Psyche in 5th can indicate unrequited fun talk. Taurus sun/ moon/ rising are not lazy people? Air placements tend to love experimenting with things often. Lilith in the 8th house tend to think of sex a lot and are often really horny. They may be behind accounts spreading false rumors about people. Sagittarius placements just wants someone that gets them if that makes sense. jupiter in the 8th house. I have lilith in my 1H and always am interested in peoples interpretations. but a lot of people with this placements suffer from a lot of intrusive thoughts. (synastry). Because of this there is rumors around their reputation people who wanna try to bring them down, yet it doesnt work.. they have this powerful aura. I really love them. Venus in scorpio could do well with another venus in scorpio. They have big hearts but they cant stand tough moments they take a lot of things personal. #6. Virgo Placements tend to suffer from some sort of addictions wether this is pornographity & excessive phone usage etc. Traveling could also be an escape for them. Strangely united but happy together. I have noticed one thing about the 8th house and it can tell you what backfires on you. In a synastry chart, if this asteroid is powerful it can indicate a lot of deceiving. Theyre also very good at tracking when its good to buy certain things. Air moons may have an insecurity that they dontnurture people the right way. Aries energy can sometimes be confused for Scorpio energy (both intense). If there are other planets in the 8th house, it can give a idea of what kind of preferences they have. May 23, 2020. I wouldnt be surprised if you were to take a Leo Venus phone and their camera roll is just them obsessing over their hot selves. sagittarius placements love refreshing their mind. Example; Closed the door, but for some reason they convinced themselves they didnt. People with Jupiter in 3rd from what Ive noticed, tend to have a LOT of siblings. Sagittarius mercuries / Moons have a very beautiful and happy way of communicating from what Ive seen reading through their texts or listening to them usually brights up peoples mood. Libra risings are one of the most helpful individuals, they love to be convenient even though Virgo risings get the reputation of being helpful, I believe Libra risings never hesitate to help anyone in need <3. They also may be the type to run a secret group/cult. Venus in taurus tells me you settle once you get that security in someone and when they start acting up you find security in another person like you pack your bags and leave haha no bullshitt from this person. This planet suggests an outgoing, extroverted, upbeat personality. . Ive noticed people always have something to say about these individuals. (1943) In composite chart can show how each partners in general gives loves & the theme. Kids may be drawn to Cancer placements & some Cancer placements may have had to babysit at one point. People with this placement of Pluto may possibly have power-struggles in the place of work, and sometimes the individual gives the impression of being threatening, intimidating and hostile to other people. Gemini placements astrology creators may like to post astrology observations more than anything because it lets them express their thoughts without a responsibility of keeping order & track of what they are writing. Your placements can tell you the way you manifest especially Jupiter. Venus in Virgos & Virgo placements tend to like a routine or at least adore the idea of a routine. For example a lot like working out at a specific time. Example= Blog made online to rant. A detrimental placement is a stressful planetary placement . Ex; Scorpio in 4th= Secretive about family & doesnt wanna be in a vulnerable spot & secretive about how they truly feel and so on. gemini moons is a general moon sign a lot of people have, yet theyre very different + eccentric all the time. Pallas Astrology - How You Solve Problems People may like you easily, way of communicating. (80) ( opposition, square) People with Sappho touching their mars with these aspects can get a lot of admirers who wanna pursue them because theyre very pleasing to the eye. Neptune in 3rd / Pisces in 3rd is a psychic placement! Ex; Chiron in 1st individuals will always hype up everyone & boost everyones ego and confidence because they know how hard and bad it is to feel down and neglected. Having the Sun in the 8th house in composite can indicate the relationship is somewhat hidden and not a lot of people know whats really going on. The least people pleaser placement. Libra placements are the type to glam up look pretty but just be at home doing nothing. Prone to diabetes. They know value! Alot of air placements will think of earth placements as "the string to their balloon" People with their Venus in Virgo are so, so so caring. they love animals! This gives them a good amount of loyalty towards their beliefs and what they love but most importantly themselves. you ALWAYS have your mind on something and. Capricorn moons once they settle, theyre really protective over their partners. They tend to have a lot of friends. Unhealthily, may prefer it over their reality. Sun in 8th are very secretive individuals. Mercuries in 9th house is a very big know it all placement in my opinion, people with this placement are very savy and knowledgeable and will not let you forget that theyre hella intelligent. Jupiter is always known as a benefic, or beneficial, planet since it has a helpful or positive influence on astrology. They tend to embody Cancer physical traits. This doesn't just mean hitting it straight or cross-court but also how steep or flat you are able to hit the shot. Pluto in 9th may like to visit darker areas. But they will need a good routine! Ive never ever met a Capricorn rising that wasnt so beautiful. With their intellect, they can play off things well & may even be able to fool people easily. Therefore, having moon- pluto & moon-venus and etc, especially harsh aspects in synastry can indicate a very chaotic anxious connection. Uranus in 3rd tells me that you are consideredthe weird kid but are hella fucking smart. In our birth charts, the moon rules our inner needs and our intuition. This connection is based on a spiritual connection and it can seem like you can never forget the person. People with 18 degrees in their chart may find themselves having a battle with the mind especially if placed in moon or mercury. One worse manifestation can be= Nudes leaked all over the internet or personal info they confided in someone leaked), personal advice would be to be careful and remember youre not doomed because of a placement. Master-mind energy. ( 80) (trine, conjuct, sextile) People with Sappho touching their mars with these will get healthy amount of admirers and will enjoy this as well. (#1108). Chiron in 3rd individuals tend to be incredibly misunderstood in communication, people may take their wording weirdly and miss underestimate a lot. Pluto in 12th house synastry-makes a very strong connection between you and the person. Scorpio placements ideal date is to snuggle up in a cozy room and watch some mysteries together. I remember I was with this witch once she was scorpio rising and had Moon in 8th which are already psychic placements! They may have hard time with with logic vs raw emotions. Uranus dominants may be forgetful of little things. Note any major aspects. Moon- Neptune aspects can indicate when youre deep in emotions, youre blind on how youre being treated and how the other person feels because of the way they may have treated you before was nice. From personal experience Libra risings have somewhat of a hard problem opening up, they have this image of themselves they dont want to be seen different at times. They usually have very diverse friends: Virgo mercuries may be attracted to Scorpio mercuries. I think people tend to assume they have their shit together maybe even confident a lot of the times. Leo placements throughout their life may attract people who wanna make them seem smaller they know their potential and their worth and want to dim it down for their own benefit. (Prominently the front two). Mercury rules tricks and these people can charm their way out of anything. Pisces Venuses may be attracted to partners that smoke or/and like to smoke or/and try substances with their partners. Like they may rage at the internet lmao. They will lie if they have to as well. (Underdeveloped). So many Cancer Mars Ive met are so defensive & have anger problems. People with Lilith in 3rd may like using really unique catchphrases. But also remember your words can back-fire on you a lot making you regret things you have said in the past. (Not a serious crush). Theyre the most impacted. Yes, she looks and is miserable as hell. Water venuses may love the aesthetic of water or the ocean / beach. (16) Asteroid Psyche in 7th can indicate unrequited love in connections or unrequited commitments. Since it is also the house of death, you can see the dark parts of your partner and accept them too. Aries placements LOVEEE standing up forwhats right more than libras to be honest. They both are very truthful. Anteros is the love your mature in. Moon in 4th= Nostalgic aura, maybe an area around the house is filled with memories and nostalgic pictures perhaps there mother. Saturn- Ascendant aspects will have older friends/ mature much quicker. Mars dominants may be confused for Pluto dominants. Virgo mercuries are one of my absolute favorites. Understand it in the normal way youd understand the rising signs in the natal chart but in more of a subtle way + your natal rising sign combined will be the ultimate vibe + first impression. to people who have their moon sign as their venus. Scorpio energy has the power to trigger people on what they hide. aries with prominent earth are actually pretty calm maybe even shy people, but do not anger them. Strong planets will be the same as the 10th house (see above). ( Libra in 7th). 18 degrees make someone extremely sharp-witted and intelligent. This Mercury sign may try and find ways to tap into the spiritual-self, or have a in interest in spirituality in general. So do Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, and Beyonc, who has an unusual triple conjunction of Venus, Pluto, and the Ascendant an irresistible combination. At worse could indicate lies around the home & twisted information. Also Gemini placement culture is telling yourself youll answer that text then forgetting to days later. A lot may have old cars for example but really updated everything else. (80) People who have Sappho in the 11th house may have friends who are very attractive. Gemini placements especially Mercuries from what Ive noticed are always doing a lot at once and so much thoughts go through them they could forget some things. Pisces risings can be somewhat aggressive and possessive when it comes to their own material things & belongings, and somewhat impatient. Like a Sagittarius Moon + Gemini Moon would make such good friends. Sagittarius mars or any prominent sagittarius placement may fantasize about having sex in foreign or exotic places. Its your biggest turn off. MTBI related but people who are ENTJS tend to have Lilith or/and Pluto prominent in their chart. Power in this context is basically how fast you can hit the shuttle. Ironically, Ive met too many Cancer placements who dont want a lot of kids or dont want any at all. Discover more posts about solar return, astrology observation, astronotes, astro community, synastry, rising sign, and placements. Pisces rising is free clairvoyance, I swear pisces risings are so psychic I cant.. taurus in 3rd/ pisces rising you guys were probably told to speak up a lot because yall voices sound so quiet. Mildliner Highlighters, How To Describe Furniture For Sale, Sully: Miracle On The Hudson, Powerful Placements Tumblr, San Antonio Zoo Membership Discount, Is Joe Panik Still Playing Baseball, How Old Is William T Spears Black Butler, Why Can't I Dream In Animal Crossing, However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. (Real life, not online), Uranus in 3rd individuals could find themselves expressing themselves and thoughts online better. You may look very exotic looking & unique appearance. Look especially for Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius in the 11th house. They may travel for emotional connections as well. Answer: sun/mars/venus/rising in scorpio/capricorn/aspects to pluto (especially in harsh aspects, like square or opposition). Pluto in 12th could have scary and vivid dreams. It doesn't fully play out it's role, but the effect is positive. Placement is how well you are able to hit the shuttle to the intended direction on the court. Moon in Sagittarius men could have gotten in trouble a lot at school & etc. are most likely to have a clean diet. A lot tend to be little nerds and have a lot of interesting interests. wanna know if an aries placement likes you?? They know so much more than they let off. (Love yall though). 2. Leo placements have this influence that makes other feel small this is even more exaggerated if there is pluto & scorpio influence. The most compatible sign is Gemini since it rules their 7th house. Moon in Sagittarius individuals are prone to developing emotional connections to people who may live farther than them. Venus in Aries may like playing uninterested at times to see if the person is really down for them. Ive also noticed Leo venuses have a lot of love languages, theyre so generous! (Totally random, but they rule the hands. People with Gemini in 4th may have a family with a lot of talking & information spread like wildfire. Examples include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and David Bowie. With this planet strong in your chart, you enjoy helping others, and do so whenever you can. (Theory), 8th house placements generally are more open minded to the darker side of things and they can acknowledge their darker side when developed. Please remind your local Virgo rising that they are beautiful and loved. Jupiter dominant people love to give, no matter if it is knowledge, time, material gifts, or undivided attention. They may protect their family at all costs perhaps their mother but look at the whole chart. Its not said enough people tend to be VERY curious about these people. Like bizarre. It may take a while & later on in life for the individual to find solid friends who they trust. Uranus in 1st/ Uranus touching ascendant were that one kid that broke the rules to make everyone laugh & themselves laugh. A lot of people who didnt know they had Scorpio Venus when they found out they did it was probably a big oh thats why moment. Virgo placements get scared when things are going good because they think itll just get bad again. Mercury conjuct Lilith are usually very direct and people admire and are attracted to their words, people may even get turned on from their texts. Ex; Aries in 1st could be someone who constantly fights for themselves. I think its hard to get a, in 3rd can indicate someone who people may think are , what it is theyre learning. They also tend to be very spiritual. (& Their demons). Pisces: (Kyoka Suigetsu) "Flower in the mirror, moon on the surface of the water" Something you can see, but cannot touch, like a mirage. They can walk into the room & talk everyone will pay attention to them. Best Sagittarius Rising compatibility: Gemini, Aries, and Leo. Aries: Your drive for success, important people you know, your dream careers. People with heavy Scorpio in their chart have a very heavy energy. Fire placements tend to get a boost of energy and motivation out of nowhere especially Aries placements. Pluto in 10th likes when other people are intimidated by them like yall feel like you have POWER. People with Virgo and Scorpio prominent in their chart tend to have hard times communicating their feelings. fallout 76 monongah mine how to get in. They go through a lot though, I just wanna say I love you. Pisces risings tend to care a lot about aesthetic just how Venusian placements do. Having no planets in the 3rd house could indicate youre a really good communicator. Yeah thats a Scorpio mercury / Scorpio placement, Moon in Aries individuals hate toxic everything they are definitely not the type to pull with any bullshit.. no second chances that is unless theyre emotionally involved. Its no mistake though.. a Scorpio placement may be personally be very different than you originally thought. Sun in 6th individuals love the idea of having a bunch of healthy boundaries up because they tend to prioritize what is worth their time: Women with Water moons may feel more intuitive when on their menstrual cycle since moon does talk about the cycle, having water moon would make you feel more spiritually inclined during then. A lot of Mars in 4th change locations a lot because of really aggressive reasons. People with Uranus in 3rd may like to get inspired from other peoples ideas but make it have their own touch to it. (Theory) 8th house rules enemies as well. This could be your last live. A lot of Capricorn placements Ive met cut their hair short at some point. Sagittarius moons are the most accepting of everyone no matter their age no matter anything. Pisces placements may be attracted to Sagittarius placements. pisces placements can camouflage to any surroundings with all kinds of people;), no one really talks about this but venus in 1st can indicate traditionally attractive appearance, sure, but what I have noticed usually venus in 2nd tend to take on this role more (2nd rules the face) while venus in 1st just has more of a likeable personality, the sexual tension between a mercury prominent person saying No, actually.. and hitting you with something you didnt even think of, they are sneakily smartttt, gemini placements OBSESS over their interests. Both have amazing capability of wisdom / spirituality / etc. Pisces placements may love candles / nice odor around. Its important for Air dominants / placements to go out the fresh air, it could relax them. They could give off an Aquarius vibe. part of fortune in the 8th house. Moon likes being in Cancer hence it is very dominant. Pluto in 5th may have a very active sex life & may be attracted to very creative people. Libra moons usually have very attractive eyes. They could have been accused rumored about in places like schools, etc. Fire risings especially Leo are the biggest hype man / hype woman. Ive noticed capricorn moon tend to have a daddy kink. If very underdeveloped virgo placements can give off pervert vibes. Leo risings this is a theory so I may be right or wrong but since its descendant its in Aquarius they couldve attracted some romance online?? They tend to have a road to self love. Maybe some flings / long distance haha pls lmk). Ive noticed sagittarius moons like their partners to be a lot different from them. It's a generational planet, which means that it stays in one sign for approximately 12 -14 years (sometimes longer or a bit shorter) so we should take a look at the house where natal Pluto lives in the birth . If you have chiron in retrograde im so sorry, you all neglected your pain in a past life & have to deal with strong pain very young.