$29.95. Well, the bar didn't cooperate. Now that is damning testimony if I have ever heard it. [/quote] Let's hope they get confirmed soon. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. they say he found out thursday. Powerlifting had one federation, one national champion, Gaynor said. I slept on the flight down and drifted in and out for the next eight hours, but I was able to watch most of the operation not only mine but both of the other two as well. View Profile View Forum Posts . I always had good results with squating and deadlifting once a week about 3 days apart each and benching once heavy and once light a week but am considering combining squat and deadlift day and only benching once a week with possibly a third day of arms and shoulders only. In response to a question about how his training has changed as he has gotten older, powerlifting legend Mike Bridges. lol. 5. Mac's first meet was two months before this when he qualified to lift in Victorville. Its a shame his feats arent hailed about today. I was the Meet Director for this event and I would like to put to rest this issue (if possible). Best Lifts: Dr. Fred Hatfield (october 21, 1942 Died may 14, 2017). I don't think I would even care if the IPF recognized it personally. He started lifting at 58 and was that one-in-a-thousand who had that Special Super Strength. How about a man who can squat 892.9lb; bench press around 580lb and deadlift in the 800s. I tried to roll over but couldn't. The great Mike Bridges spent years training three times per week, squatting twice, deadlifting once or twice, and benching two and sometimes three times within any week. The squats went well. Sign up for our newsletter and get new articles sent straight to your inbox weekly. [/quote] Michael Bridges. He said, "Okay, just be sure you're at the gate in time." Jesse Rodgers, I agree. Ed Baueuscroft of California. They had time to get another bar!!! I drove it back over my head, I guess to keep it from tearing my pec worse, and to keep the bar from sinking in my chest. Hewon nine consecutive IPF World Powerlifting Championships from 1971-1979 (198-pound to 242-pound weight classes) and set 54 world records during his powerlifting career. That number is even more amazing when you consider that at the 1968 German powerlifting championships, 176-pound Arnold Schwarzenegger squatted 460 pounds. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Privacy Policy. If I remember, this is not the first time a National Meet in St Louis had the wrong bar. I find that while the weight I lift is less, the intensity is still high and with decent results but I stay sore longer. 1980 IPF Mens World Powerlifting Championships I felt good that morning and was ready to push it. If possible, structure your training as follows: Mon - Bench day Weds -Deadlift day Fri - Squat day Day 1 (Monday) Bench day: He was born September 4th, 1948 in Duluth, Minnesota. His total outdid his closest competiton by some 150lb. One official got yelled at for asking about the bar while my boyfriend was checking his rack height later on thursday. squatting 804 lb. why someone running a meet like this waits to the last second anyway is a damned good question. The next day I called Dr. Kunitz and he said to call my doctor. Now, while I was there Mike Lambert of Powerlifting USA took the first picture of my hand and ran it in the January 1981 Issue the same issue that ran the results of the 80 worlds. I think it'd be more like shooting the jockey because he was wearing the wrong silks lol! My first personal observation of Mike was at the Heart Of America Powerlifting Contest, an annual event hosted by St. Louis gym owner and bodybuilder George Turner. Arnold Schwarzenegger (3). WAS THE PAPER IT WAS WRITTEN ON WAS THE RIGHT SIZE! Why should IPF bend rules for 1 fed in its group rather than for another.(and since they only do that for rus or ukrwellthere's your answer). Records should not have to be sacrificed because of this. im just so sick and tired if people bashing the ipf. Yes, a 198 weighed 198 not 225 at meet time with todays 24-hour weigh-ins.I recall weighing less after a meet back in those days. I came up with a wrestling singlet with legs, but somehow George Langas took the idea and sold them under the name Spanjam, which I distributed.Lou: You had a lot of lifters come stay with you such as Mike Bridges who you said was the strongest man under 200 pounds. Just before it touched, my left pec began to tear. I have a Texas Power Bar and it weighs 20kg. Simply return it within 30 days for an exchange. My training poundage started climbing again and I felt more and more like busting it in the gym again. Hes laid down a base of muscle that doesnt just dry up when the drugs do. We had a rivalry in the early 70s.Lou: Before we get into your powerlifting life, did you ever play other sports? Mike Bridges - 512 lb Raw Bench @ 181 lbs (232.5 @ 82.5 kgs) 2,478 views Aug 19, 2016 35 Dislike Share Save Lexington Plummer 1.52K subscribers From the 1982 USPF Sr Nat'ls, Mike Bridges. Benchpress: 272.1kg/599.88lb An athlete lives at the whim of a sports rules, and when those rules change, so can their career. As for everyone saying ivanko bars are shit because they are so whippy you have to remember they were actually designed for weightlifting. SPECIAL. ive seen a little on his training also here it goes mon-squat, bench max weight squat- 8,5,5,3,2,1,1,1max partial squat- 1x1 bench- 8,5,5,3,2,1,1,1 max wed-squat,bench light, max deadlift squat-8,5,5,3,1,1 about 50-60% of max A prodigy of the great Larry Pacifico. I don't care if this was your first nationals and you came in last, you still shouldn't have to lift with the wrong equipment. I invited several well-known lifters of that time: the great Mike Bridges, Terry Dillard, Dave Waddington, Steve Wilson, and Mark Chaillet. We did not know this in advance. BUT, as a lifter at the meet who is not capable of setting world records, I was very happy when I learned that we would be using a Texas Power Bar. (course they also did drug tests on mike but odds are those won't be a problem). The author and famed Mike Bridges are shown in a light moment at the 1982 World Powerlifting Championships in Munich. Jim. When we discovered the mistake we did the best we could and used the bar that was available. Former IPF world record holder in the bench press from the USA Mike MacDonald, 69, died Tuesday, January 9th 2018 in Eveleth, Minnesota after a long illness. Good post, ya old fart! But, when you're not doing this program, feel free to use varying rep ranges if you feel you can handle it. What has Dan done for the game? :)[/quote] People need to have a reality check, as if Harold thought ..hey, let me sabotage this meet and give them a non-approved bar. I hope this does not come true. What was remarkable was the little guys finger was as tiny as you would expect, and with the help of microscopic lenses he worked a miracle. WTF!! It was a beautiful day to drive, but once we got 50 miles away, Mac said we needed to pull over. Lou: There were other super stars from England. But those accepting the pay of the sponsorship fees do not have to suffer with the bars, merely to take the money and thus approve themjust like at times platforms/stages at ipf worlds have sagged under the larger squatters, only to be considered "acceptable". Let's hope they get confirmed soon. I stayed there for three days. Steve Powell has uploaded video of the first two squat attempts of powerlifting legend and pre-meet favorite, Mike Bridges (198), at the USAPL CON-CRET Raw Challenge at the Arnold Classic. He was right.After 10 yearsfrom 1970 to 1980I won my first nationals with my first top-ten bench. The best in the sport can, with perfect form, hoist more than a few times their bodyweight in iron. Just a few years before, powerlifters had been using PEDs in low doses to help their muscles recover; maybe they gained a bit of an edge, but it wasnt overtly noticeable. LARRY PACIFICO "Mr. Powerlifting" set 54 world records in an 18-year career. Deadlift: 365kg/804.69lb. Records should not have to be sacrificed because of this. In that meet there were four men who would become IPF World Champs: Milt McKenzie, George Crawford, Vince Anello and, last but not least, Larry Pacifico, the subject of this article. Mike Bridges (Birth date: february 1, 1957). "But it weighed MORE so he should the record for sure!" Lou: Was there somebody you loved to beat?Larry: Yes. The International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame began in 1978 to recognize powerlifters who had competed in the IPF and officials who had shaped the IPF. Actually the whole meet was against the rules of the USAPL. Mike Bridges The Peoria Powerhouse as told to POWERLIFTING USA by Herb Glossbrenner Great Form from the beginning. I won on bodyweight after John missed a third deadlift. yes. He was right. I also was a shotput and discus thrower and won Athlete of the Year in New York in 1964. Joe came alive within months with some lifting that is still admired today. they're listed as pending cause someone turned in teh record forms and until ipf looks into this, they're pending. Then a week after that, Frank Zane and I had a seminar in New Jersey. He totaled just 1,780 pounds 231 pounds, or 11.5 percent, less than hed lifted four months before. No excuses! BUT, as a lifter at the meet who is not capable of setting world records, I was very happy when I learned that we would be using a Texas Power Bar. 1980-11-07, USA-VA, Arlington. When joining the IPF the USAPL agreed to follow the rules in place, not some of them or just the ones we like etc. Dan, like Ed and Fred Hatfield, has proven that the little man is in! I wore my ProKinetics Insoles to my first competition at the 2009 Pan American Games and I beat my previous world record in squat by 87 pounds. As I'm now fast closing on 49 I find my biggest problem is not overtraining, but under-recovering. We had a five-hour layover. So, as a powerlifter, if you stay in the same weight class but you lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, you can be tremendously stronger, because fat doesnt help you lift weight. Just as we assume that every athlete in other drug-tested leagues isnt clean, we shouldnt here, either. Lou: I recall soon after getting home from the army in 1970 you set a national total record on the same dayas Joe Weinstein at 1675 at198. 2023 ABC News Internet Ventures. Use was rampant, but that didnt mean every lifter wanted to pump himself full of chemicals. Actually, I've worked at keeping everything the same since it worked before and seems to be working OK now as well. I am aware of the wrong bar that was shipped because I warmed up with it in the warm up room. What really happened that day that allowed Mark Dimiduk to win the 1980 SR nationals and that would select the 1980 world team members.Larry: On a second attempt deadlift I wanted a 5 kg jump. I have seen a lot in 50 years as powerlifting has introduced me to all of my friends as well as most good and bad memories. I've also, place 2nd once, and 3rd twice in the 'open' class since age 47 in World Championships. Sam is a world record holder in the 275lb class with a lift of 639lb in the bench press. See, they cannot make an exception for a USA lifter because USA would beef huge IF a russian had an improper bar and broke records too price of having approved bars, weights, and rules. We looked at the numbers in three of the biggest competitions: Raw Unity, USAPLs Raw National Powerlifting Championship (Raw Nationals) and the IPFs Classic Powerlifting World Championships (Classic Worlds). Bench: 260kg/573.2lb He also would tell others if they wanted to get a bigger bench gain weight. And at 51 I expect to take it even higher next week at the APF Georgia. I invited several well-known lifters of that time: the great Mike Bridges, Terry Dillard, Dave Waddington, Steve Wilson, and Mark Chaillet. "Bars dont grow on trees, what would you have done in this situation??" Its 2016 and this year marks the end of my first 50 years in powerlifting. Something like this should never have been overlookedEVER ! Sure, some bars are exactly the same but some payed a license fee to the IPF and some did not--they have a choice. And Don Reinhoudt the SHW world champ. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. And they'd be American records. its not the fault of the ipf, but the stuff up of the meet directors!!! liane blyn, jessica o donnellyeah that's a group to want to have after you to slap you upside the head! The division between the drug-tested and non-drug-tested competitions makes powerlifting a unique window into what effect todays PEDs have on an all-important athletic skill: strength. For example, research published in the journal Sports Medicine found that steroids can increase an athletes strength by 5 to 20 percent. Best Lifts: Really, then what would you have done if the meet director, technical sec were standing together when they opened the box from Ivanko to find the wrong bar had been sent? Deadlift: 320kg/705.48lb, Lee Moran (Birth date: may 17, 1955 Died july 15, 1999). He was a tremendous bencher. It wasn't as meteculous years ago when the USAPL was first cutting their teeth after becoming the IPF affiliate. I would hear it from him every meet when he told me if I did not get a better bench I would never win at nationals. Once inside and rolling, they put the piece of finger that came off in some of the ice and stuck it in my sweatshirt pocket. The problem was discovered on Thursday. Our flight out of LA was fine. What can be said about a guy that can do exploits like that? The 20kg TPB used to be approved by the IPF, until they didn't pay the licensing fee, so there are undoubtedly some IPF World record which have been set using a TPB. I was a gymnast in New York where I grew up. Where are my safety guys screaming about that? Another set of interesting data is world records. True, Jack. And they probably DID! Thanks.Louie Simmons. No one expects any more of you. How is this the USAPL shooting themselves in the foot? 123-pound squat data was a dwarf and indeed hoisted 639 pounds. There I said it for you. Dan is a poor bencher when it comes to fellows his weight, but he more than makes up for it in other two lifts. Tests are cost prohibitive. I lowered it, but too slow. This was the best meet I've been to everything was done possible to make this the best meet for lifters and judges also for whoever came to the Meet! Consider this 2008 American Physiological Society study, which found that the benefits of steroids in powerlifters can last several years beyond when the drugs leave their body. George Hechter (Birth date: august 14, 1961). Then Ronnie Ray from Texas and a guy they called Mel Hennessey of Minnesota. Squat: 446.7kg/984.4lb It's about $'s! 7. This happened to Mike Bridges. [quote=Harold Gaines]I was the Meet Director for this event and I would like to put to rest this issue (if possible). In total, the lifters at Raw Unity put up about 17.44 percent more weight than the lifters at the USAPL competition and 3.46 percent more than those at the IPF meet. this meet director, the ipf (USAPL) refs who inspected the platform and weights, and the USAPL EC members present, tech sec, all of these should be held directly responsible for what was discovered thursday and they did not work to correct. As promised, I left with Mac to coach him at the World Masters in Victorville. Men (65+) 2022 open 28th Worldwide. I flew back to Louisville every other week for two months. [/quote] Well most know he won nine straight before makinga tactical error when he jumped five pounds on his second attempt on the deadlift, which nullified a third attempt, letting Mark Dimiduk win the1980s nationals and worlds.Larry told me if I would open lighter I would do better, and he was right again.I remember Larry making a 530-pound bench press and a 1,900 total in 1972 in Cincinnati, Ohio, at a body weight of 198. [/quote] The events draw the best lifters in the sport of raw powerlifting, which means the men dont use assistance gear.4 As previously mentioned, Raw Unity doesnt drug test. Squat: 410kg/903lb Well most know he won nine straight before making. Where are my safety guys screaming about that? A 220 pounds, Joe squatted 837lb. It is sad and pathetic that people have to jump on board and bash someone who has busted their butt to pull off one of the best meets. TPB makers stood to gain by keeping the sponsorship fee up, after all, it's a BUSINESS. Mike's best official lift was 608 made in 1977. This happened to Mike Bridges. How many more times will you shoot yourself in the foot? Orders shipped out within 1 - 5 business days. This means they have to use IPF-approved equipment on the platform. BUT, as a lifter at the meet who is not capable of setting world records, I was very happy when I learned that we would be using a Texas Power Bar. Will Democrats Rally Behind President Biden In 2024? True, Jack. When he first saw Vince hecould tell he had dropped down to 198,then he saw me all bulked up and ready for battle. Blood started flowing and I started to stand up, but I passed out and rolled back on the platform. One time while weighing in Larry was standing on one foot just to bug him. And tell me something about your personal life.Larry: I was vice president of Holiday and New Life Spas, there were 20 of us all total. I just went to a baseball game and payed $18 for a lousy $10 hat. And he held a special "women's gateway open" with lifters all breaking WR's TOO..WHERE WAS THIS MAN's BRAIN??? In a Conjugate Method training program, dynamic effort training is typically focused on increasing the At Westside, we use dynamic effort training to improve our rate of force development. Mike Bridges was the Ed Coan of powerlifting before there was an Ed Coan. screw it. not screwing up in front of the WORLD. [/quote] Deadlift: 320kg/705.48lb. If they were lifetime PR's for you as well, then even greater congratulations are indeed in order! Bench: 160kg/352.74lb(WR) And there were no bench shirts until 1984, so his bench was raw as they say nowadays. Best Lifts: The call to drug-test powerlifters had been gaining momentum in the sport since the mid-1970s. You won't believe my luck. Trying to figure this out with the same type hip replacement as Rickey Crain. your body doesn't suddenly break down cause you broke the 40 yo barrier. Worlds Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier has referred to him as a god in powerlifting, and world-champion powerlifter Don Reinhouldt has said, Larry will always be a legend of all time to us.. BUT, as a lifter at the meet who is not capable of setting world records, I was very happy when I learned that we would be using a Texas Power Bar. No one ever say a word to him no matter what. At Na- tionals Bridges the bt . I also know you were never cocky or arrogant, but totally confident and fun when I was around you. Mike Gansey's . anyway, im in agreement with most everyone here, that is, there is no way any record should be taken away because of this. The guys in the lighter . I will be over at Jon Groves meet helping him this weekend, hope to see ya there. Looks somewhat like Sheikos powerlifting program. Bench: 227.5kg/501.55lb That's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard, did they not KNOW you need to use approved equipment? WTF!! HOWEVER for a meet director at an IPF qualifier - and the supposed FLAGSHIP event, the men's nationals, to NOT have proper IPF bars and weights for world record breaks is UNTHINKABLE. I was never as happy as I was to see Mac walk in my room to take me home to Dayton, Ohio. About 45ish I began to realize that I couldn't recover from that frequency any more. If this is your first visit, be sure to Everything at this meet was ran by the guys in the uniforms! wouldnt u think for a comp that big, that everything would be above board, regardless of what you think the rules should be? By this time I was pouring sweat and time was running out. Weighing in at only 204 lbs, Mike not only went home with gold medals, but he also broke world records in the Deadlift at 650 lbs. My boyfriend was in the area on Thursday afternoon when several referees told the Technical Sec that something was wrong with the bar and they were told it was OK, it was an old Ivenko Bar. This accident took maybe a second and a half. If you are a world class lifter, you are a world class lifter in any fed. So the facts are the facts guys stop being a bunch of cry BABIES! LOL! it matters what the rules actuially are!!! Ivanko bars are awfulthey are outrageously whippy and the non-standard knarling makes setting up for the deadlift quite confusing. Being stubborn about that and thinking I'm too tough to change what I do will derail your progress sooner or laterso listen to what the body is telling you and work with it; not against it. No one ever say a word to him no matter what.The Conversation. It was a national meet. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. that'd just be the cherry on the top of this disaster! barbell | 21K views, 632 likes, 8 loves, 38 comments, 118 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Old School Strength: Powerlifting legend Mike Bridges deadlifts ~617 lb in the 198 lb weight class. One of the nicest menin the power lifting game. You should tell the cycling community about your insoles. If you looked at Freds height (58) and consider what Fred has accomplished, its simply outrageous!!!! John Gamble! Way to go meet directors! [quote=Jeff Fiss]Harold put on a great meet. Holy shit ! What gives? They keep raising the standard. We know Larry was one of the greatest lifters of all time, but not much is known about many. So I wiped the blood off with my coat and pushed the pin back down my finger. Thats what makes powerlifting such a great sport. Ivanko pays them a lisence fee to approve their stuff and Texas Power Bar doesn't! I realize that rules are rules but, don't shoot the horse because the jockey was overweight. Do guys in anything-goes competitions regularly hoist heavier weights than guys in drug-tested meets?3 Why allow PED use at all? My total at around age 46 was just under 1700. What reports? Why is it so hard? Steroids split us into two federations. Over time, more groups broke off from both the USPF and drug-free federation, splintering the sport further. Doug Hepburn: Might, Muscle & Miracles Anatomy of Strength. (BUT he's not alone, there will be some very angry WOMEN TOO on this! Its also important to note that competitions use different weight-class systems. That has got to be more dangerous that squatting without wraps. However they are coming out with a 29mm bar that should be just as stiff as an Elieko or Leoko. Mike Bridges, age 50, captured multiple IPF Master's 2 (50+) World Records last weekend at the USAPL Men's Nationals. He did break the record. :), MAKE SURE THE PLATFORM WAS THE RIGHT SIZE AND THAT WEIGHTS WERE REAL AND THAT MIKE HAD THE LEGAL SHOES TO SQUAT IN!! In 1956 in Minneapolis my buddies and I, Reps and sets ranged from 510 to 10-15 sets of lower reps, to the aforementioned 50-rep sets on some exercises,. He said, "I will be in a minute." KT Tape is the first-ever kinesiology tape to come in pre-cut strips specifically designed for consumer use. No one should have to put up with this BS. The bar we used was 45lbs plus the collars. Fred is the total squatter, his squats range from 918lb thorugh 100b. The competitor in the 123-pound squat data was a dwarf and indeed hoisted 639 pounds. First offcongrats M.B on the records. He bench pressed well over 400, squatter more than 700 and deadlifted close to that. 1983 Mens Senior Nationals He trained with Don Cundy the first to make an 800 deadlift, and Jerry Gones who would wear a superhero suit at a meet and a wig. Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. 1. IF they used the same Texas Power Bars for that WOMEN's MEET, THE WORLD RECORDS THERE TOO ARE NOW NOT VALID. Michael Easter is an associate editor at Mens Health magazine. Ivanko bars are awfulthey are outrageously whippy and the non-standard knarling makes setting up for the deadlift quite confusing. Thats huge, because more muscle gives these athletes more power to perform with. Nothing worked. It is not the training intensity per workout that changes as a lifter ages; it is our training frequency (recovery period allowed) that must be adapted. It's unfortunate that an error like this had to happen, but the bar we were using was just fine!! XTREME SQUATTING-book, XTREME DEADLIFTING-book, & ADVANCED POWERLIFTING TECHIQUES-DVD. I went 760, 810, 832. Also known ad Dr. Squat. [/quote] Mike Bridges Multiple World Champion Weight Lifter Peoria, IL Mike is a World IPF Champion, IPF World Record Holder, 2008 Masters World Champion with 4 Gold Medals, and 2007 World Bench Press Gold Medalist. When we talk about how PEDs improve performance in sports e.g. Although my preparation for the event was right on schedule to maximize my strength, I feel certain that the confidence that comes with improved body mechanics and alignment allowed me to turn on every ounce of strength I needed to set my 23rd world record. they say he found out thursday. While they were undoubtedly unbeatable, they were untested for the most part. I lifted my hands up and that's when I saw it. then on the other days he would go between 50-80% of his max for extra volume. Needless to say, the routine listed below, is designed to work on each of these lifts. How are you doing Roger?! Was I right! For example, at a drug-tested meet in 2002, Mike Booker squatted 551 pounds but weighed just 132 pounds. he did this for 10 years and kept progressing but he's unreal. 1980 IPF Men's World Powerlifting Championships. Mike gave it hus all and was a supporter of the sumo-style deadlift and is one of the first to use it effectively. yea i was thinking about trying this because i want to compete eventually in single ply gear and natural. When we competed against each other I won 575 to 505. The Hall of Fame began with just male lifters and officials, but started including female lifters since 1987. . Benchpress: 265kg/584lb He saved them all. And some new research shows that they help you better activate the muscle, increasing strength.. [quote=Anonymous]My boyfriend was in the area on Thursday afternoon when several referees told the Technical Sec that something was wrong with the bar and they were told it was OK, it was an old Ivenko Bar. I am aware of the wrong bar that was shipped because I warmed up with it in the warm up room. My team was also lifting, including Eric Stuber, Mac Richards, John Topsoglou, and several others. And squating without center knurling??? Love it. They've been a nuisance for years, the smaller knurling center causes people to line up too close in the DL and it hardly grips your back at all, some of the even brand NEW bars have NO KNURLING. ivanko bars suck. Strength is like a glass, said lifting coach Brett Jones, who is considered one of the best trainers in the country. After getting out of the Army I started to compete in and around Ohio. That has got to be more dangerous that squatting without wraps. . Benchpress: 705.5 pounds (320kg) Mike Bridges Dans statue, not his weight, makes him unusual for the hings that he has done. Mike's. I really hope the IPF overlooks this and lets the record stand. I called him and he got me in and said it might never straighten out again. Squat: 455kg/1003b On the morning before the meet we opened 2 brand new shipping tubes from an IPF approved manufacturer and they contained bars that did not have center knurling. He sewed the two pieces together temporarily while they made arrangements for me to meet a helicopter at the University of Dayton arena to fly me and my wife Carol to Louisville, Kentucky. Cookie Notice I wonder how it would feel to have a 700+ pound bar slide down your back. This was one of the most amazing feats of strength I had ever seen at that time. Brand spankin new bar, just no center knurling. do you think that maxing every week will hinder progress? Pacificos best competition lifts are an 832-pound squat, 592-pound bench press (without a bench shirt), a 771-pound deadlift, and a 2061-pound total. Following this mind set I've won 10 Masters World Championships and broken 14 World Master's Records; and am also one of only 11 men over 50 to bench over 600 in competition. My training put me at 835-580-800-2215. Power bodybuilding requires you to re-learn technique and reach new movement standards. They had time to get another bar!!! Second, the guys that want to do drugs and get around a test can and will. On the other end of the spectrum, USA Powerlifting (USAPL) vehemently tests lifters, and its slogan is Americas choice for drug-free strength sport.. Who cares what brand of bar it was loaded on?! Give me a TEXAS POWER OR OKIE. :), [quote=Anonymous][quote=Jeff Fiss]Harold put on a great meet. In powerlifting we have had lifters such as Pacifico who many times totaled more than the heavyweights in the early years of powerlifting. I envied Larry for having such good training partners and a coach like Bob Matz. .4kg is way over the allowed variance of weight. GIVE ME A BREAK. His name was Mike Bridges. The 20kg TPB used to be approved by the IPF, until they didn't pay the licensing fee, so there are undoubtedly some IPF World record which have been set using a TPB.