishness made her an enduring style icon just as Janet Jacksons whispery voice, infectious smile, and candid artistry have made her a pop icon for the ages. If you are a lady of a certain age and are interested in looking and feeling your best then this blog is for you. Gamine is originally a French word that means waif or playful child. Smaller hoops are good too. Children lack the pretention and defenses that adultserect as armor over time. I am inspired to plan a trip to London! After my personality quiz and measurements, Ally categorized me as Natural Dramatic (I was really close with Snappy Casual! This is when I feel most like me. The lesson that my energy is a gift and I inspire people as a Lover woman is so true and something I have been told often but your course allowed me to fully believe and embrace it! Its still possible to have a natural style personality and look good so keep it simple and co-ordinated rather than too slouchy and you will always look presentable! Coming from me thats pretty something too because I am extremely really read from spirituality to neuroscience, confident and live my life authentically. Earthy and relaxed,creative and arty. (I still have a few in my wardrobe; will avoid buying any more.). Explore different types of Fashion Styles! Both Janet Jackson and Audrey Hepburn privately battled depression. Try baby steps; dark brown, grey or navy are less harsh on our skin and go with most of your black pants, skirts & jackets. Its also helped me to appreciate the uniqueness of my physical self. This goes even more strongly for the Royals here in the UK . . With the maiden as her dominant archetype, the gamine may be excessively compliant, sexually inhibited or feel stuck in a Peter-pan like existencean extended adolescence. Such as shorts, cropped, fitted pants, jackets and cardigans, mini or knee-length skirts. Few neutrals. Anything quirky and fun such as owls, fruit etc in will suit them. Got it Style should express our personality, create a complete whole with both physiognomy and temperament. I'm here to help you get dressed with ease, style & confidence, so you can feel your best at any age! Do you know the type of wardrobe that best fits your elegant style personality? In particular Im thinking about tops: Im short waisted and now that Im almost 73 I have a bit of a belly. BODY TYPE'S WARDROBE BOARD:* Gamine VS other "BODY TYPES" If you want to support me and get some exclusive stuff: https://www.patreo. Sothis happened last night. Where I had great success in life, I was unable to truly understand the reason why to enable me to replicate it for the times when I'd fallen. DRAMATIC style type. This course is truly amazing and eye opening. A House of Colour style day includes a lot of learning, a personality quiz, measurements (mostly vertical) and a show-and-tell time. Soft Natural (SN) A soft natural's hair looks best when it's soft and loosely layered. It is second nature to them. Everything that you put on your body should bear some resemblance to your face shape, your body shape, your colouring, and should reflect your personality. I took the Maiden and Lover bundle and it was so informative and scarily spot on. A great example of how terribly a woman's charm is affected by dressing up as a different type of beauty was casting Michelle Williams (Gamine) as the all-time sex bomb Marilyn Monroe ( Romantic ). And its tomboyish vibe matches makeup styles like Airy Boyish and Soft Grunge looks. Get an original copy of the Metamorphasis Book. Want to know more about your colours and the styles that are right for YOU? For shoes, flat ballet type shoes, trainers, loafers or a sandal that would, again, go with most of your clothes. Much of it was confirmation of styles good or bad, that Id figured out on my own. People with a dramatic style personality love to be noticed. Gamine is the French word for a kid who tends to be energetic and make fun of fashion. Did you know that everyone has their own style personality and that everything you wear needs to be in harmony with who you are? After my personality quiz and measurements, Ally categorized me as Natural Dramatic (I was really close with Snappy Casual! Your email address will not be published. Sigh. This is a case of others reading into someones text that which is floating through *their* minds. Clean shapes and unfussy styles (no tiers, ruffles, big splashy prints), but with interesting small-scale details. ETHEREAL style type. Haha). The Gamine: neat, cute, fun, funky. Necklines: turns out I can wear crewnecks, as long as they arent higher than my clavicle. Gamine is the French word for a kid who tends to be energetic and make fun of fashion. I think your gradual process is smart and the suggestions right on especially in regards to your color palette. I saw some of her videos and I took the Archetype Quiz. Fun, unexpected color combos: burgundy and ice yellow, lavender and red, orange and purple, etc. GAMINE FACE FEATURES Lower face - slightly defined Nose - medium to small with soft lines or slightly sharper Cheekbones - slightly sharp (visible only with low weight) Eyes - large, round or medium in size Lips - slightly full, often narrow Cheeks - slender gamine body type Style recommendations Also make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed and use eyebrow pencil to give them shape if you need to. Close, High, Sharp and Angular Necklines : Mandarin, mock neck, crewneck, turtleneck sweaters; button-down shirts, graphic T-shirts; polo shirts, striped sailor shirts etc. There are loads of online quizzes, I just Googled 'style personality quiz' or something and did them all, then when I had a rough idea I Googled 'Gamine style' which confirmed my suspicions. You like good quality, simple styles that dont date and prefer neutrals with a pop of colour rather than too many bright colours and bold designs. Many of you have been asking about the particulars of my Style Analysis with Red Leopard, and specifically about the Gamine style personality. Our very own Annie for instance is a mixture of Adventurer and Classic: the Huntswoman or Huntsman. The Soft Gamine Style (Kibbe Body Type) | InfinitCloset Style Analysis Bright Winter Palette Clothes Color Analysis 12 Seasons Color Analysis 4 Season Color Analysis Makeup Lists Style Analysis Cookies help us deliver our services. I look like Im wearing a bathrobe. Many thanks for the clarification! (And Ive hung onto a few favorite pieces that arent quite Gamine until I can replace them with ones that are.). A style or wardrobe personality is really just a way of dressing on the outside who we are inside. It is sensual, strategic, spiritual, emotional, receptive, creative, and so much more. The Feminine Odyssey is a spiritual, mental and emotional journey that every woman must undergo. She will have to recognize the cycles of transformation, something we explore in the Maiden Masterclass, in order to recognize her opportunities to evolve into the highest level of her archetype. I came across Ayeshas YouTube channel. Perhaps all counsellors should do your program as a part of their studies! I always learn something new or confirmation of ideas. ), Jackets: my best lengths are either top of thigh or knee length (so my long navy blazer is ). Thus, the gamine style looks best on a petite and boyish frame as the feminine qualities of the clothing stand out.