"We're at just the tip of the iceberg with it," Reaves said. Since Ronald Reagan, working people have repeatedly been forced to their knees. When Ruhmkorff retired in 2022, the International Executive Council appointed Noble to fill the vacancy, just a few weeks before Chicago and the Sixth District were set to host the IBEW's 40th International Convention. He served as business manager, international representative and Sixth District International Vice President before rising to International President in 2015. When he's ready to go, he's ready to go.". Contact Us | The industries that are crucial for the 21st century will be built, maintained, and staffed by our members. The IBEW sends its congratulations and best wishes to Brother Reaves as he begins his new job. International Representative IBEW Jan 2002 - Oct 2015 13 years 10 months. Sister Luiz has relocated to Washington State, closer to her daughter's home in Portland, Ore. She hopes to find a home near the water, do some bicycling and kayaking and stay active in the Democratic Party and in Emerge America, an activist group that identifies and trains women to run for public office. Their union issues were bread-and-butter issues for us as a family.". On top of construction, contracts included shipyards, transit, city and county workers, the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco's newspapers, "You'd be done and go, 'Thank goodness that's over,' and then there was the next one," O'Rourke said. Phone: 713-869-8900. "I've got big shoes to fill, and that can be daunting," he said. to help ensure an appropriate response. Today, the IBEW is a union ready to ensure that the electrification and energy transition of the North American economy will create a better, cleaner and more reliable future built, run and maintained by the kind of jobs working people used to be able to take for granted. Pension Benefit. He also looks back with pride at his local's work on the landmark Centier Bank building in Merrillville. President Biden conveyed just how close that relationship was when he became the first sitting president to address an IBEW convention last May in Chicago. Charles served as an Assistant Business Manager at Local 175 in Chattanooga, TN and was appointed as IBEW International Representative for the Tenth District in 2015. Stephensons leadership potential was recognized quickly and he rose through the locals leadership, winning election as vice president in 1984 and, in quick succession, serving as president and assistant business manager before taking over as business manager in 1991. "Juanita is a very courageous and powerful woman, a successful leader who is determined to make a difference. Research Kasmark said Reithel's appointment as Noble's senior executive assistant speaks volumes. "We organized under California's public agency laws that didn't compel workers to join a union," says Luiz, who was originally skeptical about organized labor but became an activist under the mentorship of then-Ninth District International Representative Art Jones, who died in 2011. To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in the electrical construction trades, utilities, telecommunications, electrical manufacturing, government, railroads and broadcasting. "I studied Dave when he was a business manager. Support Services Reasonable. Privacy Statement. IBEW DISTRICTS: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 | IBEW CANADA, Agreement Approval "Amy is 100% supportive of the IBEW," he said. Soon after his appointment in 2010 as Sixth District International Vice President, Stephenson fought hard, but ultimately unsuccessful, battles for working families as Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana passed right-to-work laws. With more than 700,000 members, the IBEW is among the worlds strongest labor organizations, representing workers in a range of skilled occupations in a wide variety of fields, including utilities,construction,telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. "Paul was the [Sixth District] desk rep, and if you ever needed anything, it was 'better call Paul." Pension & Reciprocity International Vice President at IBEW. Dave Reaves, O'Rourke's successor, similarly praised his former boss, calling him a friend and mentor. Union density was another story when O'Rourke moved to the Ninth District staff in 2012 and began servicing locals outside the city that were struggling to sign contractors. Privacy Statement, Click here for a list of IBEW Departments and their contact information, IBEW for Clinton-Kaine Campaign Materials, National Electrical Contractors Association, Building and Construction Trades Department, National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee. Notification to the I.O. He said he's already a practiced long-distance commuter between years flying to far-flung locals across his home state and to and from the West Coast as a representative. "That organizing drive was my first practical introduction to what a union was," said Spencer, who was initiated into the IBEW and Local 1597 in 2006. They went from a 10,000-square-foot facility without any dedicated training space to more than 33,000 square feet with about 25,000 of that for state-of-the-art training. As he steps down,effective Jan. 4,the IBEW has more A members than at any time in its history. "When I was international secretary-treasurer, Per Capita Membership was one of the departments under my direct supervision," Cooper said. Prior to his appointment as an international representative, Fenton was a panel member of the Council on Industrial Relations for five years and served as the Second District representative for the Electrical Training Alliance. Having developed a taste for union service and activism, Spencer told Local 1597's leaders that he wanted to continue to serve the IBEW in a way that put his interests to use, so they began sending him to district progress meetings and training sessions. He's laser focused on what he wants to accomplish, but he genuinely wants to hear everyone's thoughts and feedback. We will electrify everything: cars, ports, buildings and so much more. O'Rourke was born and raised in San Francisco, the middle child of seven and son of a city firefighter who helped his children appreciate the power of organized labor. Fax: (609) 426-9709 2020 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 400 | All . In 2002, he returned to Scottsbluff and took a seasonal job as an equipment operator with the nearby city of Gering. We are a bigger, stronger and more diverse union than we were seven years ago, he said. IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill has named International Representative Bill Bohne' as director of the IBEW Personnel Department effective August 1, 2004. . . The power of unions is our collective strength, and that is especially true for the President: you are only as strong as your team. Previously, Ryan was a Foreman at Sweney Electric. He also successfully organized 39 out of 42 elections in 6 states for Asplundh tree workers. As he grew older, he discovered the power of a union and a voice at work, lessons he learned as a young apprentice at Local 688 in Mansfield, Ohio. It employs 5,001-10,000 people and has $250M-$500M of revenue. It shall apply to all firms who sign a Letter of Assent to be bound by this Agreement. Use this form if you want an organizer to contact you. About the Department. The two instantly began to develop a good working relationship, he said. For these reasons, the IBEW Membership Development Department is dedicated to advancing the legacy of our founders: joining North Americas electrical workers in a common organization to make a better life for all. We just took on the fires as they were coming.". It employs 5,001-10,000 people and has $250M-$500M of revenue. 5 general branches of IBEW are: inside wireman Outside wireman Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin . Dave Fenton was appointed director of the Per Capita Department, effective Jan. 4. I'm proud to be her friend and IBEW sister," says International Representative Kelly Foster, who worked with Luiz at the water district and followed her onto the Ninth District staff. His duties include; 10 th District Political Coordinator, contract negotiations, organizing, and local union administration for two IBEW local unions in Middle and East Tennessee . "You have to have the ability to talk to people in Per Capita. By 2019, Stephenson had promoted Spencer to department director, where Spencer continued efforts to leverage technology to help keep the department efficient, including implementing the IBEW digital membership application platform. IBEW Extras and Links. - The IBEW thanks the jury and prosecution team for ensuring that justice was served. It is, and has been, good for all America. "When you love what you do, it's hard to leave," O'Rourke said. He and his wife Gina have two beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. "My father was an active union member in Local 798, and we'd go out and do door hangers for political action," he said. We will build all of that, Noble said. It's opened the door and given so many workers who were not unionized what we have in the IBEW. The Union president or his designated representative may be allowed to absent themselves from work without pay for up to one (1) work day per month in order to Recognized as a progressive labour leader, I've spent my time working hard for my members and their families- skillfully representing them in all aspects of labour relations, as a spokesperson with the media, and in dealings with . Eric Jackson is an International Representative at IBEW Local based in Tacoma, Washington. 11-year member Glen Bernard, First Responder Gas Crew Lead, PG&E San Rafael Service Center. Three years later, he applied to be a lead organizer for the Eleventh District, serving western Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Strength in Unity Overview; Contributions; Also Known As; Overview This page displays the cumulative amount given by this contributor to these individuals or . Michel and Spencer got to know each other when Spencer was at Local 1597, and they became close friends as they worked at the district office on several organizing campaigns. The real value of the relationship, however, was measured in the laws that were passed and in the allies of working people appointed to positions that matter for worker safety, wages and quality of life. "I couldn't do this without her.". Rocketreach finds email, phone & social media for 450M+ professionals. Among Reithel's biggest accomplishments with the local was helping to leverage the IBEW's Code of Excellence to form a partnership with M.J. Electric that secured jobs for about 200 local members at the BP refinery in Whiting, Ind., at a time when such jobs were hard to find. And all that load will need transmission and distribution to connect the clean, reliable generation and storage. Recently, he helped head up two historic pro-worker and pro-jobs wins in his home state of Illinois: The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, which sets some of the strongest pro-worker provisions for the energy industry in the nation and the Workers Rights Amendment, which enshrines the right to bargain collectively in the state constitution. He serves on the Executive Committee of the AFL-CIO and the Governing Board of Presidents for North Americas Building Trades Unions . Part of what we fight for is a retirement you have time to enjoy. He's detail-oriented and very passionate, but he doesn't get upset at the little things," Kasmark said. Civic and Community Engagement ", Reithel added: "He's like a tool partner in the field. With more than 700,000 members, the IBEW is among the world's strongest labor organizations . "When I heard that Dave was asked to be a rep, I said, 'If there was anybody made for that job, it was Dave,'" said Local 223 Business Manager Doug Nelson, who's known Fenton since their time working together in the '90s. I couldn't have worked with a higher caliber of people.". Stephenson thanked the more than 775,000 members of the IBEW for entrusting him with stewardship of the union. Under Stephensons leadership, the IBEW built a historically close relationship with President Joe Biden and his administration. This week, at the 40th IBEW International Convention in Chicago, IBEW Local 2222 Business Manager, Myles Calvey, has been re-elected to serve as the IBEW 2nd District Representative on the International Executive Council. Washington DC 20001 Telephone: 202-833-7000, . Membership or apprenticeship inquiries are handled by local unions. Read More. Email: Education_Dept@IBEW.org. You watch, you listen, and I saw a guy who embraced what we do here and who works well with everyone. In 1993 he was elected business manager. The IBEW represents approximately 775,000 active members and retireeswho work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities,construction,telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. After his four-year apprenticeship and six years in the field, O'Rourke landed a seat on the executive board while still a "youngster" by Local 6 standards. "But once they experience what's in it for them, they see the value of working with us. Stephenson was finishing his second term as business manager in 2002 when he was appointed international representative assigned to the Sixth District. Dave Reaves, who earned a reputation as an innovative and skillful business manager in his native Alaska and more recently as a servicing representative on the West Coast, has been appointed as Ninth District international vice president. International Representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Under his leadership, the local prospered, market share for construction grew, and organizing increased, including a successful organizing campaign at a manufacturing plant that added nearly 200 members to the small local. We owe it to these members that made a choice to join the IBEW that their history is as accurate as it can be.". (905) 564-5441 Fax (905) 564-8114 Email ivpd_01@ibew.org. After formation of Perris Local 1436, which represented up to 500 workers at the water district, Luiz served as recording secretary, vice president and from 1998 to 2002 business manager. IBEW Statement on the Convictions of Brian Ahakuelo and Marilyn Ahakuelo "In one week, I could be at three different tables. "I interviewed Ryan for his apprenticeship," said IBEW Director of Business Development Ray Kasmark, a former Local 697 business manager who sat on the local's joint apprentice training committee at the time. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers issued the following statement upon the conviction of Brian Ahakuelo and Marilyn Ahakuelo on Monday, Nov. 21: . "And he's not afraid to innovate, which makes him perfect for the job. Incoming President Cooper said he is humbled by his selection and is ready to work with officers, staff and the membership to continue growing the IBEW to new heights. An elected board composed predominantly of real estate developers and wealthy farmers governed the water district in the politically conservative region. He then won election three more times as business manager and financial secretary before being appointed as an international representative in 2019. Assistant Business Manager J.R. Richardson and Fifth District International Representative Gene O'Kelly meet with Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia. "John is truly loved by the Ninth District staff," said International Representative Dominic Nolan, O'Rourke's executive assistant. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and is so recognized by the Employer. Construction Inside/Outside Jurisdictional Mapping System, List of Products Made/Assembled and Services Provided by IBEW Members. Railroad International Representative at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Mentor, Ohio, United States . . International Secretary-Treasurer. Thank you to each and every IBEW member for your contributions over the last seven years.. Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. I've been a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) since 1992 and active in union leadership roles virtually all of that time. "But we still have to sustain the labor movement by reaching out and enlightening more people on how essential the union movement is to their livelihoods and to the well-being of our nation.". ", Michel added: "I think he's going to do great in this new job. He wound up serving as one of the its coordinators. After seven years as International President of the IBEW, Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring. He's also a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan who developed a grudging appreciation for the crosstown White Sox after the team's star third baseman, Robin Ventura, visited him in the hospital while he underwent his cancer treatment. Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to personally experience and participate in the U.S. political system, Luiz says, "The best part of the job was conducting training sessions where I met so many dedicated union members who were excited to make change, even in difficult places like the South.". Former IBEW Local 1260 boss found guilty of fraud, embezzlement. In May 2011, his hard work and dedication to the IBEW was again recognized when President Hill recommended to the International Executive Council that Brother Cooper be appointed as the international vice president for the Fourth District. SA: Aformer union bossindicted by a federal grand jury in August 2019 for rigging a dues hike vote and using his members money to pay for his familys lavish lifestyle was found guilty on all counts this afternoon. "We only had $500 to spend, but local union members knocked on doors for a month," says Luiz. "I look forward to seeing what other technology enhancements are on the horizon for the department.". Section 3.17. IBEW International Representative 10 years 11 months Business Development IBEW International Representative Jun 2015 - Present 7 years 8 months. Ryan Reithel, an energetic unionist who overcame early adversity, has been appointed senior executive assistant to International Secretary-Treasurer Paul A. Noble, effective Jan. 4. "It was my first foray into politics," says Luiz, who attended Grossmont College and Cuyamaca College. Union members elect their representatives, establish bylaws and meet regularly to consider grievances and other local business.Read ABOUT US, FOR MORE INFORMATIONIBEW System Council No. He also served as an organizer for the local and in 2017 was elected business manager. Mail: 900 Seventh Street, NW, Washington, D.C., 20001. ", A long list of other tactics for growth includes "capturing EV buildout, solar, offshore wind, battery storage, grid modernization and upgrade work, and providing any workforce training needed," he said. . Email: IBEW Meanwhile, his older brother was a journeyman wireman at Local 6 and nudged O'Rourke in that direction. IST Cooper also spearheaded NEBFs investment in $650 million of infrastructure and private equity funds that generated superior investment returns and created jobs in the electrical industry. Investment & Employees' 401(K) Section 5. Cooper began his career in 1985 at Local Union 688 in Mansfield, Ohio, where he served a four-year apprenticeship to become a journeyman wireman. Login Washington, DC 20001 ", The transition to life in Washington, D.C., has been smooth for Reithel and his wife, Amy, a dental hygienist who quickly found opportunities. One year later, Reithel was initiated into Gary and Hammond, Ind., Local 697. ", Oakland agreed. . This button displays the currently selected search type. The Personnel Department's primary responsibility is to provide assistance to the International President, the International Secretary-Treasurer and to all its active and retired officers, representatives, assistants and office employees of the International Office located in the US and Canada providing best practices of . He joined the apprenticeship of Rock Island Local 145 in 1975, just in time to watch the abandonment of the industrial Midwest. IBEW Local 94 Elected Officers and Delegates being sworn in by IBEW International Representative Frank Muia. International President Lonnie R.Stephenson rallied the IBEW's organizers at the 2022Membership Development Conference in San Antonio, Texas. He isn't afraid of it and will explore new ways to do things better.". Delegates to the 40th International Convention overwhelmingly elected him to a full term in 2022. One objective of the IBEW is to promote _____ methods of work. This information is a public record, which can also be found on www.UnionReports.gov, which is a government-run website. "He's extremely savvy and smart, but he's also humble. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers issued the following statement: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring, effective Jan. 4, bringing an end to a nearly five-decade active career in the union. "I do enjoy challenges, and I am not afraid to do something different than the way that we have always done it," Fenton said. After graduating from ITT Technical Institute, he joined West Frankfort, Ill., Local 702 as combination person for Contel Telephone. He served as business manager, international representative and Sixth District International Vice President before rising to International President in 2015. These convictions are the direct result of the IBEWs vigilance and dogged pursuit of justice for its members. The Supreme Court imposed right-to-work on the entire public sector workforce in 2018 and in 2020, the COVID-19 global health emergency silenced offices, factories, call centers, construction sites and schools. Zachary Kotai Local 2003 Business Manager Montreal QC . The convictions of Brian Ahakuelo and his wife, Marilyn Ahakuelo, by a jury of their peers are a long time coming. It astonished him and hammered home the need to build political coalitions that valued working families and stiffened his resolve that if labor had a future it would need to organize. After seven months of intensive chemotherapy in Chicago, an hour's drive away, the cancer was declared in remission, and Reithel has been cancer-free ever since. Broadcasting & Recording "I like helping the IBEW," Spencer said. Fenton comes in at a good time for the Per Capita Department, as it has undergone some major technology changes over the past few years. On behalf of the membership, officers and staff, we wish Brother Fenton all the best in his new role. The most important work in America right now is our work. As the Per Capita director, I know what is required by the constitution on reporting and sending in your report as a local," he said. Site Map | Change of Address "For me, it's a passion, not a job. The department makes its greatest contribution through its involvement in improving the productivity and quality of work life for all staff and employees, reinforcing the belief that our greatest asset is the people who work here. This is an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245 represented classification, which has over 100 years of experience representing employees at PG&E . IBEW International Representative 119 Wheatland Dr. Cambridge ON N1P 1E2 519-465-6248 steven_martin@ibew.org. . Learning from the journey worker and completing all assigned duties Identifying, analyzing, troubleshooting, and assisting with repairs of equipment and electrical faults The IBEW has members in both the United States and Canada and stands out among the American unions in the AFL-CIO because it is among the largest and has members in so many skilled occupations. The estimated hourly pay at IBEW ranges from approximately $15.80 per hour for Apprentice Electrician to $42.39 per hour for Journeyperson Electrician. I heard that many times while I was business manager," Fenton said. Stephenson gavels the IBEW's 40th International Convention to a close in May 2022. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC 900 Seventh Street . Whether you are a professional or blue collar employee, the IBEW has experience in organizing and representing workers in your career. Telecommunications Another accomplishment that Fenton can claim from his time as business manager was Local 223's purchase of a new building. It's a way of life.". "He's also tech-savvy. 299 Ward St. "I took great pride in always seeking to improve on what we had. Remember, brothers and sisters: when you're an IBEW 11 member, you are never alone. . Ross Galbraith is an International Representative working with 11 progressive IBEW local unions in Atlantic Canada. International President Kenneth W. Cooper appointed Director of Per Capita Membership Louie Spencer to be his assistant and deputy chief of staff, effective Jan. 4. He might not like me saying this out loud, but he was the perfect combination of leadership and vision that this union needed.. And, with a good negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise. This information is a public record, which can also be found on www.UnionReports.gov, which is a government-run website. That work experience helped Reithel stand out. On behalf of the officers, staff and membership, we wish Sister Luiz a long, healthy and happy retirement. Stephenson didnt write the Butch Lewis, Bipartisan Infrastructure, Inflation Reduction or CHIPS Acts but he was as responsible for their passage into law as anyone not on Capitol Hill or in the White House. In 2017, through his persistence and leadership, the IBEW celebrated one of the biggest organizing wins in its 125-year history when 1,418 Baltimore Gas and Electric Employees voted to be represented by our great brotherhood. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Lonnie R. Stephenson is retiring, effective Jan. 4, bringing an end to a nearly five-decade active career in the union. 2020 IBEW East Coast Motorcycle Ride; EW Online; IBEW for Clinton-Kaine Campaign Materials; One day on the north slope of Alaska, he got to talking with his future father-in-law, a Local 1547 lineman who inspired him to apply for an apprenticeship. Glen Bernard. Ross Galbraith is an International Representative working with 11 progressive IBEW local unions in. It earned an average investment return of 7.2%, placing the NEBF in the nation's top ten percent of Taft-Hartley pension plans during his time in office. Contact Us | Hes one of my closest friends as well. Please include your name, a physical address, and phone number in your correspondence IBEW International Representative Dave Jones swore in the new officers, executive board, and examining board members before the union's regularly scheduled monthly in-person meeting. During a national strike by UPS employees represented by the Teamsters, Spencer had considered applying for a job as a temporary replacement worker, but his grandmother forbade it.