Neptune here suggests that you are looking for someone compassionate, soft, emotional. The native with Venus in 1st House for Capricorn Ascendant is farsighted and tactful. They dont mean to be; its just how they present themselves and try so hard to assimilate with their peers. With Neptune opposition Ascendant, you may start relationships with people you feel sorry for. What does it mean to have Neptune in your first house? If you have Neptune in the 1st house but it isnt exactly conjunct your Ascendant, you will find that many of these same qualities apply to you, although they may not be as strong. Other people have the power to change how you feel about yourself because its hard for you to see your outer self clearly. You sense how other people want you to appear and change yourself. Because of this, they are called generational planets in astrology. Especially if Pluto is involved, you can be great at knowing what makes people tick and how to push their buttons. Your Higher Journey is bursting with free guides and articles on Astrology, Numerology and more to help you decode your destiny, discover what was written in the stars at your birth and how it affects your personality and your life. Who are you truly projecting to the outside world? These natives naturally draw in several dating prospects without any effort, which can lead to a jealous partner. Appearance: Neptune close to the ascendant in the first house in astrology gives the native hypnotic and dreamy eyes. If you have your natal Neptune in the first house in your birth chart, this article is for you. Youalways have the power to change your own situation. They can sometimes be negativistic and self loathing. Their skill of mirroring flatters others and makes them very likable, magnetic people. It can make you unsure of who you truly are or cause others to have trouble deciphering your personality, yet it also brings and element of spirituality to your Ascendant mask. People with this placement may fashion themselves to be very capable and responsible but struggle between satisfying their material needs and their higher ideals. Neptune rules dreams and sleeping in astrology. In groups, youre usually friendly and even a bit charming. Cristiano Ronaldo (February 5th, 1985) Neptune in the 1st house in Capricorn A prominent Neptune in the natal chart can be a strong indicator of artistic talent. Your energy is constantly overloaded by the energy of spiritual beings and other people. If you learn how to unlock your dreamy side, you can do a lot in the world. When you live the highest manifestation of this placement, you are inspiring others, too. They are highly impressionistic and rely on their intuitive feelings to guide them through life. It can be hard for others to pin down exactly who you are. Dont ignore your gut instincts, but confront your problems and work them out. It represents our appearance, our body, the first impressions we give, and our outer behavior. The object of dissolution is the ego and the preoccupation with selfish pursuits. On the flip side, people with this placement are easily lost in daydreams and they can sometimes escape their problems instead of facing them. They are quiet dreamers who tend to be slow in making decisions. 1. If you live the positive manifestation of Neptune, you are compassionate and spiritual. For people with their natal Neptune in first house, it is essential to take good care of their mental health and to create healthy emotional boundaries. When youre able to ward yourself and protect your energy, you will also be able to work towards developing your own sense of self. Often, there is a foggy sense of self with this placement. Your Venus in your partner's 1st house: The 1 st house represents physical appearance, mannerisms, and the way we project ourselves to the world. It is on the waterside; they say that it is built of marble, and that the people have such a hatred of vegetation that they pluck up all the trees. The person born with Capricorn in 1 st House needs to build on bridges that have are already there and came from their minds and hands. Grounding is a way to stay in the real world while maintaining your connection to spirit. For this reason, many of these natives are great managers. However, this can make others feel a bit nervous around you, even though theyre also intrigued by your dreamy nature. If Neptune is in the 1st House in your birth chart (which you can locate here), the planet has a great influence on your personality, almost as much as your chart ruler. Then at last my soul broke forth, and wisely did she cry, No matter where, no matter where, so long as it is out of the World!. To fully understand how this aspect plays out, its important on the cusp of which house Pisces is in your chart (Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces). They want to lead with their sense of imaginative vision and power to inspire. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (June 21st, 1982) Neptune in the 1st house in Sagittarius You need to develop discernment by learning how to filter out negative energies, entities, and people. Neptune in the 1st house in Gemini In the sign of Gemini, Neptune in the 1st house manifests a persona that can feature a lot of sophistry and chicanery. The sign on the descendant (the cusp of the seventh house in the natal chart) describes what kind of partner you are looking for subconsciously. You have a lot of empathy for other people and you're a bit dreamy. You can find a spiritually enlightened romance, but you will first need to heal this aspect. When it is placed in the first house in the natal chart, you display these qualities strongly. Neptune provides self healing through escapism and faith in things unseen and only intuitively felt. In the 1st House, you may find it hard for people to really get to know you. Youre very sensitive, so its easy to get overwhelmed by the harshness of the world. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You try to save people and even feel that the underdog is attractive. As a result, they are commonly faced with several love prospects at any time. Hi beautiful souls! Youll be extra charismatic, creative, empathic, and intuitive. Escapists by nature, theyd rather get lost in dreams, instead of living and facing the challenges that go with them. This placement signifies that the mask we wear is more mutable in nature. It encompasses the domain of our existence that concerns self image, appearances, confidence, style and our approach to new situations. You tend to either idealize things or avoid them altogether. Here you get to know yourself, your basic needs, and desire to be seen as an individual. Some may become closer to their spiritual beliefs. Facing the harsh reality can easily overwhelm you, just like too much sensory input. Furthermore, their approach to new situations is very flexible and creative. Persons, who suffer in this way are, perhaps, fortunate, for the warnings of nature in such cases are insistent, and medical treatment, by insisting upon absolute rest and quiet, can restore them to health. You have the same attitude to finances with this placement: you expect money to gravitate towards you. Some people with their natal Neptune conjunct the ascendant use this aspect as a source of artistic inspiration. With Neptune opposition Ascendant, youcan have the spiritual relationship that you desire, but you wont get it by victimizing your partners. Neptune in 10th House You are extremely sensitive to your environment. Courtney Love (July 9th, 1964) Neptune in the 1st house in Scorpio It can be hard for you to snap out of this, because you tend to get stuck in your delusions. We may lose a sense of who we are or adopt a disingenuous facade or persona that we have been led to believe is how we should act. Others project their own images onto you, and you seem to take on these qualities, regardless of who you truly are inside. Its helpful to create some sort of system for reality checks to make sure that your relationship is what youbelieve it is. Must feel pretty chaotic and tiring. But with so many personas, its hard to identify the real you under all of that. At the same time, Neptune in the 1st house can contribute to falseness, phoniness and deception. Angular House Type: An Angular house is ruled by a cardinal sign. These are global energies of Neptune in Capricorn or in the 10th House which must be nuanced according to your birth chart, see the article Neptune in birth chart; see also the article on the general interpretation of Neptune. Neptune in the 1st house in Pisces In the sign of Pisces, Neptune in house 1 renders a highly impressionable and sensitive disposition. This interpretation of Neptune in aspect to the Ascendant embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Neptune conjunct Ascendant means that youalso have a distorted image of yourself. Neptune rules Pisces, so if Neptune is in your natal 1st House, you may look similar to a Pisces rising, regardless of what your actual rising sign is. These qualities already exist within you; they simply need to be practiced. You might not know yourself. Anne Hathaway (November 12th, 1982) Neptune in the 1st house in Sagittarius Going with the flow is part of who they are; usually, these people dont have many strong opinions, so theyre happy to fall in line. Instead, the self image is formed around desire for redemption, meaningful connection and divine love. This can actually create emotional distance between you and your partner. In fact, you actually find this relationship by first creating a strong sense of self and then sharing this with your partner. Although people cant quite pin you down, this doesnt trigger others with the Neptune trine Ascendant aspect like it may with the opposition or the square. With this placement, you have a vivid imagination and you are highly creative. Neptune represents dreams, inspiration, imagination, creativity, fantasy, confusion, illusions, deception, and hidden depths. Neptune in Capricorn is pulling dreams into the physical realm. It was not merely the valets and maids who pretended to be their masters and mistresses but the nobles themselves could not conduct the most ordinary flirtation without pretending to be shepherds and shepherdesses of the time of Virgil. People think you to be mysterious. READ MORE: All About Astrology Aspect Symbols. Additionally, Neptune in the 1st house can foster a sometimes delusional self image. there is a landscape to your liking; a landscape made with light and mineral, and a liquid mirror to reflect them! Say, my soul poor, deluded soul, what do you think of going and living in Lisbon? Always be aware of energy vampires who can zap your energy.