you thought he'll make a comment about your awful mascara . Hes my best friend, but hes just irritating sometimes. Zhen let me finish zhis chapter, he said, turning back to his book. Only your husband, Ludwig was missing. But as I stood up I realized, I hate loud noises. Do you really want to take that risk? Phil asks me, I can hear the hope in his voice that I wont take the risk. His office, located smack dab in the center of Las Nevadas above the Casino was illuminated by the lights. Love, All of the SMP.. He doesnt show it on stream, but without the beanie, he thinks he looks almost better without it, although you joke with him and say its illegal without his beanie. You arrived at the building with the internationally known sign of a red cross pasted onto a white background. I better end this before Big Q and N/n get into another fight. But its not there anymore. Just as I reach about the 20th floor a giant piece of cement lands on the right of the stairs I was just about to begin climbing. Quackity asked sarcastically. I decided to make my own fluff alphabet for hcs, based off of the smut alphabet by @fairy-tail-babes and the fluff alphabet by @magical-warlock. Okay, so I may have caused more than the lower floors to fall apart, I say while looking for a way to climb the last 4 floors. There was a huge house like tent with lanterns everywhere. But it is there, you just won it back Will, he replies, stepping closer. Texting them alot!! She was the one who stayed with him when everyone else left. Are you okay? Peter says with a sound of urgency in his voice. So I keep scrolling to find this. after talking about it with Ranboo, youre hyped to start your day!! He wont clean up after himself anymore!! A dishevelled looking Quackity wandered into the room, his eyes tired and droopy, his lips chapped but smiling. How are you here?. I could hear Tonys frustrated sigh through the earpiece. Snapping silly random pics and sending them, hoping for silly stupid pics back to save, that and facetiming. Besides, you're going over to a friend's house; hopefully, he won't be too mad. Well, well, well, I knew you could do it. . Once given the news, Techno rushed home to find Y/n walking through the garden. But not just you; they had fangirls all over the world. Great, I was hoping our reunion would be a little more romantic.. Damn girl, why do you have Discord notifications on? Tommy asks, turning on my phone screen. ), #authorglatt # - Glatts tag and emoji saying that Glatt worked on the fic, #authorblade # - Blades tag and emoji, saying that Blade worked on the fic, #blademomentNSFW - Blades tag for NSFW fics Blade worked on, #glattmomentNSFW - Glatts tag for NSFW fics Glatt worked on, #blade talks - Non fic related posts where Blade is talking/responding, #glatt talks - Non fic related posts where Glatt is talking/responding, #bladesfaves - Blades tag for fics she reblogged and enjoyed, #glattsfavorites - Glatts tags for fics he reblogged and enjoyed, #bladereblogging - Blades tag for reblogging stuff, #glattreblogging - Glatts tag for reblogging stuff, #bladesanon - Blade responding to an anon, #glattsanon - Glatt responding to an anon, #minors dni - A tag on our NSFW works warning minors to not interact. Causing a chain reaction which is now bringing the rest of the building down as we speak.. He was dressed in a thick, bright blue coat and his normal blue trousers and boots, his everlasting smile on his face. . I kept hoping that Id hear her voice behind me, telling me that I was being stupid. They were currently your obsession. He always believes in you, and he is willing to do anything to help you. She dashed over to Y/n and pulled her into the tightest hug she had ever given. (We dont write for the same people, so when requesting make sure the person youre requesting to writes for that character!) Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Will was 20, fundy was 4 and y/n was 1. They used to have so many dreams. Y/n, I can see a building collapsing, and I heard Tonys call for backup. #punz Fundy didn't like his younger sister so he left her and sat far away from her. You hadnt actually thought that he would agree. Instead sleeping in his office surrounded by empty bottles. Schlatt scowled, swiping his hand across his desk sending bottles and papers to the ground. No Discord during our trip! He takes my phone again, placing it on the other side of him where I cant reach it. Ludwig bookmarked his page and set it down on the table near. Can request for me to post it sooner than planned). The light sound of tapping feet sounded throughout the living room and your attention was steered away from the glass pane you had been carelessly staring at for the past five minutes. Sam said, equally annoyed. The tent was illuminated by what I guessed to candles or lanterns. Quackitys arm draped lightly on your side. You wanna cuddle with me, dont you~?, I do, but I want to finish zhis chapter more., Why does the book get your attention so much?. You werent even aware of what was running on the television, it was just there for background noise. I am currently sitting in my room, waiting for Tommy to finish up. That was it, my decision was made. Here have some blue, he said. As soon as she got passed the door tears fell down her face. Y/n wiped at her eyes, turning back to the group. I laugh and put on a headset, pulling the extra microphone over to me. Series Summary - Throughout the Years Wilbur and Y/n had stuck together. #ranboo Most people honestly would have lost any hope for finding it, lost all belief in the idea of true love, but not him. Doing paperwork Schlatt was too drunk to do. Lets go before we miss the party. With that, he pulls me up and begins dragging me to the front door. But before I could even question him, he dragged me towards the one bend in the road at the end of the parking lot. reader stuff | masterlist. And if he holds you close like this no one can hurt you. I pull out my phone, opening Discord to find absolutely no messages from my main SMP friends. Im sorry, I should have stopped them sooner, he whispered. But I cant live in this place knowing that she she died here. Peter is always asking me to do things for him with my abilities and Im getting sick of it! Holding you close. You should see the look on her face, Tommy says, somewhat annoyed. Hidekazu Himaruya [Is that the guy? Geez! They actually made a get together. A small groan of annoyance left his lips, but as you smiled up at him sweetly any upset left him, flew away, thoroughly evaporated, literally got up and walked out of the door slamming it on its exit. You dont need any more alcohol. She retorted. At least twice a day Peter would ask me to get him something. <3, you just woke up and youre already hit by a cuteness overload, you tell him how you slept and send a wholesome meme too, and if you havent slept well or just dont feel well, he will suggest talking abt it, if you want to talk about it, get ready for a 2 hours facetime session with your favorite therapist/boyfriend. Too many broken hearts, toxic grips on his emotions, being kept on a theoretical leash so that he could never leave said relationships. I really want to see them. His face was angry as he sat back down in his chair. But he thought she lost her last Canon Life, he snapped and blew up L'manburg. Shes gone and there is nothing I can do about it. How do you handle Tommys yelling and screaming them? He looks worried, but I just chuckle. He quickly sits down next to me and covers my ears with his hands. Y/n was in the kitchen baking fresh bread. If you know the artist, please tell me and I shall give proper credits and link back to the original picture.). Hey! Y/n is tended to by Philza and doesnt wake up for a couple of weeks. It never mattered what side of a war you were on, we still loved you and you were still there for us. The Casino was the highlight of Las Nevadas, next to the Space Needle. But when he's drunk he's a big snuggler. I connect to the link to the main frequency immediately calling Tony. Apparently, HYDRA isnt completely gone as we had thought. Plus, I know how pretty I am." you smirk and start laughing. Smiling Y/n responded, I love you too., Includes: Badboyhalo, Technoblade, Sapnap, Dream, Quackity, Warnings: Alcohol, Angst, Fighting, Language, I dont mean to be annoying and this is the only time Ill send this but I was wondering if you got my request for the platonic Quackity x reader. IM SO SORRY THAT THIS TOOK FOREVER FOR ME TO POST! The beeping sound found its way into your head, it was anno, Why cant you just pick me? Your legs intertwining. Quackity like his hair! There won't be any smut and I will be using they/them pronouns for the reader although i'll probably direct it more towards fem readers. Tommy playfully gasps, Okay, now youre not getting it back!. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Its weird, having people know you better than you know yourself. reader) (pt 1), knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 3)), knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 3.5)), wilbur (tommy's older sibling! Hes upfront about the relationship and he likes to brag! She walked quickly heading for Schlatts office. cuddles with quackity quackity x reader ; fluff ; requested masterlist this dork gets so excited for cuddles you don't understand he is so happy whenever you ask to cuddle & will just drop whatever he's doing to cuddle you he gets so happy when you fall asleep on him or while holding him or whatever he gets so proud about it for some reason Yup, just peachy, but just as the words leave my lips, one end of the pipe breaks off the wall, leaving me dangling. Like, take Karl for example, he knows every one of my favorite songs. Im exhausted, Steve! I say, throwing another weight at the wall, creating a hole. He loves you alot! He doesnt know he doesnt know that shes gone. Quackity would probably try the distraction method, asking if you want to play games or watch a movie, or if you want him to play you a song. Though thats probably because I play and sing them nonstop when on a call with him. Germany X Reader- Cuddle (Quickie!) Multiple byes and see yas can be heard from the call before Tommy logs off. these are some dream team and company x reader oneshots! You told me you would be done 25 minutes ago.. It seemed like he was reading your thoughts as before you even think of another he adjusted both your positions so that he lips were by your ear and with a slight roughness to his voice he whispered I love you more than anything could ever even begin to explain, God youre such a simp you lowly chuckled, trying to ignore the cluster of butterflies currently swarming your stomach full of jittery happiness. Phil I havent been this close to pressing this button since Y/n stopped me last time! I yell, losing my hold on sanity. Youve gotten louder aswell, youre not afraid to yell around the house if need be, thats for sure. ), Who Could Ever Hurt You? Quackity like his hair! Seems that either he responded or someone else is pestering you on Pesterchum. When chat first started spamming it, about a year ago, Tommy had freaked out. I turn back towards the button, looking at the song Y/n wrote for this nation one last time. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Dreams of ruling a great country. He thinks about it alot, and he adores you for it. Chat! knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 1)), knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 2)), wilbur (tommy's older sibling!reader) (pt 1), wilbur (tubbo's older sibling! I started writing it but then I got stuck . Also, I was listening to this playlist while finishing this chapter. <3 Chapter 3 will be out soon! Even though Wilbur isnt alive with her, she knows that he wouldnt want her to give up. - youre gay- can read- support gay people- want to hold a match between your fingers as you wander the halls of an ancient castle because its your only source of light amidst the ghosts of people long past- are an antelope- or want a chocolate bar. Niki was the first person to react when she heard her best friends voice. A ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? It's just so comforting to him. See, thats the thing, I know that what Im about to do is wrong, but without her voice, I cant force myself to stop. #wilbursoot, i want you - mitski (this song is so good and it never fails to make me cry). TW: Fireworks (Loud noises), cursing, fluff. I hold on, momentarily forgetting my fear. Not this monster. Cw: use of Gods name (not sure if it needs to be here, but just in case ofc), just Quackity being a simp. "i'm like a bat, i hate much light, sorry. Y/n could have deactivated it like she threatened so many times.. So I wanted to tell you since I found out today!" What do you think youre doing? He leans over and looks at my screen. Schlatt: Back to Back. Sighing, you leaned back and waited his response, quietly listening to rain before a ding interrupted you. She had spent hours and hours working. See, the boys are very protective of me. A look of worry, and guilt crossing his face. B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? Surprisingly she smiled up at him with no worry. Are you saying you like the book more than me? you mockingly gasped melodramatically. Oh Y/n, she cried, You have no idea how happy I am to see you.. The gentle tapping of the rain as it pelted the walls and roof of your home was the only thing else to be heard than the quiet keys being clicked by nimble fingers. Turn that off! It wouldnt matter to him, youre still his partner, but if you suggested you wanted to, he would propose at night, going to some random park you guys frequent and sitting looking at the stars with you. N/n and I have to go. Did you forget that you have a college essay due tomorrow?. "Can you stop that-" Sam started, monotoned. In front of her were the large dark oak doors leading to Schlatts office. They didnt know how shed react to seeing this new version of her lover. Hes shy to kiss if hes streaming or anything, he likes to keep it to just hugging and holding hands, off camera though hell take a kiss when he wants, even if others are watching. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ [CH] : Hey! it always seems to help. Do you really expect me to? But he did. Wait, before we leave, Ghostbur said looking at Y/n, Why do you look familiar?. Both laying on your sides face to face. Fireworks sound outside and cries of battle can be heard. Everything could be done tomorrow or the next day. Though he was very hesitant at first, eventually he snuggles with you. this dork gets so excited for cuddles you dont understand, he is so happy whenever you ask to cuddle & will just drop whatever hes doing to cuddle you, he gets so happy when you fall asleep on him or while holding him or whatever, he gets so proud about it for some reason, maybe not all the time bc you want to be the little spoon too but please let him be the little spoon sometimes, hell just be all (`) & its so cute i promise. #dreamteam I could also hear clicking from his end and yelling that sounded like him asking for his tracking password. Y/N shivered slightly standing her ground. So, here I am, in the training room, throwing objects at the wall and watching them break into pieces. Includes: Badboyhalo, Technoblade, Sapnap, Dream, Quackity, -Nothing about eating disorders, self harm, or suicide, Characters: Badboyhalo, Quackity, Technoblade, Karl, Wilbur, Schlatt, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID GET ME MORE ALCOHOL! Schlatt screamed. I was running for my fucking life. Shes everyones little sister unless its Wilbur then shes the love of his life). I think the only secret quackity would have is the secret gc with karl and sapnap in it lol. After his death though, Y/n is found to have a faint heartbeat and is coaxed back to health by Philza and Techno. Why are all of you so sad? Tommy comes up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. But I want you +. Youd just finished putting up your newest poster of your favorite band, Bad Touch. The entire place was deserted at first sight, the people of the town assuredly sound asleep in their beds; the sea remained at low tide, exposing much of the coastline itself. Hope you enjoy! She/Her, Wattpad Writer, singer, songwriter, and Twitch Stream ( REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! Quackity looked up smiling placing one hand on their waist. I never zhought zhe day vould come.". (Requests for this event are: OPEN! I dont know what I was thinking at the time, but I shouldnt have let him. Wait, were you guys texting me from the same room? (see the dream team & co. through my eyes! But he did. - youre gay- can read- support gay people- want to hold a match between your fingers as you wander the halls of an ancient castle because its your only source of light amidst the ghosts of people long past- are an antelope- or want a chocolate bar. I love you Quackity spoke. Well, his singing definitely comes in handy, whether it be you had a bad day, cant sleep, etc. when others are watching? John Egbert X Reader [Homestuck]- Rainy Day Key: [CH] - chum handle initials The gentle tapping of the rain as it pelted the walls and roof of your home was the only thing else to be heard than the quiet keys being clicked by nimble fingers. Bye!. In 1157 Henry the Lion, duke of Bavaria, granted the monks the right to establish a market where the road from Salzburg met the Isar River. Though, it is kinda funny how you found it necessary to try and climb your way out of the building when you knew I was minutes away, Peter says laughing a bit. When I first met him though, I almost fell out of my chair because I jumped so hard when he yelled out his welcome.. Warnings: Reference to tits as a joke, slight innuendo, cursing, a single mention of k*lling, but overall just fluff fun! Murder me now!, I cant, he says. She was wearing a flower crown that Tubbo always made for her each spring morning, holding what people called Her Book of Dreams, and she was wearing her spring dress. I cant get a good nights rest anymore! When she had finally woken up, she found Tommy and Tubbo sleeping in chairs by her side, each holding one of her hands. , he said, using his mother language. , hov many times do I have to say zhat? he said, his gaze flickering towards you in for a second. [CH] - chum handle initials Cute and silly photos with: dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, quackity, karl jacobs, nihachu, wilbur soot. Kill me, Phil, I say turning to my father, throwing him my sword. Quackity walked up behind her wrapping his arms around their waist. Schlatt stood in shock. You looked up at the poster. I cant read what they said because of your stupid Face ID, but I can tell that theyre worried.. This used to be a great country but you are destroying it! Y/N snarled. after talking about it with Ranboo, youre hyped to start your day!! C!Jschlatt x Reader-Short Oneshot. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ But at what cost? You scowled, impatiently tapping your foot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUACKITY I HOPE HE HAS THE BEST DAY EVER (also out there gettin old/j) OKAY ANYWAY WE KNOW THE DRILL PICTURES. Your legs intertwining. May you do either QUACKITY or Dream alphabet!! The only think keeping you here is that you are keeping that monster locked up. Wilbur: Head on lap. G ratitude - How grateful are they in general? Worked for the success of Manburg. You're coming backAnd it's the end of the worldWe're starting overAnd I love you darlingAnd I am done, dear. "perfect.". Y/n had taken the news surprisingly well, but what was unknown to everyone but Y/n, was that Y/n had already expected this outcome. Gods woundsthat woman is seriously trying to make me take her in the mostvilest of ways He grumbled while he watched you oblivious to his predicament. quackity doesnt like being shipped with other cc (mainly his friends), but this isnt supposed to be shipping him with anyone but y/n. Bbh: The sweetheart cradle/head on chest. Summary: Worried after finding out about the destruction of Logstedshire, you set out to find its former residents. Tommys yelling is fine but, fireworks? Im so sorry its taking so long! If you dont see your request here, I may have already written it and posted it. But, I bubbling at the surface and I cant help let a few things slip out. Look how pretty Y/n is!" he giggles and fixes his beanie. A hope that Schlatt could become the man he once was. I nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Y/N flinched trying to stand up straighter. YOU JUST HAVE TO GET THROUGH THE BEGINNING!!!! Language . There was nothing that needed to be done, or at least right then and there. Do they believe in them? Quackity: The face to face. Rainy cuddles~ Quackity Pairing: Quackity x gn!reader Type: fluff Cw: use of God's name (not sure if it needs to be here, but just in case ofc), just Quackity being a simp It was a rainy tuesday afternoon, the droplets of rain drove down your window with determination racing one another in the battle of a lifetime. As I approach the door, I take a breath, making sure that I want to do this. Technoblade: Spooning. Your shoes clicked against the ruined streets of Berlin with each step. You wrapped your slender arms around his torso and buried your head in his chest. #callahan . Sam left the room, Charlie following to see him out of the area and make sure he would finish the tower. Fucking hell! The glass shattered against the wall when he threw it. Purpled made this for you. Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them? Either playing minecraft and annoying the shit out of you or blowing your phone out at like 2 am and being like hey bitch guess what? Okay, I take that back, Im about to fall to my literal death.. A/N: IT IS SO HARD TO QUOTE WILBUR BECAUSE HE KEPT SAYING UMM AND WOULD JUST RANDOMLY END A SENTENCE AND START TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. Nothing helps, not even taking sleep meds. Im so sorry my request ended up triggering you! Everything about this nation leads to death, and it has to be cleansed. What happens when she wakes up to find her lover gone and a ghost in his place? Token quackity x dream x reader. Leaving them all shocked, but they had to get past that because they have to worry about the traitor who is now very pissed over the fact that Dream killed Y/n. This idea was originally supposed to be for the Two Ghosts fic but I think it went to far off track, so I separated it with the intention of writing it out as a stand alone fic. Ive only met Tommy in person and he is currently staying over for the next couple of weeks. With the ram man! Quackity was going through an entire deck, flicking the cards closer and closer each time to see how close he could get it to Sam's face before the creeper hybrid would snap. Have you heard the song on the walls? I ask, looking around at the signs I placed there when I had built this place. Phil, there was a saying, and god I havent heard it since it was said. Especially if those people have never met you in real life. Do it, do it or they will!. I unlock my phone to see multiple messages from the boys. #karljacobs I turned a corner while I was running and ran straight into a group of fucking guards. Finished but not posted, sitting in drafts for when I get writers block (If you are curious about the story, you can request for it to be posted early), Im either having trouble with the storyline or I have too many drafts to catch up on, Written but not gonna post it for a while (Mostly only for things not requested. Was?! You get both :D Glatt and I have picked 10 prompts/song lyrics each, to which you can choose one and a character and well write you a thing! Peter sits down on the bed, pressing a kiss to my head. They are fighting out there! I cry.