The above analysis of general election polls has been calculated through linear average equation modelling of the latest UK opinion polls of Westminster voting intention. Two new UK-wide opinion polls have added weight to the growing belief that Labour would be close to catching the SNP if a General Election were held anytime soon. In doing so the Lib Dems would defeat both the deputy prime minister, Dominic Raab, and the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt. We list the most recent surveys: Wings Over Scotland poll, conducted by Panelbase, reported on 14 Feb 2023: Confirmation Bias for BeginnersFull results, By well over 2 to 1, respondents felt that they were being let down by the people who are supposed to speak for them. Nicola Sturgeon Expected To Resign As Scottish First Minister Today But Why? New projections based on YouGov polling suggest the Conservative Party could be reduced to the UKs fourth-biggest party at the next election. Further details of the latest voting intentions in relation to a Scottish independence referendum can be seen in the most recent individual polls: Yougov (January 26) which placed the Yes side on 46.5% and the No side on 53.5%, post adjusting for undecided voters. This includes a majority of those who agree the people should be freely able to express their transgender identity. Sustainable shooting key to governments nature recovery plans, Press release: Shootings role outlined to the new Welsh parliament, Liz Truss says she would use nuclear warfare, Hidden history: The Nazi-Soviet pact which Russia now tries to deny, The bigotry of Ukip is swamping the Conservative party, Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review, Comment: Anti-porn laws allow police to target those they don't like, Ambulance unions approached for pay talks after GMB tightens derogations, Reticulated giraffe heads to London Zoo before big breeding programme move, IRC Statement on IDC Report into UK Aid spend by the Home Office, Corporation tax is the tool to incentivise net zero, Trees: most accurate data yet shows glaring disparity in tree cover across England. Data collected at regular intervals about or relating to Scottish independence, tracking changes over time. A YouGov poll published this morning (2 March) makes encouraging reading for the Prime Minister. It found that the yes vote was ahead in only one age group, amongst 25-to-39-year-olds, while in all others no. Most polling companies listed here are members of the British Polling Council (BPC) and abide by its disclosure rules. All Rights Reserved. The YouGov polling for The Times also suggests widespread public dissatisfaction with the government's economic plan. A new opinion poll has found that support for the Tories in Wales is in freefall. Last updated Feb 28, 2023 View all Articles (514) Voting Intention: Con 23%, Labour 46% politics 1 day ago Trackers Data collected at regular intervals about or relating to Voting Intention, tracking changes over time. The poll, commissioned by WalesOnline has found support for the Tories in Wales now sits at just 19%. Excluding those who declare themselves to be undecided (currently around 6% of the electorate), polling averages from February 2023 places the Yes side at 47.1% and the No side at 52.9%. backed Scotland becoming an independent country. It found 72% of voters - including 69% of those who voted Tory in 2019 -. READ MORE: Scottish NHS staff reject latest pay offer and threaten 'unprecedented' strike action. Something went wrong, please try again later. On moral issues, do we really want to take the American way? However amidst mounting pressure on Boris Johnsons position in late June, and the drawn out nature of his resignation in early July, the Labour party once extended their lead over the Conservatives in the polls. However, coinciding with the roll out of the coronavirus vaccine and the conclusion of Boris Johnsons Brexit deal at the end of 2020, the Conservative party once again opened up a significant election poll lead over Labour. YOUGOV has recorded a boost in Scottish independence support, with backing for Yes up four points in its latest polling. Company number: SC669393. Non-standard question: Instead of the 2014 referendum question, respondents were asked "Do you agree that Scotland should become an independent country?" Data collected from extensive surveys and snap polls about or relating to Scottish independence. At 64 per cent, those respondents most likely to lean towards voting Green at the next election were also most likely to say that they support the GRR bill and that the UK Governments veto was wrong. Scotland should remain part of the UK without an elected parliament. The leader of the SNP has insisted her party was "not divided". The SNP is on 30 per cent, the Tories on 15 per cent and the Lib Dems on 11, with others on 3 per cent. As a smaller poll, the margin of error on the major categories is approximately 4.2 percentage points, compared to 3 for typical polls of 1000 respondents. Reform UK are also polling in the region of 6-7%. Scottish NHS staff reject latest pay offer and threaten 'unprecedented' strike action, Nicola Sturgeons SNP government blocking Scotlands 'success in the UK', says Sir Keir Starmer, Met Police in London urged to investigate the SNP's Covid 'crime of the century', Campaigners believe longstanding failures in the Scottish healthcare regulation were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, leading to up to 30,000 avoidable deaths and they won't stop until they get justice, Prince Harry feels 'stuck' with Meghan Markle in America as biographer claims he wants them to come home, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit the UK in 2020 but observers reckon the move has not worked out for them, Tax authorities 'destroyed' Rangers, former chairman Charles Green tells court, Green also spoke of his dislike for Craig Whyte, telling the court 'if we had a collection in this court we would have more money from that than Craig Whyte would ever have', Prince Harry set to lose Dukedom as King's eviction is block on him 'deputising', More rejection for Prince Harry as experts reckon his UK eviction is a tactical move to stop him from being able to step into Royal roles in the event of King Charles's absence, Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell's joint bank account is key to resignation, says Private Eye, The outgoing SNP leader and her chief executive husband are urged to answer the question about whether or not they have a joint bank account, as the magazine says Operation Branchform was the 'game-changer' behind shock resignation, Teaching strikes reprieve in doubt as union blasts 14% pay rise as 'paltry'. However as the Scottish parliament became fully operational in Edinburgh, support for independence initially waned, trending around 30% in the first decade of the twentieth century. The State of Nationalism in Scotland, detailed the previous responses from this survey by grouping options one and two as "independence", options three and four as "devolution" and option five as "No Parliament". Kemi Badenoch, who has proved popular . Keir Starmer has finally found his Clause IV moment. Respondents are asked Which of these statements comes closest to your view? Business & professional services. Similarly, the above analysis has been conducted based on the existing United Kingdom constituency boundaries. In terms of translating these election poll findings into a projected make up of the current House of Commons, has used the Butler method to calculate the current swing between the parties compared to the 2019 General Election. In Wales, Plaid Cymru is currently on course to lose one seat to Labour. The majority of people believe that a doctors approval should be needed for a person to change their sex in law. Another. Support for Scottish independence nudged up to 50% for the first time in 2019, soon after Boris Johnson became prime minister. BBC Scotland Gender Recognition Act Poll, conducted by Savanta ComRes, reported by the BBC 17 Feb 2022Full Results I DataMain findings: 57% would support making the process to acquire a gender recognition certificate easier but that support dropped when asked about specific proposals. The current voting intention trend can be seen in the most recent individual polls: Delta Poll (27 February) which placed Labour on 46%, the Conservatives on 31%, and the Liberal Democrts on 8%. British Social Attitudes Survey 39, reported in The Times, 22 Sep 2022Full results I Chapter on Culture WarsMain findings: YouGov, May 2022Full report I DataMain findings: Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee, Scottish Parliament, reported 23 May 2022, Wings Over Scotland, conducted by Panelbase, reported on 02 May 2022: Voting for people who hate you. The YouGov poll released on Monday night put the lead for the no campaign at six points, down from 14 points in the middle of August and 22 points early last month. Crucially for the Union, the SNP would be some distance off a majority share if the election was to be regarded as a 'de facto' referendum on independence, as Nicola Sturgeon has suggested. YouGov surveyed 1,043 Tory members and found that 60% said they'd vote for Truss, compared to 26% who opted for Sunak, the former chancellor whose resignation helped precipitate Johnson's . Subscribe to our email alert of the day's top stories from the UK and around the world. The latest Panelbase survey. The voting intention was not weighted by likelihood to vote. YouGov poll: The mental health and wellbeing of employees are not supported by legal firms Law News 15:47 3-Feb-23. Which party will you vote for? Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. Prior to the collapse in Conservative polling in 2022, it was suggested that equalising constituencies may assist the Conservatives by as many as 10 seats, given that the partys seats in the south of England are currently numerically larger than those found elsewhere in the country. Our first Tory members poll since the final two candidates were decided shows Liz Truss with a 24pt . It is vital that free media is allowed to exist to expose hypocrisy, corruption, wrongdoing and abuse of power. US ; About ; For business ; . Read more, Editorial enquiries, please contact: [emailprotected], Commercial enquiries, please contact: [emailprotected]. A YouGov poll shows 56% of Scots support the . Data collected at regular intervals about or relating to Voting Intention, tracking changes over time. A total of 21 per cent said they didnt know., UnHerd Britain 2023, published on 10 Feb 2023Full results, YouGov poll, reported in The Times on 05 Feb 2023. On 23 November 2022, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to unilaterally hold an independence referendum without the consent of the Westminster Parliament. [1] Following that judgment, the SNP reiterated its intention to campaign in the next UK general election as a de facto independence referendum. YouGov: The Times: GB 2,003 23% 46%: 9% 4% 7% 8% 3%. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. Last updated Feb 21, 2023 View all Surveys (8) Nicola Sturgeon expected to resign as Scottish First Minister today But why? In the case of Scotland, drew on the most recent Scottish voting intention polling data from Survation on 18 February. The Conservative party regained a minor amount of ground in the first 3 weeks of the Rishi Sunak premiership, but Mr Sunaks honeymoon period has been short lived, and those advances stalled soon after Jeremy Hunts financial statement. The government is becoming increasingly authoritarian and our media is run by a handful of billionaires, most of whom reside overseas and all of them have strong political allegiances and financial motivations. In this case, Nicola Sturgeon has said that the SNP will treat the next UK General Election as a "de facto" referendum, campaigning on the single issue of independence. The figures show the Conservatives on 28% of the vote (-4 from our previous survey on 21-23 September) to Labour's 45% (+5) this is the highest Labour lead YouGov has ever recorded.