Up to 15 meters projection distance Diode Colors: Image Projection Waterproof Class: IP65 Lifetime: 50,000 Dimensions: 171.5mm x 136mm x 177mm Weight . The first step is to calculate the image to be projected: How large is the projected area and what color is the background? A matching IES data file link can be found underneath each photometric chart. You may choose between a revolving or static picture for your logo by pressing the button. In a dark room, this is quite stunning! A satisfied customer said that he likes this fantastic offer! Gobo templates can be made of various materials. Attention: the size of the projected image is not only related to the projection distance but also to the size of the gobo (ID) and the projector lens. Th Honlphoto Speed Gobo really helps reduce eye strain because it is so light. Various lenses are available, depending on the distance from the luminaire to the projection surface and the size of projection required. You can add a great feel to your event with the help of GOBO projectors. Our team of gobo and lighting experts are on hand to support any queries you may have regarding gobo projection. The remote works perfectly, and there is a little cooling fan that is hardly audible. Lobbies, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, etc Lobbies, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants, DJ Booths etc bright: 4ft, average: 7ft, dim: 9ft, dark: 30ft, bright: 6ft, average: 8ft, dim: 10ft, dark: 40ft. Some GOBO projectors can rotate, move, and also show moving pictures. Aside from the Chauvet, the LED chip in this INSTAGOBO wedding projector has a lifespan of roughly 30,000 hours before it has to be changed. Gobosign 40w Indoor Gobo Projector $398.00 ADD TO CART FREE SHIPPING Free Shipping on all orders from the US or orders of $ 99 or more. GoboPro can withstand temperatures between +50 and -40 degrees. So, prefer the projector that comes with your type of design, which will add a professional touch to your event. This portable gobo projector is equipped with a powerful multi-function projection system that can be used anywhere, anytime. One thing that many people like about this particular product is that they really don't have to hold the projector against a wall in order to get optimum viewing. Your request is important to us. Available in wall or binary versions, ready for DALI 2 and in two different optical configurations (30 and 24). He liked the gently spinning three-color laser designs with the blue LED turned off. They are more expensive, but the glass option of the GOBO light source is amazing. You can also freely alter the direction of the projection. A powerful LED gobo projector with high quality optics that can project crisp gobo-images or produce bright spot indoors or outdoors. That indicates that it is resistant to high temperatures and may even have had a sandblasting oxidation process applied to the glass. Or earn 5% back in Bonus Bucks on qualifying purchases of $299 or more when you use your Sweetwater Credit Card. Our gobo projectors project images between 26 cm and 33 cm in diameter per one meter distance. Dimensions: 8.58 x 5.31 x 0.39 inches | Weight: 2.08 pounds | Power: 10W | Gobo patterns: Glass. Whether its inside a museum, outside a restaurant, or a part of a themed attraction, the IP65-rated Image Spot Mini provides the versatility to project gobos everywhere and anywhere they might be required. That is, at a distance of 4 meters, the projection is between 1 and 1.3 meters. Well, you can have a look at the considerations below. GOBO projectors can feature pre-built GOBOs and unique pictures for your wedding, such as monograms. It has a very unique Ving technology called the projection mask. Hiliting Gobo auto-switch type projector has gobo auto switch function for 3 gobos. This LED Brand Projector Light is a 15W model that can project high-definition images of your logo, making it ideal for business promotion and weddings. A gobo projector is usable for both outsides or inside events. This adaptable projector has a nice experience, and its also easy to use. However, if you have further wishes, we will adapt it. Terms & Conditions Architectural elements and structures can be sharply contoured, overdrawn or have additional elements added. Another customer gave a four-star rating and recommended including a lens cap with a projector. The job entails pushing/pulling up to 90 lbs. Furthermore, it has a very reasonable price. Expected availability: 7-10 business days, Expected availability: 7-14 business days. A distance of 9-15 meters requires a 50-65W or even more powerful projector. It comes with 20 gobos and 128 different combinations. Power Factor: >.97 (115Vac), .90 (230Vac), .88 (277 Vac) Full Load. This ADJ Gobo Projector is not only effective in projecting graphics, but it is also affordable! This set includes 10 WeddingReady gobos that are excellent for adding a romantic touch. Ask without obligation to get all the necessary information. We can recommend GoboPro without hesitation. Although the gobo projectors come with high brightness, you should choose the appropriate number according to your requirements. You should check the variety it offers, as you dont want to be limited to any particular type. The high luminous efficiency of our projectors allows reduced consumption even for prolonged use. Some brands necessitate the use of ceiling or floor mounts. Beam angle are 15/25/35/45 for your selection. For our usage, he recommended custom gogos online. Our preference and marketing cookies allow us to adapt our content and ads to our audience interests. Different projectors may have specific requirements for the lumens and dimensions of the projected image. It is a great addition to any home or club. Goboservice produces customized gobos and low-power, high-brightness projectors that illuminate buildings, streets and businesses around the world. Images with e.g. At Sweetwater, we've found that you can access most of this projector's function via an optional IRC-6 remote (sold separately). We will refund you the full purchase price. Rather than creating costly marketing boards or wall posters, why not re-create the spirit of your brand at the event without committing to something permanent that may or may not be utilized for future events? Many small LED gobo projectors lack brightness, while brighter units need large housings and/or heat-sinks. We can distinguish between: wide-angle lenses with focal length up to . The projected images come in a great deal of variety, and you can include both pre-made images and custom images made to order. Single color gobo for free. It produces a projection of approximately 8.75 m diameter from a distance of 10 m. Is Gobo the right fit for your project? The impressive thing is to have easy access to Gobo replacements. This Image Spot Mini Iris provides control of the fixtures beam-size. The compact and lightweight form factor of the Image Spot Mini make it very attractive for track lighting installations. Its exceptionally easy to set up. Likewise, no facades or interior walls are damaged. You dont need any clips as the magnetic base adheres to most metal surfaces. Besides, you need to take into account its power and throw distance. Help us match you with the perfect, 8,030 lux @ 2m (21), 2,660 lux @ 2m (38), Chauvet DJ Strobes, Lasers, & Effects Lights, High-powered gobo projector with a punchy 70W LED, Generates head-turning made-to-order logos, icons, and other cool-looking designs, Manual rotation knob enables super-fast indexing without removing the gobo, Manual zoom permits both short- and long-throw applications, Compatible with the optional IRC-C remote (sold separately), Power link multiple fixtures for fast, easy setup, Get back to making music with the industry's fastest turnaround time, Fix it the first time with our award-winning, factory-certified Service Department. Students participating in UBOnline 2015 are learning to manipulate a building information modeling (BIM) technology to create a 3-dimensional model of a residential structure. By placing a template into a Gobo holder in front of a lens, you can make shapes and patterns look sharper and more in-focus. When you place the image mask on the surface of your image and then place the projection mask over that image you get the appearance of your chosen image. The rule: Installation inside up to 3 meters distance, we need a 15-30 watt projector. Another satisfied customer commented that the GOBO is very easy to use, plug it in and focus on the lens. Moreover, the lighting fixtures can also additionally dance with the song beat. LED Custom Image GOBO Logo Projector Light 10W Embedded Black LED GOBO Projector Advertising Logo. It is a reasonable choice on the list, at less than a hundred dollars, making it great if youre buying on a low budget. Just like other websites, we use cookies to improve and personalize your experience. The four-leaf shutter accessory replaces the fixtures gobo cassette slot so that the fixtures beam can be cut from the top, bottom and both sides. With GoboPro you always get clear and large image thanks to very strong light radiation. That decision is typically based on the size of your desired projection, the distance away the fixture will be positioned and the environment you'll be projecting in. Well, its on you to choose by considering the number of guests. Many of us first became acquainted with Chauvet before LED technology caught on, and it's been impressive to see their range of fixtures grow. CHAUVET DJ EZGOBO help you establish a presence in the music scene. A GOBO projector is an excellent design lighting fixture that will change the atmosphere of a wedding. Our production capabilities allow you to create a projection of any shape: Diamonds, stars, symbols, pictograms, etc. And setup is fast and easy, thanks to the Gobo Zoom 2's power linking capabilities. A medium focal lenght is suitable for most situations. You do not need any special knowledge or skills for installation. Can the images (gobos) be replaced if necessary? Proj. Thank you very much. Wide angle (63mm focal lens) A wide-angle lens increases the subject. You'll appreciate the Gobo Zoom 2's convenient manual rotation knob, which enables super-fast indexing without removing the gobo, while a manual zoom permits both short- and long-throw applications. Extremely easy to use, thanks to the unique gobo housing system (patent pending) that allows the gobo to be introduced, replaced and oriented without having to open the projector body, it combines versatility with high aesthetic impact and small size. Qomolangma GOBO Light LED Logo projector is an excellent Gobo projector that is very durable and bright. Deciding which projector to buy is very easy once you know which features make the most significant difference for that type of projector. No matter if asphalt, tiles or snow, Thanks to the included remote control, you can decide when the projector is running, You decide whether the gobo projector should be placed outside or inside, The gobo projector is easy to install and requires no additional service effort. Required fields are marked *. Power Input: 100-277Vac (277 for North America only), Dimming Range: 0~100%, .01% dimming depth, Power Factor: >.95 (115Vac), .90 (230Vac), .85 (277 Vac) Full Load, Compliance: SELV, cRUus, FCC, CE, RoHS, Class 2. A GOBO projector should create a beautiful environment by occupying a large area from a sufficient distance. This item has a corded remote that allows you to choose from seven distinct designs. It can Fast heat dissipation. Dimming Interface: DMX512/RDM, One Channel, Dimming Range: 0~100% (LED start at 0.1% possible). A Complete Guide on Projector Contrast Ratio, How to Connect a Switch to A Projector? Learn More. It is an LED projector which, thanks to the innovative construction methodology patented combinesvery highperformance and a sleek, compact design. This option is useful if there is no possibility to mount the projector at a greater distance. The absence of fans and IP65 rating also allow use in dust-rich industrial environments or outdoors for extended periods, with an LED life of 50,000 hours. 296 2010T 5502 - Image Spot Mini 5500K Track 0-10V/Triac White No Lens, 296 2010T 5503 - Image Spot Mini 5500K Track DMX Black No Lens The price is higher than the other alternatives. We will prepare the proof of your future projection for you free of charge. That isnt a flaw with the product, but rather a factor in how its used. Cookie policy. The blue laser pattern is bright. We produce high-efficiency, high-brightness projectors for all kinds of applications. At night, it looks fantastic! It provides an incredible amount of light and is also waterproof! Logos, graphics, texts and photographs can be projected for your target audience to achieve maximum impact and are projected in maximum quality. It has LCDs that have a high resolution along with exceptional brightness. It has a low heat output, so it can run all night without being too hot. The 12-leaf iris replaces the fixtures gobo cassette slot to create a round aperture that is even-edged even at its smallest diameter. Your email address will not be published. It has High-Definition Projection Effect, visible from 300 feet away. The light quantity is distributed over a larger area and the projection . A class 2 power supply that provides constant current for Image Spot Mini installations controlled via Dali. The Image Spot Mini ships with a factory-installed, exterior-rated power/data cable for easy integration. Such gobos are the most expensive ones. Not enough colors? Not as bright as some other gobo projectors in this price category (you can opt to buy an external lamp if you need extra light). Check out our frequently asked questions page here: FAQs. Features short circuit, over-temperature, overload and non-load protection. Skip to main content . You do not only receive an excellent projector, but you also get a complimentary GOBO! Gobo lenses are easy to replace so you can quickly convey information to customers by projecting brand logos and various data. We were also allowed to use a free trial period. CHAUVET PROFESSIONAL WELL Gobo IP65 Outdoor-Ready, Wireless Gobo Projector with Charging Case (4-Pack) B&H # CHWELLGOBOX4 MFR # WELLGOBOX4. This makes it very popular among people who are just wanting to use it at home. Cree high power LED chip. Bright, multicoloured images even in fine colour shades ensure maximum attention where you direct. Our projectors carry different strengths depending on their environment, position and distance of preferred projection. Another one said that it has a bright light, and he loved that it is wireless. With its 93,000 lux at 5 meters and very powerful Zoom (9 - 53), it can be used for both very long distance projections (even over 1km) and very wide projections at short distances. It is deemed by many to be a high-quality projector. Based on the individual consultation, we create a unique offer that is adapted to your application. The higher the contrast, the brighter and clearer an image. Instead of purchasing new signs when you modify the layout of your store area, utilize gobo projection to guide/instruct clients. Usually, the best gobo projectors consist of powerful and durable materials such as metal or plastic. We use glasses with high quality colored application to work in conditions of strong heating by powerful lamps. 200W gobo projector light is a Long distance gobo projector with projection distance up to 60m and projection diameter up to 20m. It could be a simple gobo projector, or an advanced moving head. Other automatic/semi-automatic play options are available for your convenience. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! Adheres to the Company and City/State/United States safety requirements. Super handling and absolutely great devices with very qualitative hardware! Thanks to recent technologies, they can be manufactured in no time. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional sound quality, and stylish design make it one of the best electronic items available on the market today. Even though it was daytime, and the sun was streaming on the wall, it was still visible. This is the diameter of the projected image and is typically between 2 and 8 feet. The shorter the length, the more the lens "opens" the beam. . You may still add items to your cart or wish list for later checkout. This is mainly due to the fact that all the functions of a traditional projector have integrated into a single device. Lenses with anti-reflective coating and quality optics ensure sharp images every time. | Corporate data | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy| Legal Area | Cookie management. The installation of our gobo projectors is very simple. Taking into account the characteristics of light projection, we select the optimal color combination to draw attention to details. Chauvet has brought LED technology to classic fixtures like ellipsoidal and Fresnels, while their D-Fi system has made wireless DMX truly accessible. Our team of lighting experts are here to consult and support on your gobo projection needs. We always find a suitable solution. Under ideal conditions, when you are using a 30W Gobo projector in full darkness, a throw distance could be at least 20 meters. When you purchase this LED Gobo Projector Light, you will receive a free one-color custom lens. The Image Spot Mini measures in at a mere 4.7in x 3.4in x 1.9in (119mm x 84.2mm x 48mm), yet it's capable of producing up to 1050 lumens of light output. Moreover, the LED has an exceptionally long life span of 30,000 hours. We can distinguish between: wide-angle lenses with focal length up to . Easily replaceable just turn off the projector and replace the gobo when you need to project fresh signs. When selecting the best Gobo projector, I was paying attention to the types of templates, their durability, price and longevity of use. Copyright 2023 Fixthephoto.com | All Rights Reserved. CHAUVET DJ Gobo Zoom 2 Custom Gobo Projector, American DJ PinPoint Gobo Battery-Powered RGBA LED Gobo Projector, CHAUVET DJ EZ Gobo LED Gobo Projector Kit with Carry Bag and Safety Cable, CHAUVET DJ Freedom Gobo IP All-Weather Battery-Powered CW LED Gobo Projector with D-Fi Receiver, CHAUVET DJ Gobo Shot Compact Gobo Projector, CHAUVET DJ EZ Gobo Battery-Powered LED Gobo Projector, CHAUVET DJ Obsession HP Compact LED Gobo Projector, American DJ Ikon Profile 32W LED Gobo Projector, Apollo Design GoboPro+ LED 120W Outdoor Projector (Black), Rosco X24 X-Effects Analog Projector w/o Lens (Black), CHAUVET PROFESSIONAL WELL Gobo IP65 Outdoor-Ready, Wireless Gobo Projector with Charging Case (4-Pack). Our gobo projectors project images between 26 cm and 33 cm in diameter per one meter distance. It has an effective voice-activated sensor that captures its sound and song to manage effectively and to provide the most incredible DJ night. It is because the brand has a remarkable effect on the type of projected image at the event. Our customers choose us because we only produce Italian products, for our customer service and for the performance of our gobos and projectors. If you're hankering for a high-powered custom gobo projector, you'll dig the Chauvet Gobo Zoom 2. He used it for display on the wall behind him. These are said to be the main types of GOBOs useful for some wedding events. A lens is characterized by its focal length expressed in mm. But the real strength of the ADJ Products Gobo is in its simplicity and convenience. Its optical lens is capable of creating pictures with UltraHD resolution. SUPPORT 24/7 Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 30 DAYS RETURN Simply return it within 24 days for an exchange. The 5-slice wide-angle lens creates a clean and natural image, the image length is 50%, and the image area is 1x. Find out more about the luminaires that are compatible with Gobo and how they work. Gobo projection is an excellent feature for various events for organizing a regional fashion show or a business awards ceremony. Click the image right below for a Blog Post that shows you how to select a projector and projection lens by using the charts below. Projector Power: 200W/300W Projector Distance: within 55m Projector Effect: snow falling View More GLASS GOBO Inquiry Now GET DISCOUNT 50% OFF ROTATING PROJECTOR Inquiry Now ENJOY SPECIAL $89 Led Gobo Projector Tips The use method and application of GOBO projector light, we will provide you with tips based on our design ideas and customer feedback. It is highly durable and has no fading or tearing from foot traffic. The gobo placed inside the projector is comparable to a slide, but much more resistant. When choosing a gobo projector, there are two main types you have to consider: A steel projector is a basic projector that projects black and white images and drawings. Moreover, LEDs are best in terms of both lighting and cost. It has a manual focus, and it can project on floors, ceilings, walls, and many more. Plan the perfect light show for your special day to impress your guests and loved ones. Fix it the first time with our award-winning, factory-certified Service Department. Aperture Opening: 0.08 0.67 (2mm 17mm). The projector is outside day and night in the northern German winter, the projection is bright I must say, the whole thing exceeds our expectations. It's simple to setup and use. Hand selected from all across the globe, each brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of music gear. A member of the Rosco team will get back to you as soon as possible. Image Spot Mini 3000K IES File Narrow 11, Image Spot Mini 3000K IES File Medium 17, Image Spot Mini 3000K IES File Wide 25, Image Spot Mini 5500K IES File Narrow 11, Image Spot Mini 5500K IES File Medium 17, Image Spot Mini 5500K IES File Wide 25. However, custom GOBOs only require great brightness features. We have included essential factors of some great projects, so read on. Moreover, you can increase the projection distance by 10 Meters. The quality of the projected image depends on the brightness of the light source. The main reason why individuals would want to utilize a gobo projector is to create a unique atmosphere in their homes. A lens is characterized by the focal length expressed in mm. It is an ultra-compact LED gobo projector equipped with the latest 20 W LED, designed to enhance most indoor spaces and capable of creating intense . It can work even on empty batteries. The best Gobo projector should be portable. Many mounting options and beam angles are available for a more flexible application. The cooling period for the motor is 120 seconds. We design and build lighting events with customized gobos and high brightness projectors, for entertainment, culture and advertising, thanks to the support of reliable and competent technicians and installers. In fact, the Signum with its mere 6 kilograms in weight and 50 W of power, achieves light performance equal to that of much larger projectors with higher power consumption. Contrast indicates the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of an image. Salary: $40,000.00 to $65,000.00 /year. Some consumers have even stated that it is even easier to use than projectors that have been on the market for a while. or 4.1 kg), This may be a little bright for some event hall purposes (this gobo projector can only be used outdoors), One user expressed his happiness and said that; it looks great! Easily portable (weighs around 9 lbs. The charts below will help you to determine the brightness and projection size for different projector and projection lens combinations at various distances. Can you project large images from short distances? 296 21000 - DALI 36W /1050mA CC DALI Dimmable Drive, Case Study: Window Projections Reveal The Hidden City, Case Study: Night Of A Million Lights A Holiday Light Display That Helps Future Wishes Come True, Image Spot Mini CE Declaration of Conformity. At low contrast, lets say 3,000:1, an image will seem blurry. The LEDs long life span is 30,000 hours. The image projection is very clear in HD. ). XXXXX-MINI Image Spot Mini Standard Gobo, XXXXX = The five digit standard gobo number, 25072101MINI - Image Spot Mini Custom Steel Gobo, 260CUSBWMINI - Image Spot Mini Custom B&W Glass Gobo, 260CUS1CMINI - Image Spot Mini Custom One-Color Glass Gobo, 260CUS2CMINI - Image Spot Mini Custom Two-Color Glass Gobo, 260CUS3CMINI - Image Spot Mini Custom Three-Color Glass Gobo, 260CUSMCMINI - Image Spot Mini Custom Multi-Color Glass Gobo, 1203-XXXX-MINI Image Spot Mini Permacolor Dichroic Glass Filter, XXXX = the four-digit color number (includes bezel to fit inside gobo cassette), 296 20003 0651 - Image Spot Mini 3000K - IP65 - w/o Lens - Black If it is not a special order, it will be made at the latest 6 working days from receipt of payment. The benefit of gobo lighting, in this case, is that it may be temporary. LEDs and lasers come as the best choice for creating patterns and lights at an event. This enables designers to choose from the worlds largest library of standard gobo designs or, project a custom gobo with a specific image, logo or message. Impressive Light Output From An Ultra-Compact Form Factor. Outdoor gobo projectors are ideal for applications in rugged environments or wet conditions, whether used for street projection, in industrial settings, for building projection, or outdoor events. Projections are not painted over or worn away like paint - a sustainable solution, Gobo projections are visible on all surfaces. 2.5 m diameter. 296 2010T 3002 - Image Spot Mini 3000K Track 0-10V/Triac White No Lens, 296 2010T 3003 - Image Spot Mini 3000K Track DMX Black No Lens Power Consumption: 14 Watts at maximum output, Color Temperature Options: 5500K or 3000K, Lumen Maintenance: 90,000 hours at 50C (LM80), Power/Data Connection: 6 ft. (2m) Insulated Cable/Gland (IP65), unterminated (connector not included), Dimensions: 4.7in x 3.4in x 1.9in (119mm x 84.2mm x 48mm) excluding yoke, Operating Temperature: -13 F to 113 F (-25 C to 45 C). Affordable and high-quality Gobo projectors. That is, at a distance of 4 meters, the projection is between 1 and 1.3 meters. Moreover, it covers approximately about 2500 square feet without any blurring or dull effects in the dark. The range of the projector in Dark is 23ft, in Dim is 23ftand Bright light is 10ft. The luminaire itself is IP65 weatherproof and maybe put outside. They can range in price from $35 to $1,000. Upon request, we will personally visit you and help with the installation. However, glass gobos are less durable since the material they are made of is prone to breaking. Determine the projection distance, called "throw". We also love their innovation. Choose optional lenses or zoom projectors if your projection distance, size, or lighting conditions may vary. Does not require special substructure when installing. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Note: When equipped with the Effect Module, the projection sizes are 60% larger than the gobo projection sizes, How to read and use our Projection Charts. Using high-precision equipment, our experienced specialists will create a layout with your image that will allow you to reproduce your idea down to the smallest detail. It is also suitable for low and bright lights. The Image Spot Mini Cable Covers enable designers to blend the fixtures power/data cable into the surroundings of their project. Depending on the model of the projector, it takes between one and five minutes. The latest from Goboservice, it is a powerful and versatile projector thanks to its 600W LED and 8- 52 photo zoom. The Narrow - 19 Lens enables long projection capability with broader image. The Ving LED Custom Image GOBO Logo projector is a revolutionary tool to create professional looking custom images, in short it is the ultimate device to create your personalized images. The market offers a variety of options that can be a bit confusing when looking for the best GOBO projector for your wedding. The light quantity is distributed over a larger area and the projection appears darker. and carrying up to 30 feet in distance. , In fact, the Signum with its mere 6 kilograms in weight and 50 W of power, achieves light performance equal to that of much larger projectors with higher power consumption. They are taking place in the market because such projectors give a variety of colors with unique patterns, and they work better than other standard light fixtures. The majority of GOBO projectors will come with simple magnet supports, clip-on bases, and adjustable clips.