163. ROOM-MATES (oil,20 x 16, 1949) owned by Julio V. Rocha Name of Father: Emilio Ocampo y Salterio 333. Narciso G. Reyes, later to become a Philippine ambassador, joined Ocampo to form the Veronica Writers Group. 160. SONG FOR APRIL (oil, 34 x 34, 1971) owned by Manuel Duldalao Works: Genesis, Beefsteak, Man & the Carabaos. Art Gallery School of Fine Arts. 102. 34. SEEDS (oil, 22 x 28, 1960) owned by Reynaldo Calleja FIFTY- THREE Q (oil, 44 x 38, 1953) owned by Fernando Zobel 58. FREUDIAN GORGE (oil, 10 x 8, 1949) owned by Bernie Stuart 20. Ocampo became a creative and mass media writer, editor, producer, actor, and above all, painter who was lauded by his intellectual peers. ABSTRACT FORMS (oil, 16 x 12, 1951) owned by I.P. RECONSTRUCTION (oil, 16 x 14, 1948) owned by Teodosio Lansang STUDY FOR BACKDROP (oil, 11 x 8 ) owned by C.V. Pedroche FRUITS AND FISH (oil, 22 x 28, 1958) owned by C.V. Pedroche PROCESSION IN MAYPAJO (oil, 28 x 22 , 1949) owned by Leon Ma. 318. GEMINI (oil, 36 x 24, 1967) owned by Tingting Cojuangco ANGELUS, water color-owned by Francisco Arcellana MAN ON THE FARM (oi, 18 x 12, 1956) owned by Remy Limjoco CONSTANT CORNER (oil, 28 x 22, 1952) owned by Jane Armstrong FLORA (oil, 24 x 20 , 1949) owned by Peter Olwyler 14. URBAN FOLIAGE (oil, 34 x 50, 1970) owned by Carmen Nakpil WALLOWING CARABAO, oil-owned by Arnold I. Margulis Indeed, the movement marked the shift of the creative centre of modern painting from Paris to New York City in the postwar decades. NATIVIDAD DE DOLORES, oil-owned by Dolores E. Santos 311. . From the HERNANDO OCAMPO ALBUM OCAMPO. ECCE HOMO (oil, 38 x 29, 1957) owned by Jose F. Zaide SKYWARD (oil, 34 x 50, 1971) owned by Department of Foreign Affairs Kinilala siyang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining noong 1991. 283. FARMER AND CARABAO, oil-owned by Arnold I. Margulis His major works in the visual arts include Ina ng Balon, Calvary, Slum Dwellers, Nude with Candle and Flower, Man and Carabao, Angel's Kiss, Palayok at Kalan, Ancestors, Isda at Mangga, The Resurrection, Fifty-three "Q," Back drop, Fiesta, Mother and Child, Easter Sunday, and his most acknowledged work Genesis, which . FIVE MUTANTS (oil, 34 x 50, 1965) owned by Alfredo Luz 185. THE BATHER, pastel-owned by the Amado V. Hernandez The National Artist recognition is the highest individual artist award given to an artist who gave significant contribution for We need you to answer this question! Exhibition of Nudes, Solidaridad Gallerie, 1969. The Fifties Exhibition, Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1970. Find the leitmotif. 216. 6. Legaspi-Luz-Ocampo Exhibition, Luz Gallery, 1968. 310. GROWTH, oil-owned by Estrella Alfon 207. In V. Almario (Ed. 25. Best known for his later geometric figurations from the 1960s and after, Candle Vendors is a rare glimpse of Luz's earliest influences and his strong socio-political sentiments within the compositions from this period. FIFTY- FIVE A (oil, 38 x 26, 1995) owned by Jose Zaide 324. Associate Editor, Herald Mid Week Magazine, 1938 1941 9. BOLINAO (oil, 32 x 32, 1968) owned by Mary Ruff Tagle Back story- "The Goldfinch" is . SACRAMENTUM (oil, 44 x 38, 1956) owned by R. Marino Corpus 332. 2. Its @ a man trying to escape the reality of his mind. Hernando Ruiz Ocampo was a Filipino artist best known for his abstract paintings. 157. BALINTAWAK (oil, 30 x 24, 1968) owned by Lee Aguinaldo 25. SEMAPHORE POST (oil, 10 x 8, 1949) owned by D. Corpus Dayao 1. POUNDING RICE, oil-owned by Arnold I. Margulis FIFTY- THREE C (oil, 22 x 28, 1953) c/o Philippine Art Gallery KALAANAN (oil, 30 x 40, 1968) owned by Imelda R. Marcos 19. FIFTY- FOUR WF (water color, 22 x 14, 1954) owned by Manuel Rodriguez, Sr. 259. 225. 255. HOMAGE TO A VIRGIN, water colore-owned by Antonio Rosales Second Wife: Cresencia Valenzuela 42. 274. MAN AND CARABAO (oil, 22 x 28, 1949) owned by Purita Kalaw-Ledesma 1948 6th Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for Nude with Candle and Flower, 1949 3rd Prize, Manila Club Art Exhibition, for Angels Kiss, 1950 1st Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for Arabesque, 1950 2nd Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for Man and Carabao, 1951 1st Prize and Special Award, Art Association of the Philippines, for Ancestors, 1951 Honorable Mention, Art Association of the Philippines, for Intramuros, 1954 3rd Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for 53-E, 1955 Honorable Mention, Art Association of the Philippines, for 54-A, 1958 2nd Prize and Purchase Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for Nativity, 1969 1st Prize, Art Association of the Philippines, for Circle, 1969 Patnubay ng Sining at Kalinangan Award (Stalwart of Art and Culture), from the City of Manila, 1976 Diwa ng Lahi Award, from the City of Manila, 1979 Gawad CCP para sa Sining Award, from the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Rather than capturing semblances of nature, Ocampo was more interested in how shapes, colors, and contrasts interact with one another. 120. Street musician. ANGELS KISS, Third Prize, Manila Club Art Exhibition, 1949. 29. 43. XI. At the very first contest in 1948, Carlos V. Francisco would take top prize for the classic Kaingin; H.R. 2 in Isabela & Other Areas, #KardingPH: PAGASA Releases Latest Weather Update for Monday (Sept 26), #PaengPH: Severe Tropical Storm Paeng Causes Floods Over Parts of PH, King Charles III Coronation: Why Adele, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles Decline To Perform, Sarah Geronimo Drops New Single Habang Buhay To Celebrate Her 20th Anniversary, Robin Padilla Reacts To Jim Paredes Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo Remake, James Reid On Fans Who Appreciate Him As A Music Artist, Camera Apps You Must Download Perfect For Your Android Phone, Orangutan Helps Man Out Of Snake-Infested Waters, PHOTOS: Cebuana Unique Pre-Debut Shoot Earns Praises From Netizens, Amazing Photos From The Gallery Of Talented Photographer In Bacolod, Anji Salvacion is PBB Kumunity Big Winner, This Is Her Big Prize, Alyssa Valdez Replaced By Samantha Bernardo In PBB Top 2, Heres Why, Robi Domingo On Viral Epic History Quiz Of Teen Housemates, Kim Chiu as PBB Host, Actress Expresses Surreal Feeling, Batang Quiapo Cast Members & their Roles LIST, Dimples Romana Reveals Angel Locsin Is Her Inspiration In Iron Heart Action Scene, Jake Cuenca on working w/ Richard Gutierrez: Easiest person to work with, Charo Santos On Why She Accepted Role In Batang Quiapo. has painted, says Beller, a family of peasants without eyes. DANCING MUTANTS (oil, 40 x 30 1965) owned by Eric Torres [3] His work was also part of the painting event in the art competition at the 1948 Summer Olympics. Morning Dance, Tree Planting, Man and Woman. 335. Kinilala siyang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining noong 1991. GRAB, LITTLE MAN, GRAB (oil, 8 x 10, 1949) owned by Amador T. Daguio H.R. 263. NCCA-PCEP 2017. 240. PENTECOSTAL SERIES A (oil, 32 x 24, 1971) c/o artist 339. 53. FIFTY- FOUR L (oil, 20 x 16, 1954) owned by Ward B. Melody He was a member of the Saturday Group of artists (also known as the Taza de Oro Group), and was one of the pre-war Thirteen Moderns, a group of modernist artists founded by Victorio C. Edades in 1938. 96. IX. He is known for his abstract works. I do not think that would be possible. 314. 51. Cruz, Maynila kina Emilio Ocampo at Delfina Ruiz, na kapuwa ilustrado. 42. 297. APRIL IN THE SLUMS (oil, 22 x 28, 1956) owned by Ralph Harwood Hernando Ruiz Ocampo was born in April 28, 1911 and died in December. 22. Hernando Ruiz Ocampo (April 28, 1911 - December 28, 1978) was a Filipino National. 30. TALKING BIRDS (oil, 30 x 24, 1956) owned by Carlos Nievera The painting is cracked, but it does not affect the beauty of the art piece. Tanyag siya sa kanyang mga gawang abstrak. FIFTY- FOUR A ( oil, 24 x 30, 1954) owned by William G. Hart He graduated with honors from the UP in 1914 and got study grant in Madrid, Spain. He is also fictionist, a playwright and editor. WOMAN WITH FLOWER (oil, 8 x 13 , 1948) owned by Purita Kalaw Ledesma DECORATIVE MOTIF (oil, 34 x 50, 1957) owned by Alice L. Coseteng ORCHIDS, pastel-owned by Dolores E. Santos 37. Moderns, the group that charted the course of modern art in the Philippines. 26. ATOMIC BOMB, water color-owned by Oscar de Zuniga Kabilang sa mahalagang pintura niya ang Ina ng Balon, Calvary, Slum Dwellers, Nude with Candle and Flower, Man and Carabao, Fiesta, Easter Sunday, at pinakapopular ang Genesis na naging huwaran ng disenyo sa telon ng Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater. 31. Pagkuwan, nakadevelop siy ng isang uri ng abstraksiyon na mistulang liwanag, bituin, at ulan sa kumikilos at maningning na kulay. SLUM DWELLERS (oil, 20 x 16, 1948) owned by Dr. Sota Bona de Santos 340. LAZARUZ (oil, 28 x 22, 1961) c/o Philippine Art Gallery FIFTY- THREE E (oil, 38 x 49, 1953) sent by AAP to India Kinilala siyang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining. In 1938, with Carlos V. Francisco, Galo Ocampo and other artists he formed "The Thirteen Moderns." With Vicente Manansala and Cesar Legaspi he formed another group called "The Neo Realists." 13. 184. EASTER SUNDAY (oil, 34 x 50, 1968) owned by Aurelio Montinola Jr. had become, after all, one of the stalwarts in that influential gallery. FIFTY- FOUR WI (water color, 14 x 10 , 1954) owned by C.V. Pedroche MOTHER AND CHILD, oil-owned by Maria Kalaw Katigbak FOUR OCLOCK A.M., pastel- owned by Dr. Bienvenido Gonzalez 167. THE CRUCIFIED, oil-owned by Alejandro G. Abadilla THE STRANGER (oil, 10 x 8, 1949) owned by D. Corpus Dayao Editor, Manila Chronicle Sunday Magazine, 1947 1949 5. 209. 27. Patnubay ng Sining, Araw ng Maynila Award in Painting, 1969. 1. Paul Gauguin painted "Man With An Ax" in 1891. WOMAN WITH BASKET, oil-owned by Morton Netzorg 156. 336. No caption was indicated for each image. 241. DIRGE, oil-owned by Evangelina E. Cruz Man 30. His works as a writer includes "Dont Cry, Dont Fret" in poetry; "Ikalawang Pagdalaw," "Unang Pamumulaklak," "Rice and Bullets," and "Bakia" in fiction; and "Buntot Page," a screenplay written with Mario David. It would be a serendipitous connection because Arguilla would eventually marry the not-yet-famous Lyd who would go on to found the Philippine Art Gallery (PAG) after the war. Hernando Ocampo, born in the Santa Cruz district of Manila, was a man of many talents who enjoyed not one but two successful careers in the arts. Cite this article as: Ocampo, Hernando R.. (2015). Biography: Hernando R. Ocampo is a Filipino National Artist in the visual arts. BEGGAR, oil-owned by Don Manolo Elizalde 329. CARNAGE SOUTH OF THE PASIG, water color-owned by Captain Carnes best lebron james cards to invest in; navage canadian tire; is festive ground turkey good. 56. OCAMPO HERNANDO RUIZ aka H.R.b. The Philippine Art Book (First of Two Volumes) - Book ReleaseApril 2022 --Artes de las Filipinas welcomed the year 2022 with its latest publication, The Philippine Art Book, a two-volume sourcebook of Filipino artists. 4. Tanyag siya sa kanyang mga gawang abstrak. THE SEVENTH HOUSE (oil, 34 x 50, 1970) owned by Nenen P. Sison SOLITAIRE(oil, 28 x 22, 1961) owned by Benjamin Verder A SONG FOR OCTOBER (oil, 34 x 50, 1970) owned by Jose Guevarra 145. READ ALSO: Story Of The Moth Reflection Message, Lessons Of The Story. 60. 306. KASTANIYO (oil, 36 x 24, 1967) owned by Lor Calma 316. THE SHIELD (oil, 38 x 26,) 1955) owned by Annie Laurie Keyes FIFTY-TWO N ( oil, 28 x 22 1952) owned by Marino Corpus 172. (The painting titled Sideshow that recently went to auction at Len Gallery is a throwback to his memories of this time.). 74. PRAYER IN THE SUN, oil-owned by Manuel Conde ADAGIO (oil, 30 x 40, 1969) owned by Purita Kalaw Ledesma 9. 38. LUETICA, oil-owned by Joseph B. 14. 326. FIFTY- FIVE F (oil, 16 x 20, 1955) owned by Ofie Lopez 168. MAYPAJO (oil, 30 x 24, 1968) owned by J. Antonio Araneta