Could this because they are back logged or the Baltimore field office just lack competency ? Don't hold it against them. You can request assistance by calling theUSCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283. See8 CFR 214.2(f)(9)(ii). my interview got canceled 1 month ago and no update until today!! A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. We were ready to go. sep 7th Dallas. . I have received the notification for the same, but on September 7th, the interview had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. What comes next and how long does it usually take? If you have any questions or issues about using E-Verify from a remote location, please contact E-Verify Support at 888-464-4218 (for employers) or 888-897-7781 (for employees). -Interview Resechduled on Oct 16, 2022 It was cancelled 3 days prior the scheduled date. It's easy! Best of luck everyone , just type hi and then live agent and select case status. They don't tell you why they have postponed the hearing. Mine had the same. I just received notice today 4/23/21 that they have rescheduled my interview to June 1st! For people with disabilities: (TTY) 800-767-1833 or (VRS) 877-709-5797. I was supposed to have an interview on June 5th 2017 at Baltimore field office and have received a letter week before saying that interview has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and will be notified further if any change in the case status. Make an Infopass if you want to make sure things are still moving along. So I haven't even talked to my client yet. My Interview was scheduled for January 14,2019. He told me to apply again instead., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There are numerous reasons why USCIS might cancel a Green Card interview, and it may have nothing to do with an applicant. so no need to redo it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. USCIS cancelled our interview "due to unforeseen circumstances". Maybe it's a good sign that this is an N336. Really depends on the reason for cancellation; missing file, COVID and staffing issues, some other reason. Air Tickets Purchased If you are one of a number of immigration applicants, you can't skip this process: checking your case status on the USCIS website. Please check this page on the day of your appointment for any office closures or other important information. And this is the notice that we got. There are no specific reasons given and there is no new interview date given. Im lowkey worried and concerned. Read the letter carefully When you receive the update, read everything carefully. Are you sure there's no other serious issue with your application -- related to previous crime/terrorism? my question: is it better to mail uscis medical in case they waive the interview or should I just wait for the interview update. Read more aboutexpedited processingon our website. Report Abuse 1 ANSWER FC Francis John Cowhig (Unclaimed Profile) Update Your Profile Answered on Dec 20th, 2013 at 9:20 PM It says "receive your case decision" as your next milestone as if your interview was waived or something. How can you help a family member get their green card? House Pictures What to Do If Your Interview's Been Cancelled And that's a real bummer because you get everybody's hopes up, you get all ready for bear, you get ready to fight. 2021/2022 Tax Return Document JB63, February 25, 2019 in US Citizenship Case Filing and Progress Reports, My interview was scheduled for 03/01/2019 but when I checkedthe website this morning I saw that it was "descheduled". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you have questions about this, about unforeseen circumstances, give us a call at (314) 961-8200. 24, 2005 Interview was descheduled due to "unforeseen circumstances" (Exhibit 6). Anyway, he's not going to be happy about this and I'm not either. and is it marriage based? This notice is for one of my clients, I was supposed to go to San Jose, California next week for a N336 hearing on a decision in naturalization proceedings. with pending I751, hi everyone, my issue is i went for interview with my wife and the third day i got an notification on my I-130 that my interview was cancelled and they sent rfe for my I-485,, Im really worried right now , please is this a good sign or not ? Got an update, I think around a week or two after in the mail but the update was I think a few days earlier in the online account. shop. A lock ( A locked padlock ) or https:// means you've safely connected to the .gov website. If you are unable to pay the fee for a USCIS service or benefit, you may request a fee waiver for certain forms by filingForm I-912, Request for Fee Waiver. For more information, please see our Anybody else in same boat ?. 01-23-2008 = Consulate gets file; outdated Packet 4 mailed to fiancee 1/27/08; rec'd 3/3/08. I think you just have to sort of be balanced about it, accept the things you cannot change. I am so frustratedstill didnt get rescheduled yet. I love him a lot, he's a good guy and I'm looking forward to his case getting approved. 05-05-2008 = Infuriating $12 call to non-English-speaking consulate appointment-setter. Review our. At this point waiting an extra month or two won't change munch ! I have my flight, got my hotel. Now I'm not eligible under the 3 year rule but I am eligible under the 5 year rule, but he didn't want to amend my application and do it 5 year rule instead of the 3 year rule. I'm sure my client won't be happy and we'll just live to fight another day. still nothing yet..(interview cancelled), today my status changed to Interview was scheduled, thanks, check with emma once sometimes it doesnt get updated, Mine was scheduled too! To replace an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), you must file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization. So it actually, I think if I remember correctly, it got scheduled for interview relatively quickly. Macias received a message from USCIS offices on March 18: "due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel the previously scheduled interview." "We will advise you of any further action taken on the case, including any rescheduled interview appointment information, under separate notice," the USCIS message read. Dallas FO too? N-400 interview cancelled due to "unforeseen circumstances" Andrew M. Wilson U.S. Immigration Lawyer (100%) 50 Fountain Plaza, Suite 1700 Buffalo, NY 14202 (716) 853-5100 3,863 Answers Feedback from users: Satisfied 497 Neutral 56 Unsatisfied 0 2,433 Phone Consultations Feedback from users: Excellent 387 Good 0 Average 0 Poor Basically the reason was that I still had my 751 pending. no update since the cancellation, our lawyer already sent 2 letters to Dallas office to reschedule our interview but absolutely no update, case status still says interview cancelled. So in fact, let's see. we were married for 8 years and have 2 kids so I guess thats why he didnt need any relationship proof, Interview cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. By . The interviewer even mentioned that my 10yrs GC will be mailed in 10days. They also have updated my status to interview canceled.. I called today the auto message still confirmed that I had an interview on my update. Management Interviews. I called my lawyer and told him the situation and he said it sounded like a glitch so I should just save the letter for my records since they have not received anything. For those VWP entrants already granted satisfactory departure and unable to depart within this 30-day period because of emergency related issues, USCIS has the authority to temporarily provide additional 30-day periods of satisfactory departure. I'm not saying that it's always a bad sign when you get a notice that says due to unforeseen circumstances, your appointment has been rescheduled. It's easy! Your Form I-20 must include the employment page completed by your Designated School Official, certifying your eligibility for off-campus employment due to severe economic hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. A N-400 applicant may call USCIS and reschedule. How long did it take to get a new appointment? I'm sorry for your experience. And if you liked this video, we ask that you please share it out on social and that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you get updates whenever we make videos, just like this one. Thanks to everyone who helped me down in the comments below, and good luck to fellow interviewees! Land Deed All Rights Reserved. So far here is what we got! same as yours supposed to have interview on Sep 2nd but got notification on Aug 25 for cancellation and no updates since then any body who has been through this please help!! If you are canceling the interview without rescheduling, you can express hopes for future cooperation, but do it only when you really mean it. This is weird after so much preparation. 12-18-2007 = Call; file is with Division 9 ofcr. Hello, I am going through a bit of a weird situation at the moment. Case was at NBC and the following took place. Anything else I can do? hope you guys will get that. It sounds like it is in response to your oath reschedule request. im on the exact sams situation as you @Yulia Ask our. Please advice me any other ways to find out information about my case. We will advise you of any further action taken on this case, including any rescheduled interview appointment information under separate notice. and our Dallas office, Wow. When you request help, please explain how the impact ofan unforeseen circumstance created a need for the requested relief. fingers crossed we hear something soon. 08-27-08 = Phoned consulate (they "couldn't find" our file); visa DHL'd 8/28; in hand 9/1; through POE on 10/9 with NO hassles(!). I have just received a call from USCIS right before my interview that your interview for citizenship is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and we will mail you when we reschedule your interview. Copyright 1999-document.querySelector("#footer-year").innerHTML=new Date().getFullYear(); Has anyone else experienced something similar? Also Dallas FO. My Interview was scheduled for Sept 7th Dallas office but today I received the notification that it got canceled. To update your address with USCIS, visit ourHow to Change Your Addresspage. -Another interview Date sent out on January 9, 2023 N-400 interview cancelled / descheduled? -Interview Cancelled Oct 16, 2022 N-400 #1 Feb 2016 (Pending) (3-year Rule) February 2016: N-400 filed under the 3 year rule. This means you were placed in expedited removal proceedings, you received a positive credible fear . Unforeseen circumstances, such as natural catastrophes (hurricanes, wildfires, severe weather, etc. He said as for the old N400 I was not eligible as I applied back in 2016, so hopefully it's just about another year and another application fee, and there's nothing else hidden that I don't know about. Sorry for the wall of text. Does anyone had their interview rescheduled lately? I don't think it's necessarily a good thing, but I also don't think that you can just say automatically that, oh, this means my case is in trouble. uscis called me today and told that my n-400 interview had been cancelled. when was your interview scheduled/cancelled? Visit ourOffice Closingspage to determine whether an office is open and to learn about rescheduling appointments. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Wow. what should be my next steps on my case and also would like to know the reasons that can cause this cancellation of interview.