Boarding plans MUST be completed (through communication by text, phone or email) by Dec 1 (so that we can plan someone to be home with them 24/7). Quality german shepherd puppies for adoption. The Golden Retriever has been an AKC-recognized breed since 1925 and was commonly used as a gun dog and for retrieving small game such as waterfowl, and for companionship. The father of our upcoming litter is VA2 Asap vom Aldamar the #2 German Shepherd in the World 2021! There will be about 3-4 vet visits by the time they are 12 months old. Small In-home breeder of Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. If they are whining it is probably because they are hot or need to potty. BF white mark Fena=$450 (purple) going to Bechel family in VA was 1lb 7ozGM Milo (red) going to the Mills family in VA on 12/17 was 1lb 5.4ozGF Freya (pink) going to Crawford family in VA on 12/10 was Willow at 1lb 4.9ozGF Daisy (green) going to Halstead family in VA on 12/10 was 1lb 5.2ozBM Bailey (blue) going to the Minor Family in VA on 12/9 was 1lb 6.7ozGF Sadie (teal) going to the Borgerding family in VA was Holly at 1lb 6.8ozBM Shamus (white) going to the Koenig family in NJ was Alfy at 1lb 6.1oz. Health, temperament and socialization are our priority. Filter Dog Ads Search . They live indoors with us in our living room and we never leaving them alone. Male Golden Retrievers are 23-24 inches tall and weigh 65-75 pounds. Type : For Sale. Although floppy ears are more prone to ear infections, you want to check your Golden Shepherds ears on a weekly basis regardless of what type of ears they have. They are good walking dogs but not, Timmy us our tiny micro miracle in rarest lilac color. Golden Shepherd coats are often a mix of their German Shepherd and Golden Retriever parents coats and colors. We operate in a clean facility and our dogs are up to date Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog Breeder, in The Golden Shepherd comes from two high-energy dogs, so they require a lot of daily exercise to be happy and healthy. Browse thru german shepherd dog puppies for sale near clovis, california, usa area listings on to find your perfect puppy. USA 2 Male Blacks, 2 Female Blacks, and 1 Red in $ 2,500 Queensland Heeler Puppies 8 days ago in Apple Valley, CA Queensland Heeler Puppies. Some are outgoing, some are a little lazy, all, Our puppies are getting bigger every day. But, as with any dog breed, they are sensitive to heat. As with every breed, you should always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of either party. Find German Shepherds for Sale in Hanford, CA on Oodle Classifieds. ! We do not do hip exams but our parent dogs/puppies have never reported hip issues and we make sure the sire/dam parents have not hip issues, in-breeding or other health issues. We expect every breeder to comply with all state laws and follow strict guidelines that we have put in place. We are also able to deliver or ship to anyone for an additional price, in German Shepherds are known for their upright ears and black and tan coloring, but they can actually come in 11 different colors including black, white, and liver! Great fit for a kind companion. A mixed-breed dog can inherit the potential health issues common to one, both, or neither of their parent breeds. PLAINFIELD, IL, US. The current median price of german shepherds in california is $1,125.00. Greenfield Puppies has been finding loving homes for puppies for over a decade. Golden Shepherd, Agoura Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Brandeis, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Calabasas, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Camarillo, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Canoga Park, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Canyon Country, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Carpinteria, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Castaic, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Chatsworth, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Fillmore, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Frazier Park, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Granada Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Hidden Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Lake Hughes, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Lancaster, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Los Olivos, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Maricopa, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Mission Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Moorpark, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, New Cuyama, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Newbury Park, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Newhall, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, North Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Northridge, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Oak Park, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Oak View, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Pacoima, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Panorama City, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Playa Del Rey, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Point Mugu Nawc, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Port Hueneme Cbc Base, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Port Hueneme, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, San Fernando, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Santa Clarita, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Santa Monica, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Santa Paula, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Santa Ynez, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Sherman Oaks, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Simi Valley, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Solvang, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Summerland, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Tarzana, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Topanga, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Valencia, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Van Nuys, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Ventura, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, West Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Westlake Village, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Winnetka, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Woodland Hills, CA, USA, Golden Shepherd Puppies, Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Information and Pictures, Cherokee Monarch Breed Information and Pictures, Poodle (Standard) Breed Information and Pictures, American Eskimo Dog (Toy) Breed Information and Pictures, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed Information and Pictures, Golden Cocker Retriever Breed Information and Pictures, Puppies For Sale and Dogs For Adoption - MONTHS 4-6 AT NEW HOMEWill have lots of chewing issues to sooth painful growing teeth and potty mistakes should be less with a hold time of 3-5 hours. If you have any doubts, walk away and resume your search elsewhere. Because bloat in dogs can become dangerous and even fatal if gastric torsion occurs, its important to know how to reduce the risk and the symptoms so you can get help as soon as you see them. Golden Shepherds are moderately adaptable dogs. The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents with a champion bloodline. Meet Sully, a 2 year old proven male harlequin great dane up for adoption. Good personalities and Great Companions. At California Puppies, we pride ourselves on our high standards of ethical practice. Please upgrade your browser. Its a dream come true! Our puppies are the joy of our lives! One is blind and they need to stay together . You can book a available date/time on the deposit form or text the breeders contact number (given after your deposit is made). Oreo is a full bred Border Collie that needs a new home due to HOA issues. Be patient! mixed-breed dogs can sometimes be healthier. Registered ABKC Tri-colored American Bully Pups. CREAM/GOLDENS USUALLY HAVE OUR GOLDENS TRAITS-super friendly but still needs socialization to avoid over protective behaviors. Greenfield Puppies has been finding loving homes for puppies for over a decade. The Golden Retriever was thus bred to be a sporting dog and is still used by hunters today. The more they exercise with a full belly then the longer they sleep! Male German Shepherd Puppy AKC Registered, has 2nd round of shots and wormed family raised with kids, great temperament Ready to go home. We are a breeder located in East Texas. USA If you are unable to find your Golden Shepherd puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Golden Shepherd Dogs for Adoption. USA Featuring breed spotlights, seasonal activities, and helpful tips for every level of owner! USA Our dogs LOVE laser lights and playing ball. Only three males and two females available. is your source for finding an ideal Golden Shepherd Puppy for Sale near Ventura, California, USA area. Top quality food starts before pregnancy. TUCSON, AZ, US, Lithuania We supervise them 24/7 to understand human communication, quiet/low lights to understand bedtime, unruly/destructive behavior from being left alone too long and anxiety from fear of being left alone. But, a Golden Shepherd will likely be up for more activity if you are. We raise purebred Japanese Shiba Inu dogs that have DNA certificate at home. These dogs may not want too much holding since they normally have a hot body temperature (a golden retriever trait) and will be uncomfortable as they get warmer from human holding. USA MAINEVILLE, OH, US. AKC Puppies For Sale Find Puppies in your area and helpful tips and info. NIKKI Micro Teacup MaltiPoo-Tzu Designer female puppy, teddy-version. Puppies do not live/sleep outside. We have a female German Shepard named Sully. HEALTH OF THE PUPPYWe have been breeding Golden Shepherds for almost a decade. Both parents are AKC Purebred parents. Great fit for a kind companion. The modern German Shepherd is descended from a family of various German herding dogs. Besides the in Please adopt her and give her the USA beautiful black F1 b goldendoodle asking 600 he be around 45 pounds at adulthood first vaccination vet checked dewormed working on potty training very well socialized USA $300 adoption fee. We give them baths to keep them clean and sweet smelling. After Nov 30 it will cost up to $25 more for a rescheduled vet visit. Searching for Golden Retriever puppies for sale is often difficult due to the number of unsustainable, unethical breeders worldwide. with white markings on his chest and paws. If you have always dreamed of having a friendly companion, a Golden Retriever could be the breed for you. Email to be on a waiting list for any taken puppy in case parents change their minds! Costly vet visits will now decrease to once a year and at this point spay/neutering should be considered after a year old. Some owners prefer this step. February 2023. We need to find her a great new home. WESTPHALIA, KS, US, All breeders listed on are ID Verified, Golden Shepherd Puppies Champion Bloodlines. Dislikes heat and has absolutely no understanding of human personal space. USA Recommended Reading: English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Wisconsin, Recommended Reading: Best Food For German Shepherd With Skin Allergies. At Forever Home Dog Kennel we are passionate about our animals. These puppies are often sickly and and antisocial, costing their new owners roughly $5000 in added vet bills.and these pups also have drastically shorter lifespans. USA We give them regular open non-gated outside play every day (weather permitting) to feed curiosity, build strong muscles/joints and trust to come to calling humans. and efficient way to find a puppy, sell information to make the right choice when buying a puppy. Once a deposit is made the puppy is taken. Dividing your dogs meals throughout the day will minimize the chance of bloat, which happens when your dog overeats at one feeding. We even got a grooming vacuume attachment for serious grooming days. Menu. Dog crate and the 42 will be big enough for them. They tend to do well in most climates. When they play they really play. Roseville Dogs by, part of the, LLC group of websites. *payments as low as $104.29 / mo. WEST SACRAMENTO, CA, US. Health certificate for flight carry will cost $50 extra and we must be notified before Dec 1 or a second visit later will have added cost. Their gums hurt so bad during the first 10 months of age and chewing things makes it feel better (until their baby teeth fall out) so they WILL chew like crazy until they are about 10 months old, then they usually stop at about one year old. 3 female/1 male. They love their families and tend to get along with everyone including children. Also cream males happy visitor pee dribble should go away or decrease dramatically now and go away at about 12 months old. top quality high protein food during pregnancy and puppy growth and no human food will be introduced (except pure raw pumpkin from a can and frozen green beans for fiber to ensure a healthy clear digestive system), nexgard flea/tick protection for 2-3 weeks after pickup (only for summer/spring litters), AKC pure bred parents with pedigrees upon request, About a week of puppy food included (to prevent diarrhea in the first week-if no human food/cheap treats are given) Diamond Large Breed Natural Puppy. You want to keep their activity low-impact as they are still growing, but once they finish growing, try different activities to see what you both love doing together. Read Also: When Do German Shepherds Lose Their Puppy Coat. We never engage with puppy mills to source our Golden Retriever puppies for sale, so you know your puppy companion will be happy and healthy. All purebred puppies are from AKC-Registered Litters be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 6 ms iy_2023; im_03; id_02;. Golden Retriever Puppies 3 days ago in Apple Valley, CA Dad Doc is a dark red golden with clearances Hips,Elbows, Heart and Eyes. Check out our litter profile to see the availability on this litter! Though the breed is considered to have Scottish roots, Tweedmouth purchased the first Retriever in Brighton, England. Oreo is a full bred Border Collie that needs a new home due to HOA issues. They LOVE the crinkle noise and poking them with their teeth to put the perfect pressure on their gums. They HAVE to chew for about 8 months after taking them home so give them something good or you can buy cheap stuff that gives them diarrhea like dry meat bones that can also crack their teeth. We first look for quality parents without any issues and clean blood lines without in-breeding. USA early initial bell/potty training using the Wee Wee Grass Scented pads and pine pellets in a litter tray for the scent recognition but if you have carpet invest into a carpet cleaner, pull up rugs and prepare for mistakes in the first six months home. When they play they really play. The dog market is full of dogs from COVID back to work parents that cant keep their puppies (and lots of home rentals are not renting to pet owners now from bad COVID rental experiences). It is also favored by charities such as Guide Dogs For The Blind, due to its intelligence and kindly nature. We can not keep any puppies past Dec 30 because of our New Year plans. USA Dont Miss: How Much Should You Feed A German Shepherd Puppy. Buy better treats for now until they are 1 year old to prevent chewing other things. Use the options below to find your perfect canine companion! MARLBOROUGH, NH, US. These pups are a must see and going fast! Keep in mind they are an indoor dog and need to live indoors with their family. document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2023Greenfield Puppies. VET COSTS AFTER PICKUPPuppies need vet checkups in the first year that can cost $100-300 per visit. VENETA, OR, US. COLDWATER, MI, US, All breeders listed on are ID Verified, I breed smart and healthy puppies. Bathing is on an occasional, as-needed basis. Shaving the dogs coat is debatable. He is very friendly with people and dogs of all ages. You can already see great traits in this, AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Supervise them during teething or gate them in an area without things you dont want them to chew when you cant watch them. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. Females are 21.5-22.5 inches tall and weigh 55-65 pounds. They love the pressure on their gums from chewing wood corners of furniture/stairs and leather shoes. COLUMBIA, SC, US. In the unlikely event of the death of puppy due to genetic birth defect, the Breeder shall replace the puppy with another puppy of equivalent value. You can trust that when you find German Shepherd puppies for sale in California on our network, you will be supporting a humane breeder. You May Like: Why Do German Shepherds Bite So Much. They are friendly, happy playful babies. . Breeders on our site are located throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Check weight rules for carry on puppies because these puppies will be too big as a carry on and should not be in cargo to avoid long term trauma. Their energy will decrease when they are about two but until then they want to play alot! Golden Shepherd California SANTA CLARITA CURRENT SEARCH: Golden Shepherd Litter of Puppies for Sale in California (CA), USA GOLDEN SHEPHERD PUPPIES Golden Shepherd Litter of Puppies For Sale in SANTA CLARITA, CA, USA Litter of 8 Photos (5) Litter for Sale Price: $400* Its also important to practice good dental care for dogs. You will definitely want a vacuum on hand. Copyright 2005-2023, LLC. They usually have medium length, dense coats, and while they are not a good choice of dog for allergy sufferers, their coats are pretty easy to care for. The more quality chew treats you give the less they chew other things. Spay/Neuter can cost $300-500 but there are options for low cost services if you look around (there is one in Manassas and in Harrisonburg VA Anicira that spay/neuter for $200-250). Brushing teeth or using an enzyme toothpaste every day is ideal. We will do our best to decrease your puppies ride time by meeting at a public location if you dont want to drive all the way to us. The Golden Retriever originated in the Share your thoughts on this breed with us! Mixed parents could change the look but we dont use mixed parents for breeding. Remove the caps & labels to avoid choking. View All Breeds; . These pups are large boned, straight backed black and tan puppies. They have a natural version if you are interested. The intelligence of German Shepherds is unrivaled, making them super low maintenance in the training arena! All puppies are AKC registered with their chip,deworm, shots and vaccines all up to date. Dont forget to save this website address in your browser. Cavaliers Seller retains the right to ask for a second opinion from an unassociated Board Certified Licensed Veterinarian or the Sellers Veterinarian. Bear is male,18 months old, unaltered, and medium drive. This is very common in big dogs and the puppies leaving Dec 2022 will eventually become about 70-90lbs. We do not condone any puppy mills and strive to bring you only the best, well-loved puppies. . Because Golden Shepherds are devoted to their families and thrive on spending time with them, they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. For the Golden Shepherd, potential health concerns include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and Von Willebrands disease. FABIO - Beautiful Black & White Longhair Boy, FABIO Beautiful Black & White Longhair Boy,,,,,, Beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale,, Male & Female Westie Puppies Available Now,,,, Nelson - Unique Blue / Choc Merle Apple Head Baby. As long as they are socialized properly, theyll even get along with other smaller pets in the household despite their prey drive. This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Golden Shepherd Puppy for Sale near Pennsylvania, GREENCASTLE, USA. We will also start training with a carry on bag to build comfort being in a small pet carry on bag. Make a new addition to your family by selecting Pawrade as your new online platform of choice today. If you already know where or what days you want to meet to pick up your puppy let us know asap. Just enter your email address and click submit! Golden Shepherds are moderately adaptable dogs. If a Golden Shepherd has had plenty of exposure to other dogs, cats, and small animals, and has been trained how to interact with them, theyll be friendly with other pets, too. They were born December 26th 2022 will be ready for new USA Washable pee pads should be washed without any fabric softener/scented detergent. Monthly nail trims are usually enough to keep nails from growing too long or causing issues. WE ARE RESPONDING to your emails! WE ARE NOT BREEDING AGAIN UNTIL 2026-2027 when our boarding kennels are completed. USA German Shepherd pups. Sometimes their coats are solid, and sometimes they have a mix of colors. We make sure that all loving families are matched with the puppies that suit them best! no longer supports your browser. Our adult dogs eat Taste of the Wild Wetland dog food for its higher protein content to prevent allergy and skin issues. The girls are super USA The first litter ended up staying black and looks a bit like a black lab. USA He is also microchipped. refresh results with search filters open search menu. Bear is male,18 months old, unaltered, and medium drive. Thanks for visiting our Golden Shepherd page! internet. Some owners even prefer feeding their canines with their daily caloric needs. Big investments is a groom tools like a nail dremel 7760 with a big clipper, shaver like wahl 5 style to keep longer hair short on a golden. Expect that a dog this size would require a lot of food. View Details. Door gate for stairs or areas you dont want them in. He is very friendly with people and dogs of all ages. When two parent breeds share common health problems, there may be an increased risk for the mixed puppy to inherit that specific issue. We also occasionally give them a PetHonesty Digestive Probiotics Duck flavor once a week. Both should be friendly to you and display no signs of aggression. Teach your child never to approach any dog while theyre eating or sleeping or to try to take the dogs food away. 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