i suspect that when medusas rage was over, she did feel sorry or pain regarding turning people to stone. Self confidence can soar or plummet depending on how you handle what youre going through. they may be forgetful or rather unorganized, these people seem rather nervous to me - you can usually see it in the hands, they may be unsteady, nail bitters, hand talkers, etc. you likely are a bit too stuck in your mind to focus on the body language around you. By the age of 22, she had two bachelors degrees! like medusa, you may have a passion for something and may not recognize that not everyone around you shares the same level of passion but rather they are there to be around you. those moments of unsettling emotions dont stop you from pushing through. you may also project onto others as they project onto you. Dominant Houses: when you have three or more planets in one house (especially the sun or moon), that house can point to where the focus of the relationship lies. take survival course or read a book of wildness survival. Mercury is known as the "messenger of the gods" in astrology because it governs the day-to-day expression between people. you likely enjoy a lot of routines and have a lot of habits. like internally i know i am pretty but i tend to have off-days where i really dont enjoy myself or how i look (this may be chiron in the 1h or my 12h pluto in the persona chart for this asteroid - its a tough call). Physically, watch for problems with your teeth, knees, and the skeletal system. i just wanted to step in here and clarify some things. His invasion from the Alps took the Romans by surprise and led to an incredible defeat of Roman troops - this is the combat often referred to as the Battle of Cannae. doesnt matter how far you fall you will always rise from the ashes - even in death she lived on. i actually grew up disliking christmas and was kind of seen as the scrooge or grinch of the family (santa square uranus). AFFIRMATIONS (you are kind, you are beautiful, you have lovely hair, etc.). not to be pitiful but i tend to be given the grunt work or jobs no one else wants to do. ask questions are let out once or twice a day. You feel like youre in a rut, whether its trouble with transportation, taking care of a sibling, or finding your place within a community you feel distant and far from fitting to your beliefs. someones gotta acknowledge it, right? all because you feel as if you faced your judgment early and you lost. Originally, Byron found fame glorious but later he did everything in his power to escape which included going into exile. IN MY OPINION TARDIS in your chart can show a) where you have incredible tools at your disposal, b) where your opportunity to go anywhere lies, and/or c) where you may have a paradox in your life. all i really need is how about bacchus (2063)? PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK MY MASTERLIST TO SEE IF I HAVE DONE THE ASTEROID. their empathy and gestures of nurture get overlooked because it is just a given that they are that way - meaning they are likely surrounded by people who use them. Hii in my neptune persona jupiter in leo 2House, can you tell me places , finding lost things with astrology help, how to predict the cycle of a relationship in astrology using composite charts, how to predict the future of your relationship in astrology, explaining the moon signs; i dont even remember i made this lol, mercury observations: our anxieties & getting through the day, #0012 this is what your pluto experiences loss in, my aphrodite signs, degrees, houses, and aspects post, part 1: primordials, titans, gods, goddesses, & muses, question about natal 1h varuna, negative sun-varuna aspects, and positive mc-varuna aspects. He is thought to be the greatest of his time in fact he was nominated for many awards but sadly he never won any of them. He is considered one of the most influential and greatest cartoonist of the era having earned $1.1B USD in his lifetime. medusa-chiron: positive aspects: you may be the expert or the most knowledgeable person in the area of life that your medusa sits (ex: 9h could be religion just like the asteroids namesake). A large commitment like marriage arises, or a buckling down kind of feeling. usually i post one myth and one random ask thats not a myth. if it is something illegal (*group* related) and you find you cant just leave please reach out, other resources exist in the system. if you have a retrograde in your chart, i have noticed that when that retrograde is in effect, life seems easier. What this could entail is a time of financial scarcity, finally when it all comes together you find yourself regretting certain financial losses. and since we reached 100 posts last night, lets celebrate with this long post! you may find where you devote a lot of time and emotional energy that you are often quickly dismissed and punished after one misstep similar to medusa. where madhatter is for me and how it affects me personally:9h in sagittarius at 1 - lmao tell me this isnt true. social media fits me well and i love to talk with you all about this stuff. positive aspects: you may find security in a feminine group like medusa did at the temple of athena. Your horoscope indicates right . medusa lived in the temple of athena with fellow worshippers - they all had mutual respect but not much is written about friendship or sisterhood so one could assume it was mostly respect and common ideals that bonded them and not much else. you have such a deep, understanding personality that others cant help but feel safe at last in your arms. this is a great time to take your time - think through things! i implore you to read the uranus and saturn aspects to see what resonates! your passions shine through with intense emotion like medusa and her worship. Marriage is such a phase of life, in which one must take care not only of one's own but also of the other person's feelings equally. You may experience a harder time becoming more intimate with other people, transforming and reassessing your emotional values and connections becomes important. i implore you to read the venus aspects to see what resonates! Fertility and growth are the fundamentals of a successful relationship. Astrology prediction for marriage can also tell when you are most likely to get married. some of it you may be like how tf did she come up with this. IN MY OPINION Eureka in a chart represents a) where you make life altering discoveries and/or b) where others may discover you are the satisfactory answer/solution to their problem. where lev tolstoj and alexejtolstoj are for me and how it affects me personally:lev tolstoj 6h in virgo at 5 and alexejtolstoj 10h in capricorn 9 - this makes a bit of sense to me not because i love tolstoy (no offense to levy t but prefer pushkin and dostoevsky) but because of my political ideology. astrology Love Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Marriage. You are a Number 1 if you have 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th as your date of Birth. you may face isolation from society as this gorgon did, but thats just how it is being special and different you dont always fit in. what if told you my vertex is in the 7h at 22,my DSC is in virgo, my adonis is in 7h, orpheus is in my 7h, etc. they may be quick to anger and have a hard time reallocating that anger into doing something productive. tell someone about something you havent told anyone about. Aquarius is bringing new to whats old, Saturn is authority and government, more radical and socialistic ideals are being held to higher esteem by more people as times grow harsher. hear me out - persona charts. The Davison Relationship horoscope is set up for the midpoint between two birth dates and places. retrogrades: all the planets and five common asteroids, unnamed and renamed asteroids? form strong harmonious aspects, are in prominent houses) in your natal chart, that can indicate fame in your lifetime. positive aspects: you could have a very muted style used to hide your sexuality, yet still attract a lot of attention. You are a Number 2 if you have 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th as your date of Birth. Cuckoos are very monotonous birds that repeat their calls on a loop schedule - its why they are used in clockwork. my thoughts, moon-saturn aspects and negative venus-saturn aspects (tw), sag sun, leo moon, cap rising - sun square moon, moon and venus negatively aspecting pluto. The 11th house denotes friendship. if we all have equality then we can all just worry about ourselves - like do you ever notice how life gets more difficult when others are trying to control how other people are living? for the more advanced astrologers, take a look at the persona chart of hannibal AND/OR add the other characters involved to see how they support or impede hannibal! i do tend to be the one to warn others about traveling abroad (what to do versus not to do), colleges pros and cons, etc. you may not notice the beauty you have because you are fully invested in your role. The energy of a composite affect the individuals in the relationship and draw from their energies, but the composite chart doesnt focus on the individuals, unlike synastry charts, which show us how different energies within the individuals interact with each other. You will get to know whether love marriage or arrange marriage is good for you. i literally cant tell if i like institutionalized learning. He and I met in school (the 10th house is related to our professional career and school and aspirations, and Gemini is associated with education) and we fell on love on the stage doing drama. they may be haunted by their past. in other words, she stood on stage worshipping athena and was admired for her beauty and devotion. meeting your person, getting engaged, and getting married, mars-uranus aspects, 10h, and the north node, moving homes or traveling in continent or internationally. MARS: retrograde occurs roughly every two years for around two to three months. any creature comfort zones that involve you entering the space of another woman may be your thing - you may personally have experience in settings like those and wish to give back. remember that medusa wasnt ugly - her look became an icon of protection. If the 1st house is emphasized, the relationships focus may be the outward appearance of the couple. being in a lower, subservient role would likely frustrate me due to having the knowledge and simply not the power to do anything. This is the classic marriage indicator simply because it is what marriage is all about. EXAMPLES OF MARRIED COUPLES OF MYTH: a partner represented asteroid (listed above) at a fame/success degree (1, 2, 17, 28, 29), jupiter with venus attributes (ruled by libra or taurus or at those degrees (2, 7, 14, 19, or 26)), jupiter at a fame/success degree (1, 2, 17, 28, 29). Youre likely to experience a reassessment in your worth through newly gained knowledge, and trying to gain authority through broadening your horizons is essential during this time. its not terrible to not reach all of your goals in a day. you likely surround yourself with a lot of feminine power - uniting for a common goal: to preach and/or protect! where educatio is for me and how it affects me personally: 9h in sagittarius at 14 - lol this poor asteroid is conjunct venus, pluto, and chiron. my advice for surviving this retrograde: dont be too hard on yourself - everything exists on a continuum, you dont need a big cause to feel like you have something worth to believe in and feel motivated by. prepare for anything! dont be afraid to explore, if/when you feel irritable. they may despise domestic life and homestead upkeep. Also, the composite chart sums up the relationship and its dynamics as a whole. einstein sextiles uranus after all so i feel like its as though everyone tends to know im rather smart (in this asteroids persona chart i have a 1h stellium) - i do articulate myself the best over technology though thats probably why i am more popular here than on tiktok or instagram or even in person. He was a painter, engineer, sculptor, and so much more! click here for part 2: random ask asteroids, click here for part 2.5: wintry asteroids, click here for part 3: a semester of literature, hi i just wanted to know your thoughts on asteroid Medusa in Capricorn at 29 in the 12H conjunct my ascendant in Aquarius? He was also the one to advocate for underwater training to simulate spacewalking. you may have a world that pays close attention to your hand gestures and graceful actions. Web Portal, Best Web Portal, Social Site, Social Media Sites, social networking sites, online video site, video games online, classifieds, Search Engines you could unconsciously put off strangers simply due to sensitivity - the asteroids namesake sparked a lot of fear from the masses after her transformation because of misguided displays of emotion. if it is for a series request, just ask for a part _! hear me out - persona charts. . @emrys21 not the desc but as stated in the post planets - jupiter for a husband, moon for a wife, and venus for a general parent. Porta coeli is the Latin phrase for heavens gate. Porta coeli has been incorporated in many architectural structures including churches to show a sense of sanctity. RETROGRADEMAKES ALL OF THESE THINGS LISTED BELOW SUPER STRESSFUL OR SLOW TO APPEAR IN YOUR LIFE !!! all that being said you may have an odd relationship with motherhood - whether it is your mother or you that caused distance is the big question. Astrologer Yogendra. More cell death leads to your ultimate dying. medusa-mc: positive aspects: you may be seen as someone to look up to in terms of your values. this is likely to cause a lot of frustration with themselves due to a hatred of being limited. take the scenic route or a different route home than you normally do. IN MY OPINION Cheshirecat in a chart represents a) where you are spiritually guided, b) where you show faulty reasoning or make false assumptions, c) where you frustrate others, and/or d) where you know more than those around you. Many believed he died from the arrow wound - some believe that it was multiple people who may have come for him, that their was an attempt to remove the arrowhead, and that his body was moved to the higher, snowier elevation. Aldrin was the second man on the moon. @amethystmooon leo: amusement parks, england, bombay, government buildings, northern CA, chicago, circus, dance halls, theaters, france, italy, or a stadium. 9th house/lord- significator of second marriage in astrology. For women, Jupiter signifies her husband. i am really great at planning and making things work out, yet many people think i should do things that are lowkey something smaller or less helpful to the unit. they may feel unseen and unappreciated by others, making it extremely difficult to appreciate themselves. where cucula is for me and how it affects me personally: 1h in pisces at 13 in retrograde - please refer to the bella asteroid reflection lol. this gorgon, even post-transformation, went on to recover the wisdom goddesss temple. funnily enough, you are likely not a crowd person - it likely makes you rather uncomfortable to have so much attention. This is a time for a big turning point in your life, a shift within your residence may occur during the period, or a difficult journey to process internal feelings is among you. you likely arent as power-hungry as people assume you to be - you do what you do just because you love it. examples: part two of retrogrades?, can you do a circe signs, degrees, houses, and aspects post?, 25 more random asteroids not related to mythology?, synastry for the aphrodite asteroids?, etc. you may get overly anxious when things do not go as planned: medusa was out for water when poseidon appeared and everything spiraled out of control. These couples are attracted to each other instantly. my bryon is opposite neptune so i have no clue if this makes my poetry shitty lol? if you have issues with blood you are not alone - i hate getting blood drawn (my recent trip to the ER, i needed an IV and the guy was like scared? due to past accidents or incidents they have experienced. find confidence in the future and surely nothing will go wrong. !!! positive aspects: you may be a very stabilizing person in terms of reason. Youre being called to reassess how you view the world around you and how you view yourself and put yourself out to be seen. Virgo (Saturn in the 6th house transit) - Saturn is bringing its hardships and lessons into your life through your work life, health, daily routine, exercise, and pets. His memoir was burned by his publisher after the work detailed his bisexual relations. Many thanks for your help!! reach out to someone youve not spoken to in a while. practice patience; people will always be at your throat with this retrograde, just breathe and smile all the while calling them an asshole in your head :). stand up for yourself even if its i dont appreciate that you owe no one an explanation. tennis elbow or carpal tunnel. and you certainly know what makes a person tick. SATURN retrograde people likely had to grow up very quickly - during this retrograde you may need to be more mature. if the question is about multiple asteroids (PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE FROM THE SAME CULTURE (cleopatra and odysseus arent from the same culture so just because they are in a house together doesnt mean its special (there are thousands of asteroids and only 12 houses its gotta land somewhere). If you have 15 or more points then you likely have a soulmate or karmic relationship. so ill be honest with you all, im a walking health hazard. Each aspect is worth 1 point. i implore you to read the jupiter aspects to see what resonates! There are different ways to calculate composite charts. for the more advanced astrologers, take a look at the persona chart of actor AND/OR add the other characters involved to see how they support or impede actor! turned people to stone without a single bat of an eye. * Venus Sextile/Trine/conjunct Saturn you may participate in some sort of club that takes up a lot of your time - medusa participated in the worship group for athena. If you have many of the asteroids listed forming strong harmonious aspects or conjunctions with planets such as the Sun, Venus, or Jupiter or placed in certain prominent houses like the 1st or 10th house, that can indicate positive outcomes related to that aspect of your life or talent. breathing before you speak; people who curse a lot have a lot of penned up energy, gotta let that out if you are trying to not curse as much (especially if you are trying to do so because of children around you) OR breathe when you hear someone curse and you dont like it - not everyone says, acts, or reacts like you and thats okay - its part of the human experience. you may have grown up feeling like you did not belong - which causes/caused you to leave home when you get/got the chance to. my DNA asteroid semi-squares uranus and uranus has a decent control over circulatory systems. * Juno same sign/house as sun Bill Clinton got married on 11-10-1975 and he was in RAHU-SATURN, Saturn is lord of navamsha and gave him marriage. you likely will attract a lot of the publics attention. Thank you. you likely are quick to adapt to the situations at hand. part of this may be divine intervention - if athena granted medusa, her most dedicated follower, the ability to recognize others intentions, she would have been extremely powerful and possibly a goddess on earth. when you do something you appreciate, smile and acknowledge you did that! for those of you wondering, yes, every partner i have had only ever wants to touch and look at me lol. If you tie the knot during this time you'll thrive as individuals and not risk losing sight of yourselves. (Remember that soulmate is not necessarily a romantic partner. Like I read this thing a long ass time ago about Mercury in the 7th either having 2 really long relationships or having 2 marriages. if i have told the myth, i guarantee its on one of them. Physically, watch for problems with the kidneys and urinary system. DNA can be telling as to what you may experience - when DNA is damaged it leads to cell death or apoptosis. self-care when you feel you need someone and no one is there: watch a comedy movie BUT if it life-threatening, please call or text a hotline like 988! . they may not let others get close to them due to not feeling safe or not feeling secure enough to expose themselves. you are meant to be a leader. A good marriage astrologer can even predict the direction & distance from where your future life partner will come. :) this is where it gets fun for me because i cant take hormone birth control because it causes blood clots - hi, i already have that issue and lowkey want to keep living. my answer: intuition and experience with other peoples charts that i have available to me. thats a lot, right? However, when we talk about marriage in astrology, let us consider it a long-term relationship between man and women, which will later convert into the family. You may experience a harder time grasping what philosophies and ideals you want to commit to, whether its learning that in university or during a spiritual breakthrough. He asked me to be his girlfriend backstage before a production we were both in, and as we know Leo is the zodiac sign of theatre, performance, the arts, and attention. trying one new thing a week - how do you know its the only thing that works if it took you this long to find it? This is what you expect from your soulmate, whether romantic or platonic. you may become more like your past than you had wished - the family member(s) you always thought you were so different from may now seem rather familiar. your temperament could promote ease and stoicism. negative aspects: you may be seen as the person who betrayed someone in a higher position of power. if you think i go ham over astrology, you should see my crystal and geology textbooks (hella tabs and hella annotated). so find what works for you: counting and not looking works for me. your routines and rituals may get a lot of admiration from others - you may even influence a lot of other people to use your technique or helpful habit. they may be prone to accidents yet preserving like surviving a devastating storm that left others harmed, dead, or stranded, they may experience electrocution (extreme ex (and the first person i thought of while rereading my post before posting it): Ted Bundy has a natal URANUS retrograde and was sentenced to death via electric chart), etc. negative aspects: a feminine may be jealous or even paranoid over your presents around them. rest and care for yourself - have a lot of downtime, eat well, and do low-intensity exercise. but what if thats not enough? thank you in advance. Saturn was in Cancer which falls in his 11th which is trine to 7th house. Predictions for marriage time The first thing for marriage is to know when will you married. where bella is for me and how it affects me personally: 8h in libra at 29 - bruh its not easy being this sexy. its usually because they have low energy, they easily get tired of trying to assert themselves or make others hear them. This can be a time of great triumphs or great failure, take them as they come and stand through it and learn from your ambitions and how you want to be seen and known. you like may feel insecure as you grow older and change - you may cut yourself off from others. if you wanna know more about me or how i think while reading my own placements, by all means go for it ;). Truth is being exposed, and people band together to transform what no longer serves us. You can go for marriage counselling both before & after marriage. i implore you to read the venus aspects to see what resonates! In female horoscope ,Jupiter afflicted by Saturn/Rahu/Ketu indicates inter caste marriage. He is the host of the Tea Party and oftentimes provokes his guests. and last but not least, fatherly turmoil - it is highly likely there are a lot of issues surrounding a relationship between this person and their father. Discover more posts about marriage-astrology. turns out my partnership is my paradox and my opportunity to travel is. 7h mars; mars is both ambition and assertion with passion both are generally found in proposals. but what if that's not enough? its okay to let go - if a lot of feelings arise ask yourself: is this a positive feeling (keep) or a negative feeling (next question)? they may be a glutton or on the other extreme end someone who believes they didnt do enough to deserve a prize. they may experience fertility issues. they may not feel like they are capable of standing up to others. you may show that you wish to repay them for all that they have given you - this act of service may make you feel whole. she was religious before and after her transformation; some may deem that it was the only thing that kept her grounded. be careful about who you share your views with. i dont get to you quicker with an ask - i actually get to you slower. on the other hand, if odysseus and circe are in the same house and conjunct one another - that means something), solar return, persona charts, synastry, etc., use my ask button. if you have a question regarding the sign, house, and/or aspects of an asteroid, please just ask the question in the comments. Major life decisions are being brought up, a mirror is being held at your face and youre facing the dreams you have set for yourself or the lies youve deluded in. i truly click with dostoevskys thoughts, it shows in the moon and mercury trining his asteroid in my chart. in the case of the ones not related to mythology, i DM the asker and tell them that its been added to my asteroids that arent getting more attention than this part _ post. your presence is a hard one to forget, so ensure you use it wisely. Your marriage is running in rough weathers and every marriage prediction by date of birth says that the marriage is doomed. this means that your person can indirectly affect you OR that the relationship may take longer to develop / make itself known. your appearance may paralyze others. IN MY OPINION Leonardo in your chart can represent a) where you may be seen as well-learned and well-versed, b) how you are seen as a jack of all trades, and/or c) where the work you do now will likely out live you. Saturn in this very house gives a lot of wealth in old age and also popularity in villages or towns. whelp, think of it this way: even after death, she gets her redemption and is viewed as iconic. you may face a chronic change in your appearance/health. IN MY OPINION Lucubratio can be used to tell you a) how well you work at night, b) in what area you are most productive at night, and/or c) if you could be considered nocturnal. 2h: you likely have a very devoted work life, and, like medusa, it may not be all about the money - you just want to spread awareness and create a haven for those in need. so make sure you are always experiencing more - you may find that you enjoy worshipping deities from across many other cultures. you may have attributions of a devotee attached to the occult - this could appear unconventional to the outsider. another fun one is an asteroid named endo - endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women. exposure therapy. This can also make the relationship very individualistic, which can be good or bad. i also dont like spamming. get STD/STI testing.