This idea came to me, in a very roundabout way, while reading Muffinlance's Towards the Sun (which has nothing to do with assassins, but did inspire me to write something where Iroh is on the opposite side to Zuko) and Vathara's Embers, of which I think the influences are a little more obvious. Please be sure to read Stranger in a Strange Land before reading this, otherwise, you will be lost. note- I haven't read the graphic novels so they're not canon in this story. Crossposted in FanFiction.Net and AO3 under the same. . He can see that his friends want to help, he can see that Uncle hurts inside when Zuko doesn't eat, but he hasn't figured out what else to do about it. Zuko said, thinking things over. For Zutara, stop at the end of chapter 1. Zuko's body finally breaks under all the stress and Sokka is there to help him. The colonel was right that if anyone else found him, he would live through The North all over again. Their father, though working in secret, is sure not to stand idle either. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Iroh scooted softly, soundlessly to the edge of his bedCarefully placing his feet on the floor he tip-toed behind his young nephew. His boyfriend's a drunk, but maybe he's a better drunk than he used to be? ***This story contains acts of sexual violence and recollected child abuse. When Zuko's butt was bright red, Iroh shifted and moved his focus down to Zuko's sit spot and upper thighs. "Zuko!" In the dim light of his room, retired Fire Lord Zuko rested on a soft chair. Crown Prince Zuko was not what his crew expected. He will tell new group members his . But when he takes in a troubled young teenager named Zuko, he may find that it was more than he bargained for. About Lightning Zuko Fanfiction Bending Iroh says it in Bitter Work that it requires peace of mind and indeed it's Zuko's inner turmoil that prevents him from generating it. Oh my Spirits, Hana thought. By that point Zuko was sobbing openly, and Iroh finally ceased his assault upon Zuko's butt. It can be primarily be read here on Archive of Our Own. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works When . His cheeks were flushed from the little color it normally had. He also noticed the scar. Now, shes a certified waterbending Master and even though Hakoda is unbelievably proud, he wasnt there. It will be titled the same. Zuko Joins The Gaang Early (Avatar) Azula (Avatar) Redemption; Protective Zuko (Avatar) Bending can get a little crazy if you try hard; Zuko is trying his best; . In this respect, Zuko and Aang need each other. Lol at first I didn't realize it was a joke that sokka and katara didn't realize his father caused the scar, so for some reason I thought it was a joke that they didn't even notice his eye scar until zuko explicitly said he had one. With Sozins Comet fast approaching, it is essential that the Avatar learn firebending. Zuko groaned weakly. Sokka and Suki grow more fiercely together as the world threatens to pull them apart. Im new to this. Maybe I am deadShe narrowed her eyesbut which one is it? . It's all right. Aang loves the idea of extended family- even if it's you know- Zuko. Giu 11, 2022 | how to calculate calories per serving in a recipe. have to have him in you OTP in order to love him as the angsty once-banshed prince! June 7, 2022 underground celebrity gossip . "I am afraid I cannot be away too long, you see my young ward is still sick" Zuko had approached them by then, "How is she?" They both knew which scrolls Zuko had been talking about and they both knew that wasnt one of the scrolls that Zuko had brought with him into his banishment, which meant that he had read it during his time in the capital. When Zuko and Iroh suddenly join the Avatar's group after "The . Uncle Iroh would appreciate the young guard's service once more, and she would be more than happy to provide it. Zuko questioned him, lifting him from the floor. What Happened To Johnny And Tiara Sims Conversion Therapy, The past is back to haunt-and mock-him. Can enemies ever become friends? Prince Zuko from the Fire Nation has ended up in a world filled with Titans. AU where Zuko doesn't manage to escape during the Day of the Black Sun. The Six Rules: Rule Number One: Alec won't warn the Gaang about things in advance or solve their problems for them, with a few rare exceptions. anthony hunt dolphins. Fanfic /. "Shush," she told him sharply. Only Truble, a master fire bender, and time bender will be able to save the nations to their united era. Her mother had left behind a legacy, and now it was up to her to keep it from crumbling. Meanwhile, The Gaang is in the same town, freshly after losing Appa. This is a Firelord Zuko appreciation group! But Aang knew that wasn't true, as he hadn't grown up in that world. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Its not like he ever had a class on what to do with a sick firebender prince intent on taking him prisoner. When Zuko comes to Iroh and asks him what he would do if Azula had ever sired a child on some poor, unsuspecting omega, Iroh honestly doesn't know the answer. Zuko (Avatar) Iroh (Avatar) Original Characters Aang (Avatar) Katara (Avatar) Sokka (Avatar) Toph Beifong Ozai (Avatar) Bumi (Avatar) Kya (Avatar) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Action/Adventure Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck Bad Parent Ozai (Avatar) Iroh is a Good Uncle (Avatar) Stubborn Zuko (Avatar) Oblivious Zuko (Avatar) Drama & Romance When destiny bring the ex-friends back together, they each have to decide whether the other can be trusted. Towards the Sun by MuffinLance is an Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic exploring a For Want of a Nail Season Four "Zuko never joined the Gaang, and he's really bad at being good" AU. Iroh smiled softly as Zuko began his writing, or drawing or what ever he was doing. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth losing your face to Koh for here. Can enemies ever become friends? He grins over his shoulder at Zuko. Umhello? He looked blankly at her, My name is Nora. I was sent an incest ship and a sentence, which was to be the first sentence of the ficlet, and then I finished it with 5 more sentences (or, in many cases, far more than 5). Facebook. "Uncle Iroh, what's wrong?" iroh takes care of sick zuko fanfic. The fact that Iroh breaks up the fight by grabbing Zuko's ponytail. Sorry the page you were looking for cannot be found. zuko never chases aang fanfiction. Which means the Avatar needs a better teacher. All of a sudden, he came bursting in from outside. There was no sign of Zuko. iroh takes care of sick zuko fanfic iroh takes care of sick zuko fanfic. Zoya Bashkuni is Zuko, First Born of Prince Ozai. Aang laid on Appa's back, alone with thoughts of the complicated nature of women. This fic contains descriptions and references to depression and other mental illnesses, please check notes for content warnings and read at your own discretion. Rule Number Two: Only Alec has the right to tell people his true origins, and he will mostly limit this to group members. Prince Zuko was a walking reminder of how unimportant she really was. (Zuko x Reader x slight!Various) [Name] [Last Name] was young when she was assigned to protect the Young Prince of the Fire Nation, it was their family tradition to serve and protect the Fire Lords in the Royal Family. Avatar zuko joins the group early fanfiction Avatar zuko joins the group early fanfiction. The ocean spirit didn't aim at Iroh, he'd been caught in a bad place in a bad time. What if crazy fate and a series of poor life choices threw four kids together? Prince Zuko from the Fire Nation has ended up in a world filled with Titans. After getting over his fear of using the element, Aang proved to be an exceptional firebender and was excelling faster than the prince had expected. He was running close to the outer wall, looking for Zuko. El calor de Zuko ha llegado en medio de su misin en Ba Sing Se, por suerte ya haba arreglado pasarlo con Sokka quien aunque haba aceptado muy feliz encargarse de l al principio pronto se dar cuenta que no todo es tan fcil como parece. He continued to spank until they, too, were bright red and hot to the touch. Or the assassination attempt that Sokka can't protect Zuko from. I shall. fanfiction zuko chit sang. Even the actors who voiced Katara and Zuko wanted them to get together! After I remember after that sokka gets kidnapped by zhao where zhao Mistakes him for a real girl and as zukos betrothed or . Starts early in Book 2. Browse through and read zuko x oc stories and books. The running of a country is not something to take lightly. Iroh thought he raised his son the right way. Lariren-Shadow. Rule Number Two: Only Alec has the right to tell people his true origins, and he will mostly limit this to group members. Facebook. The cost of power is high and the cost of. Play Prodigy. is dr abraham wagner married. By carol's daughter monoi shampoo and conditioner costco. Something he could never take back. Its over. Seeing a trail of discarded robes, she followed that to the bedroom where she came upon a disheveled and bare chested Zuko laying on the ground on his back. As a plague wreaks havoc in the islands of the Fire Nation, Katara dons the disguise of the Painted Lady to heal people who need her. Iroh thought he raised his son the right way. There's a conversation Sokka doesn't want to have, that he's tired of having, and so he pushes Zuko against the wall and kisses him deep, something bitter on his tongue Sokka doesn't recognize, mingled with whiskey and vermouth. unique traits of plants, animals and humans. The only thing I own is my OC. What if crazy fate and a series of poor life choices threw four kids together? The Gaang still defeats Ozai, but the Fire Nation now has an heir to drag back up from the dungeons to put on the throne. Language: English Words: 20,490 Chapters: 4 /10 Katara glared at him. Zuko has a terrible idea. "You know nothing of the Prince," he said fiercely. "Iroh, I think he's sick," I say stricken with worry as I soak a cloth in cool water. This is a work of fanfiction that was inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender, specifically the Season 2 Finale. A Zuko joins the Gaang accidentally in season1 story. Zuko made a thin sound between his teeth that must have been of pain, but somehow he straightened, and Aang felt him shake his head. Fanfiction Romance Love Avatar Tvshow Fanfic Zuko Journey Oc Embark Thegaang. Zuko's father will never hurt him again, but that doesn't mean that all the trauma and shame just disappear. Roku gets a chance to talk to Zuko at his temple. Zuko respects Katara as a bender, even if she is a girl. Iroh didn't dare lean over enough to see past the boy. That couldn't be good. It's centered around an amnesic Zuko being adopted by Hakoda several years before the start of canon. This story spans over about 8 years. Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh find domestic moments in Ba Sing Se. New abilities are revealed, relationships are strained, and both siblings are forced to look deep within themselves for answers they may not be ready to find. Hakoda looked at Zuko's face and noticed for the first time that the boy was crying. But Zuko leaves early, startled by how good the night had gone, and rejects this simple life in Ba Sing Se. In spite of Zuko's best efforts, events go from bad to worse. Self-aware? have to have him in you OTP in order to love him as the angsty once-banshed prince! His dark eyes glitter in the light coming from the lanterns. Until he has to fight an agni kai with Zhao to save his crew. She couldnt pronounce her Rs correctly and she still asked him for piggybacks when she got tired. They explore their new residence. Zuko x reader angst keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which . Then Zuko disappears, and Iroh is left to realize the horrifying truth. Katara glared at him. What if there was a protector of the Avatar? One morning when her mom is listening to her favorite song right after a snowstorm, her life flips upsidedown. Now a capable Airbender in the making, Zuko is headed to the Northern Water Tribe alongside his friends and uncle. Toph and Zuko's trust in their friends is tested as a rough morning gets out of hand. He also knew that he was supposed to have a lot more training before taking his position. Hakoda felt his stomach clench and his throat tighten. He dumped his on her plate and then walked off into the woods. Hurt Zuko (Avatar) Zuko Joins The Gaang Early (Avatar) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Spirits Spirit World (Avatar) Loss of Identity Amnesia Grief/Mourning Guilt Past Sokka/Yue (Avatar) Zuko (Avatar) Needs a Hug Gaang Adopts Zuko (Avatar) Starvation Recovery Near Death Experiences Blue Spirit Zuko (Avatar) Major Character Undeath 4 comments. Iroh smiled softly as Zuko began his writing, or drawing or what ever he was doing. Can enemies ever become friends? [] someone they called the kamioroshi was the only person who could restore balance to this world. Even though you might think that this is just a simple fever, it is not, regardless of it's insignificance to you. Everyone is welcome. Go. Azula had always been what Ozai had wanted her to be. More Than Blood Can Stand: When Fire Lord Azulon ordered Iroh to adopt Zuko, it seemed like the magic wand that would fix everything that was wrong in Zuko's life.But life inevitably finds a way to blow up in Zuko's face. fanfiction zuko chit sang. On hiatus, but not permanently. After escaping, Iroh pursued a taxiing biplane down a runway. Chapter 5: Zuko gets up for the first time since being wounded, and discussions about why this all happened ensue. Katara, feeling awkward and uncomfortable, busied herself with chores. 46 Stories. His skin had taken on a grayish hue, and he thrashed feverishly on the bed. I just want him to face the cruelty he's thrown the world and suffer, just like the world has. The rest of the gaang proceed to do their best to care for their sick friend. Zuko Joins The Gaang Early (Avatar) Azula (Avatar) Redemption Blue Spirit Zuko (Avatar) Zuko doesn't mean to start a revolution. She holds a cold glare to everyone around her, often being misunderstood. They had not been seen since the Empire of Fire attacked the Air Nomads almost a hundred years ago, and it was in search of this and other survivors of the Air Nomad genocide that her people had left the north pole, for they always came back. He didn't raise his voice, but it rang with power and authority. "What did he do?" He demanded. Keeping peace is far harder than winning wars. Shut up, Zuko says. fanfiction zuko chit sang. The boy's enthusiasm was bringing out the intense passion Zuko held for the discipline. "She can eat this. 21 day forecast key west, florida. Then the wall collapsed, floes fell into cold waters of the north, Iroh lost his footing and fell. They have a princess (not a prince) on their tails. For a few moments all Iroh can hear is shallow, raggedy breathing on the other end of the line. And after Katara had seen the enormity of the Fire Nation fleet, she knew that Zuko's ship was tiny by comparison. Katara had asked her grandma once what this descent of the gods was, and Kanna had told her that she could not recall the Imiqtitut word for it.