Timeshare Pros and Cons; If youre ready to be more spontaneous with your travels, you can always shop last minute rental deals and uncover even more savings. This hotel really ruined our weekend. As with anything in life, buying a timeshare has its pros and cons. You would give up your fractional share at one property to take over another somewhere else. Exchange is consistently a top reason people buy into timeshare. There is almost always an up-front expense that the owner has to incur when purchasing a timeshare property. We stopped to eat something before driving back home, we made it back at around 2:00 AM. Lets explore the pros and cons of this timeshare to help you make your decision. If you buy a floating week timeshare, you will have more flexibility in when you use the timeshare, but availability is given on a first-come, first-served basis. Owners don't have to worry about contracting for repairs, hiring a caretaker or . Westgate representatives did not disclose vital information at the time of our purchase that could have altered our decision to make our purchase. Your other option is to rent your timeshare on RedWeek and use your cash when you can take your vacation. Trading thru RCI (which is also owned by. Over the years, we have seen timeshare being hyped up and we have seen it being lambasted by many critics. 4. Analyze your vacation patterns over the past few years. We have a full list below. I walked out on a timeshare (Bluegreen). Show me your email, your confirmation #" etc.. She keeps trying all kinds of ways to give me an explanation as to why I wasn't on the system. Floating The buyer can reserve his own time during a given period of the year. Timeshare Owners Deserve Answers Timeshare owners don't always fully understand what they own. Editor's Note: This article has been edited and updated. And while you probably will still want to go out and explore, its nice to have the option to stay back and relax while the kids stay entertained. We arrived at the hotel about 5:30 to check in there is a huge line of almost 45 minutes to check in, when I get to the front desk my reservation was nowhere to be found, the girls at the front desk kept looking for my reservation for about 20 minutes asking me all kinds of questions, "Your name, your email. They can also be a drain on your finances if you do not make this investment wisely. Timeshare: A timeshare is an ownership model in which many customers own allotments of usage in the same property. Also, consumer protection laws in some countries are more lax and lack enforcement. With its variety of resorts and discounts, you can save money while making lasting memories with your family. Images and descriptions depicted may include features, furnishing, and amenities that are subject to change at any time. Try Before You Buy Whats more, usually in a foreclosure, the outstanding mortgage balance and the unpaid maintenance fees are higher than the timeshares value, which creates what is called a deficiency. Front desk offers it a lot (especially around high season). Although the initial cost may seem high, the long-term savings can be significant. A well-managed resort needs to spend money to retain the value of your purchase. If you were to purchase a vacation home on your own, then you would be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property (along with the taxes) even though it would sit vacant for most of the year. Last Minute Timeshare Rentals TUG Bargain Deals Section The TUGBBS forums are completely free and open to the public and exist as the absolute best place for owners to get help and advice about their timeshares for more than 27 years! 1. This will give you the opportunity to get a feel for the type of accommodations and help you determine whether a timeshare purchase is for you. 2. That means you will own the rights to a specific unit during the same week each year for the length of the contract. Gone are the days where you need to pack your family of five into a cramped hotel room; timeshare suites will make you feel right at home while providing many additional luxuries. Points Club systems allow you to stay at various locations based on how much they invest in the system and use rooms. Destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, Williamsburg and Park City are sure to build vacation excitement. For example, a Westgate Flamingo Bay Las Vegas timeshare gives you prime access to the glitz and glamour of the Strip. This is a list of the major timeshare companies worldwide. There are extraordinary values in timeshare resales today due to decades of problems in the ability to market them by the owners. Most of all, be sure to enjoy your vacation. That is why it is important to do the homework you are doing right now. Request a Resort Discovery Preview today! If youre even a little bit curious about timeshare ownership, renting one is a great way to experience the vacation ownership lifestyle without committing to a purchase. Founded in 2011, WFG helps people that are experiencing financial stress caused by a timeshare obligation. There are merits and demerits of most timeshare programs. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Popular Westgate property, Westgate Town Center Resort in Kissimmee, Florida is known for the deluxe villa accommodations, ranging from cozy studios, all the way up to four bedrooms that can sleep large groups. Plus, you will have access to discounts on activities, dining, and entertainment. Westgate Resorts is a timeshare company that was founded by David Siegel in 1982. RedWeek.com is proud of its high success rates, but we cannot promise that there always will be a buyer wanting to purchase what you have to offer, so selling timeshares on the resale market sometimes can be difficult. Like any purchase, there are some drawbacks of Westgate Timeshare. Many timeshare resorts offer features such as swimming pools, activity centers, restaurants, full-service spas, fitness centers, movie theaters, and more. Honestly I found that irrelevant because I was willing to give them my card again and when you make a purchase you never go back to your card to see if the payment went through especially when you are given a receipt you assume they took payment if they give you a receipt showing how much you paid with your last four digits of your card attached to that, I asked my husband to log in to his card app to see the transaction went through but there was no cell service in their hotel. ALL TIMESHARES ARE WORTHLESS. Created in 1976, they now have 2 million members with 3,200 affiliated resorts in 80+ countries. There are some hotel chains that offer suites, but they are often difficult to find, and two or more bedrooms are hard to come-by. Mexico is one such example. She is the author of, Surviving A Timeshare PresentationConfessions From The Sales Table and Timeshare Vacations For Dummies. In addition to her blog, The Timeshare Crusader she is also the lead timeshare advocate at Elliott.org. They didn't accommodate my kids and my family for even 1 day!!! Theres plenty of opportunities for you and your family to play and stay active with an on-site water park, sports courts, fitness centers, shuffleboard courts, miniature golf course, and beach volleyball. I had the WORST experience ever with a hotel, I live almost 4 hours away. Depending on the type of timeshare you purchase, you will get a certain amount of time in a holiday home each year, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious vacation without any of the stress that comes with preparing a holiday. If its the latter, a timeshare isnt right for you. 8. After doing more research, I realized what a huge mistake we'd made. If you think you have to spend more to have a more enjoyable getaway, you are wrong! Upfront fees vary, but you can get five-year memberships for as low as $2,000 or lifetime memberships for $3,000. pros and cons of westgate timeshare. Whether youre looking for a one-time vacation or a long-term commitment, Westgate Timeshare can provide you with the perfect vacation experience. What a bunch of malarkey financial info. Everything was booked in Orlando. A Westgate Park City timeshare puts you in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Resorts with amenities: If you buy a "deeded" timeshare, you are buying real property. Not only will you have access to all of Westgates resorts, but you will also be able to exchange your timeshare for a stay at other timeshare resorts worldwide. Not to mention, direct beach access for days relaxing on the sand and shore. Advantages of Vacationing with Westgate Vacationing with Westgate Timeshare can provide you with a great value. I think they turn on the volume so you do not hear them at other tales around you making their pitch. Ownership has its advantages and no matter where you choose to purchase timeshare real estate, you'll have full exchange privileges to every Westgate property as well as thousands more around the world. There is one brand, however, that truly excelsWestgate. Making an informed purchase decision will serve you and your family best. All you have to do is find someone with a timeshare in the place you want to visit who is willing to vacation at your timeshare, and then you trade. Looking for more Vacation Ownership Information? Thats why you will receive a significant sales pitch if you show any interest in one. Then you could keep trading to ensure that you have a place to stay without seeing a spike in your accommodation costs. As one of the worlds largest and most popular time share companies, Westgate Resorts offers exceptional properties in many of the most prominent vacation destinations in the U.S. Lol, Resort dates are never available when we want to use them, hotels are usually cheaper on Expedia, and HOLY FREAKING COW what a nightmare trying to schedule a cruise. You may be able to rent out your block of time if you cant use it, although some timeshare contracts may not permit this and website exchange services may charge you to play matchmaker. Nothing was explained to us, in fact, we were told that there are multiple Westgates in Puerto Rico and the Islands, where we wanted to go on vacation, but it was all a lie. Westgate also offers great customer service, so you can rest assured that your vacation will run smoothly. After another 20 minutes of nonsense I took my family and left the hotel. DO NOT book anything with WGCT as it is a nightmare and extremely aggravating. However, its important to consider all the pros and cons of Westgate Timeshare and make sure its the right option for you before making your purchase. Do you really go to the same place at the same time every year? When you own a timeshare, you have the ability to exchange for another resort. Join Tens of Thousands of other Owners just like you here to get any and all Timeshare questions answered! These may be a new roof, repair from major storms (which insurance usually covers), and so on. Here are the top ten reasons why it makes sense to think carefully before purchasing a timeshare. However, the actual deed and therefore the ownership stays with the resort. Whether youre looking for a family getaway or a romantic escape, Westgate has the perfect resort for you. To celebrate their 45th Anniversary, they created a list of the Top 45 Exchange Destinations to inspire member travel. Mr. Westgate is living at Versailles, and the little people who struggle to buy his timeshare and god forbid, find the time to use it, are charged a fee for every little thing. Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Water Park, River Terrace Resort and Convention Center.