Shorter essays welcome. Email: This opinion and video series features solutions-oriented ideas and Mar 4, 2023. Email: They are: Anderlini explains: Since joining in early October, I have been hugely impressed by the depth of talent and the commitment to success I have found in our newsroom. Letters: 250 words max. (Washington is a small place.) Email: Latest news, analysis and comment from POLITICOs editors and guest writers in Europe. The leadership team will be composed of seven editors, all reporting to Anderlini. Letters: Max. They should come from an author who lives within our circulation area. Run by the mayor? Letters: Email: If you do not have an account you can register here. Submit your pitch online here. Letters: Click here to submit your letter to the editor. Further, if any school in Iowa removes a book, that book would be added to a statewide removal list, maintained by the Iowa Department of Education. The Pulitzer Prize-winning Times has been covering Southern California for more than 133 years. If you have questions about your essay, you can call 585-258-2434. Submit here. No attachments. A former senior State Department official in public diplomacy, he is author of Tear Down This Wall: A City, a President, and the Speech That Ended the Cold War.. Op-eds: My View is a first-person column to all Western New York writers. Use a feminist lens to write on politics, social commentary, pop culture, law, education, art, and the environment. Email: Op-eds: The Sunday Perspective is reserved for the opinion and daily editorial page. Or submit via this online form. They should come from authors who are authoritative on the topic or offer some unique perspective. But that fundamental principle is not being applied to the CHIPS Act, and new rules announced this week show that the Biden administration plans to wield the act to advance social programs at corporations that receive semiconductor subsidies. Email. Include address and numbers. To help you develop an idea of a publications readership, the following are the top 10 U.S. daily news/opinion outlets as of January 2021. This new structure is designed to put in place a durable framework that can lead us long into the future, as we eye ambitious growth and expansion plans.. Include name, home address, day number, and email. Personal Essays: HuffPost seeks compelling first person stories from diverse contributors in all content areas like sex/relationships, work, identity, health/mental health, body/body image, family, parenting etc. Letters: Email: and include full name, address and phone number. Please include a full name, home address, occupation and daytime phone number, for verification purposes. Op-eds: 500 words. Essays should be 625 words and sent by email to Deadline for all submissions is Friday noon of the week preceding publication. Op-eds: Email: for consideration. WebOpinion Columnists Ross Douthat What a Visit to Disney World Reveals About America Politics, decadence and pantheism in the Magic Kingdom. Preference given to Atlanta and Georgia writers who focus on local and regional issues. The piece should be between 800-1000 words in length. Interested in public policy, especially state and local. Sign up for our newsletter to keep reading. Include day phone number. Op-eds: Your article should focus on issues of concern to the charities, foundations, donors, and others who have a stake in the charitable nonprofit world. Email: Jackson - Run by the mayor? It should have a theme that could be summarized in a single, complete sentence. Op-eds: Submit your piece to Open Forum, where letters are expected to be 500 words or fewer. Include name, address, and day phone. Op-eds: Up to 600 words. Tracy Walsh is a member of the editorial board covering public health and environmental policy. The rules also require other wrap-around services such as transportation and housing assistance, according to The New York Times. Letters: Email: onald Trump has Editors will respond in two weeks to submissions they intend to print. Letters: Email: Or email: Will be contacted within 5 business days if article is chosen. Send by email to To pitch: Send draft (500 words or less is best) to Email: Op-eds: Send emails without attachments to Letters must be the original words of the writer and may be edited for taste, accuracy, clarity and length. Include address and numbers. Include name, number, and address. Op-eds: 650 word limit. You can send letters to or go to this link to fill out the letters form. Op-eds: Any topic. Reynolds would require school districts to publish online all materials used in classes and books available in classrooms and school libraries and create a process for parents to request material be removed. Op-eds: To submit an op-ed, email 150 words. Industrial policy particularly when it's being implemented by the executive branch rather than written by the Congress should be based on economics, not politics, to avoid becoming a vehicle to implement whatever ideological view holds sway at a particular moment. Op-eds: If a submission is accepted for online publication, authors will be contacted within a week. Write, edit, and save copy before copying and submitting to this online form. Outlook. Topical commentary on public policy and social issues that are of general interest to print and digital readership. Letters: Include above mentioned requisites. Op-eds: Does not accept op-eds at time of publication. No attachments. Op-eds: Op-eds are views of an expert in a particular field. Latest Search Jamelle Bouie 1776 Is Not Just What Ron DeSantis Wants It to Be The question Letters: Preferred length is a maximum of 200 words. Email: Your Voice is based on personal experience and expertise. Paste in text. Previously, she covered markets and economics for the Wall Street Journal. Mark Whitehouse is a member of the editorial board covering global economics and finance. WebBy Houston Chronicle Editorial Board. Letters: 350 words. Submissions should be 700-750 words. Letters: Submissions over 200 words are not likely to be published. They are taken into consideration for the op-ed page, the Sunday Review and/or the International NYT. Include day number and street address. Send Your View to Email: Op-eds: Must be exclusive. SAMANTHA POWER | 8/26/15 11:23 PM Email: Please send completed op-eds or pitches Brussels Latest news, analysis and comment from POLITICOs editors and guest writers in Europe. Op-eds: 500-800 words. Op-eds: They prefer a length of no more than 550 words and the subject should be something the author or authors know well. Send to Must include hometown. Letters: 200 words. Enjoy unlimited articles at one of our lowest prices ever. The Boston Globe is the leading newspaper in New England, with news, sports, lifestyle features, and arts and entertainment news. Be sure to include your contact email. Email: Op-eds: letterstoeditor@bostonherald.comLetters: Submit to their online form here. Provide sources of quotations and factual references for copy-editing purposes. More info here. If a submission is accepted for print publication, notice of publication is generally send concurrent with posting. Sports. Piece must be exclusive, and can be on any subject. Letters: Letters must include the writers first and last names as well as the writers address (including city of residence) and telephone number. No attachments. They should to be accompanied with an electronic photo of the author for publication. Submit online here. In the 2016 primary debates, he was the tall, orange-hued man standing in the middle of the stage, hushing the other candidates as necessary. Editorial: Let's keep state politics out of school libraries. POLITICO Europe is a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE. Op-eds: Ideally 800-2000 words in length, but any length will be considered. Or email: That he could take a large hand in blowing the 2022 mid-terms, follow that up with a limp campaign announcement, immerse himself in bizarre and unnecessary controversies (pass the ketchup, Kanye), attack an up-and-coming Republican governor in crude and sophomoric terms, and not just live to tell the tale, but stay at the head of the pack may be the most astonishing testament to the power of his political brand yet. Letters will be edited for length, grammar and clarity. Read more Editorial: Industrial policy should not be tied to social objectives Editorial: Eckstroms $3.5 billion blunder demonstrates problems with elected comptroller Submit to, with piece attached as a word document, or a pitch in the body of the email. Email: The latest news, data and analysis on the worlds pandemic response. The Wall Street Journal is Americas largest newspaper by paid circulation with more than 2.2 million subscribers. Letters: No pseudonyms or or anonymity. Letters: 250 words or less. Include name, address, day and evening phone numbers. Email: Personal Essays: Send a personal essay with a narrative arc of 1200-1700 words to Editorial: Let's keep state politics out of school libraries. They should be debatable in nature: They should take a stance that some but not all of our readers would agree with. They should be no longer than 400 words and include the name, daytime phone number and e-mail address of the author. Letters: 200 words or less. Online form here -- there are also details on how to mail or fax your piece. And parents have plenty of access to local schools and elected school board members. Since he first entered the race in 2015, Trump has benefited from a natural sense of command. Most editors list their contact information in their Twitter bio. The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country's top political advisory body, will start its annual session on Saturday in Beijing, a spokesperson said Friday. Must be exclusive. They encourage a diversity of voices and views in our letters. To better help you pitch your op-eds, we offer the information for the top online and print publications in the country. Theres no doubt that Trump has taken on water, and is at his weakest since sometime in the first part of 2016. Complete form. Include one sentence description on author. POLITICO Pro is a customizable policy newsfeed and intelligence platform for professionals on the front lines of policy. Op-eds: 500-750 words. Op-eds: 750 words for the Point of View column. No attachments, please. Hes the dominant force the one whose standing in the race affects everything, and, importantly, the one everyone fears. Submit here. Op-eds: Submit through their online form here. Essays should be written in a clear, informal style free of jargon and accessible to non specialists. Subject: Op-Ed Submission. Include your position, city or community, and relevant background information. Low 54F. The bill also would ban instruction on gender identity in kindergarten through fifth grade and notify parents if a student expresses a different gender than their assigned birth. Submit here. Begoa Surez, enfermera andaluza de 25 They favor pieces on public policy, social issues, and current news, and give preference to local and regional writers and issues. Please include your name, address and daytime telephone number. WebOpinion Editor at Politico New York, New York, United States 484 followers 479 connections Join to view profile Politico Yale University Experience Opinion Editor All submissions are edited. The limit is 700 words. Letters: Preference is given to letters that are 200 words or fewer. Letters: Max 250 words. Clear skies. And we are not afraid to risk failure if it means being the best at what we do. Email: Op-eds: Op-eds for use on The Perspective pages and in Sunday Forum section. Must include signature, home address, and telephone number. Submit here. We suggest that you choose a publication and then read recent issues/posts to see if your idea/topic has been covered recently. If you do not hear from them within 5 days they will not be using your submission. Prefer letters that are fewer than 200 words. Log in to access content and manage your profile. Nikki Haley had a pretty good launch a couple of weeks ago but among her weakest moments were when she was clearly frightened to say anything at all about Trump, including mentioning a policy difference or two. Email: A former editor and reporter for the New York Times, he is author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald.. And that was two years ago. Preference goes to local, state, and Western regional issues. Op-eds: Write 600 words. Include your name, address and daytime telephone number so we can verify your comments. You are notified only if you are considered for publication. Some Iowa Republicans have made increased library scrutiny a central focus this legislative session. They run about 650 words usually. 200 words or less. Letters: The letter should be sent only to the News Sentinel. Op-eds: Conversational articles are most appealing. Op-eds: Email: Letters: Email: We inform the powerful, particularly those who have a political, professional or financial stake in politics and policy. Letters are published online and in print. It should not use industrial policy as a vehicle to achieve social objectives. Include name, address, and numbers. A student at any public school in Iowa then would need written permission from a parent before being allowed to access the book. Letters: Letters must be signed (no pseudonyms or initials) and are subject to editing for clarity and length. Undark explores science at the point where it intersects and very often collides with politics, economics and culture, so they're looking for topical commentary with a science angle. The books nearly all have LGBTQ+ or racial themes. Letters should not exceed 250 words, which is roughly the length of the text in this post. Email: Include name of author followed by the topic in the subject line, and paste the text of the article into the body of the message. Only your name, city and ZIP code will be published. You will be contacted within a week if there is interest in publishing your article. Op-eds: The NYT accepts opinion pieces on any topic. We seek passionate, collaborative and respectful people. Letters: Your letter must include your full name, community of residence, and a daytime phone number. Letters: No more than 250 words. Op-eds: Send drafts no longer than 1000 words to Op-eds: The Nation is a weekly journal of left and liberal opinion. Op-eds: The Register's Opinion section welcomes submissions of guest essays. The Iowa House Education Committee meets on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Submissions must be exclusive. Letters: Letters to the Editor are 150 words. Appear on website and in print. They should be brief analyses of new developments. And we prioritize efforts to obsessively serve, better understand and grow our influential audience by creating innovative products and tools that provide limitless value by helping to navigate tectonic shifts and disruption occurring across the globe. For guidelines, please e-mail Letters: Only accept letters if you are from Arkansas. Political cartoon proof paper sold out to left. Please include your name, street address and daytime phone number, for verification of your identity and so that we they contact you if they have questions about your submission. The Iowa House Education Committee meets on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Editorial: As it prepares to elect a new leader, the centre-left Democratic party is suffering an identity crisis. WebPolitics | Opinion Strong arguments and cogent analysis from left, right and beyond. Email: We reserve the right to edit and shorten the text. If your column is not acknowledged, please resend to Must be exclusive to the State. All letters are subject to editing. Include a tagline identifying yourself and providing an email address at which interested readers may contact you. Politics. You must include a short note with your name, address, day, evening and cell phone numbers and credentials. We also look for pieces that offer insights about life in Iowa and beyond. You can cancel at any time! The Nation is particularly interested in civil liberties, civil rights, labor, economics, environmental privacy, policing, feminist issues, and politics. Include your real name, postal address, and daytime phone number. Robert A. George is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist and member of the editorial board covering government and public policy. Letters: 200 words or less. Letters: Limited to 200 words. Remember that deafening cry from Iowa students about the books in their classrooms and in their libraries? No anonymity or pseudonymity. They cannot be libelous, incendiary or offensive to broad portions of our readership. But there should be no mistake regarding Trumps leadership of the party, he can set up like the Texans defending their canon at the Battle of Gonzales and defy his adversaries to come and take it.. Local and regional authors and topics are preferred, along with the Silicon Valley. Letters: Real name only. Pence can wait to prosecute his case more directly if he launches a campaign. 600-800 words. The Guardian view on Italys failing left: time to rethink and reset. Letters: 100 words. Letter must include your address and a daytime number. Include color photo of the author. 750 words max. They should be pasted directly into an email and sent to Please provide your name, city and telephone number (telephone numbers will not be published). Email: Almost everything that hes done lately really, everything since hes left office should redound to his discredit, and yet he remains in a relatively strong position. Op-eds: 500-700 words. The political cartoon depicting Tucker Carlson (Feb. 25-26) was awkward for The Maui News. Letters: To submit a letter to the editor, use their online form. Letters: The Commercial Appeal welcomes letters from our readers. Letters: The Fresno Bee edits letters for brevity, clarity, grammar and accuracy. Sometimes, typically because of relative light demand for op-ed space, the editorial editor may waive one or more of the guidelines. Previously unpublished pieces preferred. Op-eds: Commentaries are 600-750 words on current public policy/societal issues on the local, state, national, and international scene. Timothy L. O'Brien is senior executive editor of Bloomberg Opinion. 2 Hoosiers, Nebraska cheerleader competes by herself at state competition, but crowd doesn't let her feel alone, Teen awaiting sentencing in stolen vehicle case arrested in connection with shots fired incident, Woman accused of bilking donors out of more than $37,000 with a fake cancer diagnosis pleads not guilty, Republicans advance bills restricting school library material, Letter: MAGA Republicans starving public schools for funding, Iowa youth speak out on LGBTQ bills: Why are we not past this?. Letters: Letters to the Editor should be brief. You may also submit to this online form. The overarching issue is probably that students just read less, Spichtig said in a 2019 story in EdSurge, a nonprofit newsroom. Include detailed description of what piece will look like and when you can turn it around. Mar 4, 2023. Letters: E-mail: That success sparked a fire that caught on with other governors South Carolinas Henry McMaster, Floridas Ron DeSantis and now Iowas Kim Reynolds as well as Republican state legislatures. If you are responding to a specific article, letter, or editorial, please include date of publication. Letters of about 200 words will be given preference. Email: Letters: Email: Approximately 600 words. The general rule of thumb is 500 words or less. Authentic Brands Is Said to Near Deal for Quiksilver Parent, Alan Blinder Says Hes Betting Against Fed Raising Rates to 6%, Bank of Canada Risks Falling Too Far Behind Fed, Scotia Says, Feds Daly Says More Rate Hikes Likely Needed to Cool Inflation, Colombia Prices Rise Less than Forecast to a Fresh 24-Year High, China E-Commerce Giant JD Set for $1.4 Billion Discount Spree, Porsche, Ferrari E-Fuel Push at Heart of EU Engine Debate, OpenAI Rival Stable Diffusion Maker Seeks to Raise Funds at $4 Billion Valuation, In Blacklisting Inspur, US Targets Partner Used by Intel and IBM, John Malone andCharter Directors Agree to $87.5 Million Settlement, Bolsonaro Says Mission Isnt Over as US Conservatives Fete Him, Biden Closes In on Order to Restrict US Investment in China Tech, Harrods Shrugs Off Recession Fears as Rich Get Richer, FT Says, Wealthy NYC Family Feuds Over $258 Million Madison Avenue Sale, Tom Sizemore, 'Saving Private Ryan' Actor, Dies at 61. No anonymity. Previously, he was a senior editor at the Atlantic. Pieces become property of Perseguir al disidente, obsesin del poder poltico en Catalua. Low 54F. Op-eds: 500-800 words in length. Op-eds: Pitches should be one to two paragraphs in length. You can submit online here. This is a great group of extremely hardworking, brilliant journalists and I am really excited to see what we can do in the coming months and years. Click links for criteria. The article should have some personal narrative (storytelling) and an expository argument. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images. The latter quality is a key part of the Trump phenomenon. If you have written your letter in another program you may cut and paste it into your e-mail or the letters form. Letters to the Editor. Op-eds: Email as preferred method of submission. 150 words. Respond to pieces in Globe. Provide name, address, and telephone number. With reading less comes less practice. Submit through form [here][1]. Your piece may be published in print or online -- or both. Political cartoon proof paper sold out to left. To increase your chances of publication, join us any Thursday at 5pm ET for our Ask A Journalist office hours. WebPolitical Opinion and Analysis - Opinion: Opinion and Analysis Congress, don't isolate America again over Iran By: AMB. Op-eds not submitted by noon Wednesday may not be reviewed until the week after. Letters: Timely, original, and short. In fall 2021, Glenn Youngkin backed a local school boards banning of two books during his successful campaign for governor of Virginia. Email: Op-eds: Op-ed space in the Tulsa World is limited. Op-eds: Email: POLITICO, a global nonpartisan politics and policy news organization, launched in Europe in April 2015. No attachments, include name, Twitter handle, numbers, byline identification with an affiliation or expertise that is related to the essay. They prefer text to an attachment. The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board includes Editor-in-Chief Julie Anderson, Opinion Page Editor Krys Fluker and Viewpoints Editor Jay Reddick. Pieces should include links (URLs, not headlines or footnotes) to back up quotes and factual material. Commentary: Submit through this online form. Letters: 200-250 words. Op-eds: Prefers 800 words or less, but will consider a submission of up to 1,000 words if it is about an important issue. There is merit to those concerns the United States needs to bring more of our essential manufacturing back home but as we noted in our criticism of the legislation when it was proposed, semiconductor manufacturers have had the ability to increase production in the United States without these generous government subsidies. Minnesotas top choice for news, features, photos, and video. Explore the live extension of our journalism, The wonk's survival guide to the EU Green Deal. Letters: Email: Op-eds: 500 words. Include name, address, and day number. Op-eds: 650-900 words in length. Must be able to provide source material for your arguments. Many op-eds published in smaller, local outlets have had a significant impact. Ron DeSantis has tended to do better against Trump in head-to-head polling (although he trails in a new Yahoo poll), and Trump has looked vulnerable in all-important Iowa and New Hampshire. Editorial: Industrial policy should not be tied to social objectives, Editorial: Sprawling North Charleston park is just what the city needs. They chose not to do so. Must arrive latest by Wednesday for publication on Saturday afternoon. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, it must be exclusive to the Journal. (renews at {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}}/month + tax). Must include name, address, and day number. Easier to read in text message; can accept Word files. Its not difficult to fathom pressure from the left to ban a different set of books, say Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird. How about we keep state and national politics out of our school libraries? Opinion by Rich Lowry 03/02/2023 04:30 AM EST Rich Lowry is editor in chief of National Review and a contributing writer with Politico Magazine. Letters: Letters to the editor are welcome on topics of local or state interest. Editorial: A separate North Charleston school district? Its still very early in a late-developing race. Email: You can submit yours here, Op-eds: Speaking Out is 450 words or fewer. While this movement is driven by conservatives, what if liberals gain a majority in Iowa? Include name, address, and daytime phone. Also provide your number. In this week's episode, hear how Brantley launched his art career with used canvases from a local art institute, turned tragedy into triumph with his first major art show, and created an entire world that's led to major motion picture studios knocking on his door. WebPolitico Rated Lean Left in June 2022 Editorial Review Politico's bias was rated Lean Left in a June 2022 Editorial Review conducted by a panel of people on the left, center and right. Submit here. You dont need any special expertise to have your article considered for publication, but if you do, please elaborate. , Post and Courier, an Evening Post Publishing Newspaper Group. USA TODAY is owned by Gannett Co., Inc. No. Highest priority to local writers writing about local topics. * Email general questions about our editorial board or comments on this editorial board roundtable to Elizabeth Sullivan, director of opinion, at Emailed letters do not require a signature but must contain the full name of the writer, street address and phone number for verification purposes. Letters may be edited and shortened for space.