I think designing your own plan is a large part of what makes Melvor fun which is why there aren't explicit step-by-step guides of what to level in what order. If you are mad or something, I recommend sleeping on it. For example, a player with 500 HP, 10% damage reduction, and Auto Eat II (threshold 30%) could safely idle an enemy with a max hit of 166, but not 167. At this point, we're likely going to be running out of seeds for farming. [CDATA[ This makes them the best in slot item for damage reduction pre-God Dungeons. The Melvor Idle Wiki does not have much information about damage reduction, and determining how to maximize reduction requires hopping back and forth through several pages. This section info is pulled from https://wiki.melvoridle.com/index.php?title=Mining/Training, Gem Gloves (Collect a random gem for each mining action) passive income. 5% * 300 = +15% Lifesteal) Passive Hitpoint Regeneration is disabled. Now we can actually play the game. At this point, we should have heaps of Lava Runes and Nature Runes and, even if you don't have a bunch of leftover ore, we can gather more pretty easily. Every single Skill gets added content to accommodate for the new levels, Combat comes with 8 new Slayer Areas and 7 new Dungeons to tackle, 55 new Monsters to face, increasing in difficulty as you reach Level 120 in Combat, New Combat Weapons and Armour which can only be located via CombatBrand new Archaic Magic Spellbook, equipped with 10 very powerful spells, 5 new Tiers of Agility Obstacles + an extra Elite Pillar at Level 120, You can now locate Meteorites in Astrology, which can then be mined within Mining, 5 extra Thieving areas with 11 new NPCs to pickpocket, Extra Shop Upgrades to boost the power of various Skills even further, New Superior Skill Capes obtainable at Level 120, with a Superior Max Skill for when you reach Level 120 in every Skill, New Superior Cape of Completion for those who manage to get 100% in the Base Game and Throne of the Herald. Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as ignored. Other shields are listed as part of Equipment Sets (see below). Are you sure you want to do this? Leather and Hide Armour is used to boost the power of Ranged attacks. This page is inspired by the following reddit post. From here onward, we will likely need to train our HP at least a smidge to continue safely idling. The multipliers to damage reduction are given below: Dungeons present a new issue for idling combat. This matters particularly for gloves; aside from god dungeon loot, the only damage-reducing gloves are (U) Vambraces, which have no penalties to non-ranged attacks. Take the number you currently have in your bank, add 235,000 and that's your goal here. 25% (multiplicative) for fighting the weaker combat style. You'll probably want to consult the Smithing section to see what quantities of each you need and swap back and forth between gloves as you see fit. About This Game. Equipping both prepares you for the likely chance that you accumulate enough. here for more information on Money Making. With each upgrade, the cost of Stardust or Golden Stardust will double, resulting in the last upgrade of a star costing 1,280 Stardust or 800 Golden Stardust. Studying has a base interval of 3 seconds per action. You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam. The wiki says another 235,000 coal will be needed. Only one Agility obstacle increases damage reduction: However, this means not using Rocky Waters (+50 HP) in Slot 6, which at all levels increases the survivable max hit more than the 1% damage reduction bonus. Crafting is one method of obtaining a Gold Emerald Ring, which increases Combat Experience by 10% and requires 50 Crafting to make. VAT included in all prices where applicable. Now that you have some basic armour and weapons, you can equip them from the Bank and start fighting Monsters. All rights reserved. At 99 Mining with Gem Gloves and a Mining Skillcape you can earn up to 500k GP an hour while idle mining. The player encounters multiple combat styles, and thus must consider the Combat Triangle when determining the required damage reduction. At level 99 Woodcutting you can purchase a Woodcutting Skillcape from the Shop to increase your Woodcutting speed, further increasing your profits. Both types of Stardust are affected by doubling modifiers, such as: This page was last edited on 20 February 2023, at 17:54. There is also a ring you can get while fishing, the Ancient Ring of Skills. I assume what you are really after is an order of resources and skills that you can do that will save the most time in the long run right? I'll use the following formula for AE calculation (maxhp x healpercent) = minhp ? Prayer experience is earned by damaging enemies and is further increased by having prayers active at the time damage is dealt. Please see the. This page presents one of the possible ways to start your Melvor journey. At level 99 Mining, a Mining Skillcape can be purchased which gives you 1 bonus Coal Ore per Mining action. A RuneScape-inspired experience suitable for veterans and newcomers alike. Unless we want to keep hopping back to woodcutting every so often, we're gonna need a better seed source. By master you mean get 99 mastery im assuming. But if you're way too short when getting to the next log, move on. If you went overkill on the Mithril mining, maybe stop smithing once you get to around 65 or so and start smithing Platebodies to see how far you'll get. Studying has a base interval of 3 seconds per action. Food allows you to heal during Combat, so you can keep fighting without the need to take breaks. Farming is one of the most time efficient ways to obtain food, which is used for healing in Combat. You can Farm and complete other tasks simultaneously, Fertilising, Planting, and Harvesting does not interrupt other skills. Obtaining Finn the Cat as a pet gives a bonus 10 hitpoints, which should be taken into account. ?-27: Iron Arrow Tips(13) or Iron Crossbow Head (24) - At this point we're just trying to get to Iron Platebodies. There is nothing here that you can't find on the Wiki or work out for yourself. equipping, Alternatively, but slower and not recommended, creating additional Tablets (e.g. If the player has less than 520 hitpoints (including other bonuses), Mud Dive actually increases the max survivable hit. Heals to 80% hp when you fall below 40% at 100% food efficiency. By the time the Rune Essence has been mined you should have a large amount of Coal Ore, however it might not be enough to max Smithing. For example, Once you've obtained a decent amount of of, Sell everything that isn't a rare special drop acquired while Fishing, which should provide enough. The modifier starts at 0, so you need to use the appropriate type of Stardust to benefit from a Stars modifiers. Once you start making more raw and cooked fish than you need to create Tablets, sell the excess for spare. This page has been accessed 284,810 times. At this point, you have both Ancient rings (providing +8% Skill or +7% Mastery XP, depending on which is equipped), the Firemaking Skillcape (providing +5% Skill XP to all skills), and a variety of other bonuses from Astrology and Agility. Even though we just dropped 5 MIL on a shiny new AE tier, it's already obsolete. The three party hats each provide a 1% damage reduction, allowing the player to stack Bragging Rights onto a damage-reduction build. We want to keep a one-to-one ratio of Earth and Fire runes until we have about 230k of each. This post is similar to the Beginner's Guide on the Wiki, which was recently updated by me. Stacks up to 10 times. This is controversial for sure, but IMO vegetables will get you very far with Auto-Eat and are kind of all your really need. Well there is an easy way and I wish I knew this before I started. They're inverses of each other in that you spend more time on trout in Fishing since it's 20-35, but only 15-20 in Cooking. Again, as mentioned in the Fishing section the quantities will not be 1:1, you might have more of something and less of another so if you need to, jump back over to Fishing with your fishing cape whenever you need more of something. It is advised to leave a sizeable buffer of GP (at least 3M) remaining to be able to afford Shards for additional. It's okay if we go over, we'll always be needing coal. This is a Beginner's Guide to Melvor Idle and will contain spoilers about the game. Mithril becomes a very efficient way to train smithing due to its Coal requirement being so low. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior. 71-99: Blue D-Hide - Middle ground in terms of exp and cost-effectiveness, This section should take you 2 day and 12 hours, At its worst, you'll need 218,217 hides with a profit of -10,910,850 GP, 71-99: Blue and Red D-Hide - This option is the fastest but nets you the worst profit of all of the options, This section should take you 2 days and 7 hours, At its worst, you will need 11,808 Blue Hides and 185,439 Red Hides with a profit of -28,406,250. This is where the happiness ends though. Defeating them will display how long it took (Don't miss the popup, it only displays once). This guide turned out to be quite useful, despite the fact that I was playing hardcore instead of adventure. The Cape of Completion is excluded, since it probably won't be obtained while its damage reduction is still useful. Cookie Notice 1-5: Just Learning - as with the other skills, we're just trying to get to Superheat. Please visit the Combat page on the Wiki to learn the basics of how to fight. Pre-requisite for Smithing, Runecrafting, and Crafting(rings if you're a madlad). The Melvor Idle wiki contains guides on a number of different topics. Kind of helps break it up. Melvor Idle is currently in active Alpha Development. Fletching is used to make Bows and Arrows. It would be a lifebuoy for new players. WIKIMODWIKI Purchase and equip Smithing Gloves (+50% bonus exp) and make sure that you have plenty of charges! Please add, correct, or suggest anything that comes to mind. Herblore is used to Brew Potions. Inspired by RuneScape, Melvor Idle takes the core of what makes an adventure game so addictive and strips it down to its purest form! It is unrealistic to do calculations with this percentage reduction, as it relies on nearly impossible-to-get items and specific circumstances. Max Hit determines your maximum potential damage on a successful hit. We're going to need roughly 160,000 Rune Essence for 99 Runecrafting. Food burns 30% of the time until 50 Mastery Level when food will burn 1% of the time. https://www.reddit.com/r/MelvorIdle/comments/k8l6jy/muhammads_hardcore_logs/. Fully featured and interactive Bank/Inventory System. Where "?" Over 1,100 items for you to discover and utilise. a little about astrology - have the "roll" mechanics been removed now? If you want, you can spend some of your hard-earned mastery on Coal for more rock hp, or you can save until Mithril. For more basic information about how to play or for advanced information about mechanics and formulas, the Wiki is still the best place to go to. After receiving damage you will heal slowly over time, the speed at which your heal is based on your Hitpoints level. In the event we do not reach the minimum target, everyone will be automatically refunded. Once all the charges are used by Mining Ore and the Gems found are sold you are expected to receive around 762k GP, which is a 262,000 GP profit on your 500k purchase. Skills in Melvor Idle often follow a natural progression order, you need Mining to get ore for Smithing, which allows you to make armour and weapons for Combat. This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. If you want to idle thieving, we need these respective AE tiers (Auto Eat) while idling. - 94% of the 214 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. Backup your LOCAL SAVES! But keep in mind, we can also string them for the same amount of exp. 25-? Funniest meme wins. Now you have set yourself up with access to signet ring as soon as you have part (a), hopefully access to ARoS and ARoM via fishing, FM cape to speed up any skills, and the ability to buy all the god dungeon upgrades to significantly boost skilling. Summoning can be fairly expensive and unintuitive at first, however, as you collect higher level resources, you will use less of each to make each batch of Tablets, making them significantly easier over time. Mastery Levels will only give bonuses to the specific action they were earned on and can be viewed by selecting Mastery from the left menu. ?-40: Steel Javelin Heads or Crossbow Heads - Similarly to earlier, we're just trying to get to Mithril at this point and Jav and Cbow heads provide the best value/bar in steel. Also gets you seeds to start leveling farming. no need to have 1million mithril arrow heads because they are cheap and easy to make. So EQUIP YOUR FIREMAKING CAPE and let's get started. I will announce on all social platforms when server migration is complete. Using Crafting to turn Bars and Gems into Rings and Amulets is less profitable than just selling the raw materials. If you keep up with farming throughout leveling other skills, your herblore will thank you in the end. Popular user-defined tags for this product: Check out the entire Jagex Ltd franchise on Steam, 73 Curators have reviewed this product. With AE I : (100 x .2) = 20 < 30 (why are we even considering this.), With AE II : (100 x .3) = 30 = 30 (probable death), With AE III : (100 x .4) = 40 > 30 (insert content drake meme), 30-? Melvor Idle is a feature-rich, idle/incremental game combining a distinctly familiar feel with a fresh gameplay experience. : Bronze PlateBody - The goal is to get as much exp here as we can without wasting any of our mats. -80% Attack Interval for you and the Enemies. As long as the player has enough food to heal, the only attacks that can kill are ones that hit hard enough to bypass auto eat entirely. Once Mithril Platebodys are unlocked, equip a pair of Smithing Gloves from the Shop and Smith Mithril Platebodys until 99 Smithing. How do you get 8600 HP? Is there a complete township guide? Thus, an enemy can safely be idled as long as the following is true: (Player HP) (Auto Eat Threshold) > (Max Hit) (1 - (Damage Reduction)). Cannot be doubled, +15% Chance to gain +1 additional resource in Crafting. See the entries for the individual items for details on obtaining them. denotes how minhp relates to maxhit. That said, in this section, we're going to focus primarily on using Super Heat to level. Farming works passively while you're doing something else, so harvesting crops/herb/trees and planting new ones as soon as they're available is the best strategy. Firemaking is levelled to unlock higher tier Cooking Fires and create Coal Ore. its just a visual change. Therefore it is a WiP. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Good luck friends, and happy hunting. 50-99: Mithril Ore - Yes you read that right we're riding this baby all the way to 99. I wouldn't worry too much. This page has been accessed 409,615 times. The Star Seeker Potion increases the chance of finding Golden Stardust. : Mithril Bars - We made it! Using Mods (Scripts and Extensions) - Simplified. WIKI https://wiki.melvoridle.com/w/Main_Page Complete guide for adventure mode: How to idle dungeons. Studying does not cost any resources and provides Astrology experience and Mastery experience for the Constellation after each action. For now, consult this comment from u/Kumlekar for a good starting point. The Cape of Completion has the best damage reduction of any cape, but requires completing the entire game before it can be purchased. Here we use the same argument as above. A tag already exists with the provided branch name. If you want to ensure that you have enough mats, we can switch over to Mining gloves. An armour piece must first be upgraded to (S) using Silver Bars and GP, before it can be upgraded to (G) using Gold Bars and GP. This is a feature-rich, idle/incremental game combining a distinctly familiar feel with a fresh gameplay experience. Whether an enemy or dungeon can be idled is decided by four factors: the enemy's max hit, the purchased level of Auto Eat, the player's maximum Hitpoints, and of course the player's damage reduction. Written guides, references, and walkthroughs. Lighting Bonfires will only give an Experience Bonus to Firemaking while active. 1-10: Man - Max hit 10. For efficiency, choose this option, This section should take you 2 days and 21 hours. As someone with 99% item completion all I would say is that difference of maxing efficiently versus not being entirely optimal would be 3-7 days over a 4 months journey. There are very few ways to play an idle game incorrectly and this guide has . Notice that the guide is missing instructions for Township, which despite its high learning curve, can be a great source of GP income for a new account (through taxation via Town Halls), as well as enabling buyable pets (like Ace) and hats (like Clown Hat) that can work across many skills simultaneously. Most summoning Tablets allow you to select the recipe, changing the type and quantity of resources consumed per action. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Please follow these steps as a temporary fix to the resolution issue: Click here to view information on the official Chromium Bug Report website where other Android Apps are reporting the same issue. Crafting is used to make Leather/Hide Armour, Rings and Necklaces. Damage reduction potions can be created at Herblore level 90. As I haven't done much research on the subject, it will be left out of the guide for now until I can work with some Redditors on writing something up. //