After an unnerving trip from Bogota, the two Delta soldiers finally arrived at the Medellin headquarters of the Colombian police units searching for Pablo Escobar in July of 1992. He kills people in cold blood, murders innocents, blows up an airliner, . July 18, 2010. There are reports that Los Pepes had ties to some members of the Colombian National Police, especially the Search Bloc (Bloque de Bsqueda), with whom they exchanged information in order to execute their activities against Escobar. They have launched a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act against the CIA. [58], It is believed Los Pepes provided information to Search Bloc, a joint police and army unit specifically created to track down Medelln leaders. The closest was planting a car bomb, which almost killed his children. Working with the Fototeka photo digitation service and the US National Film Archive, the pictures were Continue reading "Bloody Brutal . Drugs still continue to cross into the United States and there is a plan in place to curtail drug smuggling- going after the traffickers and the people that support it. There were several assassination attempts on Escobar. In 2016, . [36] Through his 200 shares or 20% control, Vladimir Smirnov was Putin's voting proxy in SPAG. The Search Bloc party immediately celebrated widely and took credit for Pablo Escobars death. "El Chapo" - or "Shorty" - was once ranked as one of the world's richest men. The gory aftermath was captured in an image that's been imprinted on history. The closest was a car bomb that nearly killed Escobars children. Up in their Beechcraft spy plane over Medellin one day, the Centra Spike operators were stunned by what they overheard. The 12 spiritual principles of recovery are as follows: acceptance, hope, faith, courage, honesty, patience, humility, willingness, brotherly love, integrity, self-discipline, and service. [55] The jet took off and Salcedo abandoned the fourth bomb and went back to his hotel. Los Pepes are featured in the second season of the Netflix television series Narcos. Leading a cartel can be worth billions of dollars. However, in another claim by a group called Los Pepes which consisted of people prosecuted by Escobar, many members of the group accompanied Search Bloc to raid Escobar's hide-out in Medellin. Wikimedia Commons Pablo Escobar's death was captured in this now infamous image. According to court documents, on August 8-9, 1969, four members of the hippie cult known as the "Manson Family" broke into the former home of film director, Roman Polanski, and his wife, Sharon Tate. Propolis and bee pollen. They were characterized by the frequent use of explosives in their attacks. After her husband was murdered by his former boss Pablo Escobar, Dolly Moncada began providing valuable information to the Americans who were helping direct and finance the hunt for the fugitive drug lord. Los Pepes had guns, bombs, ammunition, and motivation to take down Escobar. Photos. Her husband's death not only left her in the rare position as a female head of a cocaine-trafficking empire, it also gave her a chance to . [3][21][24] As a consequence of the Cali Cartel's ownership of the chain, from January1988 to May4, 1990, it was targeted for 85bombings by Pablo Escobar and the Medelln Cartel, leaving a total of 27people dead. No one has been prosecuted for the murders committed by Los Pepes. [55], The group of British ex-soldiers accepted the offer. Other members of the Escobar family have posed this theory. Pablo Escobars words, spoken out of spite for United States law enforcement, would become a reality sooner than the drug kingpin anticipated. Nse doni t jeni i pari pr t'u informuar mbi lajme ekskluzive, regjistrohuni m posht. Escobar told his son numerous times that he would shoot himself in the right ear to avoid being captured alive, he said. Menu. His son, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, who has changed his name to Sebastin Marroqun, has insisted that his father took his own life on that Medelln rooftop. Police say a suspect, dressed like a gang . In February 1993, the CIA complained that government forces in Colombia were sharing information with Los Pepes. The government turned a blind eye to Escobar's activities until the murders of Galeano and Moncada. Here are the documents. 87 reviews #88 of 187 Restaurants in Palm Desert $$ - $$$ Mexican Vegetarian Friendly. Low-level cartel managers, former state officials linked to the cartel, Escobar's attorneys anyone was fair game. Delta, Colombians get off to bad start Despite evidence that the Search Bloc was working with Los Pepes and evidence, cited by Bowden, that Don Berna worked with both the Search Bloc and the DEA the accuracy of Don Berna's account hasn't been confirmed. In Bowden's account, despite all of the group's gadgets, a positive ID was made only when a member spotted Escobar through a second-story window. Menu - Check out the Menu of Los Pepes Groesbeck, Groesbeck at Zomato for Delivery, Dine-out or Takeaway. It is reported by Time magazine, in 1991, DEA and U.S. Customs Service (now ICE) agents were monitoring a shipment being offloaded in Miami, only to find out later that the DEA agents were the target of Cali surveillance at the same time. Any power vacuum in the Colombian cartels would give the people a chance to rise up. The assassination also targeted Escobar's lawyers, supporters and anyone close to the drug lord, reports First is that the police took a photo of men standing over the bloodied corpse as it lay sprawling on a rooftop. [57], Jorge Salcedo, a member of Colombia's military, was put in charge of the cartel's intelligence and later provided security to Miguel. The photo was taken in an abandoned Illinois barn, where Rhoades killed Walters after cutting off her hair and . Given that the main objective of Los Pepes was to assassinate Escobar, they acted in the same way that the Medelln Cartel acted against their enemies: killing anyone who had any allegiance with Escobar, such as their guards, accountants or lawyers, in addition to directly threatening friends and family of Pablo Escobar. While its initial encounters with the Medelln network left the Bloque de Bsqueda, or Search Bloc, dazed and weakened, it eventually became a hardened task force that hunted down Escobar and his associates. [37] Alexander Afanasyev ("Afonya") was connected to both SPAG and the Ismailovskaya mafia through his Panama registered Earl Holding AG which Ritter had also a signature as well as Berger International Holding, Repas Trading SA and Fox Consulting. Top editors give you the stories you want delivered right to your inbox each weekday. pig killing 646,043 Killing Premium High Res Photos Browse 646,043 killing stock photos and images available, or search for killing germs or killing weeds to find more great stock photos and pictures. He was living in Los Olivos, a middle-class barrio in Medellin, in December 1993 when Colombian intelligence intercepted a phone call from the drug kingpin to his son, Juan Pablo Escobar. All 2 songs featured in Narcos season 2 episode 6: Los Pepes, with scene descriptions. 73091 Country Club Dr Ste A6, Palm Desert, Greater Palm Springs, CA 92260-2338 +1 760-779-8977 Website. [35], Former Ukrainian presidential bodyguard Nikolai Melnichenko bugged the following conversation between Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and his security chief Leonid Derkach about SPAG:[35][40]. Pepe's Barbershop. Photos. There were 5 major Cali trafficking groups that were separate but also worked together when their interests aligned. Founded in the late 1980s, it was for many years headed by the notorious drug lord Joaqun "El Chapo" Guzmn. 1994. We have just killed Pablo Escobar!. [5][18], After Gilberto took a trip to Spain in the mid-1980s, the cartel began to expand its activities in Europe and developed a working relationship with tobacco smugglers from Galicia, Spain. Although fictional, the Netflix series Narcos plays with the Castano vs. Escobar dynamic. los pepes killings pictures. [3][7][21] Allegedly, Semion Mogilevich instructed Natasha Kagalovsky to wire transfer Cali cartel funds from Bank of New York accounts though Brazilian banks to offshore shell companies. ", Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw,, Paramilitary organisations based in Colombia, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2020, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 23 January 2023, at 21:09. Our effort is to bring news, analysis and comments, in the service of the public interest. Vitria Pepes. Due to the product's low profit rate and large amounts required to traffic to cover resources, the fledgling group decided to shift their focus to a more lucrative drug, cocaine. 0 . The government turned a blind eye to Escobars activities until the murders of Galeano and Moncada. The Castao Brothers (Carlos 19652004, Vicente and Fidel, who went missing in 1994) were founders of several paramilitary groups and the driving force behind the AUC's creation. The laptop allowed Londoo to eavesdrop on phone calls being made as well as analyze phone lines for wiretaps. With all that violence and death Steve and Javier were embroiled in, one would have to assume their daily job was extremely dangerous. Find address, phone number, hours, reviews, photos and more for Los Pepes Mexican Grill - Restaurant | 73091 Country Club Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92260, USA on That was very eye opening when I found out because they are stone cold killers! Unclaimed. Based in Medellin, Colombia, Escobars brutal reign over the illegal cocaine industry cost thousands of lives in Colombia alone. In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, the drug lord ran across the rooftops in Los Olivos. [8], In the absence of a hardline policy from the DEA on cocaine, the trade flourished. [5][21][22] With the influx of cash comes the need to launder the funds. for details of what connections the CIA and DEA had to Los Pepes. By the autumn of 1993, Pablo Escobar was in bad shape. JESUS ABAD-EL COLOMBIANO/AFP/Getty Images. Visit their website and enter discount code LET2020. 2023 Copyright Law Enforcement Today - All Rights Reserved. Las Chemas were implicated in numerous kidnappings including those of two Swiss citizens: a diplomat, Herman Buff, and a student, Zack "Jazz Milis" Martin. Pablo Escobar was one of the most notorious drug lords in the world. As the Medelln Cartel weakened due to the fighting and constant pressure, the Cali Cartel grew in strength, eventually founding Los Pepes, or Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar ("People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar"). 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters was one of the numerous women held in an 18-wheeler equipped with a torture chamber in the back. Make sure you click followingand then click see first so you dont miss a thing! Finally, a Colombian electronic surveillance team intercepted a call coming from a middle-class barrio in Medelln. In response, the Cali Cartel kidnapped 20 or more members of the Colombian Communist Party, Patriotic Union, the United Workers Union, and the sister of Pablo Catatumbo, a representative of the Simn Bolvar Guerrilla Coordinating Board. All the latest Law Enforcement Today news, updates and alerts delivered straight to your phone or inbox. Cartel members were permitted, through their affiliation with Gilberto, to overdraft accounts and take out loans without repayment. FAMILY MAN: Jose "Pepe" Rey, right, is pictured with daughter Becky (far left), wife Lissette and son Joey Rey. Second is that Los Pepes took credit for Pablo Escobars death. However, he did not hit Herrera. In photographs provided by Mexican authorities, uniforms, including CDN patches, and insignias are visible on cartel operatives killed at the scene. [54][55], The counter-intelligence TN Education Centre of the Cali Cartel often surprised the DEA and Colombian officials. If were ever kidnapped, thats who I want to come and get us because Ive seen them operate.. [4][57], Included in the list of government officials and officers on the Cali Cartel payroll were a reported 5,000taxi drivers. Manuela Escobar, the elusive daughter of Pablo, Gustavo Gaviria, Pablo Escobars criminal cousin. [4] Londoo was also believed to have a person within the phone company itself, which the officials realized when he was able to recognize a phone tap, one that had been placed directly at the phone company, instead of at his residence. Here, too, Bowden's account contradicts Castao's, describing missions on which the paramilitary leader accompanied the Search Bloc, as well as a DEA cable that referred to Castao as "a cooperating individual.". " " ", " " " ", Ministry of Stranger Affairs. [3] By the mid-1990s, the trafficking empire of the Cali Cartel was a multibillion-dollar enterprise. The gunman opened fire using a machine gun on the crowd where Herrera was sitting, killing 19. Based in Medellin, Colombia, Escobar's brutal reign over the illegal cocaine industry claimed thousands of lives in the country. Save. Tate was 9 months pregnant at the time, and was hosting a get together with friends at the Los Angeles home, located at 10050 Cielo Drive. Los Pepes received funding from the Cartel, the main rival of Escobar's organization. Thanks for being a part of the LET family! As authorities closed in, Escobar and his bodyguard Alvaro de Jesus Agudelo, known as El Limn, fled across the rooftops. [54] The pilot was killed during the crash. [37] In the early 2000s, the company's co-founder Rudolf Ritter was arrested in Liechtenstein for laundering cocaine cash for the Cali cartel. [24][61], . Sign up for notifications from Insider! Weve all seen the photos of bodies hanging off bridges, when they kill people, the heads being rolled onto a dance floor. Jane Carter, who goes by Jane Schneck on Facebook, posted the images on her page Wednesday in an effort to get authorities to investigate the "I Want Candy" singer's November death as a possible homicide. Much like todays issues cops are faced with, politics got in the way. The Cartel also diversified into opium and was reported to have brought in a Japanese chemist to help its refining operation. Get Los Pepes setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Los Pepes fans for free on! Later in the conversation Derkach states that "they've bought up all these documents throughout Europe and only the rest are in our hands". The wife of one of the victims, Judy Moncada, teamed up with Don Burnas- and Los Pepes was born, which stood for persecuted by Pablo Escobar. On behalf of Los Zetas." The rest of the video is a gruesome 40 seconds of cold-blooded murder, which caused international controversy recently when it was posted on Facebook. Manuela Escobar, his daughter, suffered from partial deafness due to the blast. It was burnt out from a fire after a bullet apparently hit the gas tank and caused an explosion. Violence was finally eliminated in the country and citizens could go on with their lives without brutal drug wars. And, it seemed that Escobar knew they were on to him as the call was cut short. Delta Force, in Bogota, gets the lay of a confusing land You may be familiar with the 959 and 960 statutes that allows the United States to go after people that havent set foot in the United States. In February 1993, the CIA complained that government forces in Colombia were sharing information with Los Pepes. After reading about Los Pepes, the vigilante group who helped kill Pablo Escobar, read more about Manuela Escobar, the elusive daughter of Pablo. Libert, galit, Bretelles! As long as Escobars interests were stymied or limited, the group didnt care about collateral damage. The group, in turn, used that intel to carry out waves of bombings as revenge against Escobars own bomb attacks. Family members became the cartel's insurance that its members would not assist government officials, nor would they refuse payment for products received. Los PEPES Aprovechan el Taln de Aquiles de Escobar Escobar era descrito como un brbaro, capaz de cometer las mayores atrocidades posibles de imaginar, pero se preocupaba por su familia como nadie. [41][42][43][44][45], According to Alexander Litvinenko, Putin, while he was Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs of St Petersburg in the early 1990s, organized an Afghanistan origin heroin supplying ring using ethnic Uzbek criminals and corrupt KGB and later FSB officers including the Moscow-based KGB Colonel Evgeny G. Khokholkov, the Oleg Ivanov created Izmaylovskaya Russian mafia and led by Anton Malevsky including mafia leaders Gafur Rakhimov, Vyacheslav Ivanov ("Yaponchik" () or Little Japonese), who governed Uzbek networks in America, and Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (Russian: ) ("Taiwanchik" () or Little Taiwan), who governed Uzbek networks in Europe, and Salim Abdulaev. March 1, 2023 Updated: March 1, 2023 4:41 p.m. [54] Salcedo felt it was his patriotic duty and accepted the deal to bring the mercenaries back to Colombia and help plan the operation to kill Pablo Escobar. Rising up the ranks to chief of police? By this time there was a crowd of civilians that had gathered at the airfield curious about what was happening. Popeye, Escobars main Sicario, says that number is more like 50 thousand people.. The Cali Cartel operated as a tight group of independent criminal organizations, as opposed to the Medellns' centralised structure under leader Pablo Escobar. The bank was believed to have been used to launder funds for the Cali cartel, as well as Pablo Escobar's Medelln Cartel. However, we did not know he was setting off a lot of bombs, trying to kill Escobar and his family.. 57 were here. Everyone else knew who Don Burnas was except us. Things got so bad that Col. Hugo Martinez, the Search Bloc commander, finally sent the unit's leaders back to Bogota. guerra sin cuartel", "Paramilitaries and the United States: "Unraveling the Pepes Tangled Web", "Equipo Nizkor - Cul fue la relacin de la DEA y la CIA con Los Pepes? According DEA documents cited by Bowden, the group probably received funding from the rival Cali cartel and likely got information from the Colombian National Police and, allegedly, US intelligence agents operating in the country. [5][9], The Cali Cartel eventually became "The biggest, most powerful crime syndicate we've ever known", according to then DEA chief Thomas Constantine. The state prosecutor said the three men had . They used Eastern Europe and old Soviet countries to route the cocaine into Western Europe. Finally, Raul and Luis Grajales, cousins by marriage, were a careful duo who tried to portray themselves as legitimate. Leonid Derkach: Yes, and about that affair, the drug smuggling. The drug kingpin killed those men while in his lavish prison. They hired him because they heard that Salcedo had in the past, befriended and hired a group of mercenaries to wage war against the left-wing guerrilla forces in an operation sanctioned by Colombia's military. Members of the Search Bloc surrounded the home while others stormed through the door. [4][50], In the 1980s and early 1990s, the communist guerrillas struck at the drug cartels. In the end, Pablo Escobar was killed by gunshots to the leg, torso, and a fatal shot through the ear. This is what we'll keep. Castano opened an office in Medellin where people came in and delivered information about Escobars activities. The hunt for Pablo Escobar grew uglier in 1993. Col. Hugo Martinez was delighted when he got the news, in Madrid, that Pablo Escobar had walked out of jail. the soldier said. Los Pepes: Directed by Josef Kubota Wladyka. The chassis of the bus was found on a building a couple of blocks away. Colombian officials raided and seized the Drogas la Rebaja pharmacy chain, replacing 50 of its 4,200workers on the grounds that they were "serving the interests of the Cali Cartel". On December 2, 1993, Pablo Escobar, perhaps the wealthiest drug kingpin the world has ever seen, attempted to flee a hideout in his home base of Medelln, Colombia, by scrambling across a. Londoo's lawyer soon sent an official notice requesting the legality and requesting the warrant if one was produced. Los Pepes, a name derived from the Spanish phrase "Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar" ("Persecuted by Pablo Escobar"), was a paramilitary group composed of enemies of Pablo Escobar. People killed by Los Pepes Category page Edit In this category are the people who were victims of Los Pepes, as part of the revenge against Pablo Escobar for the murder of Fernando Galeano . Now he would block him again. Another report further said Pablo's brother, Rodolfo, was . Los Pepes is a mostly indica variety from Omuerta Genetix and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of 63 days) and outdoors. Op/Ed: Police Stops Are Dangerous. In 1981, the then-guerrilla group, Movimiento 19 de Abril (M-19; "19th of April Movement"), kidnapped Marta Nieves Ochoa, the sister of the Medelln Cartel's Ochoa brothers, Jorge, Fabio and Juan David. . Concerned that the manhunt he was leading might somehow be linked to the vigilantes of Los Pepes, U.S. Instead, he was cut down by gunfire, and the resulting image has been seared into the public memory the bloody corpse of the world's most powerful drug lord splayed across a tile roof in the city that was once his safest redoubt. Judy Moncada (ne Mendoza) was a Colombian former drug trafficker and a member of the Los Pepes paramilitary organization. The two cartels divided up the major United States distribution points: the Cali Cartel took New York City and the Medelln Cartel took South Florida and Miami; Los Angeles was left up for grabs. After an exhumation of the drug baron's body led by his mother and widow in 2006, the family said a hole in his head confirmed the theory that the fatal wound had been self-inflicted. After Hugo Martinez's success in tracking down a Medellin drug dealer with his police unit's high-tech gear, his father gave him a few days off to visit his wife and children in Bogota. Escobar retaliated with more bombings in urban areas, and Los Pepes responded in kind, destroying numerous properties belonging to Escobar and his associates. When it comes to ice cream, the options in the freezer aisle of your grocery store are myriad these days, from full-fat dairy-based ice creams to brands like Halo Top that pack a . [25], According to Felipe Turover Chudnov, who was a senior intelligence officer with the foreign-intelligence directorate of the KGB, Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin secretly decreed in the early 1990s that Russia would become an international hub through which narcotics are trafficked including cocaine and heroin from South America and heroin from Central Asia and Southeast Asia. The Search Bloc, a task force made up of Colombian National Police that was dedicated to locating and taking down Escobar, had been looking for the drug lord for 16 months ever since he had escaped from La Catedral prison. As the hunt wore on late into the summer of 1993, at least one member of the top brass at the Pentagon began to worry about how far the Americans in Colombia seemed willing to go to get Pablo Escobar. [19][20], In order to launder the incoming money of the trafficking operations, the Cali cartel heavily invested its funds into legitimate business ventures as well as front companies to mask the money. In early 1993 there were up to six killings a day. Los Pepes received funding from the Cartel, the main rival of Escobar's organization. Capturing or killing Escobar was no easy task. We're the only ones that still have them now. The Colombian government labeled him a criminal now working for the Cali Cartel, and his employers would not let him go anyway. On the night of Nov. 26, 1993, the U.S. Embassy in Bogota learned that Pablo Escobar's wife and children were planning once more to flee Colombia. Some of the things Steve and Javier said were mind-blowing. According to official accounts, it was the Search Bloc that ultimately killed Escobar. The show portrayed Javier using dirty tactics by unethical means. Leonid Derkach: The Russians have already been buying everything up. There were several assassination attempts on Escobar. As the cartels set up infrastructure, routes, transport methods, and bribes, it became easier for competitors to either establish similar deals or make use of those already put in place by other cartels. Megalodon: The Prehistoric Shark 10 Times The Size Of T-Rex, Why The Blobfish Might Not Be The World's Ugliest Animal After All, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. [11][37] Juan Carlos Saavedra represented the Cali Cartel in Spain. The Cali Cartel then decided to abort the air bombing plot. ", " . Search Bloc leader tries to keep his son from joining the manhunt It is widely believed that Escobar is responsible for over 4,00 deaths, officers, judges and politicians among them. The silhouette is distorted, and the arms elongated, giving an alien-like quality. The day after several of Pablo Escobar's properties were bombed in January 1993, the fugitive drug boss sent a note to Col. Hugo Martinez, who headed the police Search Bloc. The focus on the war on drugs has moved to Mexican Cartels, who are just as brutal as the days of Escobars reign. [54][55], There was no turning back for Salcedo. They painted the helicopters to look like police helicopters to further confuse them. [11][37] Rudolf Ritter in Liechtenstein was the financial manager for both SPAG and the Ismailovskaya mafia. He said Escobar has given him another life by giving him money. The question of who killed Pablo Escobar is likely to go unresolved, probably by design. He heard the noise. [3] By the mid-1990s, the leaders of the Cali Cartel's multibillion-dollar international drug trafficking empire were operating a US$20 billion a year global criminal empire. When the Lufthansa plane carrying the family of Pablo Escobar finally landed in Frankfurt, Germany, on a Sunday afternoon in November 1993, it was forced to taxi to a remote spot on an alternate runway, out of the view of press waiting in the terminal. The group was financed by the Cali Cartel and was led by the Castao brothers. As they ran, the Search Bloc opened fire, shooting El Limn and Escobar as their backs were turned. Navy Seals are the studs of the world. [54], Jorge Ochoa, a high ranking Medelln financier and Gilberto Rodriguez had been childhood friends and years later co-owned the Panamanian First InterAmericas Bank. The Principle of Gratitude. Contributing to the demise was the Medelln Cartel's Rodrguez Gacha, who attempted to move in on the New York City market, previously ceded to the Cali Cartel, and the 1986 arrest of Jorge Ochoa at a police roadblock, which the Medelln Cartel deemed suspicious and attributed partly to the Cali Cartel. In the three years since their unit had arrived in Colombia, the men of Centra Spike had come to recognize not just the voice of Pablo Escobar, but his idiosyncrasies and unique personal style. elements essential to life / harbor freight generator coupon / los pepes killings pictures. His merciless strikes against judges, government officials and the police were swift and deadly. According to a report by the DEA in 1994, the Rodriguez brothers, Miguel and Gilberto, were the most successful and powerful of the cartel's members. As bad as it was in the Narcos series, in real life, it was much, much worse.. Given the clumsy track record of the Colombians, it seemed the best chance of finding Escobar quickly. How about taking down the worlds most notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar? Leaflets soon after were dropped in a football pitch in Cali announcing the formation of the group. Moreover, images of the drug lord on the rooftop show his Sig Sauer pistol, which Marroqun says his father would've used to shoot himself, lying next to his body. It led to three seasons and a spin-off series, Narcos Mexico. The police overpowered him and his bodyguard, and Escobar couldn't get away fast enough. The bodies of those murdered were often tossed into the Cauca River, which later became known as the "River of Death". A 2015 court ruling ordered the CIA to release more documents that could shed light on the suspected cooperation between the American government, Colombian security forces, and Los Pepes. The force immediately knew it was Escobar as the call had been made to his son, Juan Pablo Escobar. Any power vacuum in the Colombian cartels would give the people a chance to rise up. Relatives were. Only three bombs fit, stacked in the small passenger cabin. When law enforcement had finally cornered Miguel inside an apartment, the double agent was there (along with other law enforcement including two DEA agents) trying to find the secret compartment in which Miguel was hiding.