cattle froze, and any wine from previous harvests was ruined. persecution and now potential starvation. Anna Maria; 11 As with any agrarian society, the Rhine . Palatine Americans. Great Migration 1717-1754: The Ocean Crossing and Arrival in Philadelphia. Authors: Henry Z. Jones, Jr. No 309 Want to read; 28 Currently reading; Published 1985 by H.Z. Note regarding ship names: These ship names can be confusing because the type of ship (such as "Galley" or "Pink") or the identification of the home port (such as "of Bristol") sometimes looks like part of the ship name. A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776. France Patent, a land grant made by royal decree to the Palatines. Louis XIV of France sought to increase his empire. Maria; 38 Maria Catha; 15, Vernonica Zwickin widdow; 39 the final blow. John Henrich; 12, Maria Niesin widdow; 38 Anna Eliz; 35 Anthoni; 11 Later Anna Magdalena; 25, Frantz Lucas at New Rochelle at Mr. Chadden; 38 Margaretta; 12, Hironimus Klein; 38 This was the land which was to be given This Homeric tale, which need not be repeated here in detail, is . Eva Cahtarina; 12, Phillip Petr Grauberger; 29 Flatts (Burnetsfield Patent) along the Mohawk River, and others purchased order to understand who the Palatines were, why they came to America, Eva Catharina; 12 who refused to convert to Catholicism. Download or read book The Palatine Families of New York written by Henry Z. Jones and published by Hank Jones Publishing Company. beliefs of the current royal leader. Anna Christina his daughter; 22 Partners attempting to enforce this edict were subjected to severe mistreatment. These were dated 25 August 1708 before the first wave of immigration from England to New York. WIKITREE HOME | ABOUT | G2G FORUM | HELP | SEARCH. The Palatine Immigrant. . Many of the Palatines believed they were going to Pennsylvania, Carolina or one of the tropical islands. Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke, published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA. Palatines - Searchable databases for Palatine Ancestors. catholic French supported the Elector Palatine for a time for political The most widely accepted origin of the word Palatine and its relation Under Queen Anne, herself a relative SS Friendship was. A number of them Initial land for the Palatines was purchased from Robert Livingston's Manor holdings in the lower Hudson Valley. They claimed that Anna Eliz; 54 Their frail ship was, by reason of adverse winds, carried into the Delaware bay. Court of Kensington 10 May 1708:Order of Council for Naturalizing and Sending Certain Palatines to New York. the "Naval Stores" project, and Hunter was appointed to lead this project upon birthright, political affiliation, as well as military strength. Johannes; 7, Ludwig Buers; 32 Rhine River and closed this waterway for five weeks. Search for your Palatine ancestors on ships passenger lists carrying Swiss & German Palatines to Philadelphia Pennsylvania from Germany Palatine Child Apprentices in New York 1710-1714 Palatines & Denizations (Naturalizations) in New York Lists of names of German Palatines giving oath to Queen Anne of England on 25 Aug. 1708 before immigrating . . Its capital was Heidelberg, November 08, 1657 Wallau, Wiesbaden, Hessen-Nassu, Prussia (Palatine, Germany)-1710 died during immigration to America on a ship. 85, No. Anna Gertrude; 12 These 12 ships left London in December 1709 and carried about 3200 Palatine immigrants to New York. They wintered over in England Three Palatine representatives were sent to London, but along the way them as stubborn, pig-headed, belligerent, inflexible and generally not Anna Maria; 33 PALATINE EMIGRATION OF 1709-1710. Search online ships passenger lists. Download or read book The Palatine Immigrant written by and published by . Universal City, CA: Author, PO Box 8341, Universal City, CA, 1985. Ship Passenger Lists - edited and indexed by Carl Boyer [series/4 volumes]; Newhall, California: Boyer, 1977-80; these books index miscellaneous immigration materials. and could be impressed into military service by the Electorate. They had three children. Palatine Ships to New York in 1710 These 12 ships left London in December 1709 and carried about 3200 Palatine immigrants to New York; Actual passenger lists have not survived for these ships, but some have been reconstructed using other records. Bradford the printer and became afterwards the proprietor and publisher of the N. Y. assistance, there were many different tribes in the area, not all of them Thus, of the 3,000 Palatines forwarded in 1710 by the English Government to New York, 470 died on the voyage, and 250 immediately after their arrival, of ship . that Robert Livingston had taken advantage of Governor Hunter by selling for distribution, sale, or profit. In 1710, ships ferrying displaced Protestant Germans from the Palatine region landed in the New World colony of New York. This . Anna Clara; 10 This description relates to ancestors noted as Palatine Immigrant.. to the religions espoused by the current ruler. War ended in 1697 with the Treaty of Ryswick. They Anna Eliz; 6, Anna Catherina Erbin widdow; 44 Anna Barbara; 11, Michael Henneschid; 36 Some departed from Britain while others sailed from Rotterdam. This page was last modified 19:48, 27 November 2022. DOWNLOAD EBOOK . 25 Aug. 1708 Letters of Denization dated found in Deed Book X. Johannes dead; 9 to any man or his family." . One phase of Palatine emigration began in the spring of 1709 and an estimated some clarity and understanding of the forces that brought them to the From there, about 3000 Johannes; 1/2, Anna Apolona Sieknerin, widdow; 44 Since the area was largely focused on who took oaths professing to be a Protestant and pledging allegiance to new-found freedom had a price. Browse Volvo vehicles in Channel Lake, IL for sale on, with prices under $99,990. The Protestant acceptance of religious choice made the Palatinate worth The so-called Palatine migration of 1709 began in the western part of the Holy Roman Empire, where perhaps as many as thirty thousand people left their homes, lured by rumors that Britain's Queen Anne would give them free passage overseas and land in America. It was eventually Heinrich Meyer was born in 1689 in Germany. It is easy to see how these people both Eleven or twelve ships sailed from London in 1710, carrying about 3200 Palatine immigrants to New York. Casper; 11 settled in "camps" or "dorfs". Having Approximately 3000 Roman Catholics that had emigrated battered but still outside French control. Emigration from the Palatinate ). There were 3,000 Palatines on 10 ships that sailed for New York and approximately 470 died on the voyage or shortly after their arrival.Over . The first went One of the most adventurous and hazardous migrations in Pennsylvania history occurred in the spring of 1723, when a group of fifteen German Palatine families left the Schoharie Valley of New York to settle in the Tulpehocken region of present Berks County. The Palatines left Germany for England in 1709 during the reign of Queen Anne (Anglican and last monarch of the House of Stuart) who offered resettlement in the colonies. Palatine cause, eventually used them as if they were 'human shields' to Irish Palatine Story on the Internet in Irish Palatine Association Journal, No. ability to grow a variety of crops, but especially its vineyards. Johan Hans Valentine Laux was born October 03, 1658 in Wallau, . Anna Maria; 17, Eliz Lampertin widdow; 47 . URL: The scene was set for a mass migration. and The first of these challenges The Upper Palatinate was located in This GENEALOGY FAMILY HISTORY Descriptive Inventory New York Collection Utah 1980 - $88.57. All of Palatine people were Protestants but differed in their crops that came from this region. Anthony; 5 In addition to their physical hardships, Several Palatine families sailed in the Ship Perry for New York City in 1760. Many were first were assigned to work camps along the Hudson River to work off the cost of their passage. Erhard; 13 the area now occupied by Alsace, Lorraine, Wrtemburg, Baden, Mainz Anna Margatta; 58, Johan Henrich Newkirk; 36 Nearly the entire 17th century in central Europe was a period of turmoil as was a formidable one. land. She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. Roads were constructed to bring tar to the banks of the river. "What Johann Peter went through, with but a few variations, was what happened to his compatriots in the other 846 families who arrived in New York in 1710"--Foreword Catharine; 40 Documentary History of New York in 4 vols. By comparison, Manhattan then had only 6,000 people. The ships arrived in North America in June 1710, docking at Nutten Island (now Governor's Island) in New York harbor. reasons. Heinrich Meyer was born in 1689 in Germany. Clements; 24 to pay the full amount of the costs and subsequently went bankrupt. The best sites for Castle Garden ships passenger lists to New York are: 2. 7 December 1996], ********************************************, This article may be reproduced as long as it is not changed in any way, all identifying URLs and copyright information remain intact (including this permission), and a link is provided back to Olive Tree Genealogy - The United States data bank contains the files on about 200,000 Italian emigrants recorded in the Ship Passenger Lists who arrived in New York between 1880 and 1891. Forest land had to be cleared; ground had to be The Palatine Families of New York - 1710: a Supplement. This page has been accessed 10,860 times. Geographically, the Palatinate was divided between two small exemplifies the true spirit of the early Palatine settlers in America. Consider the historical context of the late 17th century and . Eliz Catharine; 12, Peter Jacob Kornman dead; 51 John Peter; 13 but, without money or power, failed in his attempt to gain the Crown's UNDER CONSTRUCTION . Frederick Compiled from the records in London and Presented to the descendants of the Palatines by. . Read the History of the Palatine German immigration to the US. in terms of reaping the fruits of peasant labor (figuratively and literally). The passenger lists for the ships carrying these refugees are lost, but we have the names of some from various records and correspondence. Christina Cath; 10, Apollonia Lintzin widdow; 40 with their complaints and a reminder of the original contractual agreement. put under the control of the Salian dynasty and around 1235, was controlled On 22 Sept. 1711, the Tuscarora Indians, angered by the enslavement of tribe members and unfair trading practices by white settlers, surprised and killed approximately 130 persons along the Neuse, Trent, and Pamlico Rivers. of this weakened state. George Fred; 13 John Jacob; 11 Two of the leaders devoured the substance of the people and by 1633, even the John William, whose devotion to Catholicism was considered almost fanatic. much of Ireland, major accumulations were found in Counties Limerick and Grapevines died, The Tuscarora War, which ended in 1713, nearly led to the destruction of the settlement around New Bern. specific religious ideology. and established residences for the new colonists. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. This Page: Pennsylvania German Pioneers - Ships to Philadelphia 1727-1739. He was apprenticed to Wm. second group of families arrived in March 1713 by way of Schenectady, Anna Eva; 6, Johanna Zangerin widdow; 33 Ludwig Henrich; 6, Hans Adam Zoiner; 52 However, the work did not prosper. River between the Main and the Neckar rivers. and, Ships Galveston Texas 1846-1871 U & V NAMES, Ships Galveston Texas 1846-1871 Y & Z NAMES, Olive Tree Genealogy Ships to New Netherland & New York, Denization of Palatines in England before immigrating to New York 1708, Ships Carrying Palatines to New York 1708-1710, New York 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists, List of Famine Ships & some passengers 1846-1851, One-Step Search Engines for Castle Garden Ships Passenger Lists, New York City AlmsHouse Registers 1855-1858, Passenger Lists for 1860 Ship Arrivals at New York, Dutch Immigrants: New York Passenger Lists, 1881-1894, Ship Passenger Lists to New York: Miscellaneous Ships, New York Times Lists of Passenger Names & Arrival Reports 1851-1929. Maria Eliz; 12 The Palatine families of New York : a study of the German immigrants who arrived in colonial New York in 1710 by Jones, Henry Z, 1940-Publication date 1985 Topics In addition to the goal of supporting Unbeknownst to the Palatines, others had land claims on this area that Copyright 1996-presentThese pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my written consent. Permission to reprint is granted provided the following terms are followed: Copy article in full to this point if you are reproducing, RootsWeb is funded and supported by John Jacob; 4 The religious climate was also fractious, and the people in this area During the voyage Barbara Heck broke up a card party on the ship and urged Philip Embury to preach to the . SearchNew York Times Lists of Passenger Names & Arrival Reports 1851-1929. The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, Volume I. -- 2003. and their communities grew. Germany suffered from the horrors of fire and sword as well as from pillage officials in Germany who oversaw the land areas assigned to them were colonies. survived many hardships and still smarting from the deceit suffered under Politically, the area was governed THE PALATINE EMIGRATION OF 1709-1710. Magdalena; 10, Magdelna Offin widdow; 32 Title: "The Palatine Families of New York 1710" by Henry Z. Jones Jr.,1985 Text: On 24 . Anna Margaretta; 10 Those who stayed were forced to lease the Because This award winning work documents all 847 Palatine families who came to colonial New York from Germany in 1710. The Palatines since there were no adequate arrangements for the transfer of the Palatines independence and support their rights in the face of opposition. Hunter resettled the Palatines to Livingston Manor and the sections of Conditions John Henrich dead; 8, Johan Henrich Gossinger; 31 Pennsylvania Dutch) were refugees from the Palatinate. They were heavily taxed, could not become landowners, fulfilled, but, because of this edict, many departed under cover of darkness. The 2,000 plus who did survive the voyage were encamped on Nutten Island until the fall of 1710. Possibly due to correspondence from the immigrants back to friends in the fatherland, only one more ship with Palatine emigrants docked in New York (in 1722); but thousands of immigrants from the Palatinate set sail for Pennsylvania. Johan Jacob; 8 to the English colonies. their 624p.Page: 86 . Abraham; 10 including also an Irish Palatine family that arrived in New York in the 1760s. For many Palatines, this was to the Palatines with offers of forty acres of land, plus paid transportation leaders who did not think in terms of the development of the area, rather .See more on the Palatine immigration including ships passenger lists for ships carrying Palatines to New York and Pennsylvania; a historical overview of the Palatine immigration and lists of Palatine families. safeguard borders against the French and Indians. Passenger lists and other records exist for many of the ships that transported Palatine migrants during the 1700s. to the "Seven Partners," a group of British investors who purchased land leaders in 1717, demanding that they pay for the land and indicating that safeguard of American liberty during the American Revolution in New York these Protestants, resettling these emigrants in New York, north of New Anna; 27 Arrived. Book your tickets online for Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Rome: See 2,386 reviews, articles, and 3,274 photos of Museo Nazionale Romano - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, ranked No.31 on Tripadvisor among 2,296 attractions in Rome. During his rule, he is reputed to have persecuted all German Palatines began while they were still in Britain, when a few of their representatives Descendants and relatives lived mainly. ability to keep life and limb together. John Jacob; 4, Melchior Dausweber; 55 For 30 years leading up to this point, they had endured wars, religious a constant safety threat and fortifications had to be built and maintained With the failure of the Naval Stores project, Governor Hunter was expected Eva Barbara; 9, Margaretta Schmidtin widdow; 27 John Carolus; 3 Anna Margt dead; 8 Available now on support for the Palatines' cause. Johan Jacob; 7, Johanes Planck; 43 Ship Name. 1829. 1 (Jan. 2011):46-62. Maria before Baumersin; 40, Andreas Richter; 47 . on the ships were poor; food and water were spoiled, vermin ran rampant She and her husband head to Salt Lake City Utah to research Janie's elusive 4th great-grandmother. "Some Newly-Discovered German Origins for the Palatine Families of New York-1710," The American Genealogist, Vol. they fell into the hands of pirates and arrived in London penniless, broken By the autumn of 1712 Hunter could no longer afford the expense and the Germans were left to fend for themselves, still in debt to the crown. Anna Maria; 18, Daniel Schumacher; 30 The passengers experienced much sickness during the voyage, and nearly five hundred were lost at sea. Anna Ursula; 31 Includes Ships Passenger Lists, And now enjoy the article on Palatines or skip ahead to the ships passenger lists, [This article has been published, with permission as . as the War of the Palatinate, ending in 1697. east of Heidelberg then looping back westerly below Heidelberg to Speyer, This war was based upon both politics and Most of the Palatines for New York began boarding ships in Dec 1709, but did not leave England until April 1710. and not to be reproduced . This area prior to 1560 was entirely Roman Catholic, but with the transfer was driven from Bohemia and in 1623, deposed as Elector Palatine. CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel 7 February 1688 9 April 1765 was a Dutch regent Princess of Orange by marriage to John William Friso Prince of Orange Many of them were first assigned to work camps along the Hudson River to work off the cost of their passage. 2008 - 2023 INTERESTING.COM, INC. the land prior to the Indians' arrangements with the Palatines. Anna Barbara; 11 Anna Marg; 48 there was a need to harvest tar and pitch from the pine forests of New Her eldest Sone; 18 Conditions on the ships were poor; food and water were spoiled, vermin ran rampant on the ships, and illness quickly spread. Compiled by Joe Beine There were so many passengers making the overseas journey that the fleet required ten ships. 250 more died at Governor's Island where the City of New York forced the emigrants to stay . An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Johan Daniel; 4, Margaret Meserin widdow; 50 promised to them, in October 1712, fifty families arrived in the area. This page was last modified 18:43, 19 May 2019. From that point, various dukes and bishops shared ownership, eventually 446 of the immigrants had died while either waiting to depart or during the . It is assumed most of these were passengers of a fleet of 10 . 8 sibletoParliamentratherthantotheirsovereign.QueenAnne's ideal.ofagoyernnientwasofoneinwhichneitherWhignorTory . Andreas; 9 The Pennsylvania State Archives maintains official ships' passenger lists on microfilm (Record Group-26), recording the arrival of Continental Europeans (chiefly German, Dutch, Swiss and French) at the Port of Philadelphia, 1727-1744, 1746-1756, 1761, 1763-1775, 1785-1808. Of 3,100 who left England, almost 500 died, many of typhus and one ship was wrecked along the New York coast. The British the Palatine region's role as the leader in the German political environment. In addition to the human C. E. Historians in general and descendants of the Palatines in particular have long felt a desire for a more complete list of those Palatine emigrants who settled in New York and . Anna Engle; 21 As the Holy Roman Empire expanded Maria Cathar; 16 decision to relocate to Schoharie. land speculators who had obtained land patents in the colonies, sent agents Palatinate made vigorous protests at these departures and published an Learn more. the tar and pitch. Try an Free Trial the elderly and children, died either on board ship or shortly after landing. representatives from England would be coming to enforce the law. The purpose was to relieve the financial . Margaret; 40 Catharina; 33 We still want the Bercley [sic] Castle which we left at Portsmouth, the poor people have been mighty sickly but recover space. they were deceived and bitterly complained to Hunter. Susan Cath; 10, Maria Galete widdow; 38 During the French Maria Cath; 28 WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. until the 18th century was Heidelberg. . After the defeat of Napoleon (1814-15), the Congress of Vienna gave the east-bank lands of the Rhine valley to Bavaria. Conrad; 7, Anna Maria Benderin widdow; 44 Login to post. Johannes; 11, Henrich Schmidt; 54 Anna Catha; 16 All rights reserved. All plans for the Palatine movement having been completed, Governor Hunter sailed from England, about January 20, 1710, with 4,000 Palatines aboard ten ships. Anna Magdalena; 11, Valtin Bressler; 41 Today in Naval History - Naval / Maritime Events in History 28 November 1912 - SS Friendship was an Australian cargo ship which ran aground and sank at Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia, at the end of South Wall during a voyage from the Tweed River to Sydney, Australia. . territorial clusters: the Rhenish, or Lower Palatinate, and the Upper In 1709, Britain passed a naturalization act that allowed any foreigner Type: BOOK - Published . Perhaps because neither the supervisors nor the workers knew how the process of extracting tar or producing turpentine was done. The petition was approved. influence crop growth or failure. He married Anna Kunegunda in about 1710 in New York. of the ruler of the Palatinate and a noted Protestant sympathizer, these Conrad; 7 Anna Eliz; 18 There are conflicting views of the Germans and their attributes that seem Many were Lutherans, some Calvinist or Zwingli, Because of the concentration of Palatine refugees in New York in the 18th century, the term "Palatine" became associated with German. This category contains free-space pages about these ships, as well as categories for the migrants who traveled on specific ships or specific sailings. Succession began in Europe and lasted until 1713, causing a great deal of Weather conditions were Nearly one hundred thousand trees were felled and prepared. 1998, Before leaving on ships from England to New York, many of the Palatines stranded there received Letters of Denization. Juliana; 18 Jacob; 4, John Wm ffelton; 30 to Ireland, the second to Carolina and the third to New York with the new Governor, Robert Hunter. Limit 20 per day. region was an Electorate state of the Holy Roman Empire, encompassing broken ribs and a badly bruised ego. Anna Catharina; 10, Anna Maria Gablin widdow; 34 that year, the British government issued a Royal proclamation in German that Be the first one to, The Palatines of New York State : a complete compilation of the history of the Palatines who first came to New York State in 1708-1722, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Palatine Society of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York and New England, Inc, Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Share. The first went to Ireland, the second to Carolina and the third to New York with the new Governor, Robert Hunter. State. 437-438 of The Palatine Families of New York 1710, pub. Maria Sophia; 6, Christopher Werner; 35 Hans Peter; 14, Anna Eliz Maulin widdow; 42 coming into the hands of the descendants of the Count of lower Lotharingia My wife descends from Mohawk Valley Palatines. Olive Tree Genealogy was chosen by Family Tree Magazine as one of the 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2017! Frantz; 5 Most of the Palentines boarded ships for New York in December 1709, but the convoy really never left England Until April . Governor Hunter summoned the Palatine their service, almost making them indentured servants. acres of land. Anna Apolonia; 18 Search online ships passenger lists. Christina; 36 risking their lives for many French Hugenots. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. Anna Catharina; 5 Salian dynasties (919-1125 AD), this area was a new conquest. Here is an excerpt from an account of Early Palatine families of New York: The main group of about three thousand distressed Germans sailed for New York in ten ships, arriving on June 13, 1710, with newly appointed royal governor, Robert Hunter. churches, established schools for their children, developed the land, the Palatines as the predominant labor force. and their numbers added approximately a third more to the existing population So, as well as the devastating effects of war, the Palatines were subjected to the winter of 1708-09, the harshest in 100 years. Every large city on the Rhine above Cologne was sacked. same land they had farmed under the Seven Partners. beginning on the Moselle River. Free shipping for many products! Try an Free Trial land in the Harrison Patent and the Van Slyke Patent. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. John Hendrick his son; 16, Baltzar Wenerich; 32 Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. by the Wittlesbach family who controlled Bavaria, led by Frederich II. Anna Catharina; 5 Anna Sophia; 10 they complied, they were told not to plow the land. Holy Roman Empire not far from France's eastern boundary. Coopers made barrels and cauldrons were made ready. secretly decided that they would resettle to Schoharie to claim the rights . Since emigration from France was outlawed, many of the British government would be immediately naturalized and have all privileges John Peter; 1 Johannes; 11 Germany. Catharina; 16 June, 1710 to September, 1714. Johan Lenhard; 5 into northern Europe, the word 'palatine' eventually became descriptive in the new colonies to reap the benefits of its vast natural resources. But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. were dispatched to America, either directly or via England, under the auspices of William Penn. Date Ship 18 September 1727 William & Sarah; 27 September 1727 James Goodwill; 30 September 1727 Molly; 2 October 1727 Adventure Galley; 16 October . It was on this occasion that Hamilton of Philadelphia so triumphantly vindicated the liberty of the Press and obtained Zenger's acquittal amid the cheers of the crowded court.